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Make-up look | A hypoallergenic make-up look with Clinique

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Are you allergic to something? I’m glad I’m not. I mean, what if I were allergic to chocolate, that would be a nightmare! Or even worse, to make-up! I would go crazy! Or maybe not, because even people with allergies or very sensitive skin can wear make-up nowadays. There are plenty of cosmetics brands that don’t use fragrance or allergens in their products and that have their products tested and approved by dermatologists and eye doctors. Like Clinique for example. Today I’ve created a hypoallergenic look with make-up from the brand. I can’t wait to show you the full look, but let’s have a closer look at the products first.

Clinique Chubby Stick Intense in Heftiest Hibiscus

Make-up look (A hypoallergenic look with Clinique) (1)

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The Clinique Chubby Stick Intense is the even more pigmented version of the original Chubby Stick. The mango butter, shea butter and jojoba oil in the formula really nourish and hydrate the lips and the anti-oxidants provide extra protection. So you get the nourishing effect of a lip balm with the color intensity of a lipstick. Heftiest Hibiscus is a vibrant orangey red shade that will brighten up any look. Retail price: 29 CHF.

Clinique Chubby Stick Shadow Tint in Mighty Moss

Make-up look (A hypoallergenic look with Clinique) (2)

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The Clinique Chubby Stick Shadow Tint is a jumbo eyeshadow pencil. The creamy formula is soft, glides on and stays put all day. I love to wear mossy greens and olive shades on my eyes, so it’s no surprise that I really like Mighty Moss. I think it’s the perfect shade for fall. Retail price: 29 CHF.

Clinique A Different Nail Enamel in Party Red

Make-up look (A hypoallergenic look with Clinique) (3)

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Make-up look (A hypoallergenic look with Clinique) (4)

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Not just the skin on your face and body can have an allergic or sensitive reaction to cosmetics, but so can the skin on your hands and fingers. I’ve never had a reaction to nail polish before, but for those who have Clinique recently developed a line of hypoallergenic nail polishes. But also people who don’t suffer from sensitive skin will love the A Different Nail Enamel nail lacquers, because the colors are great and the bottles are super sleek and pretty. The color that I have is called Party Red, a beautiful blood red shade that gives full coverage in just one coat. Retail price: 26 CHF.

Clinique High Impact Extreme Volume Mascara in Extreme Black

Make-up look (A hypoallergenic look with Clinique) (5)

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The name says it all. This extremely black mascara promises extreme volume for dramatic-looking lashes. That’s a lot of extremes in one sentence. The color is indeed pitch black, but I wouldn’t really call the volumizing effect extreme. The mascara nicely separates my lashes, and it also thickens and lengthens them a bit. So it’s good, but not extreme. Retail price: 32.90 CHF.

Clinique Quickliner for eyes intense in Intense Peacock

Make-up look (A hypoallergenic look with Clinique) (6)

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A waterproof precision eye pencil with a built-in smudger. I usually go for black eyeliner, but I also like almost-black shades like this one. Intense Peacock is a pretty dark blue shade that really brings out my eyes without being too much. I think it looks lovely together with the Mighty Moss Chubby Stick Shadow Tint, and it’s another great color for fall. Retail price: 28.90 CHF.

Make-up look (A hypoallergenic look with Clinique) (7)

Click to enlarge | from left to right: Chubby Stick Intense in Heftiest Hibiscus, Chubby Stick Shadow Tint in Mighty Moss & Quickliner in Intense Peacock

And now the look! Here it is:

Make-up look (A hypoallergenic look with Clinique) (8)

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Make-up look (A hypoallergenic look with Clinique) (9)

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Make-up look (A hypoallergenic look with Clinique) (10)

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Make-up look (A hypoallergenic look with Clinique) (12)

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In addition to my five Clinique products I also used a mineral powder foundation from Lily Lolo, a mineral blush from Inika and the Shiseido Shimmering Cream Eye Color in BK912.

Do you like the look? Do you use skin-friendly cosmetics? Would you wear any of these Clinique products?


  1. Wow le rouge à lèvres est super joli et j’adore le vernis!!Tres joli maquillage!!Tes belle!!

  2. oh, might moss might be worth giving a try. i like the idea and the formula of the chubby sticks for eyes, but i tried a colora, that was really light and didnt show up well on my skin.

