Bali Cosmetics review | part I: hair oils & hand cream

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A while ago I was contacted by the lovely Valeria from Bali Cosmetics. Valeria sells pure, natural and organic products from Bali in her online shop and she asked me if I wanted to try a few of them. Interesting! So my answer was yes, and a few days later I found this lovely package in my mail box, nicely wrapped and with a sweet little note.

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Valeria, you are such a darling :-) Now I bet you guys want to see what Valeria sent me, huh? Alright then, let’s have a look!

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Lots of fun goodies! First I’m reviewing the two hair products and the hand cream that I got, so in part one it’s all about beautiful hair and soft hands. And in part two I’ll be focusing on the skin and body care products that I received. Ready? Okay, here we go!

Blue Stone Botanicals Traditional Balinese Tonic for Hair & Scalp

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This hair oil with pure kukui nut oil, coconut oil and ylang ylang will keep your scalp and hair roots healthy and will make your hair soft, shiny and bouncy. You have to heat up the oil, massage it into your scalp and leave it on for at least a couple of hours, and you have to repeat this regularly. So it’s definitely not a quick fix and you have to invest a little time and effort to make this product work. Now you have to know this: I always said that hair oils were not for me and that I would never use them on my greasy hair. So I kind of felt like an idiot, standing there with this bottle of hair oil in my hand… Of course Valeria didn’t know about my anti-hair oil conviction and for her I wanted to give the product a chance. And my limp lifeless hair could kind of use a boost anyway, so I decided to push my prejudices aside and to go for it.

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The Blue Stone Botanicals Traditional Balinese Tonic for Hair & Scalp – phew, what a mouthful – comes in a little plastic 118 ml bottle with a push cap that you can click open. The texture of the oil is more watery than I had expected and this makes the product fairly easy to apply. I use the oil once a week, usually in the weekend. I apply it in the morning and leave it in for two to three hours. And then I rinse it out with shampoo. I shampoo my hair three times just to make sure I get out all the oil and then I let it air dry. My hair definitely looks more shiny after I’ve used this hair oil, and it also feels softer. Aren’t there easier, quicker ways to get shiny soft hair then? Sure, but I hope that in the long run I will not only get shine and softness but also stronger, healthier hair, and that’s why I will continue to use this product. To be continued!

Price: 49.90 CHF at Bali Cosmetics.

Nacha Naturals Bali Hair Oil

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The Nacha Naturals Bali Hair Oil is, as the name states, another hair oil. Well damn. But since I gave the first hair oil a chance, I decided to give this one the benefit of the doubt as well. The combination of jojoba oil, sesame oil, olive oil, avocado oil and wheat germ oil with lavender, sage, chamomile, cedar wood and rosemary should stimulate hair growth and prevent hair loss. Now that sounded like music to my ears! My hair is thin, fine and I don’t have a lot of it, so I was very excited to start using this hair oil. You just have to warm it up, massage it into your scalp, leave it on for at least 20 minutes and rinse it out with shampoo.

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I have been using the Nacha Naturals Bali Hair Oil once a week for four weeks now, together with the Blue Stone Botanicals Traditional Balinese Tonic for Hair & Scalp. An hour or two before I get in the shower I massage the product into my scalp and I just let it sit. And then I wash it out. I was happy to discover that my hair doesn’t feel any greasier afterwards and that it doesn’t get greasy any faster in the days that follow either. I honestly expected the worst, because the Nacha Naturals Bali Hair Oil really looks and feels like olive oil. But luckily my fear was ungrounded. And the smell? Oh gosh, it’s so lovely! The essential oils in the formula really are a feast for your nose. I don’t notice any changes in my hair growth yet and I still find as much hair in my comb as before, but honestly, after only four weeks I’d say that’s to be expected. I will continue to use the Nacha Naturals Bali Hair Oil, and then hopefully in a few months’ time I will see a difference!

Price: 34.90 CHF at Bali Cosmetics.

Griya Kelapa Coconut Lime Hand Cream

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This hand cream with rice protein, coconut and lime softens and nourishes dry hands. I have very dry hands and I go through tubes of hand cream like a mad woman. A small tube lasts me about two weeks, and then it’s empty. I am already a third in this Griya Kelapa Coconut Lime Hand Cream but I really try to use as little product as possible, because it smells soooo good and I want to enjoy this hand cream for as long as I can. The mix of coconut and lime – all-natural of course – really smells amazing. And the hand cream also softens and moisturizes my hands as promised. It doesn’t necessarily do a better or worse job than other hand creams, but I am giving it extra points just for the smell. What can I say, I’m a sucker for products that smell nice.

Price: 24.90 CHF at Bali Cosmetics.


I bet you already saw this coming, but I am pleasantly surprised by the products. By the hand cream, obviously, but also by the two hair oils. So I apologize for all those times that I said how awful I thought hair oil was and how terrible it was for people with my hair type. I have to set the record straight: hair oil doesn’t necessarily make your hair look greasy and even people with my hair type can use it to get healthier hair. So yes, I was wrong. But if it gets me better, stronger hair in the end, then I don’t mind being wrong :-)

What are your thoughts on these three Bali Cosmetics products? Do you use hair oil?

142 thoughts on “Bali Cosmetics review | part I: hair oils & hand cream

  1. Jammer altijd dat de olie er zo lang in moet zitten.. ik heb daar meestal de tijd (oke.. voor het geduld) niet voor. Maar het idee om de olie te verwarmen staat me wel erg aan. Lijkt me heerlijk nu vooral het weer wat koeler wordt.

