Review: John Frieda Luxurious Volume hair products

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Lately I am totally obsessed with adding body to my fine hair, so I was absolutely ecstatic when I heard that John Frieda was coming out with a new line of products for fine hair without volume. The new Luxurious Volume line consists of five volume-boosting products that all add body to fine, lifeless hair: one shampoo, three (!) styling products and a setting product. Have a look!

John Frieda Luxious Volume hair products - Luxurious Volume Shampoo - Luxurious Volume Styling Spray - Luxurious Volume Hairspray - Luxurious Volume Blow Dry Lotion - Luxurious Volume Styling Mousse

From left to right: John Frieda Luxurious Volume Shampoo, Styling Spray, Hairspray, Blow Dry Lotion and Styling Mousse

John Frieda Luxurious Volume Shampoo

This is what John Frieda says: The Luxurious Volume Shampoo is a conditioning shampoo that adds noticeably more volume to fine hair. It gently cleanses the hair without weighing it down and makes it easy to comb through.

This is what I say: This shampoo really cleanses my hair well and makes it feel light and airy. I can tell that it doesn’t leave any build-up behind that could weigh down my hair. That’s great, because build-up is the biggest and meanest volume thief there is. I do still need to use a conditioner afterwards to be able to comb through my hair, though. The shampoo alone is – lame joke alert – (k)not enough to detangle it.

John Frieda Luxurious Volume Styling Spray

This is what John Frieda says: The Luxurious Volume Styling Spray creates the illusion of more hair and adds long-lasting volume by making the lengths and the ends of the hair thicker from the inside out. You apply the spray on towel-dry hair and then activate the product with the heat of your hair dryer, for a professional salon result.

This is what I say: If you prefer to let your hair air dry, you won’t get any results from using this spray. You really need to bust out your hair dryer if you want the Styling Spray to work. ‘’Ugh, do I haaaaave to…?’’ was my first whiny reaction. Yes, you have to. But trust me when I say that the results are worth it. Whether I blow-dry my hair, hand-dry it or use the diffuser, time and time again the Luxurious Styling Spray adds noticeable volume to my hair and makes it look a lot fuller. So yes, it takes a bit of effort and just spritzing the product on your hair won’t work, but putting in a little extra time will definitely pay off, I promise!

John Frieda Luxurious Volume Blow Dry Lotion

This is what John Frieda says: This lotion adds long-lasting volume to the roots. Again you have to spray the product on towel-dry hair and then blow dry your hair with your hair dryer.

This is what I say: Again it takes more than just a few spritzes, but again the results are worth the extra effort. The Luxurious Volume Blow Dry Lotion is a root lifter, so unlike the Styling Spray, you use the lotion on the roots of your hair, and not on the lengths or the ends. The lotion noticeably lifts my roots and makes my hair look so much thicker and fuller. Oh Mr. Frieda, you are spoiling me…!

John Frieda Luxurious Volume Styling Mousse

This is what John Frieda says: This light-weight mousse strengthens the hair by coating each hair strand, resulting in fuller hair with more volume that doesn’t feel sticky.

This is what I say: The Luxurious Volume Styling Mousse is a good hair mousse and it’s true that it doesn’t leave my hair feeling sticky or crunchy, but I just don’t really know when to use it. If I am already using the Volume Spray on my lengths and ends and the Blow Dry Lotion on my roots, then what do I do with the mousse? Also, the volumizing effect of the spray and the lotion together is more impressive than that of the mousse on its own. So I think I’ll probably use the spray and the lotion most often. The Luxurious Volume Styling Mousse is a great quick fix for when you are in a hurry, though, because it is very easy and quick to use.

John Frieda Luxurious Volume Hairspray

This is what John Frieda says: This light-weight ultra-fine hairspray will help your hair keep its volume and will prevent it from falling flat again after styling, for 24 hours.

This is what I say: Den John is right. Without hair spray the volumizing effect of the shampoo and the styling products won’t last long. You really need to set the volume, and that’s exactly what this hairspray does. Most hairsprays leave my hair feeling crunchy and oily, but this Luxurious Volume Hairspray is very light and I can barely see or feel it. And it doesn’t make my hair oily. Yay!

The volumizing verdict

John Frieda Luxious Volume hair products

Click to enlarge | Pshhht pshhht!

