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Review | 100% natural skin and hair care with Safeas & Bio Planète

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Today I’m showing you the latest three additions to my natural skin and hair care stash. And they’re real multitaskers, because the three products that I’m reviewing today can all be used in more than one way. Continue reading to find out how I like to use my new products!

Safeas Organic Orange Blossom Water Vitalizing Toner Spray

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The Organic Orange Blossom Water Vitalizing Toner Spray from Safeas is an organic revitalizing facial spray with Egyptian neroli blossom that refreshes the skin and boosts your mood. You can use the spray as a final step in your cleansing routine, or as a way to freshen up during the day. I personally use the spray in the mornings and the evenings after cleansings and before putting on my skin care products. The smell of the Organic Orange Blossom Water Vitalizing Toner Spray – seriously, I think the name should be longer – is really lovely. It smells fresh, citrusy and just very happy and pleasant. The spray also has a lovely refreshing effect on my skin. So it’s definitely a boost, both for your skin and mood. Is this product a must-have and do I really need it in my cleansing routine? Probably not. It’s the kind of product that you use because of the wellness aspect of it, just to pamper yourself a bit. And why not? We deserve a little treat every now and then :-)

Price: 18.50 CHF at Thetwistshop.

Safeas Organic Tamanu Repair Oil

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A soothing and quickly absorbing face oil for sensitive skin with Polynesian Tamanu nut oil. The oil is packed with calophyllic acid and neo-flavanoids that boost the skin’s regeneration and to support its protection function. The oil can be used daily as an alternative to moisturizer, or as an intensive care treatment. I personally don’t use the oil every day, but I use it twice a week after scrubbing and exfoliating. The oil is light, not very thick and it gets absorbed quickly, even by my oily skin. So the product doesn’t feel heavy at all. My skin feels soft and fresh, and it can still breathe. The Safeas Organic Tamanu Repair Oil is definitely more than just a feel-good product. I can really tell the difference when I use it, and that says enough.

Price: 38 CHF at Thetwistshop.

Bio Planète Virgin Coconut Oil

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Coconut oil, are we going to cook? Nope, sorry. Not everything that you normally use in the kitchen can only be used there. Olive oil for example is a great waterproof make-up remover. And brown sugar and honey make a lovely body scrub. And also coconut oil can be used for more than just cooking. This 100% virgin coconut oil from Bio Planète can be used as a night cream, a hair mask, lip balm, hand and foot cream, make-up remover, shaving oil, cleansing oil, on insect bites, on scars, as a deodorant, you name it. Below 25°C coconut oil is solid, so it’s a butter. But when you heat it up, it becomes liquid and turns into an oil. You can use the product cold or warm, depending on what you want to use it for, but I always use it warm.

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Those of you who read my blog post about Bali Cosmetics might remember that I started with hot oil hair treatments. If you want to know more about those treatments you can read the blog post again here. Once I had used up my two hair oils from Bali Cosmetics, I started using this Virgin Coconut Oil from Bio Planète for my treatments. You can use any oil you want for hot oil hair treatments (olive oil, jojoba oil, sesame oil, you name it) as long as it’s 100% virgin. But coconut oil is definitely a great choice for anyone. It’s really good for dry or damaged hair and it gives your hair a real moisture and shine boost. Coconut oil is one of the heaviest and greasiest oils, though, so make sure that you don’t overdo it and always shampoo it out completely. I know that there are lighter oils that are more suitable for my greasy hair type, but the smell of this Huile de coco is so lovely that I’m completely sold on it. And it’s super cheap, so that helps too.

Price: 9.50 CHF at Thetwistshop.

Do you use natural skin and hair care? What’s your favorite natural cosmetics brand?


  1. Reading this makes me regret not using natural products. I mean, I really want to, but can’t find a good one. I’m also scared to try a new one because it might just not work well with me.

    I hope Safeas and Bio Planete products are available in the Philippines so I could give them a try. These products you shared look promising. Since these are natural, are they guaranteed to be safe with those whose skin are sensitive?

