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Review | Fendi L’Acquarossa eau de parfum

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Red is the color of passion, femininity and fire. And it is also the color of the newest Fendi fragrance, L’Acquarossa. L’Acquarossa – which translates into red water – aims at a strong yet sophisticated woman who is proud, elegant and ultra feminine. The fragrance is powerful, sensual and full of temperament, just like the woman who wears it. And since I am a strong fierce woman myself (cough) the new Fendi L’Acquarossa is perfect for me!

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Fendi L’Acquarossa comes in a sleek rectangular red bottle with golden and black details. Very elegant. The bottle alone oozes power and class. No frivolous girly girl stuff here!

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The fragrance itself is also strong and sophisticated. In the base notes of the perfume you will discover the seductive smell of red cedarwood, musk and patchouli. In the heart notes you will find the fruity spicy smell of Lantana flower, rose, orange blossom and magnolia. And in the top notes you will recognize the vivacious and intoxicating smell of bergamot, tangerine and plum.

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Now of course I didn’t figure all this out by myself – describing scents and analyzing perfumes is difficult – but one thing is for sure: Fendi L’Acquarossa is a complex and unique fragrance that smells very feminine and at the same time very powerful. Some might find L’Acquarossa a bit too heavy or overpowering, but I personally like strong perfumes. My taste in perfume is like my taste in music: very wide and diverse. Again, describing a perfume is difficult and very personal, but if you like rich, hypnotizing fragrances then I think you will like Fendi’s new L’Acquarossa.

The Fendi L’Acquarossa eau de parfum is available in 30 ml, 50 ml and 75 ml for respectively 77.90 CHF, 112 CHF and 137 CHF. All products from the Fendi L’Acquarossa line are sold exclusively at Marionnaud.

Do you like strong perfumes or do you prefer more subtle fragrances?


  1. I love strong perfumes, love them!

  2. Qua omschrijving denk ik; dit parfum is mij op het lijf geschreven ;-) De verpakking ziet er ook prachtig uit. Ik ben benieuwd! Ik zal hem zeker binnenkort besnuffelen.

  3. Ik houd wel van sterke geuren, mooie verpakking!

  4. Sterke geuren, I love it :-) Ik vind de flacon ook prachtig! :-)

  5. Erg mooie verpakking… Klinkt goed!

  6. Fijne review, ben erg benieuwd. En wat een mooie verpakking!

  7. Leuke review, de flacon van deze geur is prachtig!

  8. Sounds promising, I need to test it the next time I’m in a perfumery shop!
    I’m always on the hunt for good new perfume, so I’m quite curious to find out how this one smells!


  9. Wat een mooie flacon, zeg! Ik houd ook wel van zware geuren :-)

  10. I’m so bad at describing/figuring out perfumes! That’s a really hard thing. I cannot figure out what lantana flowers may smell mike, lol! Yes I suck …
    I still need to go to the shop and smell it! But I’ll look out for this one, I need a new scent for Fall-winter. I’m looking for an intense fragrance, because you only need a tiny drop and stays all day, and the bottle last for ages! I love those, head-turners fragrances! I remember once a guy asking me in the bus what perfume I had on, lol :)

  11. Ik houd ook wel van een sterke geur op zijn tijd!

  12. gorgeous packaging :) this might not be the scent for me since i am into light fresh scents <3

  13. Hey Melissa, I’ve been trying this one as well! It’s very interesting. I don’t think you get lantana a lot in fragrances. But you’re right: this one is not girly. It’s very woman-y!

  14. Il est fort possible que j’apprécie ce parfum car j’aime les parfum fort comme Alien de Thierry Mugler ou Coco Chanel mais aussi les doux comme Anais de Cacharel,sa dépend ^^
    En ce moment j’adore La Vie Est Belle de Lancome :)

  15. I’m not familiar with this, but it sounds lovely!
    Laura. xx

  16. ik heb fan di fendi gehad :) je interview bij deb heb ik met plezier gelezen! succes met de zoektocht naar werk :)

  17. Klinkt zeer goed! De verpakking ziet er ook mooi uit :).

  18. Binnenkort maar eens besnuffelen :D ik hou zelf meer van lichte parfums, maar op z’n tijd kan ik een wat sterkere geur ook waarderen.

  19. mm sounds good! ik hou wel van speciale geuren!
    xo Charlotte

  20. Ik hou van rood en dit flesje heeft toch iets van
    een mannelijke parfum flesje :o Ik ga denk ik
    deze binnenkort uitproberen! Xx

  21. ik ben benieuwd naar de geur

  22. That bottle is to die for!! I’m not one for very strong scents but now I’m curious… I’ll check it out next time I’m at a department store.

