Beauty tips | How to add more body and volume to thin and fine hair: six tips for better and bigger hair

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This is what the hair of my dreams looks like: thick, full, shiny and with lots of volume.

Beauty tips (how to add body and volume to thin and fine hair) (1)

My celebrity hair crush: Kate Beckinsale

And this is what my own hair looks like: fine, thin and lifeless.

Beauty tips (how to add body and volume to thin and fine hair) (4)

Picture from January 2013

I have come to terms with the fact that I will never have an impressive head of hair like Kate Beckinsale. I mean, you can’t bake a pile of pancakes with just one egg either. But you can bake a delicious sunny-side up egg with it, and with the right seasoning and a few extra ingredients it can taste just as good as a big fat pancake. I had a sunny-side up egg this morning while I was actually craving pancakes, hence the comparison ;-) Anyway, back to the hair! I have learned that there is a hope for unlucky birds with fine and thin hair like me. Not that I have found a magic way to suddenly turn thin hair into full locks, but I did discover that there are a few things that people with hair like me can do (or shouldn’t do) to make their hair look better and fuller. Today I am giving you my six best tips to add more body and volume to fine and thin hair. Ready? Here we go!

Beauty tips (how to add body and volume to thin and fine hair) (2)

Click to enlarge | From left to right: Syoss Silicone-Free Repair & Fullness Shampoo – L’Oreal Pro-Keratin Refill mask – L’Oreal Elsève Volume Collagen rootlifter spray

1. Switch shampoos

Get rid of your ultra-nourishing shampoos and conditioners, because the intensely hydrating ingredients in them all stick to your hair. This will weigh thin and fine hair down, and as a result will make it look flat and will take away its volume. Instead look for light-weight shampoos that contain proteins like keratin and that have volumizing ingredients that can penetrate the hair. This can really make the hair thicker from the inside out and can make it look fuller.

Shampoo tip: Syoss Silicone-Free Repair & Fullness shampoo

2. Use clarifying shampoo

Over time, shampoo, styling products, dirt and oil all build up on your scalp and around your roots. This will make your hair heavier and will make it look flat and without volume. That’s why it is a good idea to use a special clarifying shampoo every once in a while to remove all that build up. If you don’t want to invest in yet another hair product, then you can just shampoo your hair twice instead of just once, while really focusing on massaging the product into your scalp. This will make your scalp and roots clean and light, and will give your hair more volume.

3. Don’t go too crazy with conditioner

Conditioning your hair is important and it’s okay to use an intensely nourishing conditioner, but if you have thin and fine hair it’s important that you only use it on the ends. So try to stay away from the lengths and especially from the roots. And don’t go near your roots with hair masks either, because that is exactly where the volume of your hair is created.

Hair mask tip: L’Oreal Pro-Keratin Refill masker

4. Know how to use your styling products

Styling products can weigh down your hair and can make it look glued to your head. And I assume that that is not exactly the look you are going for. That’s why it is important to only use styling products on your roots and not the on the lengths and the ends. Also, most styling products don’t do much good (on the contrary even) unless you activate them with heat, so if you’d rather let your hair air dry, then I suggest you don’t use any styling products at all. Remember, the idea is to keep your hair as light as possible.

Styling tip: L’Oreal Elsève Volume Collagen Rootlifter spray

5. Stop touching your hair

This will transfer oil, dirt and whatever else is on your hands (for example hand cream) onto your hair which will – say it all together now – weigh it down. So try not to run your fingers through your hair all the time and just stop touching it. I know habits like these are hard to get rid of, but it will pay off in the end.

6. Experiment with different hair styles

A mid section, straight bangs, sweepy bangs, a side parting on the left or on the right, using hair clips,… All these things can really influence how full your hair looks. So experiment with different styles and try to find out what makes your hair look the fullest.

Beauty tips (how to add body and volume to thin and fine hair) (3)

My hair now.

Beauty tips (how to add body and volume to thin and fine hair) (5)

By changing my hair care routine a bit and by taking these six tips in consideration I have managed to make my sad-looking fine thin hair look a lot better. Look, that is, because of course I could never actually really make it fuller. I can’t magically increase the number of hairs on my head. It’s just the way I treat and style them that makes the difference. If you really want a fuller head of hair, then you will have to resort to using extensions. But I promise you that if you just follow these six tips you will already see a considerable improvement. Good luck!

What kind of hair type do you have? What is your best tip to add volume to thin and fine hair?

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87 thoughts on “Beauty tips | How to add more body and volume to thin and fine hair: six tips for better and bigger hair

  1. Mijn haar is echt superslap, maar door de volume powder vanTigi bij mn scheiding te gebruiken zit het meteen wat voller, verder kun je je haar een beetje tegenkammen, dan zit het ook voller bovenop!

    • Zo’n volumepoeder werkt inderdaad heel goed. Zelf heb ik een tijdje het Osis Dust It poeder van Schwarzkopf gebruikt. Ik vond het alleen vervelend dat het mijn haar zo onkambaar maakte en nogal stroef deed aanvoelen.

  2. Ik heb zelf echt extreem dik haar maar als ik dunner haar ad zou k het waarschijnlijk in laagjes laten knippen. Een vriendin van m’n heeft dat gedaan en haar aar zie er nu voller uit

  3. Ik heb ook dun haar en ik gebruik het liefst zo weinig mogelijk producten om het niet te verzwaren. Ik gebruik soms wel wat haarspray en uiteraard goede shampoo..

  4. Mijn haar is dik, maar heel ” plat ”. Vandaar dat ik aan de slag ga met een krultang om wat grove krullen te krijgen, die blijven wel 2 dagen zitten dus dat is perfect :) Ook heb ik conditioner helemaal uit mijn routine geskipt!

