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Dupe battle | MAC Lucky Green versus Gosh Golden Green

Klik hier voor de Nederlandse versie.

You know you’re a real beauty lover (or addict) when you’re reading a magazine or a beauty blog and all of a sudden go: ‘’Hey, this nail lacquer looks exactly like Chanel’s new Taboo!’’ or ‘’Nice blush, looks a lot like NARS’s Torrid blush’’. Happens to me all the time. And sometimes even when I’m going through my own make-up stash. Then you get something like: ‘’Damn, this MAC powder looks like two drops of water (or two grains of powder) like my super budget-friendly Catrice powder…’’. It happened again this week when I held my MAC Lucky Green eyeshadow next to my Gosh Golden Green eyeshadow mono. My dupe radar immediately went off. Time for a dupe battle!

Dupe battle (MAC Lucky Green vs Gosh Golden Green) (4)

Click to enlarge | MAC Lucky Green (bottom left)

Loyal followers might remember that Lucky Green is one of my favorite MAC eyeshadow colors. Lucky Green is a bright green shade with a tiny bit of shimmer in it. The color reminds me of that of young leaves in the spring, so pretty!

Dupe battle (MAC Lucky Green vs Gosh Golden Green) (3)

Click to enlarge | Gosh Golden Green

And this is Gosh Golden Green, a mono that I’ve had for at least two years now. Golden Green is just like Lucky Green a fresh light green shade with a very naturey feel to it. And yep, this one also has a teeny tiny bit of shimmer in it.

I think it’s pretty obvious: there’s not much difference between the two. At least as far as color goes, because the two price tags are definitely not the same. I paid 13 euro for MAC Lucky Green and around 7 euro for Gosh Golden Green at Kruidvat. That’s a considerable price difference, especially if you realize afterwards that both shades are practically twins.

Dupe battle (MAC Lucky Green vs Gosh Golden Green) (2)

Click to enlarge | MAC Lucky Green or Gosh Golden Green, which swatch is which?

Dupe battle (MAC Lucky Green vs Gosh Golden Green) (5)

Click to enlarge | MAC Lucky Green or Gosh Golden Green, which color is on which eye?

Let me help you: the left swatch and the left eye are Lucky Green, and the right swatch and right eye are Golden Green. But admit it, if I had told you the opposite you would have believed me as well, wouldn’t you? MAC Lucky Green does have more golden shimmer in it than Gosh Golden Green, but both colors are still almost the exact same kind of green. So am I an idiot for spending almost twice the amount of money on Lucky Green while Golden Green cost me less than 8 euro? As far as color goes, maybe (luh-ooh-zurrrr!) but the price difference can (luckily) be justified by the difference in quality. Gosh Golden Green performs fine, has decent pigmentation and stays put with a good primer underneath it. But MAC Lucky Green has a better color intensity (the color doesn’t need to be built much and looks a lot more intense) and stays perfectly put without fading or creasing, even without a primer.

Dupe battle (MAC Lucky Green vs Gosh Golden Green) (1)

Click to enlarge | Do you spot the difference?

Dupe battle (MAC Lucky Green vs Gosh Golden Green) (6)

Click to enlarge | Do you spot the difference?

So, dupe alert? Definitely. MAC Lucky Green and Gosh Golden Green look very much alike color-wise. But the quality and therefore also the price tag of Lucky Green are higher. I’m sure that everyone who has a soft spot for greens will love both Lucky Green and Golden Green, and if you just look at the color both are perfectly interchangeable!

And you? Do you have any dupes in your make-up stash?


  1. This green tone looks so amazing on you! I really don´t think I would pull of that colour, I would look like a greeny yellow monster I think. I have a few bronzey dupes and taupey dupes.

  2. its looking fab.. just luvd this green :)

  3. I have 3 palettes that have golden and browny shades in them. A few days ago I was with a friend and we took my 3 palettes and compared most of the colors.. they were all so similar, and some of them were perfect dupes! This is because I mostly have neutral shades in my eyeshadow collection. Only lately I have started wearing more colors but I feel like neutral looks better on me than anything else. I can’t tell the same about you, you look stunning with this eyeshadow color!