  23. I think you described it perfectly well and I love the picture that gives a visual explanation as well. I’m happy the perfume pleases you ^_^

  24. Fab review!
    Must try this scent!


  25. Ik hou wel van sterke parfums, klinkt goed!

  26. I love strong perfumes myself, esp. during the colder weather. I haven’t tried any Fendi perfumes yet, so thanks for this review. :)

  27. Sounds great and the packaging looks beautiful. I have to give it a try :D

    xx Mira

  28. Oh my!!! I think I would get this one only for the bottle!

  29. Great review, I’ll go and try it!
    Mafalda ❤

  30. I usually take the natural approach to fragrance and stick with essential oils like lemongrass, vanilla. If I do purchase a fragrance, I like soft, barely there scents.

  31. It sounds good! Lovely packaging!!!
    Kisses doll!

  32. Ik ben benieuwd naar het geurtje!

  33. Lijkt mij een hele lekkere parfum! Vooral patchoeli vind ik altijd zo lekker in een parfum. De verpakking vind ik er ook erg mooi uitzien.

  34. Lijkt mij een hele lekkere parfum! Vooral patchoeli vind ik altijd zo lekker als dat erin zit. Ook de verpakking vind ik er erg mooi uitzien.

  35. I prefer subtle fragrances. If it’s strong it has to smell good. LOL

  36. Let´s see and smell it!! ;)


  37. Faut que je retienne le nom de ce parfum et que je fonce chez marionnaud….

  38. I love perfumes with floral and fruity notes :)
    The packaging is gorgeous! xx

  39. Now you made me so curious! I am a perfumes addicted but I still havent tried this one, for sure I will soon!:) Kisses! xo

  40. interesting product :)

  41. beautybyhappiness

    September 18, 2013 at 7:23 pm

    Ik hou ook van sterke parfums… Wat heb je aan een parfum dat je amper kan ruiken?.

  42. Alleen voor het flesje al zou ik het kopen en de geur zal mij wel bekoren!

  43. I don’t if I’d like the scent but the bottle is beautiful.

    xo Ashley

  44. Oh this looks like such a brilliant scent! :)

  45. I love the pictorial description of the notes! More brands should do that, I think – sometimes I don’t know the name of a flower or note, but when I see the picture, it’s simple!

  46. I like the shape of the bottle.

  47. The scent sounds as bold as the packaging! I prefer lighter scents since strong ones sometimes give me a headache.


  48. Wat een chique fles! Ik hou wel van sterke parfums, maar niet iedere dag. Hij lijkt me wel lekker eigenlijk. x

  49. oh love this!!


  50. Ik had er nog nooit van gehoord maar de flacon is al chique.

  51. De perfecte parfum voor de strong headed carrièrevrouw dus, power women. Liever een zachte subtielere geur voor mij.

  52. Ik ben wel benieuwd. De geurnoten spreken me wel aan.

  53. Hmm apart flesje. De geurnoten zijn ook niet zo mijn ding. X

  54. looks good but i bet its expensive!

  55. I like subtle or fresh citrusy fragrances for summer. I like heavier warm fragrances for winter. The weather has began to cool here (mush to my dismay) and for the first time in months today I started wearing something heavy (Dior Hypnotic Poison, gifted to my by a friend of my mum a few years ago and I adore it now). I think tomorrow I’ll go back to light because I want my summer to continue! x

  56. Looks like a winter fragrance, as it’s strong! i must absolutely try it, as soon as i go to Sephora!
    Thank you for sharing!
    Kisses, Hindie.

  57. Ik had er nog nooit van gehoord, maar ‘t lijkt me een heerlijk luchtje. Vooral omdat ‘t een wat sterker luchtje is. En wat een classy flacon zeg! xo

  58. I bet this thing smells really good! The scent looks very unique and I too don’t know how to analyze scents but it looks really cool!I am always intrigued at all the different smells of perfumes hehe

  59. I am so awful at figuring out perfume notes but Fendi has made an interesting bottle! I would have thought they’d opt for something else! In either case, I bet it is classy!

  60. i love a subtle scent. i am sensitive.

  61. I love subtle scents! This looks amazing!

  62. I love fruity scents but I’m not a big fan of spicy. I wonder what they’d be like together!

  63. I like this fragrance! looks amazing!


  64. I love the bottle…such a sucker for packaging!

  65. oh I never smell this one, but the packaging is nice!

  66. Alleen de verpakking spreekt me al erg aan!

  67. I love this packaging!! So chic!

  68. Sounds great! Will definitely check this perfume out.

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