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Make-up look | An all-natural look with Inika Mineral Eyeshadow & Organic Eye Liner

Klik hier voor de Nederlandse versie.

In August I tried my first products from the Australian luxury brand Inika, and I was very impressed. Today I would like to show you more of the natural cosmetics brand, and I’m doing that with a literally natural look using the Inika Mineral Eyeshadow and the Inika Organic Eye Liner. Check it out!

Make-up look (An all-natural look with Inika Mineral Eyeshadow & Organic Eye Liner) (1)

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Inika Mineral Eyeshadow in Platinum & Turquoise

Make-up look (An all-natural look with Inika Mineral Eyeshadow & Organic Eye Liner) (2)

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Mineral powder eyeshadow in a gorgeous silver and a bright turquoise shade. Intense, shimmery, long-lasting and 100% natural, what’s not to love about that!

Inika Organic Eye Liner in Coco & Peacock Blue

Make-up look (An all-natural look with Inika Mineral Eyeshadow & Organic Eye Liner) (3)

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A chocolatey brown and a light blue pencil eyeliner with natural organic ingredients. So you don’t just get pretty colors, but you also get an extremely mild formula that is perfect for sensitive eyes.

Now let’s move on to the look. Here it is:

Make-up look (An all-natural look with Inika Mineral Eyeshadow & Organic Eye Liner) (4)

Make-up look (An all-natural look with Inika Mineral Eyeshadow & Organic Eye Liner) (5)

In addition to the Inika Mineral Eyeshadow and the Inika Organic Eye Liner, I also used the following products: Inika Liquid Foundation in Beige, Inika Mineral Blush in Pinch of Pink, Inika Mineral Eyeshadow in Lightening, Clinique High Impact Extreme Volume Mascara, e.l.f. Conditioning Lip Balm SPF 15 in Romantic Rouge and the e.l.f. Eyebrow Kit in Dark.

The Inika Mineral Eyeshadow in Platinum and Turquoise and the Inika Organic Eye Liner in Coco and Peacock Blue are sold at Thetwistshop for respectively 19.95 CHF and 22 CHF.

Do you like the look? Do you use natural cosmetics?


  1. Mooie look, die blauwtinten staan je leuk!

  2. This look is gorgeous! It lightens your eyes so much, I love it. I don’t use organic or natural makeup. I do use some skin care, but I’m not too picky with those things.
    bisous, xx

  3. Blauw staat je mooi ! Ik heb een tijdje minerale make-up gebruikt maar ik vond de losse poeder nogal onhandig op den duur.

  4. Oh gosh.. I think I’m in love with that turquoise eyeshadow! And the eyeliners sound great. My eyes are quite sensitive so I’m really curious about these :O Love the look you did btw; very fierce :)

  5. Wow, Melissa, this grey/blue color around your brown eyes looks so natural and gorgeous!

  6. wow beautiful!! Blue looks good on you :D

  7. Organic make up!!!! Cool!!

  8. Een organic eye liner? Dat moet wel heel goed zijn dan. De oogschaduws zijn leuk en de look is heel mooi! Het merk spreekt me verder nog niet echt aan, maar dat komt gewoon omdat ik het buiten jou blog totaal niet ken! Wel erg leuke deksels op de oogschaduws ^_^

  9. Le bleu te vas vraiment bien!!!C’est jolie sur toi!!

  10. Prachtige look, deze kleuren staan je heel mooi! Je lipstick vind ik er ook heel goed bij kleuren. En je huid is echt super flawless!!

  11. you look amazing as always!:) and I’d like to try the bown eyeliner! the shade is really pretty!:)

  12. Aww what a pretty look! Reminds me of summer!

  13. I love the eyeshadow colors you picked, it’s really up my alley! Nice look.

  14. Dat blauw staat je echt heel erg mooi zeg :D

  15. This is such a pretty look on you! Looove your necklace!

  16. Very nice!! Looks good on you!

  17. Mooi! Die blauwe kleur staat je goed!

  18. Hey Mel, your makeup look is always so beautiful! I love your features especially your very sharp nose and big eyes and the long lashes. How I wish asian have such features :'(