  4. Mooie kleur, grappig dat ze zo hetzelfde zijn..

  5. Wauw je ziet inderdaad bijna geen verschil! Een echte dupe :-) De kleur staat je mooi trouwens!

  6. Hi Melissa! I love how green makes your eyes stand out. You look gorgeous.
    I’m not a specialists, but I can’t see a difference between the colours!
    I think this is very helpful for people seeking for budget friendly products with an acceptable quality. Great review!

  7. You look fabulous!!! These shades perfectly fit to color of your eyes and hair!!!!

  8. It looks so exactly the same ! :)
    The green brings your eyes so good to expression.
    Really great post, I like reading about dupes :)

  9. Wow, absolutely gorgeous! Makes your eye color pop!

  10. Ze zijn beide heel erg mooi en het verschil is inderdaad heel erg weinig. Het enige is alleen dat Lucky Green net wat meer die gouden gloed heeft bij de swatch. Ik zou nu dan toch sneller voor de van Gosh gaan en dan vooral door het verschil in de prijs en op de ogen vind ik ze er precies hetzelfde uitzien.

  11. Wow, amazing how this shade makes your eye color pop!

  12. Wauw wat zie je er weet prachtig uit! Ik vind beide kleuren super mooi en tja voor de hleft van de prijs zou ik waarschijnlijk gaan voor gosh :)


  13. Staat je heel mooi groen! en nee, idd bijna geen verschil te zien :)

  14. you are so gorgeous babe! green eye shadow looks AMAZING on you!! your eyes really light up!

  15. that’s a beautiful green shadow!

  16. Wauw! Het geeft een hele frisse touch :)

  17. Dat is inderdaad een erg budgetvriendelijke dupe ! Staat je mooi trouwens.

  18. Wat een geweldige ontdekking zeg en zeker als je de kleur vaak gebruikt. Ik moet zeggen dat de look in combinatie met de kleur je ook echt ge-wel-dig staat! Ik vind die van Mac nét iets mooier door de gouden shimmers, maaar ach, het is bijna niet te zien, dus ik zou het lekker op Gosh houden!

  19. Wat een mooie kleur! Ik ben inderdaad ook zo iemand met een zwak voor groen. :-) Btw, beetje jaloers op die wenkbrauwen van jou :-D

    • Ik heb mijn wenkbrauwen lang echt gehaat. Ik heb een unibrow (ze loopt dus gewoon door in het midden) en de haartjes zijn dik en groeien enorm snel. Ik epileer ze elke dag bij. Best veel werk dus, maar als ik het goed bij hou, dan is de vorm wel goed.

  20. Wauw wat een mooie look,prachtig gewoon!

  21. I love this color and you look awsome :)

  22. Ik zie eigenlijk helemaal geen verschil! Groen staat je trouwens erg mooi :)

    xo Anouk

  23. Dat groene kleurtje staat je goed! XO

  24. Ze lijken inderdaad heel erg op elkaar!

  25. I love green color too, beautiful make up!!!

  26. Thank you for all your lovely comments :)

    Really great make-up. Green matches perfect with your eye color!


  27. They are really so close, if you didnt tell it, I didnt recognize either! But, since is more shimmery, I prefer Lucky Green maybe!:) Though the Golden Green is very nice too!:) Have a good day! xo

  28. ik zie écht geen verschil :p

  29. I wouldn’t say I was keen on the colour when I first saw it, but it looks amazing on you! I’ve got brown eyes, so maybe I should try!
    Mafalda ❤

  30. Hello darling, I do the same with fashion items :-) these shades are identical indeed!! I’d like to try this colour (I don’t experiment much usually) because it gives your eyes a unique intensity. You look fab!!!

  31. Really similar…. but, I prefere the lucky green!!!
    Beautiful shade on your eyes….perfect make-up!!!

  32. They are very alike but I like the MAC one a bit more. I guess it’s the shimmer :D

  33. Er staan mooie kleurtjes tussen!

  34. Wat staat de kleur groen toch mooi bij jouw ogen! Leuke look!

  35. They both look equally lovely on you, great post!!

  36. oh wow! they do look alike. especially on the eyes. hahaha great review.

  37. Love this! I absolutely love that eye look as well :)

  38. beautybyhappiness

    July 16, 2013 at 5:20 pm

    Qua kleur ziet het er echt helemaal hetzelfde uit als het aangebracht is op je oogleden, super:)
    by the way, ik vind je haar er prachtig uitzien!

