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Review | Pupa Cherry Pink Chrome Nail Polish & Bourjois 1980 Cobalt Blue Mini Nail Polish

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Today I have a nail polish spotlight ready for you guys, and because everything is better when it’s doubled* I am showing you not one but two nail polishes: one Pupa nail lacquer, and one Bourjois nail lacquer. Have a look!
* double chocolate milk shakes, double cheeseburgers, twin kittens, two for the price of one, double jackpots… you get the idea.

Pupa Chrome Nail Polish in Cherry Pink

From Pupa’s Chrome Nail Polish collection I got Cherry Pink, a metallic pink shade with a chrome effect. I don’t understand why Pupa decided to name this shade Cherry Pink, because there is absolutely nothing cherry about it. So just leave out the Cherry, because Cherry Pink is just plain pink.

Nail polish spotlight (Pupa & Bourjois) (1)

The Pupa Chrome Nail Polish in Cherry Pink has a lovely chrome finish that I like a lot. This is actually my first chrome nail polish and the reason for that is that I was convinced that chrome-effect nail polish was a nightmare to apply. A messy uneven finish with ugly brush strokes, that’s what I saw when I thought about chrome nail polish. But I was wrong, because the Pupa Chrome Nail Polish in Cherry Pink is a dream to apply. The brush feels great in my hand and is easy to use, and it allows for the nail polish to be applied in one fluent movement, for a perfectly even result.

Nail polish spotlight (Pupa & Bourjois) (5)

One coat is enough for perfect coverage, and the finish is nice and even, without brush strokes. And the chrome effect is lovely, especially when the sun hits the nail polish. I’m also pretty impressed with the wear. I didn’t get any tip wear until day four, and it wasn’t until day five that I got a few chips here and there. Definitely not bad considering how clumsy and uncareful I am with my nails. This nail polish definitely gets my (wild and uncareful) stamp of approval!

Nail polish spotlight (Pupa & Bourjois) (4)

The Pupa Chrome Nail Polish in Cherry Pink is available in the Pupa make-up section of the web shop. The chrome nail polishes are available in 10 shades and cost 6,50 euro.

Bourjois Mini Nail Polish in 1980 Cobalt Blue

A while ago Bourjois celebrated its 150-year anniversary with the launch of a limited-edition mini nail polish collection with colors that refer to important moments in the history of Bourjois. Today I am going back to the 80s with 1980 Cobalt Blue. Bourjois is obviously better than Pupa at naming their nail polishes, because 1980 Cobalt Blue really is a cobalt blue shade. It’s a light version of it, yes, but still cobalt blue. The color is bright and vibrant, and I find it perfect for summer. And the bright blue looks gorgeous against sun-kissed skin, so you’d better get in your bikini and start working on that tan!

Nail polish spotlight (Pupa & Bourjois) (2)

Bourjois’ 1980 Cobalt Blue is a mini nail polish and that’s both great and not so great. A tiny nail polish means a tiny price tag (yay!) and it also means that you can get many different colors to mix things up without going broke (double yay!). And the tiny round bottle is super cute and is fun to look at. But unfortunately a tiny bottle also means a teeny tiny brush, and I had a little trouble working with it. I couldn’t figure out how to hold it properly and I had to be really careful while applying the nail polish. I also find it annoying that the plastic wrapper that goes around the cap is attached to actual label around the bottle. This is my second Bourjois mini nail polish, and again I accidentally tore the label while trying to remove the plastic wrapper from the cap. Such a shame.

Nail polish spotlight (Pupa & Bourjois) (6)

But luckily the super fun color, the gorgeous glossy finish and the perfect coverage of 1980 Cobalt Blue make up for a lot. It only takes one coat to get perfect coverage, and the finish looks flawlessly even. And the wear is fine as well. I took the nail polish off after three days, but only because I wanted to put on a different color. I didn’t get any tip wear or chipping whatsoever. Not bad!