  2. I am so obsessed with coconut oil because of its many functions. Love the duo purpose of each product.


  3. Thanks for the review, very interesting products again!


  4. die huile de coco mag hier wel in het badkamerkastje komen te staan! :D

  5. Mooie producten, de gezichts olie klinkt ook goed zeg! Ik gebruik ook vaak kokosolie als gezichtreiniger of soms voor in mijn haarpunten. Geweldig spul! Het zou ook kunnen helpen bij acne omdat er een antibacterieel stofje inzit;)

  6. I can always trust your skin care and makeup opinions and reveiews, you are very helpful.

  7. Ik heb nog nooit kokosolie gekocht, maar ik zou het wel graag eens proberen als gezichtsreiniger xx

  8. The oil and coconut oil have definitely caught my eye! I need to lay my hands on some coconut oil and try it on my hair soon :)

  9. interesting products!!

  10. Safeas klinkt echt als een heel leuk en goed merk! De kokosolie zou ik niet zo snel gebruiken omdat ik de extra voeding (volgens mij) niet nodig heb, en totaal niet van de geur van kokos hou ;) Ik ben wel heel benieuwd geworden naar de tonic spray, die klinkt lekker! En misschien heb ik die ook niet 100% nodig, ik wil hem wel ;)

  11. Ohh die kokosolie ziet er wel fijn uit. Krijg je ook nog een lekkere zomergeur mee haha, mag wel in de wintermaanden.

  12. These products really made me curious! Wanna try them out now :)

    New Post up…

  13. I cannot get enough of Coconut Oil:-)

  14. Sometimes I use Coconut oil for my hair *-* I love the smell.

  15. these products sounds very nice!

  16. Fijne review! Ik ga er eens paar opzoeken. ;)

  17. I love coconut oil… great product!!!!
    Happy monday babe!

  18. I’m so curious to try them all. I like the fact they can use in more ways. The face oil is the one that inspires me most. Kisses dear, happy Monday! xo

  19. so many great options! i am always trying out new things, so no faves yet.

  20. Ces produit ont l’air génial ! Surtout le masque à l’huile de coco vierge mmmmmm ^^

  21. Thank you for your comment.

    You mentioned that you are suffering from skin troubles
    but apparently you have so beautiful and smooth skin!!
    so bright and clear!!!
    so I’m sure I will check your recommendations, too.

  22. De kokosnootolie lijkt me echt een heel fijn product!

  23. Die Bio Planète Virgin Coconut Oil lijkt me een erg fijn product. Thanks voor de tip!

  24. Ik verbaas me altijd hoeveel producten jij kunt reviewen altijd :D heel cool! Krijg je een groot aantal procent van de producten?

  25. Orange Blossom Water looks amazing! I Want to try out such products:)

  26. Fab reviews!
    Must try the coconut oil!


  27. I use coconut oil a lot for myself and my daughter. I think it’s an amazing product for hair. And I really wanna try that tamanu nut oil!

  28. Die repair oil klinkt er goed!

  29. I have dry and damaged hair, so that coconut oil sounds like a winner! Thanks.

  30. Leuke review alweer. Ik ben zelf nog niet zo vertrouwd met deze merken, maar door jouw blog leer ik altijd weer bij. x

  31. Ik gebruik natuurlijke doekjes en olie. Verder eigenlijk nog niet, maar jou reviews helpen wel! Deze producten lijken me geweldig!

  32. Die Safeas face oil klinkt zàlig. Ik gebruik sowieso sneller natuurlijke producten net doordat ik zo’n gevoelige huid heb eigenlijk :-) xo

  33. Sounds really great!! Very nice products :-)

  34. I’ve been using coconut and olive oil for years in my hair. It makes for a great weekly treatment. It keeps my hair from getting brittle and it keeps my scalp healthy. Great post!

