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Review | Kérastase Couture Styling

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I hate that Mother Nature didn’t bless me with a full head of thick hair. I get green with envy when I see women with gorgeous voluminous hair that shines, falls perfectly and allows them to create any hair style imaginable. Oh the things I’d do for hair à la Hilary Duff (bitch!*) or Selena Gomez (skank!*)…

Review (Kerastase Couture Styling) (12)

Review (Kerastase Couture Styling) (13)

Luckily there are plenty of styling products out there that allow us girls who aren’t naturally coiffed to perfection to create nice hair styles as well. I’m always up for trying new products, so you can imagine how thrilled I was when I got to test the new Kérastase Couture Styling line. I swear, my hair almost poofed up all on its own, I was that excited! The Kérastase Couture Styling line consists of eight products: five products to style towel-dried hair, and three products to add the finishing touch to dry hair. I tested all eight products, and oh boy, I can’t wait to show you guys the result!
* this is just the jealousy talking, <3 Hilary and Selena

Kérastase Couture Styling: the concept

Review (Kerastase Couture Styling) (14)

The new Kérastase Couture Styling products contain micropolymers (which literally translates from Greek into ‘many microscopic parts’) and this has many advantages. The micropolymers adjust to each individual hair strand, are invisible and provide long-lasting hold without making the hair feel sticky or crunchy. Result? Hair with perfect hold that still feels soft and flexible and that keeps its natural bounce. The micropolymers also coat the hair to protect it against harmful influences, making it look and feel thicker in the process. And there’s more, because the Couture Styling products also contain xylose that protects the hair against the heat from styling tools, an anti-frizz agent that keeps the hair smooth and keeps your styling locked in place, and nourishing and protective ingredients such as vitamin E and UV filters. Talk about a setting the bar high! But does Kérastase really live up to all the expectations? My hair almost spontaneously turned into a Beyoncé-worthy afro a second time, because yes, Kérastase really keeps all its promises with these new products!

Kérastase Couture Styling: the products

Review (Kerastase Couture Styling) (1)

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1. Kérastase mousse bouffante. According to Kérastase this heat-protecting mousse gives luxurious volume with strong hold. What really struck me is how lovely the mousse smells and how invisible (to the eye and to the touch!) it is. So no crunchy hair that looks stiff and glued together, but just incredibly soft locks that feel thicker and look great. Nice! I know this mousse is meant to add lots of volume, but I personally like using it for when want my hair to fall naturally straight but just with that little bit of extra oomph. A my-hair-but-better effect, does that exist? If not, then I say that from now on it does!

Retail price: 32 CHF

2. Kérastase spray à porter. This thermo-protecting spray, says Kérastase, creates a tousled styling effect. I personally like to call it a sexy beach hair effect. My hair naturally falls flat and straight down, but when I let it air dry with this spray à porter in it, all of a sudden it gets a little wavy. It really shocked me, because I didn’t believe that that was even possible! Love it!

Retail price: 37 CHF

3. Kérastase forme fatale. This heat-protecting brushing gel promises to keep your hairdo locked in place for hours. I am personally not a big fan of gel textures and therefore this is my least favorite product of the bunch. But that this brushing gel gives long-lasting hold is definitely true.

Retail price: 37 CHF

4. Kérastase lift vertige. Again a gel, but this time for the hair roots. In other words a root lifter. You just massage a bit of the gel into your roots, bust out the hairdryer, and bam, instant volume! Again I am not too crazy about the gel texture of it, mainly because my hair gets greasy pretty fast, but if you have dry or normal hair then you will definitely love the gravity-defying powers of this lift vertige gel.

