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Make-up tutorial | Full color eye look tutorial for e.l.f.

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Today is already my last day in Belgium. Time really flies! Tomorrow I’ll be back in Switzerland, but before I leave I have a special little article ready for you. Remember this one?

Make-up tutorial (full color eye make-up with e.l.f (1)

In early June I used the e.l.f. 100 Piece Eye Palette to create this full color eye look together with two more. A few weeks ago e.l.f. asked me if I wanted to create a picture tutorial of the look. I’d never done something like that before, but there is a first time for everything so I thought to myself: why not? I used my most epic graphic skillz to put together the tutorial, and on September 1 it will be published on the e.l.f. blog. But you already get to see the picture tutorial in premiere today, here on the blog!

Make-up tutorial (full color eye look for e.l.f.)

Click to enlarge

Step 1: Apply the lightest color from the full color look (yellow green) on your whole eye lid. You can use the e.l.f. eye lid primer as a base to make your eyeshadow stay nicely put.

Step 2: Apply the second color (bright green) between the middle and the inner corner of your eye lid.

Step 3: Blend the bright green towards the inner corner of your eye and let it blend with the yellow green base color.

Step 4: Apply the third color (blue), this time between the middle and the outer corner of your eye lid. Again softly blend the edges where the blue touches the green.

Step 5: Apply the darkest color (purple) in the outer corner of your eye. Once again make sure to blend the purple seamlessly with the blue next to it.

Step 6: Feather out the purple in the outer corner of your eye. Go sideways and up a little until there are no more hard lines.

Step 7: Apply a little purple in your crease using a soft back and forth movement. This will add more depth to your eyes.

Step 8: Apply a bit of purple along your lower lash line. Use a thin brush and apply the color with a light hand for a soft result.

What do you think of the tutorial? Is this a look you’d wear?

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  1. Prachtig!

  2. Prachtige look, je hebt super mooie kleurtjes gebruikt.. staat je enorm goed!

  3. Mooi look en goed uitgelegd met de foto’s!

  4. Great look! and so nice to have a tutorial! I always learn so much from them.
    And you look gorgeous btw :)

  5. Mooie kleuren! Vind m heel goed uitgelegd, zelfs ik snap het ;-)

  6. wat mooi, en goed uitgelegd..
    Ik had gisteren voor het eerst sinds, eeuwen denk ik weer eens wat kleur erbij gedaan..
    En, ik was best tevreden

  7. Wow that is so awesome that E.L.F contacted you! It’s a great tutorial. The pictures look great. What did you use to edit them?

  8. Wow what a great look, your application is always perfect!

  9. Wat een mooie look!

  10. Looks really nice. Any fallout? I have a backed eyeshadow pallet from them and the fallout is quite important.

  11. Wow amazing look ! Beautiful

  12. Mooie look, fijn dat je er een uitgebreide tutorial van hebt gemaakt:)

  13. Ik vind de look verrassend draagbaar !

  14. Super mooi!
    En handige tutorial :D

  15. Fijn uitgelegd, Staat je goed deze look :)

  16. Such a nice look! It’s colorful and smoky but it seems so wearable on you!

  17. Wat een mooie look!

  18. Prachtige kleuren heb je gebruikt! En vind de kleurtjes een mooie shimmer hebben :)



  19. Ik vind jouw ooglooks altijd zo ontzettend mooi! Ik moet nog even nieuwe make-up kwasten kopen en dan kan ik weer aan de slag.

  20. Beautifull! I love it <3

  21. Wat een mooie look! Ik zou ‘t zeker dragen tijdens een avondje uit :) xo

  22. That is sooo cool!!! Love it! I totally get why they asked you, gorgeous! xx :)

  23. You are so amazing at makeup, I always admire it. I really want to try this.

  24. Mooie look weer! Mooie foto’s

  25. Ik ben nog slecht in het maken van looks maar van zulke post kan ik nog veel van leren. Heel mooi en staat je goed!

  26. Great mix of colors and shades!I love your tutorial!

  27. Mooi al die plaatjes zo bij elkaar als collage! Hele mooie look!

  28. Great tutorial! You look beautiful as always xoxo :)

  29. Wat mooi, en wat gaaf dat je gevraagd bent door elf om een tutorial te maken! :)

  30. Great job on this, that is SO cool! I would totally wear this look

  31. This look is gorgeous on you! The colors are so pretty! I’d love to wear it but I’m not so sure I’d be so successful in recreating it. Thanks for the tutorial!


  32. this looks gorgeous!

  33. Thank you for this. I have always been intimidated by wearing makeup.

  34. This is a gorgeous look! I love all these shadow colors together!

  35. I’d like to try this make up, so nice!

  36. love this super colorful look! ELF has such great makeup. this pallette looks great. thanks for sharing your look and tutorial! xx. gigi.

  37. Leuk uitgelegd! Aangezien ik niet met blauw sta is deze look niks voor mij, maar jou staat hij erg mooi!

  38. This makeup is perfect for night is colorful but is a really cute smokey! I love it your makeup. I love it learn tips with your makeup tutorials.

