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In May Revlon launched two new products: the Nearly Naked Foundation and the matching Nearly Naked Pressed Powder. I got to try the whole line, and today I’d like to share my thoughts with you. Let’s get naked!

Revlon Nearly Naked Foundation

The new Revlon Nearly Naked Foundation is a lightweight liquid nude-effect foundation that adjusts to the natural color and texture of the skin. So it evens out the skin tone while still looking natural, as if you weren’t wearing any foundation at all. And it also contains SPF 20. But is it really possible, providing coverage and looking (almost) 100% natural? Yes it is. Maybelline’s Fit Me foundation already proved it, and now so does Revlon.

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Click to enlarge | from left to right: Nude, Natural Beige, True Beige, Natural Tan

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Click to enlarge | from left to right: Nude, Natural Beige, True Beige, Natural Tan

Revlon’s new Nearly Naked Foundation definitely manages to cover up flaws and imperfections while still looking natural. Even from up close it still looks pretty au naturel. But of course there’s a limit to what this foundation can do. If you really suffer from bad acne for example, you’ll need the help of a good concealer first. The Nearly Naked Foundation has light to medium coverage, and so it can’t hide very obvious blemishes. But in ‘’normal’’ circumstances (read: a blemish here and there) the Nearly Naked Foundation performs really well, even on its own. It has a lovely natural-looking dewy finish and stays put all day.

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Click to enlarge | from left to right: Nude, Natural Beige, True Beige, Natural Tan

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Click to enlarge | from left to right: Nude, Natural Beige, True Beige, Natural Tan

The Revlon Nearly Naked Foundation works on any skin type, but combination and oily skin will need a little blotting or powdering every now and then. I don’t have a problem with that, but what I do have a problem with is that this foundation doesn’t come with a pump. If you find that as muchos annoyingos as I do, then I advise you to buy a separate pump for this foundation because working with the glass bottle really is a pain in the naked ass.

Bottom line? The Nearly Naked Foundation definitely lives up to its name: it’s a very natural-looking foundation that manages to even out the skin despite its light to medium coverage.

Retail price: 19.90 CHF, available in four shades (Nude, Natural Beige, True Beige, Natural Tan)

Revlon Nearly Naked Pressed Powder

Revlon’s Nearly Naked Pressed powder follows the same principle as the Nearly Naked Foundation and evens out the skin while looking almost invisible. Or at least that’s the idea. In reality the pressed powder is a little less potent than the foundation when used on its own. I have quite a few blemishes to cover up, and the pressed powder alone can’t do that. The foundation however could. The finish of the pressed powder is just as natural as that of the foundation (you can barely see the swatches on my arm!), so definitely points for that, but it does provide less coverage.

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Click to enlarge | Light (left) & Medium (right)

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Click to enlarge | Light (left) & Medium (right)

But in combination with the foundation the Nearly Naked Pressed Powder does a great job. When I apply the Nearly Naked Foundation first and then set it with the pressed powder, I get a lovely result. The powder has mattifying but very natural-looking effect, and it adds that last bit of coverage to really even out my skin completely.

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Click to enlarge | Light (left) & Medium (right)

Bottom line? On its own the Nearly Naked Pressed Powder isn’t enough for me, but together with the Nearly Naked Foundation it really forms the perfect nude duo.

Retail price: 17.90 CHF, available in two shades (Light and Medium)

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Revlon Nearly Naked Foundation in Natural Beige + Revlon Nearly Naked Pressed Powder in Medium + Revlon ColorBurst Lipstick in Gülsha Coral

Do you like foundation and powder with a nude effect?

P.S.: Wondering about that lipstick I am wearing? Check this blog post :-)

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130 thoughts on “Review | Revlon Nearly Naked Foundation & Revlon Nearly Naked Pressed Powder

  1. looking sharp lady! het lijken me hele fijne producten, heb er ook al heel veel youtubers positief over gehoord. Trouwens, love je halve industrial piercing! Een vriendin van me heeft er ook eentje en vind het echt een hele mooie plaats om er eentje te zetten.

  2. Ik gebruik eigenlijk nooit foundation, alleen bb cream. Maar ik vind een poedertje ook belangrijk naderhand, dat maakt het wat softer, dan glanst het niet meer zo :)

  3. I like these products and I would love to try the foundation in particular, in the nude shade! Great review, you look lovely as always! Kisses and happy Sunday! xo

  4. To tell you the truth, I get so confused by all of the foundations and powders out there. I bought my first one about 4 years ago and I just stick to that one because I’m afraid (to spend money) to try something else. But I like Revlon’s beauty products and I like how these two look on you, it really creates a flawless effect…

  5. Hey Melissa, I prefer light to medium coverage so this sounds good! A mattifying powder sounds like what I need in summer too! I hope I’ll spot these in Belgium soon!

  6. I love your reviews because they are always so detailed. I’m a massive fan of this powder!
    I really want to try the foundation too, especially as it gives such a natural look.

  7. It looks pretty naturally beautiful on you! Gorgeous girl :) I have some blemishes too.. Do u have a favorite concealer you use?

  8. I do like foundation and powder with “nude” effect, so this duo seems very good! I must say I bought at Boots a Revlon foundation and had to return it… but it was not this one. So the next time I go there I will certainly test this one! Your lipstick is amazing and you look fabulous!

    • It’s been pretty warm here the last couple of days, and the foundation stays put pretty well. I do have to reapply powder a bit more often in this warmer weather, but I’d expect that with any foundation.

  9. I do love the foundation! Agree with Bree..looks very natural! I usually wear bare minerals, but sometimes I feel like it doesn’t give me enough coverage.

  10. hi thanks again for your comment, i love your comments :-))))

    i can’t afford the products because there is no revlon in germany :-(

    btw you look great in the picture :-D

    • Hi Anna! I am pretty sure it will. I personally have quite oily skin, and I can wear this foundation. I just reapply powder once or twice throughout the day and I am fine. Let me know what you think of the foundation if you end up trying it!

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