  39. Prachtige look! x

  40. Mme Sophistique

    July 16, 2013 at 5:39 pm

    ik zie echt geen verschil! looking lovely, as always btw :)

  41. I LOVE your eye makeup in your pictures!! Greens really look good on you!

  42. Green looks amazing on you! They do look very similar!

  43. Staat héél mooi bij je ogen! En ‘t zijn inderdaad stevige lookalikes hahaha.

  44. This green is beautiful!! I love it! and with brown eyes it’s a perfect combination! It looks great on you! kisses

  45. Ik zie niet veel verschil! Mooie ooglook heb je er mee gemaakt! Staat je goed! :) Gelukkig heb ik geen oogschaduws die heel veel op elkaar lijken.

  46. De momenten wanneer je een deja vu hebt over make-up, check. Prachtige groene kleuren. Gosh zou ik verkiezen boven Mac afgaande op de prijs, maar die gouden glans in Lucky green is wel erg mooi. Hele knappe look!!

  47. I love green eyeshadow on other people but I’m too shy to do it myself! Maybe I could rock a deep green eyeliner haha that would be the extent of it. I love this look on you though!

  48. yep, green really looks great on you. and it really does go really well with brown eyes, maybe i should try that sometime, never had the guts to do it up until now… cool, i think i’ll have to go to a MAC place soon-ish :)

  49. HELLO,
    Thanks for visting my blog.
    Your visits make my days sweeter.

  50. Holy cow! I can’t tell the difference at all when it’s on you eyes. Awesome dupe find! And that color looks beautiful on you :)

  51. Je ziet echt géén verschil op je ogen!
    Ik heb een wenkbrauwpotlood van MAC dat exact hetzelfde is dan een potlood van Catrice, en dat van Catrice gebruik ik zelfs liever :)

  52. Great green color, the makeup looks amazing!! I can’t believe they look so similar and at such different prices! I love GOSH makeup!


  53. Wauw heel erg mooi!
    Veel liefs, Maruschka

  54. Wauw, wat een mooie kleur! En wat grappig dat je een dupe hebt. Ik heb zelf ook weleens dat ik een dupe tegenkom in mijn stash

  55. Wow ik zie gewoon amper verschil! Hele mooie kleur is het.

  56. Gosh has a nice cute green!.
    Lovely makeup!

  57. wow, you are so talented!! amazing make up :)

  58. Joli dupe, je ne vois pas la différence ! MAC Lucky Green versus Gosh Golden Green = ex æquo !

  59. Thanks for your lovely words on my last post!
    The green eyeshadow is sooo pretty on you!

    Have a great day,

  60. Die lijken echt op elkaar!

  61. It is hard to tell and they are a very close match. You look pretty in that color. :)

    Heel in Mint

  62. The two colours are very similar, I really like that kind of green!

  63. I loved this! I definitely get excited when I find a dupe for some reason! Shouldn’t we get depressed instead that we’ve bought 2 similar items? Women are awesome, lol! I love the green shadows on you.

  64. It’s cool your green eye shadow!

  65. Wow crap, it’s almost the same! Die van MAC vind ik net iets groener, net iets intenser en net wat mooier, maar als ik naar de prijs kijk.. GOSH! xD Love de look ook. :) Gorgeous.

  66. Woaaaa die smokey eye staat mooooi bij je!! Nice blending too. En die kleuren zijn gewoon basically the same! Nice!!

  67. Aiya, it’s totally a perfect dupe in terms of looks! I find that there’s always a slight different in application/wear/intensity, but just someone who is passing by, they won’t be able to tell. ;)

  68. These are definitely dupes… but WOW the most impressive part of this post is the look you created.. the green is stunning on you!

  69. Beide heel mooi! Staat je ook echt wel goed!


  70. I’m all about saving money when I can, so I definitely have some dupes! I love the green eyeshadow on you!

  71. Prachtige make up meis! Je ogen springen er echt uit!


  72. This is really the perfect Mac dupe. I can’t see any difference and this green looks fabulous.
    Yes I have a few Mac dupes too. Some eyeshadows from Catrice are almost the same as the ones from Mac. I forgot the names.

    xx Mira

  73. Wow, I love how thorough your articles are! I don’t believe I have any dupes in my stash, obviously all 127 colors are distinctly different shades ;)

  74. Woow, wat een goede dupe! Groen past trouwens perfect bij je ogen!

  75. lovely…….love all colors on u :)

  76. The green eyeshadow looks gorgeous on you!


  77. Wat een mooi kleur! En inderdaad, bijna geen verschil!

  78. Mooi kleurtje en look!

  79. nathaliecolormepretty

    July 17, 2013 at 2:54 pm

    Wow, that shade makes your eye color pop!

