Review: e.l.f. SPF 45 Sunscreen powder | Use make-up to protect your skin from the sun

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She took her damn time, but it looks like summer is finally here! And now that our BFF the sun is back, it’s only normal that we want to enjoy her company as much as we can. But unfortunately our best friend is also a bit of a backstabbing bitch… Because no matter how good it feels to sit/walk/lie/play/do whatever in the sun, the effect of the sun’s rays on our skin is incredibly damaging and irreversible. Ah, but that’s why we use sunscreen lotion! True, but for me (and probably for many other ladies out there) that is easier said than done. You need to reapply sunscreen lotion every few hours, and that is not so easy when you’re wearing make-up. Ever tried putting sunscreen lotion on a face full of make-up? You can say bye bye to your concealer and foundation, your blush will be sitting somewhere on your chin, and god knows where your eyeshadow will end up. So obviously constantly reapplying sunscreen lotion is not always an option. But leaving your skin unprotected isn’t either of course. Big dilemma. Fortunately the SPF 45 Sunscreen powder from e.l.f.’s Studio line can help solve that dilemma.

Review (e.l.f. SPF powder) (6)

Review (e.l.f. SPF powder) (5)

Tell me more!

Thee.l.f. SPF 45 Sunscreen powder is a loose light beige powder that contains SPF 45 and protects the skin against the sun’s harmful UVA and UVB rays. You can use the powder over your foundation in the morning to set your make-up, but you can also use it to mattify your skin throughout the day. That’s great, especially during the hot sweaty summer months. And because the powder contains SPF 45, you can also use it to protect your skin from the sun.

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So I can skip the sunscreen lotion and just use the powder instead then?

Well, sunscreen lotion will always be more efficient. You use a lot more of it and you really put a protective film over your skin with sunscreen lotion. You would never apply that much powder, and that lowers its efficiency a bit. But every little bit helps of course. What I personally do is I apply sunscreen lotion before I put on my moisturizer in the morning, and then after I put on my foundation I set my make-up with the e.l.f. SPF 45 Sunscreen powder. And I reapply it once or twice during the day. My skin is oily so I need to reapply powder anyway to keep my skin matte. And when for example I spend a whole afternoon drinking cocktails in the sun, I regularly put on an extra layer of powder.

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Pffff, such a hassle…

No, it really isn’t. You just shake the jar, run the powder puff over your face, and you’re done. It takes less than a minute, and you’ll be more protected against the sun again. It really takes very little effort.

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Doesn’t your face look horribly cakey after so many reapplications?

The powder is lightweight and very fine, and it looks invisible on the skin. People with dry skin might have to be a bit more careful with it, but for people with combination or oily skin this powder is perfect. After a few hours the sebum in your skin will have absorbed all or most of the powder you initially applied, so when you reapply the powder it will look anything but cakey. The powder has an invisible naturally matte finish and keeps your skin looking nice and fresh.

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Click to enlarge | Ready for summer with e.l.f.’s SPF 45 Sunscreen powder!


Using sunscreen lotion is still the best way to protect yourself from the sun, but the e.l.f. SPF 45 Sunscreen powder can definitely increase your sun protection and can help keep your skin healthy and wrinkle-free. The powder also works great as a setting and mattifying powder, so it’s the perfect all-in-one powder. As far as I am concerned, the e.l.f. SPF 45 Sunscreen powder is a real must-have for summer.

The e.l.f. SPF 45 Sunscreen powder is available in the e.l.f. web shop for 6,80 euros.

Is a face powder with SPF something you’d use? How do you protect your skin from the sun?

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134 thoughts on “Review: e.l.f. SPF 45 Sunscreen powder | Use make-up to protect your skin from the sun

  1. Ik heb nog nooit gehoord (jaja, beauty-virgin) van een poeder die je tegen de zon kon beschermen! Moet ik zeker eens uittesten. Hele fijne review!

