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Review | Rodial bee venom eyes, Rodial bee venom moisturiser & Rodial bee venom super serum

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In April I tried my very first skin care products with bee venom, and immediately sparks (or stings) flew. The products I got in April are all empty now, but it didn’t take long before I got myself some new bee venom products, this time by Rodial. Let’s have a closer look!

Rodial bee venom eye

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The bee venom in the Rodial bee venom eye cream visibly diminishes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles by increasing the blood circulation in the eye contour and by firming and smoothing the skin around the eyes. The Rodial bee venom eye cream not only contains natural bee venom, but also five other impressive active ingredients: Haloxyl, Proturon, P-Cell, Cyclopeptide 5 and Juvinity. Okay, those words probably don’t mean much to you (or me), but all these ingredients hide the signs of aging and also efficiently tackle the underlying causes. So it’s not just about camouflaging, it’s also about treating.

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I really like this eye cream. The packaging is bright and luxurious, the texture is thick and creamy, and the scent is just lovely. Since I’ve been using the Rodial bee venom eye cream, the skin under my eyes looks fuller and I see less dry patches and fine lines. Combined that gives me a refreshed and more awake look. Yippee! Luckily I don’t have wrinkles yet, and I hope to keep it that way using this Rodial bee venom eye cream.

Price: 165 CHF for 25 ml, sold exclusively at Marionnaud

Rodial bee venom moisturiser

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The Rodial bee venom moisturiser follows the same principle as the Rodial bee venom eye cream. The only difference is that the moisturiser is for your face and not for your eye contour. The bee venom in the cream softens fine lines and wrinkles, and the other active ingredients (like for example hyaluronic acid) treat the causes of those lines and wrinkles and have an anti-aging effect on the skin.

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The Rodial bee venom moisturiser feels, smells and looks a bit like the maxi version of the Rodial bee venom eye cream. The packaging is identical (a jar with a screw lid and an extra protective cover inside) but a size bigger. The moisturiser is, just like the eye cream, thick and creamy. The smell is slightly different, but again it’s very subtle and pleasant. I use the Rodial bee venom moisturiser every morning and it does for my face what the Rodial bee venom eye cream does for my eye contour: it makes my skin look smoother and fuller, and makes me look more youthful. And hopefully the cream will also keep me from ever turning into a human sharpei dog :-)

Price: 129 CHF for 50 ml, sold exclusively at Marionnaud

Rodial bee venom super serum

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The Rodial bee venom super serum is the most heavy duty product of the three. The concentrated formula contains bee venom, P-Cell, Cyclopeptide 5 and also collagen. Collagen is the most important factor in preventing and treating wrinkles. As we get older and our skin produces less collagen, our skin loses some of its elasticity and we get wrinkles. Help! By boosting the skin’s collagen production a bit (superboosting it, actually, with this extremely concentrated serum) we can prevent wrinkles and soften existing ones. Sounds good, huh? That’s what I thought!

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I am very enthusiastic about this product. I believe in serums. Some people say that serums are just regular products with a ridiculously high price tag, but I am convinced that the high concentration of active ingredients in serums can really make a difference. I am very happy with my Rodial bee venom super serum and I use it religiously every night. Unlike the bee venom eye cream and the bee venom moisturiser, the Rodial bee venom super serum comes in a pump bottle. A gorgeous, luxurious-looking pump bottle. The serum itself looks like a watery gel and smells great. Serums are often a bit greasy and they’re not always suitable for oily skin, but the Rodial bee venom super serum is not greasy at all. The product gets absorbed instantly and doesn’t leave my skin feeling or looking oily. So I get to ‘’anti-age’’ all I want without having to worry about looking like an oil slick, woohoo! High HG potential here, I am head over heels in love with this product.

Price: 229 CHF for 30 ml, sold exclusively at Marionnaud

The Rodial bee venom products are very expensive (you usually get a bee sting for free), but in their defense: they are really rrrrreally good. Out of the three products the serum is my favorite. The ingredients in all the products from this line are impressive to say at the least, and it’s been scientifically proven that ingredients like collagen and hyalorunic acid really work. The Rodial bee venom eye cream, the Rodial bee venom moisturiser and the Rodial bee venom super serum are high-end but more importantly also very high-quality product with a delicious texture and a lovely smell. They are a pleasure to use and to look at. I think it’s pretty obvious: I am a fan!