Nail polish spotlight (Pupa & Bourjois) (3)

1980 Cobalt Blue from Bourjois’ Mini Nail Polish collection is available in the Bourjois make-up section of the web shop and costs 2,99 euro. There are 15 shades to choose from.

Do you like my new Pupa en Bourjois nail polishes? Which of the two is your favorite?


  1. iliveformydreams

    July 12, 2013 at 8:59 am

    Oh wauw, die paarse kleur!

  2. Ik vind beide kleurtjes heel erg mooi, maar het Cobalt Blue lakje van Bourjois trekt mij net iets meer om zelf te dragen.

  3. ik vind ze allebei niet meteen iets voor mij, maar het zijn op zich wel leuke kleurtjes

  4. Really nice colour ♥

  5. Hm, deze lakjes zijn niet helemaal mijn ding. Ik denk dat het komt door de metallic finish waar ik niet zo van houd.
    Wel vind je nagels er erg mooi uit zien! :)

  6. Ik vind die van Bourjois heel erg mooi!

  7. Die paarse is heel mooi!

  8. Oh ik vind het lakje van Pupa echt wauw! Wat een mooie kleur en finish :-)

  9. Ik ben niet zo gek op metallic finishes, maar het kleurtje van Pupa vind ik wel heel tof! Ook die van Bourjois is leuk, maar jammer van de verpakking en het kwastje.

  10. Die paarse is iets voor mij!

  11. De blauwe is super mooi!

  12. Ik ben neit zo weg van die paarse. Maar die blauwe is wel erg mooi! XO

  13. Die blauwe is gaaf! echt heel mooi :D

  14. De paarse vind ik minder maar de blauwe staat je ontzettend, ontzettend mooi! Knap!

  15. Ils sont beaux tout les 2, mais j’ai une grosse préférence pour le Bourjois qui est vraiment fabuleux !

  16. Mooie lakjes! Ik vind voor nu de blauwe het mooiste.

  17. I love the cobalt blue! Its so pretty!

  18. Both shades look great! Kisses! xo

  19. Echt net 2 van mijn ik haat deze kleuren…
    Maar toch vind ik deze echt mooi, vooral die blauwe WOW

  20. Hele mooie kleurtjes!

  21. Ik vind het blauwe kleurtje leuk! En wat een mooie nagels heb je zeg!

  22. love the cherry pink color!

  23. Thanks for your kind words on my blog, they sweetened my day!
    Love the chrome polish!

    Have a great weekend,

  24. Wow, look at that cobalt blue! I like mini polishes. I have never ever finished one bottle of nail polish, so minis are just fine!

  25. Both the blue and purple look awesome! Really love that blue. So pretty on your nails.

  26. Both the shades are soo preety .. Lovely nail swatches dear :)

  27. Both the shades are soo pretty .. Lovelt Nail swatches Dear :)

  28. both of those polishes are absolutely stunning! really love the purple one. the finish is so interesting on them. xx. gigi.

  29. De mini polish heeft een super kleur, wel lastig met een mini-borsteltje. Drie dagen zonder chip maakt het dan weer goed.

  30. I love the cobalt blue… amazing color!!!!!
    Happy weekend hun!

  31. theprincessgown

    July 12, 2013 at 5:48 pm


  32. These are really pretty! I especially love the blue!

  33. This is a great blue!! Your nails are the perfect shape too..

    xo Ashley

  34. Ik vind het Cobalt Blue-lakje van Bourjois het mooist van de twee. Geen idee waarom maar ik heb het niet zo voor nagellak met een chrome-effect. Leuke post!

  35. Het blauwe lakje is mijn favoriet :)

  36. I don’t wear blue nail polish very often but that is such a pretty blue color! I love it <3

  37. Hello darling, I love especially the blue one!
    (Please don’t forget to follow me back via Bloglovin, if you haven’t already. Huge thanks!)

  38. Die pupa is heeeeeel mooi!

  39. i love the bourjois colour!