  3. Die lipbalm is mooi!
    Zelf ben ik sowieso een grote fan van lipbalms!

  4. you look lovely!
    I’m allergic to many things (like diet coke, toothpaste etc but luckily I’m not allergic to makeup!:)

  5. Goed om te weten! Mijn moeder is allergisch aan nagellak, ik zal haar zeggen dat ze die van Clinique eens moet uit testen. Weeral een mooie look btw :)

  6. Very nice, I’m also a fan of muted greens and teals great selection. I really dig the peacock liner.

  7. I think the full face look is gorgeous! I love how you always show the products on your face too, some bloggers just show a swatch on their hands, but I think that’s not enough to really show a product!

  8. Wat een prachtige producten zeg! Vooral die nagellak en de kleur op je lippen!

  9. Beautiful, this eye pencil is my favorite I adore the color and it looks really good on you

  10. Gorgeous, as always :-)! Rood is een lipkleur die ik niet snel zal dragen…ik zet liever m’n ogen in de kijker! Jaloers op jouw eyelooks trouwens :-)

  11. I want to try the eyepencil!

  12. I always do mani/pedis cause I’m so lazy. haha I think red is the best nail color cause it’s very dressy and sexy, and it goes with everything! I also like french manicures a lot!

  13. Wat een prachtige look heb je er weer van gemaakt! De lipstick staat je super goed!! Het blauwe lijntje onder je ook vind ik ook erg mooi.

  14. I love the look. I also adore the Clinique chubby sticks, both for the lips and for the eyes. xx

  15. Wat een schitterende look weer, echt super!

  16. De producten lijken me perfecte kwaliteit en kleurintensiteit. In de look passen ze ook geweldig bij elkaar!

  17. Wow, stunning <3 Ik ben echt gek op de chubby sticks van Clinique, zijn echt superfijn!

  18. Prachtige look! Ik houd wel van skin-friendly producten, met name als ik het direct op mijn huid smeer zoals foundation.

  19. Mooie kleuren, ziet er goed uit!

  20. Wahhh leuke aankoopjes! Ik wil die
    Clinique chubby lipstick héél erg!
    En ik wist niet dat er mango butter
    erin zat, extra fijn c: Xx

  21. I have a lot of allergies and intolerances sadly. Once I had an reaction to a mascara from Dior. Swollen eyes. That was no fun. I’m glad that Clinique thinks about the poor allergic people too. That look is beautiful. Love the eye make up and that lip color. I have to try this too, Have a happy weekend!!

    xx Mira

  22. I´ve always wanted to try these Clinique sticks but I never got to :/ The nail polish looks flawless, too!

  23. I love this look on you:) I really like the Clinique line, esp. the Dramatically Different moisturizer and the Quickliner.

  24. I don’t know what happened to my first comment, but just wanna say that I love Clinique and that you look great:)

  25. Allergique je suis! mais pas au chocolat dieu merci! ;-) mais j’ai souvent les yeux qui coulent au contact des crayons dans la muqueuse par exemple (c’est pour ça que j’en mets jamais!)et à certains mascaras! donc cet article m’intéresse beaucoup!
    Wow wow, tu réalises des make-ups sublimes! celui-ci met tes yeux particulièrement en valeur et effectivement ces tons verts te vont à merveille! le rouge à lèvres est magnifique aussi! j’ai envie de tout acheter maintenant, c’est malin! ;-)
    Bisou, Hindie.

  26. Love the look and would definitely use the Clinique Chubby Stick, anything that contains Jojoba oil and mango butter works for me and the red one is just perfect

  27. Ik moet nog steeds de lak eens proberen…


  28. Clinique is one of my fav cosmetics brand, the quality is great. My fav product is the Chubby stick, either for lips and eyes. I still havent tried the nail lacquer but it inspires me. You created such an amazing make up look!:) Kisses! xo

  29. Dit is echt een prachtige look! Love it ;)

  30. J’adooooooooooooooooore !!!!
    C’est parfait :-)

  31. Mooie look en ik vind de producten ook mooi. Ik hou vooral van de foundations van Clinique;)

  32. Hele mooie producten en wat fijn ook dat ze hypo-allergeen zijn! De look vind ik ook heel erg mooi.

  33. I really like clinique products!

  34. Wat mooi die rode kleurtjes!

  35. LOVE how the look turned out! Heftiest Hibiscus is adorable! I have Curviest Caramel, but the finish doesn’t seem as juicy. I’m not too big of a fan of the eye chubbies (the tip is too big for my limited lid space), but I do like chubby intense :)

  36. Je look is weer zo prachtig!

  37. You look so pretty ! I really want to try Clinique eyeshadow sticks !

  38. OMGOSH this lip color is SOOO GORGY on you!! it’s so striking i love it!! well all of your makeup looks so striking on you.. teheheh! but this lip color in particular.. i want to try this intense chubby sticks the color payoff is amazing!

