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I already said it a few weeks ago, but I really don’t like the fall season. Dropping temperatures, shorter days, rain,… I don’t need that, you can just give me summer all year around. But what I do like about fall are the new make-up collections. Sisley already make me long for fall a bit with the new L’Orchidée Rose Highlighter Blush, and now Smashbox does the same with its new Fade To Black fall collection. Check it out!

Preview (Smashbox Fade To Black) (1)

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Smashbox Fade To Black Eye Shadow Palette in Fade In

Preview (Smashbox Fade To Black) (2)

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Preview (Smashbox Fade To Black) (3)

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The Smashbox Fade To Black collection has two eyeshadow palettes that each contain seven shades that gradually go from light to dark. Hence the name Fade To Black. Today I am showing you the Fade In palette that contains the following colors from left to right: matte light beige, matte taupe, shimmery taupe, matte chocolate brown, shimmery olive green, matte grayish brown and sparkly black.

Preview (Smashbox Fade To Black) (4)

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This palette in one word? Amazing! I really like everything about it. The sleek long packaging with the cool ombre effect, the choice of colors, the mix between light and dark and matte and shimmery,… Love, love, love it. The texture of the eyeshadow is silky soft, there is no fall-out and the pigmentation is great. With a good eyelid primer underneath the eyeshadow stays put the whole day. The colors are totally me and are perfect for that smokey look I like so much. Maybe autumn is my season after all?

Preview (Smashbox Fade To Black) (5)

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Preview (Smashbox Fade To Black) (6)

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Smashbox Fade To Black Be Legendary Lipstick in Cognac & Black Cherry

Preview (Smashbox Fade To Black) (7)

Click to enlarge | Black Cherry (left) & Cognac (right)

Preview (Smashbox Fade To Black) (8)

Click to enlarge | Cognac (left) & Black Cherry (right)

Smashbox is adding two new shades to the Be Legendary Lipstick line this autumn: Cognac, a warm nude, and Black Cherry, a deep berry shade. I like both colors, but not on me. I like emphasizing my eyes and I usually wear bold eye looks, and I just don’t think dark rich hues like these two go with that. I think they are more for girls who wear more subtle eye make-up and who like to put the focus on their lips.

Preview (Smashbox Fade To Black) (9)

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Preview (Smashbox Fade To Black) (10)

Click to enlarge | Black Cherry

Both new Smashbox Be Legendary Lipsticks are very creamy and they keep my lips well hydrated. And they last. With a little touch up here and there you will make it through the day without any problems. Nice!

Preview (Smashbox Fade To Black) (11)

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Preview (Smashbox Fade To Black) (12)

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The new Smashbox Fade To Black collection will be available in September and will be sold exclusively at Marionnaud. The Fade To Black Eye Shadow Palettes will both cost 68 CHF and the two new Fade To Black Be Legendary Lipsticks will cost 26 CHF each. There will also be two Waterproof Shadow Liners in the collection costing 26 CHF each.

What do you think of the upcoming Smashbox Fade To Black products? Do they make you wish for summer to end yet?

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154 thoughts on “Preview | Smashbox Fade To Black Fall 2013

  1. Die smashbox is echt WOW die zou goed in mijn laatje staan, hahaha
    Vind de eerste kleur lippenstift erg mooi, maar ben bij lippenstift niet alleen een sucker van rood maar ze moeten ook minimaal een hele dag blijven zitten waardoor ik niet vaak een ander merk koop..

  2. Mooie verpakking, mooie binnenkant! De kleuren zijn inderdaad perfect voor smokey eyes en beiden ooglooks zijn erg mooi! Verder vind ik dat zulke kleuren lippenstift (overigens erg mooi) wel passen bij opvallende smokey eyes.. als je uitgaat ofzo! Anders zou ik ook de focus alleen laten bij of je ogen of je mond.

  3. I get you! Is the same also for me but when I saw the collection I changed a bit my mind:) the eyeshadow palette looks amamzing but I am drooling over the lipsticks, love both! You look wonderful, i think the black cherry is the one best suits u!xo

  4. I love autumn and the Make Up colours. I really like the palette, lovely shades. The Lipstick black berries looks fabulous! I like this colour a lot!!! perfect for fall.

  5. De verpakking spreekt al heel erg aan en de palette kleuren zijn ook héél mooi. Ik vind de make-up look die je hier als eerste toont echt heel mooi gedaan. Ik hou wel van dramatische ogen in de herfst en winter :) xo

  6. Hele mooie producten en ook de looks die je ermee gemaakt hebt vind ik ook heel mooi. Ik vind de herfst nooit zo heel erg, want ik vind het er buiten dan zo mooi uit gaan zien met alle verschillende kleuren.

  7. They look like great products, and I love the looks you’ve created.
    I’m always hesitant about this brand, because their prices are a little bit high for me, more than MAC and other PRO brands, so you know, that keeps me a little from buying them.
    Great review!

  8. Mooi oogschaduwpalet! Ik houd wel van dat soort kleuren. Naar de herfst kijk ik niet uit, maar ik heb wel weer zin in herfstmake-up; toch net wat donkerder en smokyer vaak. De Black Cherry lipstick is ook al zo’n mooie herfstkleur. En je hebt natuurlijk weer prachtige looks gemaakt!

  9. wow, you have such an amazing “make up face”. your eyes and eyebrows are perfect for those shoots :-) and the make up looks really great as well. I like those shades

  10. Oh wauuuuw. Pfff jouw ogen zijn zoals ik het op z’n ‘Marokkaans’ zou zeggen ”gataarlijk” haha! Mooie palette en lipsticks zeg, je hebt er een mooie look mee gecreëerd!

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  12. The packaging is so cool! The palette looks amazing and I love the Cognac lippie. I’m like you – I’m definitely more of an eye makeup girl than a bold lips person. I LOVE that way bright lips with a subtle black cat eye looks on other people, but I usually default to eyeshadow fun!

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