Retail price: 37 CHF

5. Kérastase boucles d’art. This mousse, called an aqua-mousse by Kérastase, promises to give beautiful glossy curls.  I’m sure this mousse works great for people whose hair is already slightly (or very) curly, but I personally didn’t get much out of this mousse with my super straight locks. So does that mean that I don’t like the mousse? Not at all, it just means I need to do a little more than just air or blow dry my hair with this product in it. I tried braiding my hair with the boucles d’art mousse in it and then let it dry, and I was quite pleased with the result. Usually when I curl my hair the curls disappear after a few hours, but this time I was able to flaunt my romantic waves until my next wash. Not bad!

Retail price: 37 CHF

Review (Kerastase Couture Styling) (2)

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6. Kérastase laque couture. This fixing spray doesn’t need a lot of explanation. It’s a medium hold hair spray that keeps everything locked in place and provides long-lasting hold. It’s a good hair spray, nothing more to it.

Retail price: 32 CHF

7. Kérastase touche finale. In this gorgeous little bottle is an anti-frizz serum that tames frizz and smooths fly-aways. You just divide one or two pumps of this serum over your hair, and tadaaa, smooth shiny hair! I like using this serum to keep fly-aways from, well, flying away when I’m wearing a tight pony tail, or to smooth my hair before making a braid.

Retail price: 37 CHF

8. Kérastase gloss appeal. According to Kérastase this instant shine top coat gives dull hair instant shine and makes it look healthy. Sounds good and the gloss effect really is nice, but I don’t think I will be using this pray very often. My hair gets greasy fast, so I am naturally wary of adding more shine to my hair. But if you have dry or normal hair that lacks shine, then I am sure you will appreciate this bottled shine boost!

Retail price: 34 CHF

You can buy the Kérastase Couture Styling products at your local Kérastase hair salon.

Kérastase Couture Styling: my creations

Review (Kerastase Couture Styling) (3)

Review (Kerastase Couture Styling) (7)

Review (Kerastase Couture Styling) (5)

Review (Kerastase Couture Styling) (10)

Review (Kerastase Couture Styling) (6)

Review (Kerastase Couture Styling) (9)

Review (Kerastase Couture Styling) (4)

Review (Kerastase Couture Styling) (8)

I created four hair styles with my four favorite products from the Kérastase Couture Styling line: a sleek blow-out, mermaid-like curls, loose beachy waves, and a tight mid ponytail. For the blow-out I used the mousse bouffante, for my mermaid curls I used the boucles d’art mousse, my beach look was achieved with the spray à porter, and I used the touche finale serum to keep my tight ponytail smooth and fly-away free. Trust me when I say it’s nearly impossible to give my super straight hair any texture or curl, and if I miraculously manage to do it the volume or curl usually disappears after a few hours. But with the Kérastase Couture Styling products I can add curl, wave, volume and hold to my stubborn straight locks, and make the effect last. Happy dance! I think it’s pretty obvious: these products are keepers!

What do you think of the new Kérastase Couture Styling line? See anything you like?


  1. Mme Sophistique

    July 24, 2013 at 8:24 am

    die voorlaatste hairdo, love it! heel mooi zo wat wilder. Kerastase is echt mijn favo haarmerk

  2. Die losse krullen staan je mooi ! Kerastase heeft echt hele fijne producten. Ik ben wel benieuwd naar deze nieuwe lijn.

  3. Ja de voorlaatste vind ik ook zo tof!! Ik wil snel nog eens wat van dit merk proberen!

  4. Ik ben al zoo lang benieuwd naar Kerastase! Maar ik moet eerst maar mijn collectie L’oreal professionnell opmaken ;)

  5. Omg *-* I want 7 !!!
    The bottels look so pretty and it sounds so good, you hair looks amazing and beautiful.
    A really great posts, i like posts about hairstuff very much :) <3

  6. I am the same regarding those with thick hair, so jealous!! Thin hair is my main issue by far appearance wise so this post is very helpful.