  39. Ik heb al heel wat artikelen gelezen over de Chubby Sticks, maar ik heb er nog nooit eentje gekocht. Ben wel echt benieuwd naar zo’n stick!!

  40. Amazing, as always… you look fab with this make-up!!!
    great job!

  41. Erg mooi weer!

  42. Love that moss color on your gorgeous eyes! I love Clinique’s products. My skin tends to be acne-prone and they have great products for that too!

  43. I have used Clinique products for many years. Its perfect for people like me. I am allergic to many synthetics that are found in cosmetics.

  44. The chubby stick looks great! I had also the high impact extreme mascara and I must say I wasn’t happy with it at all. Volume was great, but it was to wet and the brush was very hard & felt uncomfortable on my skin. Have a lovely weekend ; ) mimi

  45. Ooooo J’adore! Love your eye makeup, it suits you so well!

  46. that shade of The Clinique Chubby Stick Intense looks divine! i love the color! :)

  47. I love the chubby stick color and the nail polish! Seriously gorgeous!

  48. Die kleuren staan je prachtig ! Ik ben allergisch aan butylparaben dus ik moet echt van elk product het ingrediëntenlijstje lezen :)

  49. Wow prachtige look! Die kleuren staan je goed meid! Die nagellak wil ik ook wel! Lekker fel!

  50. beautybyhappiness

    September 14, 2013 at 7:45 pm

    Wow, prachtige oogpotlood! Mooie intense kleur :)

  51. Vooral de ooglook vind ik prachtig!

  52. i loved the Chubby Stick colour by Clinique! i loved the article too!!! very well explained, i´m also a Make Up Artist in Argentina, here is my blog if you want to check it out!! lets keep in touch

  53. Mooie look heb je gemaakt de kleur van de chubby stick vindt ik prachtig en de Quickliner in Intense Peacock is ook lovely

  54. Jouw looks zijn altijd zo mooi! Staat je weer prachtig!

  55. Oh I have the Clinique mascara too and I love it! It’s the best one I ever had so far! :D

  56. Mooie look, vooral de lippen vind ik super!
    Ik ben trouwens wel soort van allergisch voor chocolade, maar gelukkig eet ik het niet graag :p
    En het lukte me niet om met wordpress op je blog te reageren, maar misschien ligt het gewoon aan mijn laptop…

  57. I’ve always loved Clinique makeup, this is truly stunning!
    Laura. xx

  58. Ohh dat nagelkleurtje.. classic lovely shade. ^_^

  59. You look gorgeous! Love the lip colour!

  60. I Looove the lips! Well the whole look is great… but the lip colour is GORGEOUS!

  61. you are so talented! amazing make up :)

  62. One of the reasons I love bareMinerals is because the brand is so skin-friendly. It causes me no distress. On the other hand, I still haven’t found a foundation that really covers the redness my nose sometimes gets due to my Dermatomyositis– I’ve been thinking about trying Clinique’s products for rosacea for that. I used to used their loose powder, till their colors changed. Good stuff, and the daily moisturizer is wonderful stuff.

  63. That is a super gorgeous look – I especially love that Peacock liner under the eyes! Such a brilliant green. And that Chubby Stick lip pencil has been on my wishlist – love reds!

  64. Oh really lovely look dear,
    So bad than Clinique is really expensive.
    Thanks for share your look with us!

  65. wauw! wat een super mooie look
    en die nagellak ook <3 love it!

  66. Mooi! :) Ik vind die chubby sticks zo mooi.

  67. omg your eyes are so pretty :) your pictures have really good quality :)

  68. You look fabulous, gorgeous makeup and I love the nail polish!
    Mafalda ❤

  69. I adore the nail polish and the chubby stick color!


  70. J’aime beaucoup les produits Clinique, je n’ai jamais été déçue ! Ton make up est superbe !

  71. Mooie producten! Ik ben fan (:

  72. Ik ben echt mega fan van die chubby sticks! Zaaalig! Mooie look trouwens!

  73. Looking lovely! I’m allergic to cats but no makeup thankfully!:)

  74. Very beautiful *-* Love your Look.

  75. Ik vind de chubby stick voor ogen heel fijn en simpel in gebruik! :D

  76. olala those nails! heel mooi en vooral heel jaloers hierzo :D

  77. I mainly look for skin friendly cosmetics to be honest. I have used for a long time the high impact mascara and a matte foundation from Clinique. It’s a brand I truly love!
    You look fab darling, especially for those red coral lips and nails.
    Your posts are always a pleasure to read! Love

