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I usually begin my articles with a little intro before I continue with the actual review, but today I am going to do it differently. I want you to guess what the product that I am talking about today is, because it’s a peculiar little thing. This is how it landed in my mail box:

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And this is what was in it:

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Those who speak or understand German can probably guess what it is, but for the rest of you: what is this, and what is it for?

My boyfriend’s first guess was ‘a cooking thing for in the kitchen’ – he is so good with words – and when I told him that it had to do with beauty, he said: ‘something for your eyes.’ And it is. More or less anyway. The Original Wimpernlöffel from Haackensack is an eyelash spoon that facilitates the application of mascara. According to Haackensack the Original Wimpernlöffel allows you to really separate your lashes, with long full lashes with lots of curl as a result. The product promises to double the effect of any mascara. And mascara stains should be history as well. Now those are some promises!

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But can this strange little tool really make that much difference? Time to put it to the test. The idea of the Haackensack Original Wimpernlöffel is easy: you just place the edge of the spoon on your lash line behind your lashes and you apply your mascara. Easy peasy. The shape of the spoon perfectly follows the natural curve of my lash line and it almost feels custom-made for me. For the sake of comparing I used the Haackensack Original Wimpernlöffel on just one eye and I have to admit that I didn’t see much difference between both eyes. I didn’t get any extra length or volume, except for maybe a little more curl. That’s probably because the spoon allows you to really pull your lashes up and back without the risk of smudging your mascara. It allows you to work quickly and tidily without having to correct mistakes afterwards.

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Click to enlarge | Mascara applied on my upper and lower lashes with the help of the Haackensack Original Wimpernlöffel

Bottom line? The Haackensack Original Wimpernlöffel doesn’t really add more length, volume or curl to my lashes, but it does make it easier to apply mascara very precisely from roots to ends without smudging. And that’s what I like about it. Removing mascara stains can be tricky, but with the Haackensack Original Wimpernlöffel you won’t have to anymore. And you can use the spoon for your lower lashes as well, which is great. Do I think that this product is an indispensable beauty must-have? No. It’s just a fun beauty tool. But it’s definitely more than just a toy. It really has a purpose. If you have short lashes that lack curl or if you’re tired of mascara smudges, then this little spoon might be what you need.

The Haackensack Original Wimpernlöffel costs 49 CHF. For more info and tutorials on how to use the lash spoon you can visit the Haackensack website.

Would you use a lash spoon to apply your mascara?

154 thoughts on “Review | Haackensack Original Wimpernlöffel

  1. Wat een leuk ding zeg! Lijkt me best handig als je een mooie ooglook hebt gemaakt en die niet wilt verpesten met mascara, maar een echte musthave is het niet. Wel leuk dat je dit laat zien!

  2. I have a friend, shes a professional makeup artist, and she loves the “spoon”. she uses it on clients regularly. she also uses it when she applies false lashes to press the lashes on the lid.

    I have it to, but i still have to try. i was a little scared so far. haha.

  3. I guessed what it was correctly! Yay :) that’s a pretty cool little gadget. I’ve heard of using a business card with a curved cut out for the same purpose. I always get mascara on my lid because I go in from the roots. -_- I usually just do it before my eyeshadow.

  4. hmmm… I wouldn’t add another gadget to my makeup routine, I already skip eyelash curler, which does nothing for me, so definitely not for me.
    But I can totally see the usefulness of the spoon in doing someone else’s makeup, I totally suck applying mascara to other people, so, yes, that would be helpful.

  5. I’ve been wanting to buy a tool like this for a long time.Putting mascara on me is a pain. I usually have to go for extra dry types of mascaras because the creamier one always stain my upper eyelid. Oh man, I just checked on their website “Sorry, der Wimperlöffel ist in Deinem Land noch nicht erhältlich.” Sometimes I wish I didn’t understand German. Oh well I might as well try the one made by E.L.F.

  6. sounds cool! i think anything flexible like a business card or something can do the same job though, I saw some of michelle phan’s tutorials and she uses a cardboard to apply mascara like this <3

  7. Hey this is a really funny tool, first I was wondering what it should be but when I scrolled down it made perfect sense! However I find this kind of tools very useful at some point, when you spend half an hour on doing all the wonders of blending on your lids it’s just so helpful to have this little thing which allows you to apply mascara without being scared to wreck all your eye makeup!