  2. Leuk product voor de zomer! Ik gebruik op zomerse dagen ook altijd een ‘gewone’ zonnecrème als basis, maar ik zou zeker overwegen om ook voor dit poeder te gaan. Zeker voor die prijs. Btw, super die oorbellen van jou! :-)

  3. Oh this looks like such a nice product. *fingers crossed* again in hopes that it will be available here soon. I would love a powder for a little extra during the day but I would rather use a compact version but since this one is so affordable, I would definitely give it a try. :)

  4. dit zou echt perfect voor mij zijn,…
    Ik haat die vette zooi op mijn gezicht, en loop na een paar dagen al met vellen op mijn neus.
    Als mijn make up maar goed zit (oeiii klinkt wel heel erg) ik ga eens kijken of ze zo snel verzenden dat ik het nog op tijd in huis kan hebben voor mijn vakantie

  5. Deze lijkt me erg handig om in huis te hebben! Maar helaas heb ik nogal een droge huid waardoor poeder snel gaat opvallen en velletjes gaat accentueren … Ik zou meer hebben aan een spray met spf denk…

  6. I loved your pictures, you look really beautiful! I never heard of sunscreen powder before! So, thanks for that! If you say it doesnt look cakey, even better. My fear was that. I come to your blog and leave it with a list of products to buy when I get back
    home :)

  7. Hahaha – a “backstabbing bitch” – that made me laugh :D. And what a great product, thanks for introducing it, I’ll definitely give it a try. We have to be very cautious in the sun.
    Have a great day :)!


  8. This is the first blog post I read of yours but I like the way you wrote this review a LOT! :) I think I’ll follow you :) I’m from Italy! Me and my sister have a blog together… we have started to translate the posts in english so if you want you can take a look :) We’ll soon have all the posts in both italian and english :) I love sharing things internationally haha :)

  9. I didnt know about this product, your review is very interesting and made me curious to try it out!:) Use powders in summer, it inspires me!:) You look beautiful, yellow suits you!:) Kisses! xo

  10. We had quite the heatwave in Germany last week and I couldn’t be bothered to wear foundation.
    This sounds like an excellent way to make more of your sunscreen and give your skin a bit of coverage and to mattify. Expecially on those super hot days.

  11. Ziet er goed uit en ook we heel handig om het zo in poedervorm te hebben.
    De prijs vind ik ook erg fijn, dus misschien toch binnenkort eens aanschaffen.

  12. You look stunning! Wow, dat is trouwens vet handig, gewoon een gezichtspoeder met SPF, ideaal! Even bijpoederen en je bent weer beschermd. Tussendoor smeren is inderdaad rot, ik snapte ook nooit hoe men dat deed met make-up, maar this.. incredible! :)

  13. Oh hey, this is actually a genius idea! Reapplying sunscreen is indeed not always an option. I do own some powders with an SPF, but nothing as high as 45!

  14. wow this sounds so cool. I tried their hd powder and wasnt so crazy about it. but love the idea of this one and will def. have to try it xx. gigi. food and beauty blogger

  15. It was super funny :) i could choose a pair of shoes from nelly, and i couldnt decide because all pairs were so pretty :o

    You look as pretty as always ;)

  16. Ah interessant om te weten dat dit bestaat, is inderdaad handig voor zonnige landen en als je make-up op hebt.

    Deze “zomer” heb ik nog niet veel last gehad van de zon haha…
    tregent dat het giet hier, precies herfst.

    Leuke review!

  17. I can’t believe they make this stuff!! This is just genius. I usually don’t like using sunscreen on my face, because it makes my skin so oily and it always breaks out, but I doubt that I’ll have that problem with this product! Your skin looks really good with the powder, babe. And I like your eye make-up too.;)

  18. Awesome! I didn’t know ELF made sunscreen powder! I’ll definitely have to check it out! I like to always try to wear sunscreen on my face but this would be a lot easier and less greasy than regular sunscreen! Plus I like that you can reapply during the day.

  19. Hey, interesting that spf 45 powder. I think it is nice to use during the day to refresh the protection & make-up. I actually take a make-up with spf 50 from Avène, which is very good when I am more than two hours in the full sun and when it is hot outside.

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