Review: feeling creamy with e.l.f. cream eyeshadow, cream eyeliner, cream blush and conditioning lip balm

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Recently I ordered some cream-based make-up products in the Swiss e.l.f. webshop and today I went all the way with my new goodies. I created a creamy look with e.l.f.’s cream eyeshadow, cream eyeliner, cream blush and conditioning lip balm. Continue reading to read the full review and to check out the look!

e.l.f. Cream Eyeshadow in Eggplant

Since the name of this cream eyeshadow is Eggplant I expected it to be a dark purple shade, but in reality it is a lighter toned medium purple with brown undertones. The color is hard to describe, but that exactly why I find it so special. It’s an unusual and interesting shade that I didn’t have in my collection yet, and I think it goes well with the color of my eyes.

Review (elf cream eyeshadow eyeliner blush and lip balm) (7)

right: e.l.f Cream Eyeshadow in Eggplant | left: e.l.f. Cream Eyeliner in Olive

The texture of this e.l.f. cream eyeshadow is pretty thick and for the sake of your eyelids I don’t recommend sweeping the product over your lids to apply it. Instead just pat it on. The pigmentation of the eyeshadow is great. The color looks very intense and it applies nice and evenly. And once it’s on, it stays on. The color doesn’t fade at all and by the end of the day there is no sign of creasing whatsoever. Impressive!

Review (elf cream eyeshadow eyeliner blush and lip balm) (6)

In comparison to my high-end cream eyeshadows, this e.l.f. cream eyeshadow is a bit less creamy and feels a bit dryer on the lids, but the pigmentation, color intensity and wear are all superb. All that for only 6,95 CHF. Not bad!

e.l.f. Cream Eyeliner in Metallic Olive

The packaging and texture of this e.l.f. Cream Eyeliner looks almost exactly the same as that of the the cream eyeshadow I ordered. I am pretty sure you could use the eyeshadow as eyeliner and vice versa, which I think is pretty cool. The color I ordered is called Metallic Olive and this time the color matched my expectations: it’s a dark olive green with a metallic sheen. Pretty! Again the pigmentation is more than okay and the wear is fantastic.

Review (elf cream eyeshadow eyeliner blush and lip balm) (4)

Click to enlarge | right: Eggplant & Metallic Olive, photographed indoors | left: Eggplant & Metallic Olive, photographed in natural day light

Because Eggplant is already a pretty big attention grabber and because I only used the eyeliner right above my lash line, you don’t see that much of it, but that’s how I personally like it. I like my eyeliner to be a bit more low profile when I am already using eyeshadow that stands out. But as you can see from the swatch, the color on its own is really pretty and intense. Like!

e.l.f. Cream Blush in Tease

Review (elf cream eyeshadow eyeliner blush and lip balm) (3)

Click to enlarge | right: e.l.f. Cream Blush in Tease | left: swatched (top swatch)

I can summarize this cream blush in four words: love at first sight! The color of this blush is called Tease and is a beautiful matte peachy pink shade that gives my cheeks a lovely natural flush. The texture is more like mousse instead of cream, but it is very easy (and fun!) to apply. The pigmentation is great and can be easily built. My advice would be to start off with just a little bit of product, because a tiny amount will already give you lots of color. And I have absolutely no complaints about the wear of this product: by the end of the day this blush still looks just as good as it did in the morning. This might just be a potential new favorite!

e.l.f. Conditioning Lip Balm SPF 15 in Romantic Rouge

Review (elf cream eyeshadow eyeliner blush and lip balm) (5)

Click to enlarge

Next up is e.l.f.’s Conditioning Lip Balm. I got it in Romantic Rouge, which is a pretty red shade that reminds me of watermelon. Cute! I apply the balm with my fingers and then define the contours of my lips with a lip pencil. The pigmentation is just right: the color stands out but is not too overwhelming. And the finish is nice and natural.

Review (elf cream eyeshadow eyeliner blush and lip balm) (2)

I don’t think this lip balm conditions my lips as well as a real lip balm, but it moisturizes them well enough and feels pleasant on the lips. And it has SPF 15, which is a big plus. After a few hours it is time for a touch up, but I don’t mind that at all because I usually bust out my regular lip balm about every hour anyway. I have nothing but good to say about this one. This e.l.f.’s Conditioning Lip Balm is going straight in my hand bag!

The creamclusion?

I am very happy with the eyeshadow, the eyeliner, the blush and the lip balm. The cream blush might even make it to my list of favorites. I just adore the color and it’s really fun to work with. The conditioning lip balm is a keeper as well. I love the subtle and fresh watermelon shade. And I am also very impressed with how well the eyeliner and eyeshadow performed.

Review (elf cream eyeshadow eyeliner blush and lip balm) (1)

The e.l.f. cream eyeshadow in Eggplant, the e.l.f. Cream Eyeliner in Metallic Olive, the e.l.f. Cream Blush in Tease and the e.l.f. Conditioning Lip Balm in Romantic Rouge are all available in the e.l.f. webshop. The eyeshadow, eyeliner and lip balm are all 6.95 CHF (about 5.70 euros) and the cream blush costs 14.56 CHF (about 12 euros).

Which of these products do you like best? Do you use cream-based make-up?

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82 thoughts on “Review: feeling creamy with e.l.f. cream eyeshadow, cream eyeliner, cream blush and conditioning lip balm

  1. Thanks for the review, I’d love to try especially the cream blush, I love this kind of product! And let me say you are very lovely!:) Kisses! xo

  2. Die producten zijn allemaal mooi!Die kleuren staan je prachtig en die oogschaduw ,ja WAUW zeg!Je straalt gewoon en de lipstick maakt het af!

  3. I die, I DIE!!! Everything looks PERFECT on you! So glad to hear the cream shadows and eyeliner last well. There’s nothing more disappointing than a cream shadow/eyeliner that wouldn’t last!

    • Haha, Sunny :-) You are making me blush! You are so sweet. And yes, both the eyeliner as the blush have great staying power! My first ever experience with a cream eyeshadow was actually a serious letdown, and so I didn’t bother with it anymore for quite a while. Back then little did I know that there were products out there that actually did stay put!

      • Haha I know what you mean! I was also really skeptical about cream shadows/eyeliners for the longest time because I was ready to bet on them not staying! Technology has definitely gone a long way!

  4. Je ziet er weer prachtig uit my lady! Ben vaak nog wel fan van paarse oogschaduw maar deze is echt de mooiste so far, past heel mooi bij je haarkleur (dat ik graag zelf ook wil!)


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