How about you? Have you tried skin care products with bee venom yet?


  1. Mooie producten! Ik kende ze nog niet :)

  2. Nog nooit geprobeerd.. Je hebt me wel erg nieuwsgierig gemaakt met het verhaal over de oogcreme! Fijne review!!

  3. Ik ben wel benieuwd, ik had er nog nooit van gehoord!

  4. Klinkt prima, vooral dat serum lijkt me wel okay!

  5. De serum lijkt me erg fijn! :)
    Zeker het proberen waard:D


  6. Ken het niet maar ziet er goed uit!

  7. Op mijn stage heb ik de kans gehad om de Rodial Bee Vonom Eye Cream te kopen voor 1 euro. Ik kende het product toen niet, maar ik heb het toch gekocht om cadeau te geven aan mijn mama. Pas achteraf hoorde ik van de kostprijs van de crème en de werking van bijengif. Mijn mama is hem nu uitvoerig aan het testen en ik ben benieuwd naar haar bevindingen!

  8. Was nog helemaal niet bekend met dit merk! Leuk!

  9. I would love the try the eye cream. Sounds really awesome. A great eye cream is the most important thing for me <3



  10. Je ne connais pas ces produits, mais les packaging me plaisent beaucoup, on a pas l’habitude de voir du jaune comme ça !

    • Je crois que c’est parce que les abeilles sont jaunes, mais en tout cas moi aussi j’aime bien les packaging. Très chic et élégant, et aussi un peu spécial avec le jaune.

  11. Ik had hier nog nooit van gehoord, maar de producten lijken mij wel heel erg fijn.

  12. Nog nooit van gehoods, maar het lijken me wel goede producten.

  13. You made me so curious about these products, look very good, the serum especially! I also believe is a worth product to use!:) Kisses! xo

  14. I’d love to try something like this. Your information is always so helpful.

  15. These products sound great! Love that they help aging skin.

  16. Ouch for the price !! but it does sound like an amazing product.

    Meghan Silva’s Blog

  17. I never heard about this brand before but looks great! I going to check xoxo <3

  18. Ik ken het merk maar probeerde er nooit iets van. Ook omwille van de prijs uiteraard.

  19. ohh i’ve been looking for a new eye cream! thanks for the rec going to try this one out :)!

  20. I love the packaging, and I would have never guessed that bee venom could do so much!

  21. So much buzz (get it?) about bee venom lately – I might just have to try it. ;-)

  22. It sounds interesting, but you’re right they’re also quite expensive :(

  23. beautybyhappiness

    June 18, 2013 at 4:19 pm

    Bijengif in verzorgingsproducten? Dat is nieuw voor mij, nog nooit van gehoord. :p

  24. De producten zien er ook mooi uit!

  25. Ik kende dit merk eerst helemaal niet maar ik ben nu toch wel heel nieuwsgierig geworden.

  26. good product, eyes need quality also :)

  27. Hm ik zou precies schrik hebben dat mijn gevoelige huid daar niet tegen zou kunnen?
    Tintelt het?
    Net weer een oogcreme van 35 euro getest waar ik eczeemplekken van krijg…voor de weggeef.
    Klinky wel goed, nu nog een ezeltje kopen…:)

  28. Looks like a nice products but are new to me!

  29. These sound like great products, though the price tag does make me wince a little bit. I think the higher concentration in serums is beneficial, too, though I haven’t done too much research yet.