  78. Wat een prachtige make-up! Je ogen zijn mooi, je lippenstift staat
    erg goed en het kleurtje van je nagels is top :D


  79. Wat een mooie producten van Clinique, en wat kun jij geweldig make-uppen!

    X ★

  80. Wat een prachtige look, mooie producten en je wenkbrauwen vind ik nog steeds perfectie!

  81. Hele mooie look! De kleuren passen echt heel mooi bij elkaar. Zelf ben ik een blondine, denk je dat deze look te ‘zwaar’ zal staan?

    • Ik denk dat de lipkleur echt fantastisch staat bij blond haar! En de oogmake-up kan volgens mij ook wel, alleen misschien een minder gedefinieerd lijntje onderaan het oog. Gotta try it to know though :-)

  82. Oh wauw, de ooglook is echt helemaal geweldig! Zou je daar een tutorial van willen maken? Goede review!

  83. Hele mooie look. Je maakt trouwens echt mooie foto’s! x

  84. What a lovely make up you are wearing! It suits you so, so well!


  85. Oh my gosh you look stunning, I love what you did with this make up! Lovely!

  86. Wat een mooie ooglook heb jij gemaakt!!
    mooie producten zijn het!

  87. Ik ben zo iemand met een hele moeilijke huid. Ik ben ten eerste allergisch en daarbovenop krijg ik ook héél snel puistjes en zwarte puntjes door mijn wijde poriën en algemeen gevoelige huid. ZO jammer! Ik heb ook een héél miniem budget, waardoor veel van die anti-allergene producten buiten mijn budget vallen. Geen make-up voor mij dus! xo

  88. I love this polish, it is so pretty!

  89. I love Clinique make up! Their chubby sticks are so great!

  90. Clinique has some really nice products! The chubby sticks look amazing and I love the color of that nail polish ! It’s so bold and beautiful

  91. Clinique is such an amazing brand! I’ve heard of the Sticks but I didn’t get them last season..maybe this winter!

  92. You look gorgeous! I have more clinique products than I can count (I get sucked in with the Gift with purchases) lol. I’m Thankful I’m only allergic to pollen and not tasty treats or skincare!

  93. So gorgeous. Clinique sure is a great brand.

  94. Their chubby sticks are awesome! i have to be careful, because I have sensitive skin. So this is good.

  95. Love this look. I love Clinique as a brand because sometimes my skin can be sensitive and they are always trustworthy!

  96. You looks so pretty! I really want to try the Clinique Chubby Sticks, they look like they’re well pigmented and glides on smoothly! I love your blush too!

  97. Wat ben je toch een plaatje! :D Gelukkig ben ik niet allergisch voor make up! Maar voor de mensen die t wel zijn kan ik me goed voorstellen dat t fijn is dat deze producten er zijn! Clinique is dan ook wel een heel fijn merk.. goed artikel! X

  98. Wauw wat een felle lippen zeg! Heel goed dat Clinique met producten komt aanzetten die door iedereen gebruikt kan worden, of je nou een allergie hebt of niet :)

  99. That chubby stick looks lovely on you :) xx

    // Inês Paúl //

  100. I love this look! It’s absolutely gorgeous and very classic looking! It’ll never go out of style!

  101. Amazing look – the lip and nail colors are so good!

  102. Ik ben echt een fan van de shubby stick!

  103. Wat een prachtige look zeg, wauw! Impressed, deeply! Vind je lipkleur fantastisch.

  104. Let’s talk about how amazing your eyebrows are for a second… OMG… ok, back to the makeup… I really love that Chubby stick shadow on you! Luckily I’m not allergic to anything that I know of, but it’s good to know products are out there for people who are.

  105. damn die producten zien er goed uit! Ik denk dat ik alleen nog maar een mascara en de moisturiser van clinique heb getest in mn hele leven :d

  106. I like the Mighty Moss shade!

  107. I love how these products look on you! *-*

  108. Amazing nail- and lipcolor!
    Thank you for stopping by our blog! xx

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