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Today no beauty post, but a personal update with some of my favorite pictures from our last few skiing trips! A little ode to skiing, you could say :-) I first started skiing when I was four and I love love love it so much. Normally we go to Austria at least once a year to go all out on the Tirolean slopes, but because of our move to Switzerland in January we missed out on this year’s skiing holiday. Luckily we live pretty close to some great ski resorts, so if we throw on our ski outfits and jump in the car we can be on the slopes in less than two hours.

Two weekends ago Tom and I already went skiing in Glacier 3000 in Les Diablerets for a day, and tomorrow we’re going to Chamonix in France for a whole ski weekend. And this time we are not going alone, because two of ours friends, Lieven and Saori, are flying in from Belgium to join us. Yay!

This means that I won’t be around for a few days, but I’ll be back again on Monday. And in the meantime I’d like to share some of my favorite skiing pictures with you so you can all get in the mood with me :-) Enjoy, and have a great weekend!

Personal (ski weekend in Chamonix) (5)

Sölden, 2010 | No snow storms (or warning signs) can hold us back!

Personal (ski weekend in Chamonix) (1)

Ischgl, 2011 | Feeling on top of the world at the top of the world

Personal (ski weekend in Chamonix) (2)

Ischgl, 2011 | Knocked out under the clear blue skies

Personal (ski weekend in Chamonix) (3)

Ischgl, 2011 | My idea of heaven

Personal (ski weekend in Chamonix) (4)

Ischgl, 2011 | Kenny, the ultimate king of snow :-) He always tags along on our skiing holidays. I love you, little brother!

Personal (ski weekend in Chamonix) (6)

Sölden, 2012 | Looking all bad ass

Personal (ski weekend in Chamonix) (7)

Sölden, 2012 | Nature in all its perfection

Personal (ski weekend in Chamonix) (8)

Sölden, 2012 | About to go down from the famous Harakiri slope with its 77 degree angle


Personal (ski weekend in Chamonix) (9)

Sölden, 2012 | Me and my posse finding a shorter route to our destination :-)

What are your plans for the weekend?

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80 thoughts on “Personal | Ski weekend in Chamonix

  1. Mooie foto’s! Ik ben zelf niet zo van het skieën (geef m’n geld liever uit aan zon-zee-strand), maar ik heb het wel twee dagen gedaan toen ik op vakantie was in Italië en er nog (of was het “al”?) sneeuw lag. Inderdaad, dat top-of-the-world gevoel is wel vet! Heel veel plezier dit weekend!

  2. Thanks for your commentar :) i hope you use my tipps now ;) then you have no more sore thumb have many fun in vacation :)
    sorry my English is not so good :/

    LG Lina

    • Yeah, I will definitely use your tip next time I need to remove a sticker :-) By the way, feel free to comment in German. I understand German well. I just don’t write and speak it that well :-) But if you comment in German, I will understand.

    • It’s more than fun, it’s the best thing in the world :-D And is it difficult? I guess it’s hard for me to judge that. I started skiing at the age of four, so I don’t really remember the learning process.

  3. oh i love skiing! but im swiss too so we are born to love skiing arent we? (; my plans for the weekend? working. like every fuckin weekend -.- at least i have tomorrow the day off.

  4. Real beautiful pictures! i love the blue skies…. Unfortunately I am a very clumsy person. The sportiest thing I can do without hurting anyone is swimming, yoga and jogging. And sex, oops, haha. I went skiing once and it was a total deseaster. :-/ But one of my best friends is a snowboarder and always tells me, how relaxing snowboarding ist. Luckily we are all different. ^_°

    • Haha, you’re funny. Swimming, yoga, jogging and sex, you must be one fit lady ;-) I personally hate jogging, and I am a lousy swimmer. Like you said, we are all different and there is a sport for everyone :-)

    • Dit zijn foto’s van drie verschillende skitrips. Af en toe zijn we wel eens gaan après-skiën, ja :-) Morgen vertrekken we naar Chamonix. Foto’s daarvan volgen zeker nog! Maar eigenlijk ben ik geen echt après-skiër. Ik ben echt een fanatieke skiër, en dat wil dus zeggen als eerste op de piste ‘s morgens en zo lang en hard mogelijk doorgaan. Tegen negen, tien uur ben ik altijd pomp af en val ik dus bijna ter plekke in slaap ;-) Je hebt twee soorten skiërs en ik ben dus het serieuze (saaie :-P) type.

  5. You go, girl! Coming from Taiwan I really don’t know snow that well at all, so naturally skiing is out of the question! I might want to send my kids to class though if they are born here, just so that they can enjoy this cool sport! Have fun in France! xx

  6. Yea skien,dat zijn prachtige foto’s dus geniet van je weekend en ik ben benieuwd naar de sfeerbeelden van Chamonix!

  7. i’ve never skied and i’m a little nervous to do so. but it looks like sooo much fun, thanks for sharing your pictures. this weekend i will probably work and…blog? hahaha

  8. So jealous that you can ski! I’ve never done winter sports and by this age (haha, I’m only 25 but still!) I’m quite afraid that I’d just break two legs and cry before even having started the holiday.

  9. Hey, that looks nice! You must be very good at skiing! I started snowboarding when I was 17, a little late maybe … and I’m still learning. Thanks for your lovely comment!

  10. You look like a cool bad ass, Melissa! I love it! I’ve never skied in my life but it seems like it would be a real rush! I hope you had a fantastic time in Chamonix! Sounds beautiful! I love anything regarding France in general, lol!

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