  30. Ik ken dit merk eigenlijk helemaal niet! De serum lijkt me wel fijn

  31. Never heard about this brand! sounds interesting. Thanks for showing :-)

  32. this is one of my favorite brands so far, everything I am using I love especially their face masks. You should use their snake venom mask. I have tried this line yet but I am looking forward too

  33. I’ve never tried this, but it looks like it works.


  34. Klinkt goed, zeker het proberen waard! Vind de verpakking ook erg mooi; lekker knallend geel!

  35. this serum sounds great:)

  36. They’re very usefull and has a lot of benefits! That’s great! kisses

  37. I like to tryyyyy it girl!

  38. Is de moisturiser geschikt voor alle huidtypes? Of staat dat er niet specifiek op? Ik ben op zoek naar een goed anti-aging product, maar vind het écht moeilijk om een goeie te vinden voor mijn huidtype…

    • Ik heb een vette huid, en hij doet mij wel wat blinken. Ik vind hem dus eerder geschikt voor een normale tot droge huid. Maar hij veroorzaakt geen break outs of acne bij mij, ookal is hij wat rijker. Als ik het me goed herinner heb jij een droge huid met onzuiverheden, dus volgens mij is hij dan perfect voor jou.

  39. Die wil ik eens proberen hoor ,zo te zien een goed product!

  40. Echt een super fijne review!
    Wat een prachtig product :D

  41. Echt een super fijne review!
    Het lijkt me echt een fantastisch product! :D

  42. Ohh kende ze niet, creepy name, must be good!! ;)

  43. I’ve heard great things about Rodial but I haven’t tried anything yet! I’m really curious about the eye cream. You know what people say the eye area is where signs of aging start showing? That’s a scary thought so I’ve been taking good care of it!

  44. Yeah, the eye cream sounds good. I also love thick ones :) I think that works better…hihi, no I also quite like it if skin looks a bit glowy.

  45. De oogcreme klinkt goed! Thanks for sharing! :)


  46. And hopefully the cream will also keep me from ever turning into a human sharpei dog :-) – love it:)

  47. Wat een leuke verpakkingen! En wat ben je positief :) X

  48. Wow, bee venom. All right you convinced me. I will give it a shot.

  49. I’ve still yet to try a product with venom! Interesting – I haven’t heard of something with bee venom! I have seen lip balms with venom to bring out the natural blushes though – but my lips already look puffy enough as it is, ha!

  50. This looks great, I love the name of it too!

    Corinne x

  51. ooeh kende ik nog niet!! moet misschien maar even testen

  52. Klinkt heel goed zeg! :)

  53. Ik kende deze producten nog niet.. ziet er goed uit!

  54. Wat een vrolijk omhusel!

  55. ik was al helemaal benieuwd naar de bee producten na je vorige blogpost erover, maar nu nog meer!!

  56. Good review dear.. Sounds great… Will definitely try this :-)

  57. lijkt mij fijn spul!

  58. Kende het nog niet, goede review :)

  59. the super serum looks amazing!

  60. Gezellige potjes…nog nooit van dit merk gehoord..serums vind ik altijd wel fijn..
    Bedankt voor je reactie..

    New blogpost: shoplog

  61. I’ve never tried anything with bee venom. The eye cream sounds nice I’m glad to hear it treats not just covers up wrinkles ect. Not gonna lie though it scares me a bit!

  62. i have not tried anything with bee venom but ive heard alot about it!

  63. Who knew bee vemon would make such great skin care! Greta review!


  64. Goede review! Klinkt goed :D

  65. Wat een fijne review! Ik heb nog nooit producten met venom geprobeerd, maar ‘t klinkt heel goed :)

  66. I had also a Bee Venom “Müsterli” in a Magazine. But it was too less to really test it. But in general I love the textures. And they smell sooooo fine!

  67. great post!

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  68. I haven’t tried any of these products but they sound very interesting!

  69. I like the fact that it is not greasy. The name of it is interesting, but I love the packaging!

  70. also I love the fun name of this product

  71. Ziet er goed uit! Benieuwd!


  72. klinkt super goed, ik wil het ook proberen maar heel jammer dat het niet verkrijgbaar is in Nederland

  73. I really like the name and the packaging. I believe in serums as well. I think they are essential to have if you want to have beautiful radiant youthful skin. We need to replenish our skin everyday and creams, serums and moisturizers are the secret. Thanks for the review. :)

  74. I have used Made from Earth’s Vitamin Firming Serum for several years and continue to use it after trying other products occasionally because it works. My husband noticed it right away and that is something I did not expect. It has a pleasant fragrance and is very gentle on the eye area. This is one product I continue to use

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