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The best way for me to relax is to treat myself to some me-time in the bathroom with my favorite bath and shower products. Winter or summer, I always love a good hot scented bath. And if you are the same then I have great news for you, because in mid-September Dr. Hauschka is launching four new bath products that all – no surprise there – smell amazing. Today I am giving you an exclusive preview of what you can expect next month. Let’s have a closer look at the new products together while the bath tub is filling!

Preview (Dr. Hauschka bath oil and milk)

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Preview (Dr. Hauschka bath oil and milk)  (2)

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Dr. Hauschka Bain Moor Lavande | Dr. Hauschka Moor Lavendel Bad

This soothing bath milk with lavender creates an ultimate moment of relaxation. I already knew that the smell of lavender has a relaxing effect, but apparently it also clears the mind. Perfect for someone like me whose mind is constantly racing at full speed! The Dr. Hauschka Bain Moor Lavande (in German Moor Lavendel Bad) also contains moor extract from horse chestnut and field horsetail, and avocado and almond oil that nourish and soften the skin. This bath milk is perfect for stress bunnies like me who need to unwind a bit every now and then.

Retail price: 25 CHF

Dr. Hauschka Bain Rose | Dr. Hauschka Rosen Bad

This lovely bath milk with rose water, essential rose oil and rose milk gently nourishes the skin and makes it feel satiny soft. Even a little bit of the bath milk is enough to transform your bathroom into a rose garden. It’s basically a bouquet of roses in liquid form, the Dr. Hauschka Bain Rose (in German Rosen Bad) really smells that good. It makes you wish your bath water would never get cold. Of course you can always prolong your bath time fun by adding hot water again. Like five times (woops).

Retail price: 22 CHF

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Dr. Hauschka Bain Citron Citronelle | Dr. Hauschka Zitronen Lemongrass Bad

This light bath oil with the scent of lemon and lemongrass refreshes not only the skin but also the mind. The refreshing citrus smell of the Dr. Hauschka Bain Citron Citronelle (Zitronen Lemongrass Bad in German) has an awakening effect and gives you a real wake up kick. Not exactly what you need right before bed time of course (hello insomnia) but just perfect for when you take a bath before getting ready for a party for example. And also great to fight the hangover the next morning. Shoo pounding head ache, hello energy boost!

Retail price: 22 CHF

Dr. Hauschka Bain Amande | Dr. Hauschka Mandel Bad

This almond bath oil delicately nourishes the skin while tickling your nostrils with its lovely almond scent. It’s no secret that I love the smell of almond, and so this Dr. Hauschka Bain Amande (Mandel Bad in German) instantly became a new favorite. Every time again I get a spontaneous smellgasm when I smell this amazing bath oil, hmmm!

Retail price: 22 CHF

Which of these four new Dr. Hauschka bath products would you pick?

121 thoughts on “Preview | new Dr. Hauschka bath milk & bath oil

  1. Hm, klinkt heerlijk. Ik zou gaan voor de lavendel badmelk en de amandel badolie. Een badje is echt mijn favoriete me-time. TV familie erbij en lekker relaxen :-D

    • Woon je in de buurt van Leuven? Bij Essenza verkopen ze Dr. Hauschka. En waarschijnlijk nog in heel wat andere natuur(cosmetica)winkels. Ik weet wel niet wanneer deze lijn in België gelanceerd wordt. Misschien net iets later dan hier?

  2. I’d pick the lavander one, I think it;s a great relaxing scent. I love relaxing baths, but I didn’t find an oil so far or a foam that would persist with it’s scent too long hehe :D I’m trying these next week !

  3. Hier nog een! Ik houd er ontzettend van om in een lekker warm bad te kruipen en in de zomer verklaar ik mezelf soms ook echt voor gek dat ik nog een ( te warm ) bad voor dat weer ga zitten. Helaas hebben we thuis geen eigen bad dus kruip ik af en toe bij oma in bad. Maar die heeft verhuisplannen dus wie weet is de pret over. De lemongrass lijkt me in ieder geval hartstikke lekker, dus ik hoop dat ik nog tijd genoeg heb om hem uit te proberen!

  4. I would take the lemongrass bath. I am a fresh fan of the Dr. Hauschka Products. I have the Tonic Spray and it is georgeous. I ve never tried Dr. Hauschka before. But I quite like it. Have a lovely day ;) Mimi

  5. Hello, thanks so much for your sweet comment!
    I’ve always wanted to try bath milk and oil so thanks for the review!

    Have a great day,

  6. OMGGG DYING!! i’m OBSESSED.. and I MEAN OBSESSED w/ rose scented beauty/health products!!! dying.. i love love rose scented baths!!! i sometimes even buy leftover roses just so i can sprinkle them into my bath!! eeps! this is so exciting :)! can’t wait for this to come out!! hehehe :p

    • Shhh, shhhh, calm down, sniff a little lavender… Breaaaaaathe :-) Sounds like you really love rose-scented products. You should definitely give the rose version a try then, the smell is quite strong, but in a very pleasant way.

  7. Ze lijken mij allemaal erg fijn en lekker, maar als ik echt moet kiezen ga ik toch voor de lavendel. Ik word altijd heel erg rustig van die geur en dat vind ik toch altijd wel heel fijn.

  8. ooooo another great line I have yet to try. you are introducing me to great skincare left and right! thanks so much can’t wait to try these.

  9. Such fantastic bath products! I do love a warm relaxing bath! I think I would love to try the rose one as I think that would be my choice of smells! So fresh!


  10. Die lavendelgeur en die citrusgeur wil ik wel eens proberen! De 2 tegenovergestelden :p Eentje om wakker te worden en eentje om goed te kunnen slapen.

  11. Ah wat lijkt me dat heerlijk spul zeg! Helaas heb ik geen bad, en geen douchebak die ik vol kan laten lopen. Mijn volgende huis moet echt een bad hebben haha.

  12. Prachtige foto’s! :D Het product lijkt me erg fijn! Als je alleen al
    de verpakking ziet, lijkt het echt een professioneel product! Ik zou
    voor rozen of lavendel gaan. Lijkt me heerlijk :D


  13. You are adorable! “Let’s have a closer look at the new products together while the bath tub is filling!” The Lavendel sounds particularly amazing as I am definitely in the stress bunny category! I’ve only recently starting taking baths for their relaxation benefits. The problem is the tub is really shallow and small and this 5’7″ body doesn’t fit into very comfortably. I dream of one day having a deep soaker tub – with hot water that lasts! :)

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