Make-up look | Smokey eyes and pale pink lips

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Last Thursday my boyfriend and I were invited to an Iranian dinner party. It was quite the experience, because I had no clue what was in most of the dishes I tried. All the flavors and combinations were completely new to me. It was definitely a culinary adventure. And also a killer party, because there were plenty of cocktails, great food and a fantastic atmosphere. Let’s check out the make-up look I wore for the night!

Make-up look (Smokey eyes & pale pink lips) (2)

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- Too Faced Primed & Poreless Skin Smoothing Face Primer
- Smashbox Healthy Fix HD Foundation in Medium (review)
- Smashbox Halo Longwear Blush in Warm Glow (review)
- Catrice Prime & Fine powder


- Contapharm eye pencil in Noir
- Revlon Sea Mist ColorStay eyeshadow quad (review)
- Maybelline Volum’ Express The Falsies Feather-Look Mascara
- e.l.f. Eyebrow Kit in Dark (tutorial)


-  Revlon ColorBurst Lipbutter in Pink Lemonade (review)


- Dior Golden Jungle, the khaki shade from the duo (nail art)

Make-up look (Smokey eyes & pale pink lips) (1)

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Do you like the look? Have you ever tried Iranian food?

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143 thoughts on “Make-up look | Smokey eyes and pale pink lips

  1. You’re makeup is so beautiful in this post and I have never eaten Iranian food but I’d definitely like to one day. I love how you did a smoky eye with that lip color. Gorgeous!

  2. My friend’s father’s from Iraq and he taught her how to cook the traditional dishes and she made dinner for us a couple of times – that food is insanely tasty! I’m definitely a fan of exotic cuisine. And of this look, the smokey eye looks really hot on you! And that Dior nail polish is PERFECT.

      • Hi, gorgeous! To answer to your comment: So far no heel has broken off.:) I wouldn’t buy cheap hiking shoes on eBay because you can actually get hurt that way, but for shoes you wear occasionally and their only function is to look good, I wouldn’t worry.:) Half of the shoes have lasted many nights in various clubs, so I can say I’ve tested them out.:)

  3. I love smokey eye looks!
    Yes I have tried Iranian food. In a previous job I had to go to Iran for a few days, it was such an intense experience. And I loved the food. I found to be like many middle east countries, but with an elegant difference, like as if it were perfectly spiced and, well, just perfect.

  4. Mmm… not that I remember – I think I’ve never tried Iranian food! You look always amazing! Beautiful and classy! I loved the combination, this nuance of eye shadow and the pale lips! I guess I will try for an important event next week!

  5. You really have the perfect structure to wear quite a bit of makeup without looking like it’s quite a bit of makeup! If I ever try to do this to my eyes I’ll just look grungy in a bad way! <3

    I have tried Iranian food and LOVE it! All the spices and so on. Now come to think of it I have to go to the Iranian bistro in Brussels again!

    • I think that without a lot of make-up my face just looks plain and boring. I guess I don’t have a naturally interesting face, lol :-) And there’s an Iranian bistro in Brussels? Cool, I gotta remember that for next time in the country!

  6. Looking great, a classic smoky dark eye & light lip look, with a nice twist of pink lippy. Love the nails, and so glad to see the E.L.F. brow kit in action– I’d been thinking about getting one, but unsure if it was worth it, and obviously, yes is the answer.

    I dated a guy from Iran that was going to university here in Buffalo, NY, and once he cooked me a fabulous vegetarian lunch– some of the best food I’d ever eaten. He always wore Aramis, I remember, but a little too much of it.

  7. Ahhh I love this look! I am all about dark eyes and paler lips. I like going just one or the other – not too dark lips AND eyes – could even do dark lips and light eyes, but this is just perfect. I also love how your nails go with your make up too! :D

  8. Oh hey, my name is Melissa en ik draag smokey eyes als een baas! Goddamn, hij moest in Nederlands en Engels anders rijmde het niet. :’) Althans, dan klonk het beter. Gurl, you look fab! Oh cocktails? .. I LIKE! Schitterende look, daar kan het in ieder geval niet aan hebben gelegen. ^^ Altijd fijn als je een gezellige tijd hebt gehad!

  9. You look beautiful!! You are so skilled with makeup! I am Iranian so I have grown up with the food. So good! The parties are also the best. :)

  10. I love that gray smokey eye! I rarely do smokey eyes because…I don’t know, actually. I’m lazy! LOL. And I have no where to go with all that drama.

    I also love trying new cuisine, so that sounds awesome!

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