    • Ondertussen iets anders doen, eh :-) Ik zit hier nu met olie op mijn kop as we speak! Heb net rustig ontbeten en een beetje geblogd, en ik ga nu wat huishoudelijk werk doen. Voor je ‘t weet is de tijd dan om.

  2. Heel leuke producten! Ik gebruik sinds kort ook een speciale olie voor mijn haar en ze zijn een pak zachter en minder droog nu :) De handcrème lijkt me ook enorm fijn!

  3. Klinkt allemaal super goed en als muziek in mijn oren omdat het allemaal lekker natuurlijk is. Haar olie gebruik niet vaak.. ik heb wel liggen van Matrix en die is ook wel fijn, maar ik vergeet het gewoon keihard om te gebruiken.
    Misschien kun je over een aantal maanden nog eens een re-review doen oid om je ervaringen te delen over een wat langere termijn. Ik heb ook vreselijke last van haar uitval en dun haar, dus ik heb zeker interesse in de haarolie hiervoor maar het moet dan ook wel écht iets doen..

  4. Wauw, wat een mooie producten! Heel apart dat je het zo moet opwarmen maar het effect mag er dan ook zijn. Leuk dat je vriend dacht dat je een dessert ging maken ;-) haha, zie het al voor me.

  5. I’ve never heard of this brand before, but it sounds interesting. I actually do use oil for my hair, but not on the scalp, only on my lenghs and and tips. And I don’t use any fancy mixed oil, but pure jojoba, almond or coconut oil.

  6. I’ve never used hair oils before because I have fine hair which oils up really fast. We’re pretty spoiled with coconut products here since I live in a tropical country so I pretty much take our organic coconut oils for granted. I should probably give it a shot though, my hair has been so damaged from all the bleaching and I need to strengthen/fortify it some more.

  7. I’m a sucker for organic products, and I’m glad I found this new brand thanks to you! I don’t use oils on my scalp, though I have used several types of oils to prevent split ends. I’ll stay tuned for further updates on these Balinese candies!!

  8. Hmmm ziet er zo fijn uit… kan op dit moment wel iets voedends gebruiken voor mn haar. >_< Ik stap veel te vaak hair treatments voorbij, right to the face masks. Wanneer k dan ns een tester krijg en mn haar ziet er ineens veel vlotter uit denk ik jaaaa.. misschien toch ns van instelling veranderen. Maar dan loop k er de volgende keer toch weer voorbij. -_-'

  9. Oh, dat klinkt inderdaad wel veel belovend, ik heb ook van dat dun en recht haar, het is dus zeker het overwegen waard. Gewoon al het idee van wat ‘Bali’ op je hoofd, zalig

  10. Mijn haar is heel droog en breekt altijd aan de “punten” (op 15cm van de punten zelfs!), dus ik gebruik vaak een olie om mijn punten toch een beetje te helpen sterk te worden. Olie heeft op mijn droge haren ook véél meer effect dan een gewone conditioner, wat het voor mij wel een fijn product maakt ^^ xo

  11. I’ve never used this line, but have tried oil for my hair before. That tonic sounds perfect, as my scalp is super dry, esp. with winter coming soon. Another great review:)

  12. I do not like to use oils to even though they are healthy for the hair, for me the reason is that I’m simply to lazy for this procedure :))))))
    But maybe I should give them a try :)


  13. Oh fijn dat het natuurlijk en organisch is c: mooie
    glazen verpakkingen ook! En ik wist niet dat je haarolie
    in een au bain marietje moet voorbereiden :P anyway,
    ik ben ook niet ech fan van haarolie want greasy hair..
    maar ik heb nu last van roos dus waarschijnlijk zou ik
    een gokje wagen! Xx

  14. Dat klinkt als fijne producten. Wat de Bali Hair Oil betreft, nog even volhouden en hopelijk dat je dan het beloofde resultaat krijgt. Ik heb ook last van droge handen en kan zeker niet zonder handcremes.

  15. I generally like using hair oils, I think they give so much moisture, it cannot be topped by any other product.

    Have a great day,

    P.S.: Thanks for commenting on my last post – I highly appreciate it!

  16. omgosh so many new goodies! i love your blog because i always feel like i’m being introduced to new products/and brands i’ve never previously heard of but now i want to try them all lolol!!

  17. My hair is so damaged that I will try any new treatment out there. I especially like oils because my hair tends more to be on the dry side. :/ The downside of hair maintenance I guess…

  18. Looks like I’ll be needing these Bali products! I wanted something natural to put on my hair because I’m afraid to try any other products that I can buy over the counter. It is good that you have them tried and tested and even made a review so we know if this will suit to our hair types or not. How I wish these are also available in our country.

  19. Natural products like these always seem so intresting! I really want to try some for myself because they have less chemicals, but I find it so hard to switch over sometimes!I always end up going back to my old ones!

  20. This looks really good – I don’t use hair products (esp oils) myself, but hmm! After reading this review, I may just have to give it a good try. <3 Thank you very much for the review!

  21. The hand cream sounds like it smells divine! I actually love hair oils. Ok the truth is that I buy oils that are for both body and hair, so when I use them for the hair I only use the tiniest drop ever, rub my hands, than run my hands through my hair. That way its softer, shinier and not oily at all! The only thing is that, even though it takes me 20 seconds to do (including washing my hands) I often don’t have the time to do it…

  22. The handcreme looks great. I am very keen to get to know other organic stuff! With oil in hair I am very carefull because somtimes it is too much. Hey, you changed you layout on your website! Well, very nice… no sexy ; )

  23. Wat had ze het leuk ingepakt! :D Ben benieuwd naar de geur van de haarolie nu! Fijne review! ik zou ook denken dat het er erg vet van zou worden maar dat valt dus gelukkig wel mee :D

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