  7. I have very fine straight hair and I hate that I cant get much volume :( These products look amazing but they are also quite expensive :( Im using a Kerastase shampoo but I cant say my hair improved since I started using it.. I still havent found the perfect shampoo :(

  8. You have beautiful hair …. Loved the post !

  9. ‘there are plenty of styling products out there ‘ – hence Hilary Duff & Selena being able to rock their hair the way they do ;)
    Don’t get crazy over it – your hair is gorgeous, sweetie!
    But I have to agree with you – Kérastase does rock wonders! :D

  10. That spray a porter gave your hair some gorgeous body , from what I see in the picture , trust me I struggle to get my hair looking full of body . Thank you for telling us about these products . Hope you having an awesome week so far .

  11. Tes jolie avec tes boucles!!J’adore!!

  12. Me encanta kerastase!!!!


  13. omgosh!!! your hair looks GORGEOUS! I especially love it wavy so pretty!! gorgeous beachy wavy hair!

  14. Hebben, hebben, HEBBEN! :-D Als ik nu nog 4 jaar geduld heb tot mijn haar gegroeid is.. :-(

  15. Fantastic products :)

  16. i like your hair too, no need to be jealous on those two!! believe me my hair is much worse! hahaha! :P

  17. Kérastase is zo’n fijn merk hé! En wat heb je mooi haar zeg! :)

  18. Ik vind de shampoo al geweldig, met de styling ben ik niet echt bekend… maar ziet er goed uit :-)

  19. Wow lijken me erg goede producten!

  20. I really like and recomend kerastase products! our hair is a very important part of us!

  21. Selena is altijd heel mooi opgemaakt; Leuke post!

  22. Wauw! Het beachy kapsel vind ik het mooist!

  23. geweldig!! ik vind kerastase echt super fijn altijd

  24. I love the whole line! Seriously, you have not a lion king head but you can’t really complain. It might be thanks to the styling, but you hair looks great to me sweetie!! Anyway I need some good styling products and a flattening/curling iron, as well as a decent blow-dryer. Anything you would suggest?

    • Aw, thank you, that really boosts my confidence! My flattening iron (which can also be used as a curling iron) and hair dryer are both from Babyliss. Affordable but both great in quality and performance.

  25. I have your same trouble, my hair looks so thin! I am curious to try these products, they must be really good! Love your hairstyles!

  26. Super artikel, heel uitgebreid. De Kérastase spray à porter zou ik echt wel eens willen proberen, geweldig resultaat! Anderzijds denk ik wel dat mijn Chinese genen het effect zouden tegenwerken.

  27. C’est vrai que Kerastase sont de bons produits !

  28. your hair looks great in all the pictures. I like – Kérastase spray à porter

  29. J’adore cette marque , j’aime beaucoup le rendu final que tu nous montrés.Bizzzz

  30. Van deze lijn had ik nog nooit gehoord! Al ben ik zelf wel gek op Kerastase. Ik gebruik graag the oil mist om mn kapsel in bedwang te houden :-)

  31. I hear ya girl! My hair is a hot mess. Thinned out from damage, breakage and age. A ton of breakage so it always looks frizzy. But I just tried Aveda’s volumizing line and it did a wonderful job.

    Ali of

    Dressing Ken

  32. Wish I could afford Kerastase products, they are the best. Your always hair looks amazing!
    Laura. xx

    • Thank you, Laura, that is so sweet! And maybe you could get just one or two products? That way you don’t have to spend a ton of money but you will still get to enjoy professional products.

  33. Selena Gomez has the perfect head of hair. Always loved her locks. Kerastase makes excellent hair products. They’re pretty expensive here in the States and are used in fine hair salons. So glad they worked for you. They have an extensive line.

  34. Wauw! Mooi haar heb je zeker :)



  35. Ik heb van nature een mooie slag in mijn haar, maar het pluis, klit en de slag zit niet altijd zoals ik het zou willen… Dan wens ik weer dat ik glad haar had zoals als jij :D

  36. Looks like a great product, I want try the Touch Finale Serum ^_^ xoxo

  37. You have really pretty long hair and I like all 4 hairstyles you created :) I´m still looking for my perfect hair products to use :/

  38. wow I can really see how those products have done their job well on your hair. would love to try some of those now for sure! thank you so much for sharing your review! xx. gigi.

