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Revlon already launched a limited edition of scented nail polishes last summer, and they’re doing it again for the summer of 2013. Last year they went for fruity fragrances, and this time they decided to infuse their nail polishes with the scent of five delicious desserts. I am a real dessert lover (my motto is: ‘’life is uncertain, east dessert first’’) so I am very happy with Revlon’s choice! The new Revlon Scented Treats collection consists of five pretty nail lacquers, all with a different scents. Have look and a sniff with me.

Nail Polish Spotlight (Revlon Scented Treats) (2)

from left to right: Mint Gelato – Strawberry Cream – Raspberry Scone – Cherry Bon Bon – Sugar Glaze

Sugar Glaze: soft pink with the scent of sugar frosting

Cherry Bon Bon: bright red with a sweet cherry fragrance

Raspberry Scone: raspberry purple with the smell of raspberry ice cream

Strawberry Cream: coral pink that smells of strawberries

Mint Gelato: trendy mint green that not only looks but also smells like mint

The five new Scented Treats all have the same texture and are easy to apply, but during the application I did notice that some of the shades were easier to work with than others. I struggled a bit to get Mint Gelato and Strawberry Cream to look nice and even and I needed two coats to get decent coverage out of them. Sugar Glaze, Cherry Bon Bon and Raspberry Scone were easier to work with. One coat of these shades was enough for flawless coverage. The easiest nail polish of the five is definitely Raspberry Scone, so if you like quick and easy manis, then this raspberry purple shade will be your best match.

Revlon Scented Treats Mint Gelato Strawberry Cream Raspberry Scone Cherry Bon Bon Sugar Glaze review

top: shiny top coat (holding Cherry Bon Bon) | bottom: matte top coat (holding Strawberry Cream)

The finish of the five Scented Treats nail enamels is nice and shiny, but I also like how they look with a matte top coat. The colors are all very happy and summery. Of the five shades Cherry Bon Bon is my favorite. This bright warm red shade really flatters my skin tone.

And the scents? Well, they’re very easy to recognize! You can really smell all the desserts. Omnomnom! And the scents don’t fade away, so I am constantly smelling my nails. The phrase “Smell my finger” definitely got a whole different meaning thanks to these Scented Treats ;-) My favorite scent is Strawberry Cream. When I close my eyes and smell Strawberry Cream, it’s like there’s a bowl of delicious strawberries in front of me!

The new Revlon Scented Treats are all 14,90 CHF and are available at Manor and other specialized retailers. I have a feeling that these limited-edition nail polishes will be very popular, so don’t wait too long to get yours!

Which shade and scent of the new Scented Treats collection do you like best?

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119 thoughts on “Nail polish spotlight | Revlon Scented Treats 2013

  1. Wat een mooie kleuren! Vind ze met de matte topcoat heel gaaf!
    En nu ben ik wel heel benieuwd hoe ze ruiken, jammer dat dat nog niet door het internet kan ;-)

  2. I love this collection too! The fact the nail polishes are scented is so cool, I got one with Coconut scent from the old line and it lasts so much on the nails, I’d love to get another one among these! Kisses! xo

  3. wow beautiful nail colors! it’s funny, that they smell :-D i think i would love the smell “mint” :-)

    thanks for your comment :-)))

    greetings alice ♥♥♥

  4. Wat een mooie kleuren!
    Hmmm ik zou ook de hele dag aan mijn nagels ruiken. Als ze echt lekker ruiken, en niet half naar nagellak en half naar een geurtje :p

  5. OMG i want to try this so badly!! haha the only thing is i know if i had scented nail polish i would sit there and smell my nails all day long HAHAHA

  6. Hmmm mooi maar ik heb mijn bedenkingen want: ik bijt nagels
    en op de een of andere manier niet als ik nagellak aan heb maarrrr nagellak die naar lekkere aardbeitjes ruikt dat kan weleens gevaarlijk zijn!! :)

  7. This really looks amazing, specially the minty one (the colour is gorgeous). Too bad i really hate mint (the smell and taste) :(

  8. I am SUCH a dessert person and agree with your philosophy. Sugar glaze and strawberry cream looks delicious! I need to pop by my local store for a whiff of this!

  9. Oh, love the color of these nail polishes! :)
    Thank you for your comment on my blogger. Followed you on Bloglovin. Would really appreciate your follow back. :)

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