  8. Kan me inderdaad wel voorstellen dat het heel handig is bij het aanbrengen van mascara, het ziet er ook best leuk uit! Ik zelf zet alleen bijna geen mascara, gaan me ogen zo van jeuken :(

  9. OHHHH!! your lashes look amazing! that is a nifty tool.. would make life a lot easier in the morning.. don’t have to worry about getting mascara all over the place!!

  10. This looks really coll. I have some mascaras with really big brushes that are prone to blotches and smugding when applied. Right now, I use a flexible plastic card that is actually a stencil for eyebrows.
    The spoon looks like it is also easy to clean, certainly easier than my little plastic card.

  11. I always use a spoon for applying mascara. What a great thing these Wimpernlöffel. I quite like it! It is good if you do not your own eyes. It is great for makeup artists!

  12. Oooo this is nice! Years ago a makeup artist I used to work with used a spoon to apply mascara on clients. I don’t think I would use it on myself but if I were to do makeup again this would probably end up in my kit! :)

  13. I never knew this is something you can buy! I would’ve agreed with your bf and thought it was for the kitchen too:P
    I would never buy something like this to be honest, but hey, if it makes applying mascara easier, then I won’t mind….

  14. Ik vind het eigenlijk best wel een handig dingetje en vooral om te zorgen dat je mascara niet overal zit. Of ik het echt dagelijks zou gebruiken weet ik niet, maar ik zou het zeker wel eens willen proberen.

  15. Goede en eerlijke review! Het ziet er erg vreemd uit, maar ik snap het nut er wel van. Als je je hele oog-look hebt gedaan behalve mascara dan is het wel héél vervelend als het vlekt op je ooglid.. maar ben je hem ook van vaker te gebruiken? Dat vraag ik me af!

  16. I’ve hear dthis spoon thing before.. still need to try it. The no smudging part sounds heavenly though, I tend to blotch my shadow and with clean cut looks that’s just a stab to the heart.

  17. I thought it was a spatula for creams or something. This product does seems like it would make mascara application easier and help prevent smudges esp. on the lower lashes.


    • Als je geen oogschaduw draagt. gaat dat inderdaad perfect zo. Met oogschaduw vind ik het dan wat moeilijker. Maar inderdaad, het is zeker geen onmisbare tool. Gewoon een handig ding, leuk om te hebben.

  18. I have tried one like these before but found it rather useless. Of course it has the benefit that you can hardly smudge the mascara but for the rest I found it quite hard to hold it in the right place with my left hand xD I think I´m still quicker without using it even if that means I´ll have to clean up a bit around my eyes after painting them ;)

  19. Ik zou het wel gebruiken ja, zeker handing bij het aanbrengen van mascara op valse wimpers, wanneer ik opdrachten heb :).



  20. Hahahah, wat een grappig product, totaal niets voor mij. Het ziet er wel leuk uit en wellicht handig voor mensen waarvan make-up aanbrengen hun beroep is..

  21. Thanks so much for your sweet words, they made my day!
    I did read the German word but actually had still no idea what it was until I saw the pics! Clever idea!

    Have a great week,

  22. I really did not know what this was for, although I read the German name. But this is a funny idea. Though it does not help to add volume or length, I like the idea of avoiding smudges. But I am not sure if I’d use it every day. Really good review! :-)

  23. I’ve seen these before, but never gave it a thought! I think it’s a great way because I always have mascara on my eye lids. Haha I love how your boyfriend thought it was something about the kitchen.


    • He’d probably say that about most things he cannot identify. He does not know his way around the kitchen at all, so it makes sense that when he doesn’t know what something is, he assumes it’s a cooking utensil.

  24. I haven’t ever seen something like this and I’m astonished! With the second pic, I thought, is it a spoon for beauty? And now, I understand all! it’s so amazing! kisses

  25. I’ve never seen something like this before! and as it doenst realy work on the lenght or the volume of the lashes, i think i would not be interrested by using it. Thank you for giving us your opinions with so much honesty! :-)
    Kisses, Hindie.

  26. what a great idea I always have trouble with mascara smudges! love this tool and want one for myself thanks for sharing a great review as always! xx. gigi.

  27. I’ve never heard of this before but it’s something I would definitely try! I have really mega wimpy lashes and having the ability to work a mascara wand into the roots without smudging it onto the lids sounds perfect! I might have to try to track one of these down! Thanks, babe!

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