  5. Ik heb heel veel en heel dik haar, maar als het niet top geknipt is hangt het er ook maar een beetje bij. Als het goed wordt geknipt, komt mijn natuurlijke slag heel goed tot zn recht en is het echt prachtig. Verder doe ik rustig aan met conditioner, gebruik het bijna niet, en gebruik ik shampoos die geen sls bevatten, daar krijgt mijn haar ook wat meer body van. En ondersteboven fohnen met diffuser ;)
    Nu heb ik trouwens zin in een ei :D

  6. I’ve been facing some problems with my hair. I’ve always had fine hair, but my crown has been thinning. I think I might have used the wrong shampoo. I’ve changed to SebaMed, and it helps a lot. Also, taking Biotin as supplement :-) At least I’m not shedding like a cat, and fingers crossed, I have more hair growth in the next few months!
    Looking awesome, by the way. And I love Kate Beckinsale :-)

    • I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you, girl. About a year and a half ago, maybe two, I was shedding a lot. More than I thought was normal. So I know how terrifying it can be. Hopefully you are not up to that point yet, but still. Anyway, I started taking Oenobiol Anti-Chute supplements, and it helped a lot. If I am not mistaking, biotin is vitamin B8, and Oenobiol is packed with B vitamins as well, so I guess they’re similar. Hopefully your new shampoo and your supplements will work! Good luck!

  7. Ik kreeg van dat dunne sliertige haar toen ik het geblondeerd had: de onderste laag van mijn haar was praktisch weg, want zo gezond is dit natuurlijk ook weer niet voor je haar. Gelukkig heb ik een lieve kapster naast me wonen die mijn haar gered heeft en nu is het voller dan ooit :)

    • Well, the longer fine hair gets, the heavier it gets and the more it gets weighed down. And that results in less volume. But I refuse to cut my hair, so I live with that fact and work with what I have, using these six tips :-) Are you using your volumizing products the right way?

  8. wauw je haar is echt prachtig! Super goede tips!
    Zelf heb ik ook altijd last gehad omdat mijn haar ook best dik is, maar heb eindelijk een goede ‘routine’ gevonden haha


  9. Wat een goede tips! Ik heb ontzettend slap & futloos haar :-( Inmiddels heb ik ook wat veranderd rondom haarverzorging: ik was niet meer iedere dag mijn haar, maar om de andere dag (waardoor het ook minder snel futloos wordt). En, ik fohn mijn haren niet meer. Inmiddels groeien er weer piepklein haartjes op mijn koppie ;-) Een volle bos haar zal ik er niet voor terugkrijgen, maar ik ben hier al blij mee. Daarnaast voelt mijn haar ook ietwat steviger aan.

  10. Oh, I love the L’Oreal Pro-Keratin Refill mask! It’s awesome. Your hair does look a lot better now! I have fine hair myself but I have A LOT of it so the tips aren’t really for me but I bet they’re great for someone with, as you say yourself, thin and lifeless hair! Such a superbe article, love it. :)

  11. Man, this post cracks me up so bad! The “you can’t bake a pile of pancakes with just one egg” part is hilarious, though I know it’s not fun when you want more volume!

    My hair is fine. If I don’t get a perm (I have naturally straight hair) then my hair kinda grows out and drags the top down, and I don’t like it. That’s why I got a perm. I did find out the Klorane dry shampoos are excellent in giving my roots a lift without drying my hair out or making it crunchy though. Have you tried any of those? I got both a while ago just to experiment.

    • Good to hear my hair woes amuse you ;-) :-P Your hair looks really gorgeous, so whatever you’re doing, it’s working :-) I haven’t tried the Klorane dry shampoos yet, but I’ve been looking for a better dry shampoo than the one I have now (Syoss). I’m gonna see if I can find the Klorane ones around here, thanks for the tip, Sunny!

  12. Fijne tips! Je haar ziet er mooi uit. Mijn haar heb ik meestal vast zitten en dan trek ik het aan de bovenkant een beetje omhoog.. zodat het een beetje getoupeerd lijkt, anders is het zo plat.

  13. Ik gebruik een poedertje van Loreal, maar vraag me af of dat echt wel werkt bij mijn sluike Aziatische haar :( Het werkt namelijk soms wel en dan weer niet!

  14. Ik heb zelf lang, dun, en slap haar! Waardoor het meestal kaarsrecht naar beneden valt. Ik laat het meestal zo, omdat veel volume, me niet echt staat… Vind ik dan!

  15. First of all, thank your the comments on my blog. :)

    Great article.. my hair problems are maybe exactly the same like yours. i have a lot of hair but really thin, and my favorite shampoo is also the silicon free from syoss. it makes my hear fuller, so i think. But anyway.. i like your blog, and the beauty tipps. althoug english is not my preferd language to read a lot. but it’s really informative and you have a funny writing style.

    wish you a happy day. Nicole

  16. Kate Beckinsale Is SO beautiful..shes one of my fav. actresses. But your hair looks very nice to I think. I use Argan oil…there are no better cure for dry hair:) TRY IT.

    OMG SO beautiful makeup:) you are very talanted.

    If you want to see an amazing webshop..check out my new post:)

    Have a great weekend dear

    LOVE Maria

  17. Je hebt mooi haar, hoor! Maar ook niet vergeten dat al die celebrities en filmsterren kilo’s aan extensions dragen. Ik denk dat er maar weinig mensen gezegend zijn met zovéél volume in hun haar.

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  19. Wow that was strange. I just wrote an very long comment but after I clicked submit my comment didn’t show up. Grrrr… well I’m not writing all that over
    again. Regardless, just wanted to say fantastic blog!

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