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In May I reviewed four new lip butters from Revlon’s Pacific Coast collection, and today I am doing the same with the new limited-edition Revlon ColorBurst Lipstick in Gülsha Coral. Let’s have a closer look!

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Color and finish

Gülsha Coral is named after Gülscha, a moderator from the Swiss teen channel Joiz. To be honest, I didn’t have a clue who she was, but she obviously has good taste, because the shade that Revlon developed for her (lucky girl) is mouthwateringly gorgeous. Gülsha Coral is a warm bright red shade (nothing coral about it) that will give you irresistible lips with a big kissability factor (new word). Red lipstick can sometimes look a bit harsh, but the warm undertones in Gülsha Coral make it look very soft and flattering. Beautiful!

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The Revlon ColorBurst Lipstick in Gülsha Coral is a real lipstick, and not a lipstick slash lip balm like the Revlon lip butters I already had. This makes its texture slightly less creamy, but it still has the same moisturizing capacities as the Revlon lip butters. I usually apply a bit of lip balm before I put on lipstick, but Gülsha Coral is not the least bit drying and is hydrating enough to keep my lips perfectly nourished. I’m impressed.

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The wear of this Revlon ColorBurst Lipstick in Gülsha Coral is more than okay. I never expect my lipstick to last from AM to PM, let alone survive three meals, a ton of snacks and a whole day of sipping on a water bottle. And I didn’t expect that from this lipstick either. The Revlon ColorBurst Lipstick in Gülsha Coral lasts for a good few hours and if you touch it up a little after every big meal you will be fine until the end of the day. Yes, you will leave red lip prints here and there (glasses, spoons, boyfriends) but despite that the lipstick stays on well and keeps it color intensity. So if you don’t have unrealistic expectations, then the wear of Gülsha Coral definitely won’t disappoint you.

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Gülsha from Joiz, the lucky lady for whom Revlon created this lipstick

Are you looking for a flattering bright red long-lasting lipstick that will give you a very kissable pout? Then I bet you’ll love Revlon’s ColorBurst Lipstick in Gülsha Coral. Don’t wait too long to get your hands on one, though, because this limited-edition lipstick is only available for a short time!

The Revlon ColorBurst Lipstick in Gülsha Coral costs 17,90 CHF and is available at Manor and other specialized retailers for a limited time.

Do you like red lipstick? Would you wear Gülsha Coral?

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117 thoughts on “Review | Revlon ColorBurst Lipstick in Gülsha Coral

  1. Although the color would be to vivid for me it’s truly beautiful. I love their packaging, quite elegant for a drugstore brand. If ever you visit NYC you know that you can have your very own l/s shade at Bite Beauty Lab? There’s a link about it on my last Notable Reads if you haven’t seen it. :)

  2. It looks stunningly sexy on you! But in my opinion, I think it would look too pink-y on me. I prefer red colors with a cold blue-ish undertone. It goes well with my dark hair and eyes. Anyway, I love love love Revlon lipsticks! They look graceful (like Chanel) and they have a great texture. Well written review! x

  3. I love the Lipstick, the color is amazing, it looks really nice on your lips :)
    I loved Revlon Cosmetic soooo much but then they stopped tu sell it in Germany, so sad!
    xoxo :)

  4. I always find Revlon stuff great, this one inspires me for the color and the fact is very nourishing, I like this kind of product for summer!:) Kisses! xo

    • Il y a que quelques mois, moi non plus! Autrefois je ne portais presque jamais de rouge à lèvres, ou en tout cas pas de rouge à lèvres comme celui-ci. Mais maintenant je les adore :-)

  5. Love the way it looks in the close-up lip pic, but not sure I could pull it off– too many yellow tones in my teeth, not enough color in my skin. Still, I may try it at the makeup if they let me. I do love those poppy reds, with a bit of warmth in them, for summer.

  6. Really, is that hydrating?? I’m always avoiding lipsticks because they dry my lips, I can’t stand that… And leaving prints on boyfriends, that’s annoying too.:)

    P.S.: You took these photos?? The second one is frigging phenomenal! The lipstick looks so shiny!!

  7. I don’t really like red lipsticks as they look too harsh on me. I stick to pinks and nudes. However I really like how this one looks. Its affordable enough that I wouldn’t be upset if i didn’t end up liking it.

  8. wow I love that colour! I have the original revlon colorburst lipstick in coral and it’s gorgeous too! I think I’ll wear it today! I heard that Revlon is discontinuing the colorburst lipsticks and if that’s true that is very disappointing news! Thanks for stopping by my blog!

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