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Some of you may already know Stylight. I personally knew a little bit about it from other beauty and fashion blogs, but I had never actually visited the big online fashion community myself. A few weeks ago I decided to change that, though, and today I would like to share my Stylight experience with you. Don’t have a clue what on earth Stylight is? Don’t worry, because after today you’ll know everything there is to know and you might even feel like giving it a try yourself!

Stylight in short

This is what Stylight says about their concept: ‘’STYLIGHT is an awesome fashion community as well as an amazing fashion search engine. We are reinventing the way people discover fashion online and we are busy baking the yummiest fashion cakes for you all! We only use the best ingredients: over 400,000 fashion items and 4,000 different brands from over 70 online shops, making us the biggest fashion community in Europe.  On STYLIGHT, not only can you discover the newest fashion items for yourself but we can show you dresses, trousers, shoes, bags… that you didn’t even know you wanted. And the best thing: you set the trends and you can link up with other fashionistas from all over Europe and see what items they’ve “hearted” and build your own style profile or “heartbeat”. What’s more, you have the possibility to upload videos and photos onto your profile in no time at all. You can also share your individual style with your friends through Facebook, Twitter or Blogs. We are reinventing the way people discover fashion. That’s all really… a small global fashion revolution.’’

My first Stylight steps

Before you can get started, you need to register on the Stylight website. Registering is super easy, and before you know it you’ll be hearting things. Hearting means indicating items that you like. On facebook you use a thumbs up to show others that you like something. Well, on Stylight you use a heart. During the registration process Stylight will show you a list of clothing items, shoes and accessories and you will be asked to heart five items on that list. That way Stylight gets some insight into your fashion taste. They use that information to suggest other Stylight users with similar styles to you and they then give you the option to follow these members.

Hearts and boards

On Stylight you can heart individual items as well as boards created by other members. You can browse per category and subcategory for certain pieces of clothing, shoes and accessories and eat your heart out handing out hearts to all the things you like. Everything you heart will be listed on your profile. Having a ‘what-was-I -thinking?!’ moment? No problem, with just one mouse click you can easily remove items from your favorites list. Having an ‘oh-my-god-I-so-need-this!’ moment? Stylight lists the price of each item and shows a link to the webshop that sells it. All it takes are a few clicks and ta daaaa, that amazing top is yours. Easy! And also slightly dangerous if you’re a serial online shopper like me ;-)

Beauty meets fashion (Stylight) (1)

But you can do more than heart individual items on Stylight. You can also heart complete boards. A board is a kind of fashion collage with several items on it. That way you don’t just heart one pair of really cool jeans or a pair of killer heels, but a whole outfit or a total concept all at once.

Beauty meets fashion (Stylight) (2)

And you can also create your own outfit or concept on a board. Creating your own board is really easy and you will get the hang of it in no time.


Stylight is fun and is quite addicting! Before you know it you’ll be spending hours looking at clothes, handing out hearts and putting together outfits yourself. I find the website perfect for busy (and slightly lazy) fashion lovers like me who like to shop from behind their computer. Stylight also gives you a real inspiration boost: every time you pick up new ideas and make unexpected discoveries. I’d say Stylight is the perfect fashionista playground :-)

My board

Beauty meets fashion (Stylight) (3)

My Sunset Spring board on Stylight

Today I am showing you my Spring Sunset board, complete with matching eye make-up. This wouldn’t be the Kiss & Make-up blog if I didn’t treat you to a make-up look, now would it? :-) It wasn’t hard to find a fun starting point for my board. If you step on our balcony in the late afternoon, you get to see the most beautiful sunset above Lake Geneva. Talk about inspirational!

Beauty meets fashion (Stylight) (4)

A close-up of the matching eye look

Feel like giving it a try yourself? Dutch-speaking fashionistas can visit and my fellow Swiss fashion lovers can go to Rather fashion it up in English? Then visit the English Stylight website at

Did you already know Stylight? Do you like my Spring Sunset board?

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98 thoughts on “Stylight | Beauty meets fashion

  1. Waouh, ce maquillage, il déchire, j’aime beaucoup. Moi avec ma paupière mobile qui tombe, si je fais des trucs comme ça, ça fait pas un rendu aussi joli !! Chapeau !
    Si tu veux essayer le gommage je te le conseille vivement, une vraie tuerie !

  2. Wow, I didn’t know a thing about that! Thanks for sharing it – the review was excellent! I also use hearts at the end of my posts :) I loved the eye, such a great makeup!

    • Dankjewel. En wat de camera betreft… ik durf het bijna niet zeggen, want het is best beschamend: een gewoon klein Canon digitaal toestelletje dat ik al jaren heb. Ik ben aan het sparen voor een ”echte” camera ;-)

  3. Ik ben een tijdje terug Stylight gemaakt! Best een leuke site, maar ik doe er niet echt iets mee. Daar moet ik eens de tijd voor nemen! Toffe ooglook! :) En je board is echt moooi!

  4. wow that make-up is really awesome! good job!

    i know stylight since they sent me a goodie bag :D but i didnt know about these boards where you can show your style. that really cool actually!


  5. Ik kende het nog niet, maar het ziet er wel heel leuk uit, dus ik wacht even tot na mijn tentamens met een kijkje nemen, want ik raak nogal snel verslaafd aan dit soort dingen :). Mooie look en items! Lekker zomers ook.

  6. Stylight is een handige site! Ik vind jouw ooglooks altijd zooooo mooi! Zelfs geel en oranje staan je goed, terwijl ik niet zo snel van die kleuren ben ^^

  7. I’ve never heard of Stylight, but I absolutely LOVE your Spring Sunset board! Fantastic eyeshadow work, and I’d definitely wear the outfit you picked out ;)

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