  35. Ja fantastisch product is het he! Het is voor vrijwel alles te gebruiken. Goed artikel!

  36. Lovely review dear ! There’s something about coconut oil … my most used to regularly oil my hair thrice a week till I was 16 ….n that’s the secret of my thick and long hair :)

  37. The toner spray sounds amazing!

    Corinne x

  38. Het lijken me fijne producten, vooral het eerste product zou ik wel eens willen proberen! x

  39. De spray lijkt me heerlijk. Ik gebruik wel eens kokosolie voor mijn haren :)

  40. Based on my experience, natural products usually gives me slower progress when it comes to significant results compared to those that has chemical ingredients to it. Often times, it don’t work on my skin at all! But based on your review, it makes me wanna reconsider. Coconut oil has been proven effective when it comes to skincare & hair products.

  41. I was very interested to read about these natural products thanks for sharing your in depth review! they look fantastic! xx. gigi.

  42. Wat een leuke producten! :) Die kokosolie heb ik toevallig
    laatst ook gekocht in een winkeltje hier in het dorp! Vind
    het echt heerlijk :D


  43. Oh, I’ve been interested in picking up a coconut oil or cream!

  44. Interesting products, I didn’t know them!

  45. Leuk artikel! Die kokosolie lijkt me stiekem heel fijn, alleen weet ik niet of mijn huid er goed op zal reageren. Misschien maar een keer proberen, want ik geloof dat ik wel tegen de meeste natuurlijke oliën kan.

  46. I love products with oil in them!

    Have a great day,

    P.S.: Thanks for commenting on my last post – I highly appreciate it!

  47. Dat eerste zou ik graag eens proberen!

  48. I also love coconut oil I use it once a month as a prewash hair treatment.

  49. Ik hou wel van zulkde producten :) x

  50. Dat heb je ontzettend duidelijk beschreven, ook waarvoor bepaalde dingen dienen, dat is fijn! Mijn oma uit Suriname kan de beste kokosolie maken helemaal van kokos :D dus die vind ik altijd top, helaas maak ik daar niet zo vaak meer gebruik van haha.

  51. Haven’t try any natural cosmetic yet, but right now I’m curious! Thanks for review!

  52. I looove coconut oil, it’s one of my staples for body moisture and for my coffee! 1/2 tsp in my café au lait with a little brown sugar and yum!

  53. Die Tamanu repair oil ziet er lovely uit.. sinds mijn haarolie op is, die ik zelfs niet gebruikte, hebk soort van een indringende leegte. I want to try one. Zeker als t natuurlijk is, kzou me in een van de Herbal Essences reclames voelen denk ik. :P

  54. omgosh i need that facial spray.. i adore adore citrus scented things! every time i fly afterwards i’m always like UGH!! my skin feels so dry and bleh looking.. i need that i wonder if they have a travel size that i can bring on the plane?? :p

  55. Ik heb me nog niet aan een gezichtsolie gewaagd. Klinkt wel fijn

  56. I haven’t any postcard from Switzerland or Belgium… :(

  57. Alle drie de producten lijken mij heel erg fijn, maar vooral de kokosnootolie zou ik zeker wel eens willen proberen als je hem voor zoveel verschillende dingen kan gebruiken.

  58. i would love to try that facial spray. im a sucker for them!

  59. I have been curious about the toning spray, I am definitely going to have to try it now!

    xx Cara

  60. oh that coconut oil Ill have to try. I really don’t have a natural hair or skin care, but maybe Ill start with these. :)


  61. That facial spray sounds lovely. I also adore coconut oil as an all purpose beauty treatment.


  62. Gosh..that looks so good!!! I can feel the relaxtion just by looking at it. I need something like this!

  63. Coconuts oil sounds pretty good!

  64. The toner spay with neroli blossom sounds interesting, the brand like most the thime is new to me. Thanks for share.

  65. Oil is the new black. Dying to try!

  66. Coconut oil is the hottest rage these days – I am definitely going to have to look into it!

  67. Hmm wat een heerlijke producten. Vooral de cocos olie lijkt me zalig. De citrus geur van het eerste product spreekt me zeker ook aan!

  68. I prefer natural cosmetics to any other!

  69. facial spray sounds so good, want to try it :)

  70. Natuurlijke producten trekken wel snel mijn aandacht niet dat ik alleen natuurlijke producten gebruik. Deze 3 lijken me erg fijn

  71. Do you know if this product is available in the US? It looks incredible and I would love to review it!

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