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Ever since the Clarisonic & co were unleashed upon the world, half of beauty land started using a face brush to cleanse their skin. But I didn’t. Until recently that is, because a few weeks ago I started using the brand new LUNA from FOREO. Never heard of it? Just wait, because I’m sure it won’t be long until this beauty tool conquers the world just like the Clarisonic did a while ago. Let’s have a closer look together.

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FOREO’s LUNA is a new generation face ‘brush’ that uses T-Sonic pulsations to deeply yet at the same time gently cleanse the skin. Unlike many face brushes the LUNA doesn’t have bristles but instead it has smooth rounded silicon touch points, and that makes it softer and more gentle on the skin. It also makes the LUNA more hygienic and easier to clean than traditional face brushes. The LUNA is waterproof so you can just rinse it off or hold it under water. The transdermal pulsations of the device remove dirt, oil and make-up from the surface of the skin and from the pores, with perfectly cleansed skin as a result. They also remove dead skin cells for smoother and softer skin. And there is more, because the LUNA does not only have a cleansing function but also an anti-aging function. By using the back of the device and by using a lower frequency pulsation, the LUNA can diminish fine lines and wrinkles by relaxing the muscles and promoting cell renewal. So in a nutshell the product promises instantly deeply cleansed skin, and visibly clearer, healthier and smoother-looking skin in the long run. Not bad, huh?

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So how do you use this strange little device? Easy. To cleanse your skin in the morning and in the evening you use the side with the rounded touch points. You use it for two minutes together with your regular face cleanser. So that could be a cleansing milk, a face wash or whatever you normally use. During those two minutes you gently move the LUNA up and down and from side to side, all over your face. You can adjust the frequency of the pulsations with the plus and minus buttons on the device. You can recharge the LUNA with the charger that comes with it and after a full recharge you should be good for up to 450 cleansing sessions. So you’re not stuck to a wire and you can walk around while cleansing, neat. To use the anti-aging function you use the back of the LUNA and a lower frequency pulsation. You should treat every part of your face for about 12 seconds, and just enjoy and relax.

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I initially didn’t like the idea of having to cleanse my face for two whole minutes every morning and evening (booooring) but the LUNA actually feels so pleasant on my skin that now I look forward to it. The gentle movements and the pulsations have a very relaxing effect and before you know it those two minutes are up. And the anti-aging function has a really soothing effect on me as well. I often just hop in the couch with my LUNA and take my time to treat every part of my face. You can compare it to a do-it-yourself face massage. And boy, do I love massages!

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And the results? I can confirm that the LUNA does a great job at cleansing my skin. I have (or had, rather) a lot of acne lately but ever since I started using the LUNA it’s been a lot better. I did have to go through a nasty purge phase with whiteheads showing up everywhere, but once I got through that my skin looked a lot better. I can’t really judge the long-term effects or the anti-aging effect of the LUNA yet, but so far I am very happy with my new toy and I will definitely continue to use it. I am officially following the face brush trend now, woohoo!

The LUNA is available on the FOREO website and costs 199$. FOREO ships worldwide. I have the version for combination skin, but there is also one for sensitive to normal skin and one for ultra-sensitive skin.

Have you heard about the FOREO LUNA yet? Do you use a special cleansing tool for your face?

115 thoughts on “Review | FOREO LUNA for combination skin

  1. Ik heb erover gehoord door de dame boven mij die ertussen aan het twijfelen was. Net als jij ben ik niet meegegaan in de face brush trend, en ik heb nog steeds geen 200 euro over voor een borstel waarmee ik mijn gezicht reinig. Het product klinkt ongelofelijk goed, maar 200 euro gaat me toch iets te ver. Als het nou vijftig was geweest, had ik het nog willen aanschaffen, maar dit vind ik een veel te hoog bedrag. That being said, je hebt weer een fantastische review geschreven waar veel mensen wat aan zullen hebben!

  2. Oeh, deze ken ik eigenlijk nog helemaal niet. Maar het klinkt als een geweldig apparaat! Ik weet alleen niet of ik het serieus iedere dag in mijn routine zou gebruiken, dus dan vind ik 200 euro nogal veel geld haha!

  3. Goede review, nu weet ik eindelijk wat het precies is en doet. Ik had er wel eerder van gehoord maar het zag er zo alien-achtig uit, dat ik de draad alweer kwijt was! Het klinkt heel veelbelovend, maar €200 vind ik wel aan de te dure kant.

  4. Hi Melissa! I just watched a youtube video review on this product by the fantastic Wayne Goss, and it was hilarious! I couldn’t stop laughing. “It’s multi purpose” , hahaha
    I think this sounds like a wonderful product, but I don’t have the budget to afford it right now. I had my eye on the clarisonic, but I might change my mind and ask Santa for the Foreo one… I shall be a good girl until then! lol

  5. Fijne review, ik moet zeggen dat het ding er wel heel leuk uitziet; leuk kleurtje en mooie, zachte vorm. Ik ben stiekem wel erg benieuwd hoe dit op je huid aanvoelt, en 2 minuutjes; tja je kunt er toch bij zitten dus dat lukt me wel ;-)

  6. Klinkt echt geweldig en aan je review zal het totaal niet liggen, maar dit geld heb ik helaas gewoon niet en zeker niet voor zo iets. Zoals Lidewij al aangaf: voor 50 euro had ik het nog wel gekocht (ook met 100 x nadenken)

  7. You are right, I have never heard of it but now I want one! Looks like such a great tool! Two minutes to clean my face doesn’t sound like a long time to me as it would be worth it to have beautiful skin! I love that it comes in an ultra-sensitive skin version! Perfect!


  8. i want this!!! it looks so so neat.. and pretty i love the pale blue cooler.. way cooler than my clairasonic!!

    your comment was so sweet.. i heart you babe!!

  9. Ik ben superbenieuwd geworden! Lijkt me zo fijn, ik zat ook al te denken om een clarisonic te kopen, maar die minder hygienische borstels die je moet vervangen lijkt me wel een minpunt. Fijn dat je Foreo zo makkelijk schoon kan houden!

  10. Een echte beautygadget! ‘t zou alleen niks voor mij zijn. Ik vind een epileermachine al te veel gedoe :P


    Maria Antoinette

  11. Thanks for the review, Melissa! This sounds like the next Clarisonic! It’s great that you don’t have to buy replacement heads for it as well! Glad to hear it has made a good difference for your skin :)

  12. Ik gebruik zelf geen speciale reinigingstool voor mijn gezicht, maar vind de Foreo Luna wel erg goed klinken. We weet dat ik hem in de toekomst eens aan ga schaffen.

  13. Interesting. I love my clarisonic and it sounds like it’s a similar premise. The idea of being able to sit on the couch while I wash my face is pretty appealing (yes, I am that lazy!). Course, since I have a clarisonic I’m not really in the market for another gadget, but this does sound interesting. Thanks for stopping by and commenting!

  14. hi I was wondering how long was the “purging” stage was because I really want to get this to clear up my acne, but I don’t want my face to be in the purging state for a long time.

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