  39. Thanks so much for your comment, it means a lot!
    You look absolutely adorable today, I love your hair!

    Have a fantastic day,

  40. they sound like great products!

  41. Que chulo el post! Super completo y muy guapa! Te seguimos!


  42. First pic is just amazing… :) uuuugh I want yr hair haha. Such a deep shade and it just looks so sturdy and healthy!! <3

    • Thanks so much! I can’t tell you how weird it feels to have people telling me my hair looks nice. I’ve never really liked my hair. But these products definitely helped me to make it look better than it really is, hehe:-)

  43. I am trying these out and loving them actually too. I have a bit of curly hair so these actually make my life even easier to form and style my hair quickly. Nice results on you :)

  44. I actually quite like your hair! It’s straight and looks healthy! It definitely suits your face structure too. :) I love the hairstyles in the first and third photos – that bit of volume in the third one definitely adds a bit of sexiness! I actually have super thick hair so maybe that’s just the other side talking lol.

  45. Die losse krullen staan je echt geweldig! Leuk geschreven, bedankt voor je reactie op mijn blog!

  46. I get jealous every time I see long hair. Your hair is lovely though, it looks in great condition.

    Corinne x

  47. Your hair is so gorgeous! I’m totally jealous!

  48. Haha, ja wat een skanks! ;) ik vind je eerste een laatste stijl heel mooi, ik hou van steil haar! En het is zo prachtig lang!

  49. Die voorlaatste is mooi!
    Leuk en grappig geschreven ! ^^

  50. Ik vind de sleek blow-out en loose beach curls het mooist!
    Stijl haar staat je ook gewoon heel mooi hoor!

  51. Fijne review! Ik heb ook van dat moeilijk har. Ik heb veel haar, maar het is heel dun, gebroken, droog en tcoh ook ZO glad dat rekjes en speldjes er na een half uurtje alweer allemaal uitschuiven. Heel erg verevelnd dus! xo

  52. THe loose beach waves and tight mid ponytail are my favorite looks!
    This looks like an intresting product! I love the color of the bottles and the concept behind it!

  53. Ik vind de derde look SUPERmooi!

  54. I have a hard time finding the right styling products as many women do I believe…these seem to work great for you!

  55. I love Kerastase products, the best for hair!!!!
    Kisses darling!

  56. Wow klinkt goed. Ziet er in ieder geval heel gaaf uit. X

  57. The results are amazing!! I want it one of this!! but I think they haven’t arrived in Spain yet. When I see it in the shop, I’ll buy it! kisses

  58. Lijken mij hele fijne producten. Vooral de Kérastase touche finale lijkt mij wel wat, omdat ik toch wel veel last heb van haar dat pluist en wegspringende haren.

  59. woww je haar op elke picture is amazing girl!& de producten sounds lovely

  60. Wauw! Ziet er goed uit! Je haar op alles foto’s zijn mooi haha!


  61. Your air is so pretty and I LOVE your pictures!

  62. I love the looks you came up with! I’m not very creative or skilled with styling hair, which is normally why I like to have it short! Haha.

  63. I need this in my life! You look gorgeous in all pictures! Selena who?!

  64. the beach waves look great!

  65. Wauw je haar ziet er super uit !

  66. Je haar zit prachtig! Vooral op de voorlaatste foto :)

  67. Great products and I found what I needed for my hair.I just hope now its price not that much :)
    And I think your hair looks great too.I love your hair with that ponytail and wavy

  68. Wat een leuk artikel!

  69. I don’t use a lot of styling products (just a mousse to hold my curls), but I looooove your creations! Glad to hear you found something that gives you volume!