I am very enthusiastic about John Frieda’s new Luxurious Volume line. The products are perfect for people like me that have fine hair and want to add volume to their sad flat locks. I love all five products, but the hair mousse does tend to stay behind all sad and lonely in my bathroom cupboard while I’m turning up the volume with the other four products. But overall it’s a great line and I have been using the shampoo, the styling spray, the blow dry lotion and the hairspray a lot! Together they add noticeable volume to my hair and that, dear John, makes me one very happy panda :-)

John Frieda Luxious Volume hair products - Happy panda

All the new Luxurious Volume products cost 8,99 euros. In Switzerland all products are 14,90 CHF. For more info, visit

Have you tried the Luxurious Volume line yet? Do you use volumizing hair products?

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86 thoughts on “Review: John Frieda Luxurious Volume hair products

  1. Haha, leuk plaatje aan het einde van je artikel :-) Hmm, naar mijn idee heeft de verpakking een nieuw uiterlijk gebleven en is de rest hetzelfde gebleven…Ik kreeg van deze producten niet meer volume dan anders :-(

  2. LOL look at that happy panda! I’ve used maybe one volumizing product, and it’s a Redken mousse. It worked SO well that I literally had mane for several days! Pretty amazing. Maybe it should be on your to-try list ;)

  3. ziet er veelbelovend uit! Ik ben echter al gezegent met dik haar dus misschien zal ik dit toch maar niet proberen tenzij ik eruit wil zien als een leeuw haha :D
    Weeral een supertoffe blog !

  4. Die producten zien er erg goed uit! Ik heb jammer genoeg nog nooit iets geprobeerd van John Frieda. Dat plaatje met die panda is trouwens super schattig!

  5. Wow, this is an amazing review! your pic comparison speeks for itself. I’ve been wanting to try these since they were released, but I’m not much of a conditioner user. Would the shampoo alone do something for my volume? (I never had tangled hair in my whole life.) Do you notice your hair thicker or this is just the “illusion” of volume? another question, where can I find John Frieda products onlilne? (deliver to Switzerland) Sorry Melissa, that’s really a lot of questions! :P (I follow the thread!)

    • Glad you like the review, Nati! I am sure that you’d be fine using just the shampoo. Conditioner actually weighs your hair down a bit and makes it flatter, so you are better off without it anyway. But I have to use some because my hair is so tangly.The products don’t actually make my hair thicker, but they feel and look thicker. So it’s an illusion. But it’s a very good illusion! :-) I got my John Frieda products from Germany but I will see if I can find out where you can get them in Switzerland. I will keep you updated!

      • Oh Melissa, that was a quick answer! Thanks hun, I really appreciate your feedback! Well, I’ll take the “illusion” my hair looks so bad lately that ANYTHING would do. Don’t bother to find out the availability in Switzerland, I was asking just in case you knew, I shall check the internet.
        Hope you don’t mind me asking, yet another question, do you think I need to blow dry my hair using only the shampoo?
        Thank you!!

      • The beauty of having an iphone: I can see all comments directly on my phone :-) If you use the styling products, you definitely have to use your hair dryer. Otherwise they won’t do much. If you just use the shampoo and let your hair air dry (which is what I sometimes do when I am too lazy or don’t have time to blow dry) you will still see an increase in volume, but the effect will be less obvious. What you could do is let your hair air dry until it’s like 90% dry, and then finish off with the hair dryer. Doesn’t take as much time as a full blow dry and you will still see the results.

  6. Klinkt heel erg goed! Ik was nooit zo into haar, maar de laatste 2 weken wel. Ik had een sample van de Root Awakening lijn van John Frieda, die vond ik niet zo heel speciaal, maar deze lijn klinkt een stuk beter. Ik ga de aanbiedingen even in de gaten houden :)

  7. Wat een leuke afbeelding van de panda!
    De product ken ik niet want voor mijn kroeshaar is het niet geschikt maar klinkt wel goed voor andere haartypes.

  8. Ik gebruikte hier jaren geleden een soort creme van en die maakte mijn haar zo mooi gekruld. Heb ‘m alleen nooit meer kunnen vinden en dat vind ik best jammer!

    • Oh, maar aan het begin van het artikel staat altijd een link naar de Nederlandse versie die op facebook staat. Je kan gerust daar gaan lezen en dan terugkomen voor een comment :-) X

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