Beauty spotlight: my favorite MAC eyeshadow (Part II)

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A little while ago I showed you four of my favorite MAC eyeshadows, and today it’s time for part II. I hope you like these next four favorites just as much as I do!

Beauty spotlight (my favorite MAC eyeshadow part II) (1)

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Lucky Green: Bright fresh green with a pearly finish. I love green and this is my favorite light green eyeshadow. It works well with brown eyes.

Orange: Bright orange! I love orange and this is a gorgeous flashy shade. You will definitely stand out with this color on your lids!

Chrome Yellow: Bright yellow. I love how this yellow brings out my brown eyes so well. It’s not an everyday shade, but it’s a great color to have some fun with.

Humid: Dark forest green. Beautiful in combination with Lucky Green.  Of all the dark green shades this one is definitely my favorite.

Beauty spotlight (my favorite MAC eyeshadow part II) (2)

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In part III I’ll be showing you my final four favorites!

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62 thoughts on “Beauty spotlight: my favorite MAC eyeshadow (Part II)

  1. I have Humid, and I’ve always been eyeing Lucky Green! Humid is probably one of the oldest eyeshadows in my collection. I used it on my lower lash line very often!

  2. I love humid green and chrome yellow. These four are from my first MAC palette. Absolutely amazing colors. I have also done some looks with these you might want to check them out at my blog :)

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