    • Oh thank you so much! I actually really like the facial features of Asian girls. So delicate and doll-like. Not to mention the gorgeous hair! Typical, huh, we always want what we can’t have ;-)

  19. Très jolie make up :)

  20. I love the look! Especially the use of the darker blue close to the lash line. So beautiful!

  21. Heel mooi gedaan!
    Het zien er ook wel toffe productjes uit

  22. Wat een supermooie look heb je ermee gemaakt!

  23. Wow, you have amazing beautiful eyes! Nice make-up!

  24. Wat een prachtige look, staat je goed!

  25. Heeeeel mooie look, blauw staat je super. Poeders zijn zo niet mijn ding, ik heb er een aantal staan van MAC, misschien moet ik ze toch nog eens een kans geven.
    En je huid is zo gaaf, hoe doe je dat!

  26. Wauw die ooglook staat je echt supermooi!

  27. Heel erg mooi, de producten lijken me ook erg fijn!

  28. Thanks for your sweet words on my last post, they brightened my day!
    You look lovely as always, that light blue suits you really well!

    Hope you have a fantastic day,

  29. love the look you created! often time natural makeup doesn’t perform as well so I am quite impressed. thanks for sharing a review of yet another makeup brand I’ve never heard of! xx. gigi.

  30. You look amazing with the blue and brown shades mixed together! Love the smokey look! Happy to hear these are good for sensitive eyes too as they would be perfect for me!


  31. Mooi! Deze look staat je echt gaaf :)

  32. Mooie look hoor, heel leuk met die verschillende kleuren.

  33. Lovely ooglook, vooral de oogschaduw Turquoise! Gurl, ya look.. it’s so fab!

  34. Die lichte kleur onder je ogen geeft zo’n cute effectje :P

  35. Knap hoe jij blauwe oogschaduw gebruikt.. Bij mij lijkt het net of ik geslagen ben :P

  36. C’est super joli , ça met bien en valeurs tes beaux yeux marrons

  37. This look is gorgeous on you! I love it!

  38. Wauw, prachtig hoe je dit met elkaar hebt gecombineerd. Vind blauw echt een hele mooie kleur die goed bij je past. Staat je heel mooi!

  39. I’m super impressed! these really pack a lot of color for mineral makeup. they look pretty.

  40. En make up je suis plus “petite joueuse” qu’avec mes ongles. Je n’ose jamais le bleu ou d’autres couleurs, alors que j’adore ça. Il faudrait que je me force à utiliser mes pigments ; )

  41. Wowie heel erg mooi dat blauw. Super intense maar toch
    ook heel fijn c: Yay for 100% natural! Xx

  42. Echt een prachtige look heb je gemaakt! De blauwe kleur staat jou ook erg mooi.

  43. i want to use natural makeup but i find it so hard because non natural products look prettier and are much more tempting. lol

  44. I try to buy natural and animal-friend make up but sometimes it’s a bit difficult!

  45. So pretty! LOVE it. It looks like a halo of blue around your eyes!

  46. It’s a great brand! And you look amazing! I think it’s important for our skin to use natural cosmetics! kisses

  47. Another beautiful look, very subtle but it’s also very eye catching.

    Corinne x

  48. This is such a nice look. I try to buy natural products when possible. It really depends on the circumstances, but I am a vegetarian because I dislike how the animals are treated!

  49. I love this look! Natural cosmetics are something I am trying to use more of, I feel like it can only be a good thing!

  50. Stunning! Really love it, blue color is amazing on you, I also trying to buy natural products

    Have a great rest of the week, thank you for lovely comment on my blog:)

  51. I’m loving the turquiose shade, though I don’t really use eyeliners.

    I don’t really use cosmetics, but natural cosmetics would definitely be better to use!

  52. This is a very striking eye makeup look. I definitely lean more towards natural cosmetics now.


  53. Looks very fresh and pretty on you! I use some natural cosmetics, and ever more as I go. 100% Percent Pure is my favorite natural brand.