  70. Die 3e look is mijn favoriet! Het lijkt alsof je zo uit bed gestapt bent met prachtig haar ;)

  71. Mooie producten! Je hebt er echt prachtige looks mee gemaakt! de derde is mooi! <3
    Helaas ben ik ook niet gezegend met een volle bos glanzend haar (een van de redenen dat ik voor dreadlocks heb gekozen) dus ja! Ik voel je jaloezie ;) (al vind ik jou haar echt heel mooi! dat van mij was ongeveer nog de helft dunner.. :()

  72. Wat een leuk artikel! Ik heb wel dik haar, maar kan er helaas niet zoveel mee.. Na een uur zakt het alweer uit haha. Maar jouw haar zit hier echt perfect! :) Vooral krullen staan je prachtig!

  73. Ik ben fan van jou reviews, leuk en duidelijk. Mooie foto’s!

  74. I have to save this post……not having a thick hair from mother nature myself and always looking for volume adding products I am going to try all of them you suggested!:-)

  75. LOVE LOVE LOVE !! What else :)

    New Post up…

  76. Thanks so much for this awesome hair product post! I have really thin hair so some of these would be fantastic for me to try out!


  77. Wat een mooie producten en wat voor prachtige haren heb je! De kapsel zien er top uit!

  78. Prachtig zeg, je haar ziet er fantastisch uit!

  79. iliveformydreams

    July 25, 2013 at 8:06 pm

    Mooi blogje!

  80. Of course, those stars and starlets have all kinds of help in the form of hair add-ons, too. But I’d kill for your hair! My is thinner than ever, but at least it takes a curl well.

  81. Goede review! En ook leuke foto’s :)

  82. Wat zien die verpakkingen er mooi uit :-) en leuk al die kapsels!

  83. You have the perfect pony tail!

  84. Dat is zo prachtig ,je haren op die foto,s,WAUW !

  85. Veel mensen zouden een moord doen voor jouw haar denk ik hihihi. Je ziet er echt heel mooi uit op alle foto’s en wat leest je artikel weer lekker weg. Knap hoe je dat toch iedere keer weer doet!

  86. Oooh I like the sound of micropolymers! Your hair looks amazing with every style that you achieved. I like the look of the tousled effect spray.

  87. Wat een leuke uitgebreide review. De producten zien er heel goed uit zo op het eerste gezicht.

  88. I’d kill for hair like theirs’ too! These products seem pretty awesome!!

  89. Wauw, de producten hebben echt een mooi resultaat voor je haar. Pretty girl!

  90. My favorite looks are the loose beach waves and the ponytail!

  91. Wow, your hair looks fantastic with all of those styles! Sounds like you’ve found some super versatile and effective products! Thanks for sharing :)

  92. Your hair is great. When I curl my hair, I use Keune Curl Cream. When flat ironing, I use John Freida serums.

  93. Great review, dear!

  94. I think we have the same fine hair texture! I too am quite envious of those with some va-va-va-voom and BODY! My hair just hangs like unemployed teenaged stoners. I’m pretty impressed with the results you got from these products, girl! My favorite is the pic of your straight hair with that pretty volume!

  95. I’m really interested in the lift veritge. have you tested that product also? maybe it would help me to get a little bit more volume at the hair roots.

    • I have, and it definitely adds volume. It kinda poofs up the roots. But for me personally, with my greasy hair, the gel-texture was a bit too heavy and made my hair feel a bit oily.

  96. your beach look is great!! a bit jealous ;-) still trying to achieve this with my hair. Will have a look at the spray. Thanks for showing :-)

  97. boucles d’art mousse en spray a porter spreken mij wel aan. Ik heb zelf krullend en droog haar

  98. i love the coiffé décoiffé effect, it looks gorgeous on you, love your make up too!

  99. I hate my hair. I totally need something like this to help tame it down!

  100. I have that hair mousse but am not too happy with it :/ My hair is naturally wavy and this product make them looking not the way I would’ve liked :-/

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