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Around mid-August Dr. Hauschka is temporarily adding five new limited-edition Lipstick Novum lipsticks to its existing make-up range, and I had the pleasure of testing three of them. Tasting wine stresses me out (how do you properly do that without looking like an idiot?!) but I love to try new make-up ahead of its launch. Melissa Van Roosbroeck, make-up guinea pig at your service! Let’s have a closer look together!

Preview (Dr. Hauschka Lipsticks Novum) (3)

The five new Lipstick Novum lipsticks are part of Dr. Hauschka’s limited-edition Play of Light collection that will be in stores around mid-August. I received three of the five new shades: n° 10 (Laid-Back Apricot), n° 11 (Astonishing Pink), and n° 13 (Sunkissed Nude). The names speak for themselves, really, but just to be clear: Laid-Back Apricot is a soft warm peachy shade, Astonishing Pink is a cold-toned bright pink, and Sunkissed Nude is a warm brownish shade. I don’t really have a favorite yet, but I do have a slight preference for the two warmer shades.

Preview (Dr. Hauschka Lipsticks Novum) (4)

from left to right: n°10 (Laid-Back Apricot) | n° 11(Astonishing Pink) | n° 13 (Sunkissed Nude)

Preview (Dr. Hauschka Lipsticks Novum) (6)

from left to right: n°10 (Laid-Back Apricot) | n° 11(Astonishing Pink) | n° 13 (Sunkissed Nude)

All shades are shimmery and shiny. I’m not a big fan of discoball lips, but the shimmer in the new Dr. Hauschka Lipstick Novum lipsticks is really fine and subtle and the effect is very soft and understated. It adds a bit of extra sparkle, but nothing too over the top. I like!

Preview (Dr. Hauschka Lipsticks Novum) (5)

from left to right: n°10 (Laid-Back Apricot) | n° 11(Astonishing Pink) | n° 13 (Sunkissed Nude)

The Lipstick Novum lipsticks are all slightly transparent. The color is present, but not in an overwhelming way, which is great for summer. And these lipsticks are also perfect for on the go. Their slight sheerness makes them very forgiving in their application, and you can easily touch them up without a mirror.

Preview (Dr. Hauschka Lipsticks Novum)

n° 10 (Laid-Back Apricot)

The Dr. Hauschka Lipstick Novum lipsticks are also insanely nourishing. I am really impressed with how pleasant they feel on my lips. I just can’t get over how amazing the formula is: so creamy, so moisturizing! It feels like I am wearing lip balm. Good move putting argan oil in these lipsticks, Dr. Hauschka!

Preview (Dr. Hauschka Lipsticks Novum) (1)

n° 11 (Astonishing Pink)

And the wear of the Dr. Hauschka Lipstick Novum lipsticks is very decent as well. They won’t completely survive a whole evening of barbecuing or a round of sex on the beach (the cocktail version or the physical version, your choice) but because touching up is such a piece of cake, I don’t mind. In normal circumstances the color stays put for a good few hours, and with a few touch ups during the day you’ll be fine.

Preview (Dr. Hauschka Lipsticks Novum) (2)

n° 13 (Sunkissed Nude)

I think it’s pretty obvious: this guinea pig is pretty enthusiastic about the new Lipstick Novum lipsticks. Permission to launch, Dr. Hauschka!

The Dr. Hauscka Lipstick Novum lipsticks will be available in five shades around mid-August and will cost approximately 26 CHF. The Play of Light collection is a limited-edition collection, so make sure to mark the date on your calendar!

What do you think of the new Play of Light Lipstick Novum lipsticks? Which of these three shades do you like best?

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103 thoughts on “Preview | Dr. Hauschka limited-edition Play of Light Lipstick Novum

  1. Goh, die lipsticks zien er mooi uit. My lips but better idee. De eerste twee vind ik het mooiste staan denk ik. Verder wil ik even zeggen dat jij werkelijk prachtige foto’s van je lippen maakt, geen idee hoe je dat zo mooi voor elkaar krijgt! En dat je echt enorm mooi witte tanden heb

  2. All colors look great on your lips (as they are quite luscious – too creepy sounding??) but if I HAVE to choose.. then i’ll go with number 10!

  3. Had ze niet zo sheer verwacht, geweldig. Erg mooi op je lippen met een gezonde glans! Er is niet veel verschil ertussen, dus vind ze allemaal top.

  4. that is awesome! lucky you for getting to try them out. love how they look on your lips like they are balmy my fav consistency. def. want to get my hands on there as well! xx. gigi.

  5. Wow, shimmery and shiny? Then it’s god for me :) I loved the colors! I never bought any Dr. H.’s products, but now I will look at them with other eyes, after your review! Thank you so much for your lovey words towards me… and sorry that I was a bit away, with only a few scheduled posts. I’m having some trouble in my new environment… soon I’ll be adapted!

  6. Wauw ik vind die apricot kleur erg mooi terwijl ik normaal helemaal niet ben van de oranje tinten. Ow en je huis + omgeving zien er prachtig uit!


  7. The pink one looks georgeous!! Haven’t tried Hauschka decorative cosmetics yet. PS. I finally bought 2 Revlon Lipbutters in UK and love them :-) Jules

  8. Ooh I have always been a fan of Dr. Hauschka products — I hadn’t seen these yet! They all look great on you; I’m having a hard time picking a favorite :)

  9. I love sun kissed nude shade! They are all pretty, not too shiny, natural effect. When I’m not wearing gloss this is my kind of lipstick. Love dear, hope you “recovered” from all the moving fatigues

  10. Do you look good in every shade you try or what?? Lucky you. It must be you have perfect-shaped lips and great skin. These all look so beautiful I couldn’t choose a favorite!

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