  54. You look amazing with blue eye shadow! I don’t usually go 4 natural brands however.

  55. You have used these shades so effortlessly..!! the turquoise blue is such a grgs shade… I havent tried thsi brand but would love to give it a shot!!
    loved ur look beautifuuuulll!! :)

  56. I love this eye look!

  57. I havent tried natural. Clinique is my makeup of choice.

  58. wow! would love to try that too :)

  59. Prachtig!

  60. Mooie look!

  61. You are So stylish !! Lovely eyes too :)

    New Post up…

  62. Love natural products, and the color of the eyeshadow is amazing!

  63. Beautiful make up ! I like the colors :)

  64. Wauw! Looking good! Vind de kleur van je lipstick trouwens ook erg mooi :)



  65. That’s such a pretty look, you’ve great eyeshadow skills!

  66. i love how this looks on you

  67. Heel mooi! Staat je goed!

  68. Heel mooi. Ik ben gek op blauw in een ooglook. X

  69. Your eyes look stunning with this makeup! I haven’t heard of this brand before, but I would definitely love to try their products as they are natural!

  70. Wat een mooi resultaat! Ik vind dat je er prachtig uitziet!!

  71. Wat een mooie look heb je er van gemaakt :) Je krijgt helemaal een beetje exotische uitstraling door deze kleuren, mooi!

  72. ooohy pretty! jij bent echt bijzonder getalenteerd :)

  73. Oh this looks so nice! :)

  74. Natural makeup, I’ve never tried it but I guess it’s great if you have the money so you can use it! It’s probably very good for the skin.

  75. Wauw, je hebt echt een mooie en iets exotische look gemaakt!

  76. lovely eye shadow colours, I like water colours a lot :-) Nice products, haven’t heard about this brand before.

  77. C’est très jolie, tu vois je n’ai jamais osé le bleu et pourtant je suis comme toi, châtain et yeux marron! Ben c’est superbe, tu es superbe ;p

  78. Like it very much and I have to try natural cosmetic

  79. Hele mooie look, doet je ogen echt knallen :)

  80. Wauw wat een prachtige look!!

  81. O wauw wat een frisse look! Ik blijf blauw bij bruine ogen prachtig vinden.

  82. The colors of the eye shadows are adorable! I just love the shimmer. Also, I love learning about new brands and products thank to you girly!


  83. I tagged you in a post :) Love you!

  84. you are Absolutely gorgeous ! loved the eye makeup look ^.^

  85. Heel mooie look! Je ogen komen hier zo mooi tot hun recht. x

  86. I like your Make-up! And you are really pretty ^.^

  87. De turquoise kleur is ook zo mooi, staat je prachtig!

  88. Very pretty look! I wear contacts, so products for sensitive eyes is always something I appreciate. I was using Bare Minerals for awhile–I should pull those out of the makeup drawer again. Thanks for the post!

  89. Wauw! Really beautiful! Love those colors on you!

  90. Toevallig heb ik afgelopen dinsdag voor het eerst kennis gemaakt met dit merk. Ik werd opgemaakt met oogschaduws, oogpotlood en lipstick van dit merk. Vooral het oogpotlood bleef goed zitten.

  91. hi Melissa! i love love this look on you although i am not into natural cosmetics myself.
    the blue color makes your gorgeous eyes pop. so gorgeous :)

  92. Heel mooie kleuren en prachtige ooglook!

  93. Mooie look heb je gemaakt met de producten van Inika! :)

  94. I love mineral based beauty products- look amazing on!

  95. Organic eye liner??? Really?? It’s probably very sad, but I don’t us any natural cosmetics. My boyfriend’s obsessed with products not containing chemicals and he makes me use his sunscreen which is of course organic, but other than that, I got nothing. I know, I suck.:)

    Loving your look though, that turquoise eyeshadow is really pretty!

  96. Mooi! Ik wil heel graag nog eens wat van inika proberen


  97. So pretty! I’ve heard great things about Inika but I haven’t had the chance to try anything myself yet.

  98. oehh die blauwe mineral eyeshadow is prachtig en je look is ook echt heel erg mooi

  99. Wederom heel erg mooi. Blauw is écht jou kleur!

  100. Ah I love the white highlights in your makeup! They look so lovely!

  101. This look is so pretty!

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