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Review | Inika Liquid Foundation, Mineral Blush & Mineral Eye Shadow

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I’m going down under, because today I am showing you three products from the Australian luxury brand Inika. Inika is a natural cosmetics brand that was founded in 2006 and the brand produces certified organic and 100% mineral make-up products. Inika’s products are completely natural, contain only the best high-quality ingredients and are cruelty-free. So Inika’s philosophy is definitely beautiful. Now let’s see if the make-up products are just as pretty. Have a look!

Inika Liquid Foundation in Beige

The Inika Liquid Foundation is a liquid pump foundation that is suitable for all skin types. It nourishes the skin like a moisturizer and evens it out like a foundation. So is it a BB cream then? Not quite, because the coverage of the Inika Liquid Foundation is a lot higher than that of most BB creams. So your skin gets 100% natural hydration and protection, and you also get perfect coverage. I know it sounds cliché, but this foundation really gives you the best of both worlds! The texture of the Inika Liquid Foundation is very creamy and the product is easy to apply and spread out. The finish is very natural and dewy. And the smell is very pleasant. It’s a herbal scent that smells really luxurious. A nice little extra if you ask me. Girls, I rrreally like this product, I think it might be my new go-to foundation!

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Price: 47.50 CHF, available at Thetwistshop

Inika Mineral Blush in Pink Pinch

Next up is the Inika Mineral Blush in Pink Pinch, a loose mineral blush with a built-in powder puff. How convenient. I had to adjust a bit to this way of applying blush, but the built-in powder puff is really soft and is easy to use. I like using it to add color to the apples of my cheeks. Prefer using your own blush brush? No problem, because the part with the puff can be removed and you’ll be left with a normal jar with a regular twist lid. Pink Pinch adds a soft pinch of pink to my cheeks that looks very delicate, sweet and natural. The color also has a bit of a sheen to it, which creates a subtle glowing effect. Pretty.

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Price: 27 CHF, available at Thetwistshop

Inika Mineral Eye Shadow in Lightening

The Inika Mineral Eye Shadow in Lightening is a loose mineral eyeshadow in a shimmery pure white color. I personally like to use it as a highlighter. That means that I don’t use Lightening on my whole eyelid, but instead I use it in the inner corners of my eyes or as an accent color to add some light to my eyes. The shimmery finish beautifully captures the light and gives you that fresh-eyed look. You’ll be amazed to see what that little bit of brightness can do for your eyes!

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Price: 19.95 CHF, available at Thetwistshop

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Did you already know the Inika brand? What do you think of the products and the look?


  1. De blush vind ik echt super mooi! Wat een mooi merk ook :)

  2. Oh this brand is new to me! Thanks for putting it on my radar :) I’m glad to hear the sponge can be removed! That way it can be cleaned properly. I also agree that a bit of light in the inner corners can go a long, long way! Love the look!

  3. Mooie look! Lijken me fijne producten

  4. Die blush vind ik echt geweldig! Heel mooi en tof!

  5. Dit klinkt echt heel erg goed! De blush is prachtig :)

  6. the result is amazing!

  7. Heel mooi en het ziet er ook zo natuurlijk uit allemaal. I love the blush, grappige spons!

  8. You are So beautiful !! Awesome post !! Love it :)

    New Post up…

  9. Magnifique look ! Très lumineux comme résultat ;)

  10. Ziet er echt mooi uit :)

    Ik kende het merk niet maar ik ga wel kijken, misschien hebben ze een leuk kleurtje voor mij :P

    Ik vind het wit voor je ogen erg mooi !!

    Ik heb net een nieuwe post geplaast en ben natuurlijk benieuwd naar je mening!


  11. Oh, didn’t know this brand! Thanks for introducing it to us, will be on the lookout for it :)

  12. You look really look lovely:) That foundations sounds like something I’d like to try. Have never heard of this brand before.

  13. Wat zijn je ogen mooi opgemaakt zeg!

  14. First time i heard this brand name but the products looks goods especially the blush. I love that it has a brush and the best part is that can be removed as well. Great review as always and your make up is flawless

  15. Très beau maquillage ^^

  16. Ooo I have a friend who lives in Australia… I just might have a special request for that blush! I love the look you did!

  17. Die blush en oogschaduw vind ik prachtig. Je hebt er een hele mooie look mee gemaakt!

  18. Ik kende het merk nog niet, maar wat hebben ze mooie producten! De look die je gemaakt heb is ook weer erg mooi.

  19. De look is supermooi! :) x

  20. I never saw a liquid mineral foundation! That seems really nice. I saw this brand at feel unique and I might take a look a their products :) xx

  21. Wauw, het ziet er echt mooi uit! Kende het merk ook nog niet, maar het ziet er veelbelovend uit.

  22. Ik had nog nooit van dit merk gehoord, maar het ziet er echt goed uit! Mooie look :) xx

  23. Ziet er goed uit!

  24. beautybyhappiness

    September 4, 2013 at 5:15 pm

    Lijkt mij wel een handige applicator bij die blush :) Ik kende het merk nog niet.

  25. Dit merk kende ik nog niet, maar het ziet er allemaal wel erg goed uit!

  26. You know, I never heard about this stuff, the blush in particular inspires me, you look so stunning in the photos, really love the make up you created, flawless! Kisses! xo

  27. I didn’t know about that brand, but the coverage looks amazing! So beautiful!

  28. I’ve never heard of this brand! The blush is such a gorgeous shade, and the look you put together is really soft and feminine, even with the smokey eye :D

  29. Dit merk ken ik nog helemaal niet. Toch vind ik het er erg mooi uit zien :) Ik ben vooral erg benieuwd naar de blush

  30. I’m always trying to find organic make up and the only mineral make up I have used is bareMinerals and I love it so I added this brand to my list! :D

  31. De blush ziet er echt mooi uit :). Mooie look heb je gemaakt :)!

  32. Ik kende dit merk niet. Ziet er goed uit :)

  33. Great products and amazing result on your face… you look beautiful, as always!!!!

  34. One of the many things I love about your blog is that I read about great brands that I would have not discovered otherwise. The foundation is now on my wish list!