  39. Coucou miss,
    Ton make-up est sublime ! ^^
    Merci pour ce tuto ;-)

  40. Fabulous tutorial. That eye makeup looks so good on you. Very pretty!

  41. Héél mooie look en de tutorial ziet er superhandig uit. Misschien kan een onhandige klungel zoals ik nu ook wel een mooie oogmake-up creëren?! Keep you posted!

  42. This looks so sexy haha :D I love it! :D geat for going out on a date

  43. Oh god, you look magnificent, love this makeup!
    Mafalda ❤

  44. Love this look, it’s beautiful!

  45. Oh wauw, dat heb je echt heel mooi gedaan! De kleuren lopen echt prachtig in elkaar over :) xo

  46. I love this look, and the lipstick is amazing. Thank you for sharing these steps :)

  47. Prachtige kleuren, ik heb zelf ook een pallet maar toch lukt mij het blenden van kleuren nog niet erg goed. Misschien meer oefenen.. ;)

  48. Wat tof dat ze gevraagd hebben om er een beeldtutorial van te maken! Ik vind het ook zeker goed gelukt voor de eerste keer, want de foto´s en uitleg zijn beide heel duidelijk. De look zou ik ook zeker wel zelf dragen.

  49. I’ve been waiting for you to do one of these. Nice!!

  50. Jeetje, wat prachtig meid! Echt mooie gebruik van zoveel verschillende kleuren, love it. En je photo skills zijn erg epic!!

  51. beautiful tutorial and beautiful make up, I love really colorful eye make ups, I tend to prefer them in general :)

  52. Love the look and the steps are detailed and explained perfectly. Great look

    Naaj xx

  53. It looks great on you. The full color look is something I haven’t pulled off. xx

  54. Beautiful and perfect!
    Laura. xx

  55. Ik vind je looks altijd zo mooi!

  56. Deze look is echt heel erg mooi!

  57. Amazing job!! And CONGRATS on elf asking you to do a guest post – that is so cool!

  58. I love the way you can still see the different shades, but they pull together so nicely for the full look. Very gorgeous!

  59. This is a beautiful look. Thanks for the tutorial!

  60. That is so awesome, congrats! Love how the picture tutorial turned out. Now i’m off to enter you blog giveaway.

  61. Très bien réalisé ce make up et ce tuto ! ;)

  62. Beautiful ! Awesome look and loved the way you explained in details <3 <3

  63. Hele mooie look! En ik vind het goed gemaakt met je epic graphic skillz :D

  64. So dramatic and beautiful

  65. Wauw heel mooi! Staat je super goed!

  66. WOw you did a absolute great job ! You look super pretty :D

    Hope you enjoyed your stay in Belgium and come over to the Netherlands some time :P

    Just uploaded a new post and would love to know your opinion on it :D !

    Have a great day :D

  67. weer een prachtige look die je super staat!

  68. Thanks for your detailed tutorial *-* amazing look ♥

  69. Such a good tutorial!! Very well explained! X

  70. Love this look and I have this pallet :) yay!!

  71. It’s a great tutorial! The colours and the all make-up is perfect! you look wonderful!
    I think it’s good to make this and it’s so true that there is a first time for everything! xoxo

  72. Very beautiful look! I can see this looking great for a night out! xx

  73. Zo knap gedaan,wauw!!

  74. nathaliecolormepretty

    August 20, 2013 at 9:46 pm

    You won on my sweepstake and I couldn’t find any email address, can you pls write me?

  75. Amazing makeup tutorial! I love the colors you used! The eyes look stunning! I hope you had a safe trip!

  76. Amazing tutorial !! Love it

  77. beautiful look!
    Emma x

  78. Mooie look en wat een fijne uitleg!

  79. ELF is amazing. I just recently bought some of their makeup remover wipes and I’m in LOVE. And for $3, who wouldn’t be sold, especially since they work so well!

    xo Ashley

  80. Lovely look!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog :-)

  81. hey u look gorgeous dear.. i love u’r eyes

  82. OMG! You’re gorgeous and you really have a gorgeous eyes!!! :D

  83. geweldige look, je ogen, niet normaal hoe mooi!

  84. You look so beautiful! I have green eyes and if I wear more than one vibrant eyeshadow I look like a clown… one of the advantages of brown eyes! You can pull off just about any look!!

    Eyeshadow Addicts Anonymous

  85. You look amazing darling, I love how you played with the colours! I wouldn’t wear it because I don’t think it would look good on me, while I would advise it on a brunette with intensely dark eyes like yours!

  86. You look gorgeous! Love your necklace as well! <3

  87. J’ai cette palette de couleur de E.L.F, donc je vais essayer de reproduire ton Make-up ce week-end.
    Ton tuto va beaucoup m’aider je pense. Je te tiens au courant.
    PS: Vive Google traduction….

  88. What a stunning, colourful look! You look lovely :)

  89. Wooow! Prachtig!

  90. this is sooo pretty! you make the colors pop so effortlessly! :)


  91. wow de look is echt prachtig geworden. je picturtutorial is ook erg leuk geworden

  92. Supermooi! Goed uitgelegd ook! Ik zou dit wel dragen hoor :D ik hou hier van! X

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