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When I got my very first Glominerals products in April, I also received two samples of the Glominerals Protective Liquid Foundation Matte. This foundation contains antioxidants, minerals and caviar extract and offers broad spectrum UVA and UVB protection, so it both protects and nourishes the skin. And because it has an oil-free formula and a matte finish, it’s perfect for troubled skin with acne or overly active oil glands.

Now before I tell you more about this foundation, I should tell you about my skin background. From October 2011 until May 2012 I took roaccutane. It transformed my then extremely oily skin slowly but surely into normal and sometimes even slightly dry skin. But a month or three ago my skin started getting oilier again. So I am beginning to become part again of the audience that Glominerals is targeting with their Protective Liquid Foundation Matte :-( Don’t get me wrong, the problem is nowhere near as bad as it used to be (I used to look like I washed my face with butter instead of water) but I do notice that I have to blot more and use more lightweight products to keep everything nice and matte. So obviously I was very excited to try the Glominerals Protective Liquid Foundation Matte! Now let’s take a closer look together.


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Click to enlarge | left: Golden Light | right: Golden

I received two generous samples of the Glominerals Protective Liquid Foundation Matte: one in Golden Light and one in Golden. Golden Light might have been a good match for my skin in winter, but right now the color is obviously way too light for me. Golden on the other hand matches well with my skin tone and looks quite natural. Both Golden and Golden Light are warm shades with yellow undertones.

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Click to enlarge | top: Golden Light | bottom: Golden

Texture and application

The texture of the Glominerals Protective Liquid Foundation Matte is liquid but still relatively thick. The foundation I normally use spreads out when I put it on the back of my hand before I apply it, but this Glominerals foundation doesn’t, not even when I turn my hand upside down. So the texture is clearly thicker and more concentrated than that of most liquid foundations. I was a bit afraid that this would make the foundation difficult to apply, but that wasn’t the case. I used my beauty blender to apply it and that worked fine.


The coverage of this foundation is high and that’s what I expected from a foundation that was developed for problem skin. I suffer from melasma, which means that in spring and summer I get a big dark stain on my forehead (my boyfriend, such a sweetheart, likes to call it my Mark of Satan…) and a few smaller spots on my right cheek and my upper lip. Ugly and annoying. This foundation can’t completely hide my melasma, but it does manage to make the spots less visible and that’s already a big thing. And despite the high coverage, the foundation still looks relatively natural. Good!

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The finish of this foundation isn’t as matte as I had expected. Right after I applied it my skin still had a bit of a glow to it. I don’t find that a huge problem, though, because an overly matte finish usually isn’t pretty anyway and can look really dry and chalky. And we don’t want that. What we want is a flattering matte finish, with the emphasis on flattering. And that is exactly what I get when I put a bit of loose finishing powder over the foundation. I do have to reapply powder once or twice during the day to keep my skin perfectly matte. Did I expect that from a foundation that promises to be matte? No. Do I mind? No*.
* before my roaccutane treatment I had to blot every 30 minutes, so I am used  to a lot worse.

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Glominerals Protective Liquid Foundation Matte in Golden on the skin | Glominerals Superstar Gloss in Brown Sugar on the lips


This is an easy one: the wear of this Glominerals Protective Liquid Foundation is fine. It stays put all day without settling in fine lines or fading too much. That’s all I ask of a good foundation.


Overall I like the Glominerals Protective Liquid Foundation Matte. It contains high-quality ingredients and SPF, and that’s a big plus, especially now that my Mark of… errr… my melasma is returning. The foundation provides high coverage without looking cakey and has a nice semi-matte flawless finish. If you have dry to normal skin you will most likely find this foundation too drying and too matte, and if you’ve been blessed with nearly perfect skin this foundation will be too heavy duty for you. But if you have combination to oily skin, suffer from acne or have imperfections to hide, then you will definitely like the Glominerals Protective Liquid Foundation Matte.

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Glominerals Superstar Gloss in Brown Sugar

Is this Glominerals foundation something you might like? Do you like a matte finish?

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118 thoughts on “Review | Glominerals Protective Liquid Foundation Matte

  1. Love the matte finish a lot, so curious to try this foundation in particolar the golden light shade! Nice and complete review!:) Kisses! xo

    • Well, there are better mattifying foundations out there in my opinion. I still have to blot or reapply powder with this one. But I am okay with that. It’s still a very nice foundation.

  2. damn lady, looking fine ;) lijkt me een fijne foundation, maar met mijn droge huid ben ik er waarschijnlijk niet zo mee gebaat

  3. Lijkt mij wel een hele fijne foundation! Ik heb alleen zelf een enorme droge huid, dus ben bang dat het dan niet iets voor mij is om te gebruiken.

  4. Wow, eerlijk gezegd schrok ik een beetje van de potjes-foto’s, wat donker! Maar eenmaal aangebracht ziet het er heel goed uit :-)

  5. Waw mooi!
    Je huid ziet er super uit!

    Ik heb ook een roaccutane kuur gedaan een jaar geleden ofzo, na 10 jaar sukkelen met acné was il het zat, en daarna is het echt zoeken naar welke producten je moet gebruiken.
    Het heeft me een hele tijd gekost en ik ben er nog niet helemaal uit.
    Zeker omdat tijdens de kuur je huid kurkdroog is en dan daarne terug wat vetter wordt.
    Heftig wel hé! Mijn wimpers zijn daar ook van uitgevallen.

    • Ik was ook heel bang dat mijn haar ervan zou uitvallen, maar da’s gelukkig niet gebeurd. Buiten enorm droge lippen en handen heb ik er eigenlijk totaal geen last van gehad. Ik zou het zo opnieuw doen als het moest. Wat erg dat het bij jou zo’n vervelende neveneffecten had, zeg… :-(

  6. Wauw die foundation ziet er super uit! Ik wil ook nog eventjes zeggen dat ik je reviews altijd geweldig vindt. Je kan duidelijk zien dat jij daar echt je tijd voor neemt en het grondig wil doen.

  7. Ahahahahahah!!! Mark of Satan!!!:D Sorry, but that is hilarious.:D You look like an angel, what the hell is he talking about?? In these photos it sure doesn’t look like like you have any problems with your skin, babe, your face looks flawless!

  8. omgosh your skin looks SERIOUSLY FLAWLESS! and i love your eye makeup just gorgeous! omgosh the comment from your bf.. is seriously hilarious!!!

  9. Hey Melissa, I’m so sorry to hear you’ve had your fair share of skin problems! I was going to say try Hourglass Immaculate, but Hourglass is a bit of a pain to get here for the moment. I am looking for something more matte myself, or maybe an oil-controlling lotion for my T-zone in the morning. My cheeks are fine, but my T-zone has been going a little wild with the warm weather! You just can’t have it all!

    • Hey Sunny. I am glad the worst is over, but I still have some skin woes. I’ve been thinking about getting Hourglass’s Mineral Veil Primer. But like you said, it’s not easy to get your hands on the brand, so I might just look for another alternative.

  10. Could you tell us more about what you tool and now take to fight your oily skin? I habe oily skin, too (it’s bettet now but I still want to improve), and that’d be so helpful! :)
    Thanks a lot dear!

    Love from Germany,

  11. Ooh leuk! Klinkt heel goed. Ik heb wel redelijk goede huid en draag eigenlijk (bijna) nooit foundation.. Maar knock on wood ;) wie weet heb ik het toch eens nodig! ;)

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