  40. Gave kleuren! Ik bedenk me net dat ik helemaal niet zo’n mooie blauw heb alleen maar van die half gare met lelijke dekking.. Misschien ga ik deze halen van Bourjois :D

  41. Die cobalt blue is loooovely. :D Ziet er zo creamy uit!

  42. Both are wonderful shades and look perfect on you! You have such lovely hands and nails Melissa!
    I think I would prefer the Pupa nailpolish over the bourjois, because I dislike the tiny brushes, and because it sounds like the Pupa would be so great for stamping and nail art!

  43. I really love Pupa, great products <3

  44. Both of them look amazing! <3

  45. Ohhh kobalt blauw is mooi!


  46. Oh those colors are amazing! I love the blue, it’s the perfect shade.


  47. I lOVE that blue! Totally perfect for summer, so bright and cheerful!

  48. Both shades look beautiful but I like the vibrant blue one better. It’s so cool. Too bad it has a small brush but you managed to apply it perfectly.

    xx Mira

  49. Doe mij maar de roze. Superleuk geschreven trouwens, fijn dat je zo makkelijk naar het Engels kan overgaan :-)

  50. Love the colour! And I love how you are reflected in the first photo :D

    Love, ina

  51. Wauw, de eerste kleur is echt prachtig :D
    Staat mooi!


  52. Die blauwe is mooi!

  53. I love the blue one :) <3

  54. Ze zijn stuk voor stuk mooi!

  55. I must admit that I don´t know this brand but they have great colours! I don´t like metallic nail polishes that much but this one looks pretty cool nevertheless and reminds me of the Essie Metallics! Also the blue looks so amazing for summer and reminds me of a Kiko nail polish I have ;)

  56. The cherry pink one is my favorite!

    I just realised that I wasn’t following you on bloglovin, just followed you now and liked your facebook as we tend to comment on each others blogs anyway =)

    Hope you have a great weekend!

    Corinne x

  57. Prachtige kleur die eerste!

  58. Dat paarse kleurtje is echt prachtig!

  59. Mooie kleurtjes beide!

  60. Ils sont beaux ses vernis , j’ai un coup de cœur pour le Pupa.Bizzzz

  61. Die Bourjois mini lakjes zijn echt tof hé!
    Die blauwe kleur staat je echt super!! <3

  62. Normaal zou ik de eerste kleur niet snel dragen/kiezen, maar ik vind hem echt wel wat hebben!

  63. Amazing colors! So great:)

  64. de blauwe vind ik superleuk!

  65. Oeh mooie kleurtjes!

  66. Mooie kleurtjes! Ook mooie nagels heb je :)

  67. Ooo that purple one is interesting it’s like a purple-pink… I like it! And that cobalt is super bright and pretty too.

  68. Oeeh, Cherry Pink is heel mooi!

  69. Je hebt echt mooie nagels! Cherry pink vind ik erg leuk :)

  70. Ik ben het met je eens over de finish van de Pupa lak, heel uniek ook om te zien. Cherry Pink, gorgeous name for a gorgeous gorgeous nailpolish!

  71. Cool..i really like the blue one!, Petty colour :)
    Regards tina

  72. you apply nail polishes so neatly ^^

  73. pretty colors! i love the last one! :)

  74. Prachtige kleuren! Die eerste vind ik wel tof!

  75. wow die van pupa is mooi

  76. I was born in 1980 – wonder if that’s why I always love blue polish?! These are both pretty, and surprisingly I really LOVE the pink one! I normally am not a huge fan of metallics (for the same reason you cited) but that is PRETTY!

  77. That blue has me smiling. I like it. A lot.

  78. Oh my! Die kablt kleur vind ik echt super!



  79. Wat een mooie kleur! Ben gek op paars.

  80. Love that blue! The pink is nice too – sometimes those kinds of polishes leave streaks but those both look great! ^^

  81. I like both colors! Especially the metallic look of the Pupa nail color!

  82. I love that blue!

    Verena from Who is Mocca?

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