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I already reviewed three new Smashbox blushes for you and today I am doing the same with three eyeliners from Smashbox’s latest Jet Set Waterproof Eye Liner Collection. The new eyeliner collection consists of six intensely pigmented gel eyeliners that are all waterproof. Let’s have a closer look!

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Color and pigmentation

Like I said there are six eyeliners in the new Jet Set Waterproof collection. I personally have three of them: Deep Purple, Deep Bronze and Deep Black. I like all three shades, but I do have a slight preference for Deep Bronze and Deep Black. Deep Bronze is a gorgeous bronze shade and is the kind of color that will suit anyone. Deep Black is an amazing pitch black shade. I don’t think it can get much blacker than this! Both shades are extremely pigmented and are super easy to apply. Unfortunately, Deep Purple doesn’t have the same color intensity as Deep Bronze and Deep Black. While the shade itself is very pretty, I find it more difficult to make Deep Purple go on smooth and even. I can’t get it to look flawless.

Review (Smashbox Jet Set Waterproof eyeliner) (2)

top: Deep Black | middle: Deep Purple | bottom: Deep Bronze

Score: 3/5

Packaging and texture

The Smashbox Jet Set Waterproof eyeliners come in a small glass jar. It’s extremely important that gel and cream products come in an airtight container that perfectly closes. This prevents the formula from drying up. The lid of the jar of these Jet Set Waterproof eyeliners closes really well and I can tell that the jar is tightly sealed. Perfect!

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Click to enlarge | top: Deep Bronze | bottom left: Deep Black | bottom right: Deep Purple

The eyeliners themselves have a very pleasant creamy gel texture. Eh? Gel + creamy = does not compute? It actually does. It’s really a gel-like texture, but in comparison to many other gel eyeliners Smashbox’s Jet Set Waterproof eyeliners are super easy to apply. The formula is really smooth and it just glides on. This makes the eyeliners very easy to work with and also gentle on your eyelids!

Score: 5/5


Smashbox says that the new Jet Set Waterproof eyeliners are waterproof, and they really are. When I tried to remove the swatches on my hand with just water and soap, I quickly realized that wouldn’t work. I really needed waterproof make-up remover and quite a lot of force to get rid of the eyeliner. So yes, Smashbox didn’t lie, these eyeliners are definitely waterproof! Your eyelids may not be very happy with your cleansing routine when you wear these eyeliners, but hey, that’s what you get with real good waterproof make-up.

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Click to enlarge | top: Deep Purple | middle: Deep Bronze | bottom: Deep Black

Score: 5/5

End result: 13/15

If Deep Purple would have been just as good as Deep Bronze and Deep Black in terms of pigmentation and evenness, then the end score would have been 14 instead of 13. Unfortunately it doesn’t perform as well as the other two shades, and that’s why I took off one point. But overall I am very happy with the eyeliners: I love the texture and the formula, and the wear is fantastic. The new Smashbox Jet Set Waterproof Eye Liner Collection definitely deserves a nice 13 out of 15!

In Switzerland the Smashbox Jet Set Waterproof eyeliners are sold exclusively at Marionnaud. They come in 6 shades and are all 26 CHF.

Do you ever use gel eyeliner? Which of these three shades do you like best?

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116 thoughts on “Review | Smashbox Jet Set Waterproof Eye Liner Collection

    • Ik gebruik meestal de E65 eyeliner brush van Sigma. Precies en handig in gebruik. En een goeie budgetvriendelijke variant vind ik het eyelinerpenseeltje uit de e.l.f. Studio lijn. Hope this helps! :-)

  1. ohh i’ve never used gel liner before! i might have to try giving these a whirl since you recommend them so highly!! i like using liquid :p

    • Seems like there are two groups of people: the gel eyeliner lovers and the liquid eyeliner lovers :-) I definitely belong to the first group. I’ve never been good with liquid eyeliner.

  2. They look really good! The look you made with them is gorgeous as well! Too bad the purple shade performs a little less gorgeously than the others, because it looks like it could have been a great shade eyeliner.

  3. Mooie kleurtjes en geweldige looks heb je ermee gemaakt!! Ps. je vroeg me laatst of je mee kon doen aan mijn Benefit winactie omdat je in BE woont.. het antwoord is dus JA en geen enkel probleem voor Benefit. Dus mocht je nog mee willen doen.. grab your chance!

    • Geen idee, het verwonderde me ergens ook wel dat één van de drie kleuren wat ondermaats presteerde… Maar ach, ik gebruik Deep Bronze en Deep Black toch sowieso het vaakst en het liefst, dus zó een ramp vind ik het niet :-)

  4. My favorite liners are really dark powder shadows because they are fool-proof! These look really good – I love it when a product does what it claims! These would be great during the warmer months as they wouldn’t melt off! :D

  5. I started wearing watches I few years ago and now I definitely can’t do without them! Maybe you should try it out with a usual and cheaper model to see whether you like wearing watches and if yes, then you should treat yourself the Guess watch! ;)

    • I used to wear a watch all the time, actually. Then my last watch’s battery ran out, and I never bothered to replace it… So I took off the watch, and never put it (or one) on again. That was maybe two years ago. Kind of silly, now that I think about it, lol :-)

  6. Too bad about the purple, it’s actually the one I would have gone for since bronze seems to disapear on me and black is too harsh. Have you tried L’Oréal Infaillible e/l? So far it’s the one that lasts the longest on me. :)

    • Hi Icaria. No, I haven’t. Or not yet, at least :-) This eyeliner comes in 3 more shades. Check out the website, who knows, there might be a color that you like and that wouldn’t be as harsh as black! :-)

  7. Oh, I love your reviews! I also love eyeliners in any form, and Smashbox has so good quality! Your makeup, as usual, looks fabulous! I will try to get those on the weekend, I mean, at least one of them! I want a brown one this time! (well, deep Bronze!)

  8. Good info here. I’m always on the look out for a really good waterproof gel liner for the upper waterline. This sounds like a good one!

  9. I’ve been using gel liners for years, I prefer them over any other liquid liner I have ever used. What a shame the purple one isn’t like the black and bronze ones (they are really impressive!). Nice and detailed review, thank you :).

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