  80. Amazing shade of green, it emphasizes your eyes beautifully!

    Have a great week,
    Mary x

  81. oh i am bad with finding dupes ^^ these look very similar and i can see why lucky green is your favorite color. looks good on you :)

  82. Le résultat est superbe, ça te va à merveille.Bizzzzzz

  83. zelfzou ik groen toch eerder overslaan maar, deze kleur is echt prachtig!
    en de kleur staat in combinatie met jouw ogen en haar echt super!
    een geslaagde battle!
    XOXO esmee

  84. I have Lucky Green but it doesn’t suit me very well… looks amazing on you though! Definitely brings out your eyes!


  85. I’ve actually never seen this green before, and I am glad you put it on because if you didn’t, I would of guessed it was an ugly color. It looks very pretty on and I like the color now.


  86. wow, Melissa. Great post. I must go have a look at all my colors now.. haha! I can see the difference when you have the swatches on your hand, but I seriously can’t when it’s on your eyes :O at least not on the photos! Both are great colors though.. and I love the shimmer that MAC has (on your hand/arm)… and green really brings out your eyes!

  87. omg wow the green color makes your brown eyes pop! love these shadows both. thanks for sharing the look! xx gigi.

  88. Dat is echt wel een heel klein verschil, ik zie het zelfs niet…

    Oh en bedankt voor het berichtje op mijn blog!

  89. Wow, echt een prachtige kleur!

  90. Nice greens!

    I do have doubles and triples– I go through phases where I’m terribly attracted to a shade and find myself wanting every tiny variation.

  91. Love it! That’s a gorgeous picture :) Your eyes pop out so much! Green is one of my favourite colours to wear but I’m not sure how that looks makeup wise on me :( I may have to check it out!! I think the most makeup dupes I have are lipsticks that are bright pink..can’t resist them..

  92. keytothefuture

    July 17, 2013 at 7:09 pm

    Deze kleur oogschaduw zou mij echt verschrikkelijk staan maar bij jou staat het echt prachtig!

  93. You look stunning in green eyeshadow and I’m not convinced everyone can pull it off! Well done, chicka :)

    xo Ashley

  94. Thanks for the comment on my blog. I think this makeup look is great, you look amazing!
    Laura. xx

  95. Wat staan dit soort kleuren jou prachtig. Echt heel mooi! En idd, nauwelijks verschil :)

  96. Great dupe, green eyeshadow looks quite pretty on you :)

  97. They look exactly the same ^_^ nice dupe! & you’re so pretty! x

  98. So gorgeous!

  99. Oh my! Staat erg mooi met de kleur van je ogen!


  100. I have a lot of dupes :D and amazing you don’t recognize the different – it looks the same.

  101. I love dupes! This is a great review! Interesting colour by the way. I’ve never put on green in my face :D

    Thanks for stopping by my blog =)

  102. Ik vind dat deze oogschaduw je ogen heel erg laat spreken .

  103. Great! I can´t tell the differnce once applied!! Nice job!

  104. Wow! Those colors are literally the same! I could not tell the difference until after you made that note about the gold. Then I could see a tiny bit of difference if I stared long enough hehe!

  105. You are such an engaging writer! I love your blog. And what a great post! I wasn’t able to tell the difference on your eyes!

  106. Qua kleur lijken ze veel op elkaar, al vind ik de MAC oogschaduw toch mooier.. ik heb nu eenmaal een zwak voor shimmery oogschaduws ;-) groen staat je wel gorgeous trouwens!

  107. You really can’t hardly tell a difference! Definitely a dupe!

  108. Je trouve que le vert ca te va trop bien!!!Et puis tes très belle avec tes bouclettes!!!!! :)

  109. wow dit is een prachtig kleurtje, echt iets voor mij. Op je arm(?) swatch zie je wel verschil maar in de look verwerkt helemaal niet meer. Prachtige look btw, heel mooi. Ik wil lucky green nu ook hebben

  110. Heel mooie kleur! Staat je echt goed.

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