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Great news! After eight months of looking for work I have finally found a job here in Switzerland! *Carlton dance* Today is my first day of work at La Durée in Lausanne, a world-renowned luxury patissier slash chocolatier that is famous for its exclusive and oh-so-delicious macaroons. My boss said that it’s important that his employees try all the products in order to really know all the flavors and textures through and through, so that means eating loooots of macaroons and chocolates. No problem, boss, anything for the job ;-) The next few days and weeks will probably be a bit chaotic (learning the job and all, you know how that goes) so I hope you guys will understand and forgive me if things get a little quiet around here or if I seem a little absent. But for now, let’s just cross our fingers and hope for a successful first day of work!Personal (Got a job!)


Update: First day went well, thanks for all the awesome comments, you guys are the best!

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  1. Gefeliciteerd!!! I love maccarons!! Ik denk -als ik daar zou werken- ik na 1 maand ofzo niet meer in mijn kleding zou passen hihi. Ik ben super blij voor je en wens je een geweldige eerste werkdag toe en laat weten hoe het ging enzo!! XXX

  2. Oh wauw, gefeliciteerd!! En macarons oh wat vervelend dat je ze allemaal moet proberen ;-)
    Heel veel succss vandaag! Hou ons op de hoogte over je proefsessie hihi.

  3. Congratulations! Your job sounds delicious and fun! Just make sure you don’t eat too many unless you work out regularly or have a good metabolism :P Please do a post on the different macarons and your favorite one soon!

  4. I’m happy for you! Did you also move to Switzerland for love? I’m in the same situation trying to find a job in Belgium and It’s tough. I hear great things about la durée seams like a cool place to work. Félicitations.

  5. Yay Melissa! *happy dance*! I hope I’ll be able to say the same soon, it’s been 5 months for me. Have fun tasting all the nice goodies, in no time you’ll manage the place! xx :)

  6. I’m back from my little break and relaxing days!
    Congratulations darling!! It’s really good news!! if your first day, it’s try all the delicious chocolates and macaroons, is a perfect beggining for a job! ;-)
    It’s understandable that the first days is hard to combine the work and the blog! Don’t worry about it! Enjoy your new job! I wish you the best! kisses

  7. Yaiy! I am so happy for you! Starting a new job is always exciting, especially if the place sells macaroons, right? :D
    Don’t worry, we will still be here if you blog a little less, real life definitely outweighs internet world!

  8. Eight months??? I feel for you… I was without a job for moths too after I graduated, it’s the worst feeling ever. And even now the situation isn’t bunnies and rainbows. But I hope your job turns out to be a great one for you!! Eat all the macaroons you can, you deserve it, babe, CONGRATS.;)

  9. Wat een ontzettend goed nieuws en ook van harte gefeliciteerd! Ik hoop dat je het heel erg naar je zin gaat krijgen daar. Natuurlijk is er ook alle begrip voor als het wat stiller zal worden op je blog. Heel veel succes met je eerste werkdag!

  10. Hey wat goed nieuws! Gefeliciteerd en goed om te lezen dat je eerste dag goed ging. Niet verkeerd jouw nieuwe job, lekker veel zoetigheid eten dus hihi. Enjoy! En succes de komende tijd xxx

  11. Hey Melissa! I remember you telling me that you might get a job from La Duree and now I am so happy for you!! I am still in the midst of job hunting, wish me good luck! I hope that you will be able to continue blog about your makeup look in the future!

  12. Congrats!! :D I’m starting a new position myself (though it’s very similar to my old position, but still involves new trainings and such, so I can relate to the hecticness). Have fun eating chocolates. I’m craving them now haha

  13. Hey Congratulations, I’m really happy for you! And having to taste everything is a lovely plus. I hope the enjoy the job and learn tons of things. xxx

  14. YAY!!!! Congratulations, love! I am so happy for you! And having to sample amazing pastries? Tough gig! Not sure how you will get through it! ;) LOL @ Carlton Dance!

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