  35. this makeup looks so gorgy on you babe!!! and yes that little bit of white shimmer looks amazing in your tea ducts! but OMGOSH that blush is SOOOO SO NEAT! i’ve never seen anything like that.. i’m obsessed w/ neat packaging and that is SO SO NEAT lololol!

  36. I love natural makeup but I hate powder foundation. It’s nice to see a liquid foundation in a cruelty brand. The blush is also pretty, nice look.

  37. Wauw wat kan jij goed make-up op doen! Wil je het ook een keer voor mij doen :p

  38. Wauww die blush! Heel erg mooi.

  39. Ik wil jouw make-up skills :(

  40. Never heard of them before, but great eyeshadow and really cute powder puff. It brightens up your eyes immensely, pretty!

  41. Zien er leuke producten uit, vooral die mineral blush!

  42. ik kende dit merk nog niet. de producten zien er mooi uit. de blush vind ik vooral mooi :)

  43. En weeral een merk dat ik niet kende, jullie hebben daar nogal wat!!

  44. merci pour ton petit passage sur mon blog :) très sympa ton article et tu es très jolie !!

  45. Je ogen zijn mooi opgemaakt vind ik!

  46. The blush looks very natural on you. And you are just so pretty!!!

  47. I love this Inika Mineral Eye Shadow :)

  48. You look amazing as always!
    Laura. xx

  49. I like this make up, interesting products!!!

  50. you look so pretty!! amazing make up :)

  51. I love the packaging of the blush! It is so unique and the color looks lovely on you!

  52. Interesting concept. Looks great!

  53. everytime i see your post, i always end up walk into makeup stores

  54. I also got it, but still I don’t feel sure how to use it;)

  55. Love the blush! It looks very pretty and natural on you!

  56. Hele mooie subtiele blush! Ik kende het merk nog niet. Vind het product er ook bijzonder uit zien :)


    Maria Antoinette

  57. Je maakt altijd van die mooi en duidelijk full face foto’s, mijn complimenten!
    Het merk kende ik nog niet maar de producten zien er goed uit.

  58. You look so pretty <3

  59. Die oogschaduw lijkt me nog wel wat. Mooie ooglook heb je weer gemaakt!

  60. very nice review. i have used some good products from them.

  61. Love the look!

    x Krizia

  62. Leuke review! Wat een mooie foundation en oogschaduw! Ziet er erg natuurlijk uit! Ik kende het merk nog niet!

  63. didn’t really love the inika foundation when i tried it (probs mainly down to the fact that it was completely the wrong colour!)
    Emma x

  64. Great review as always! You look beautiful, I want try those products xoxo

  65. Love the blush and eye shadow… they look great!

  66. Cool result I love your eyes!

  67. Ik had er nog nooit van gehoord. Maar de blush is echt een prachtig kleurtje!

  68. Never heard of them :) but they look fantastic! Love how you styled your makeup!

  69. Mooie look, ik ken dit merk niet, maar het lijken me fijne producten. Vooral de foundation spreekt me wel aan. X

  70. I did not know this brand, but I would like to try the blush and the highlighting eyeshadow. I do not know if this foundation would fit to my skin and that’s why I am not so interested in this product. I like the way you are writing your reviews. :-)

  71. love the blush!:) the shade looks so cute and natural!♥

  72. Hi Melissa, you look very beautiful and I will definitely try the BB cream! xx

  73. Aah je maakt altijd prachtige foto’s! Ik heb nog nooit van het merk gehoord, maar ziet er mooi uit. X

  74. Such pretty packaging. You look beautiful as usual.

  75. I’ve never heard about that brand. seems to be of high quality :-) looks great on you

  76. Your make-up is super gorgeous!

  77. Wauw, weer is je look stunning! Ik vind de foundation wel uniek, mooie kleur en de kwaliteit on ya face looks good.

  78. Wat een prachtig merk, ik kende het helemaal nog niet maar ziet er prachtig uit!

  79. Your eyes look huge here! and super lifted!

  80. Your makeup is just amazing! I really love that you featured some Australian brands as I never have used any. Great to find new products! Love the blush with the built in powder puff! Looks so beautiful!


  81. Wat een mooie foundation, een Australische foundation nog wel! Staat je heel goed. Complimentje trouwens weer voor je make-up look, wat zie je er prachtig uit!

  82. Zo mooie producten, en je look ziet er super uit!

  83. A little of that brightening eye shadow really goes a long way! It looks amazing!

  84. oh wow the foundation looks really good and its awesome that they’re all organic <3 you look so stunning as always :)

  85. Your makeup looks stunning, as usual.

  86. Ziet er goed uit ! :D
    x Jana

  87. I love the packaging of that blush! Also, I wanted to let you know I got that prize. I really love the gold leaf topcoat! Thank you so much for hosting it!

  88. I didn’t know this brand before. The foundation looks lovely on you ;-)

  89. Love INIKA :) De verpakkingen zien er zo mooi uit, dit is mijn favoriete luxe eco-make up merk, mooie look!

  90. Ces produits ont l’air géniaux,en tout cas le résultat est génial!!!

  91. Never hear about this brand before, but I’m curios to try out the foundation which sounds very nice. :)


  92. The blush looks so gorgeous! I’ve never heard about Inika but I’m going to look them up!

  93. Nice blush! Like to try this


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