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I don’t know about you, but as soon as the seasons change my nose wants something new and I start wearing a different perfume. In spring and summer I really like the fresh sweet smell of Escada fragrances for example, and in winter Guerlain’s La Petite Robe Noire is one of my favorites. But I’ve never had a fall fragrance before. Until now, that is, because this autumn I will be wearing DKNY’s new limited-edition Women Fall eau de toilette. Have a look and a sniff with me!

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Click to enlarge | The inspiration for DKNY Women Fall

The new DKNY Women Fall is inspired by the smell and the colors of autumn in New York City. The character of the fragrance is a mix of woody and floral and the scent is both fresh and warm at the same time. In the top notes you will find mandarin, bergamot and cardamom. In the heart of the fragrance you will discover the seductive smell of magnolia, gardenia and jasmine. And in the base notes you will find the sophisticated smell of cedar wood and musk.

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I am not good at identifying smells, so I did a bit of googling to find out the exact ingredients of this perfume. But what my nose did tell me straight away – so even without the help of Mr. Google – is that DKNY Women Fall is a very special fragrance and that it is unlike any fragrance I have ever had. It’s a very enchanting perfume, the kind that spontaneously makes you close your eyes to really take in the scent. It’s the kind of mesmerizing smell that stops you in your tracks and makes you sniff around to find the source. Do you know what I mean? DKNY Women Fall really has that ‘oh hmm…’ effect on me.

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Not only the smell but also the bottle of the DKNY Women Fall eau de toilette is inspired by a New York City autumn.  The long thin column-like bottle is a bit asymmetrical and it has that amber hue of a late fall afternoon. With a little bit of imagination you can see the New York City skyline at sunset in it.

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Click to enlarge | Autumn in all its perfection

My final verdict? DKNY Women Fall is a very refined and elegant fragrance that is warm yet not too overwhelming. It’s a unique perfume that will definitely make heads and noses turn and the smell really reflects that warm coziness of the fall season.

The DKNY Women Fall eau de toilette is available in limited edition for 79 CHF, exclusively at Müller perfumeries.

What perfume will you be wearing this fall season?

88 thoughts on “Review | DKNY Women Fall eau de toilette

  1. Ik ben gek op DKNY parfums, maar deze lijkt me niets. Ik ben niet zo gek op Jasmijn namelijk, maar misschien is het toch wel subtiel genoeg. Daar is DKNY wel altijd goed in, subtiele geuren

  2. I have to have a smell of this, I have classics and then I add something new to my collection from time to time, this would be a great edition from what you are saying. Great review.


  3. OOO this looks promising! I’d like to sniff it! I’ve been wearing Kenzo Flower in the Air (not very autumn-y but I like it a lot) and Givenchy Very Irresistible Sensual EDP. I haven’t worn it for a while, but taking it out again reminded me why it was a go-to for a long time!

  4. Klinkt als een hele lekkere parfum, dus ik ga er binnenkort snel eens aan snuffelen. Ik draag momenteel heel veel Musk. Ik vind dat zo´n lekkere geur.

  5. Ik heb nog geen geur van DKNY, maar heb wel eens aan die appel geroken en die vond ik heerlijk. Ik ga hem toch proberen als ik hem tegenkom, je hebt me nieuwsgierig gemaakt!

  6. Thanks for leaving such a darling comment on my blog!
    Seems like a lovely scent and I like the explanation for the bottle shape!

    Have the best day ever,

  7. Melissa, I must say, you did better than a “scratch & sniff” I felt like I could really smell the scent. Amazing how sight as an effect on scent. The pictures made this post lovely.

  8. It’s just pure luxury being able to change scents every season and it’s awesooome *awkward singing tone* had a DKNY scent once and I remember it being a little boy-ish. Then again I liked it, not sure what that says. New York Autumn doesn’t sound boy-ish, it mainly sounds like I want to crawl into the bottle.

  9. I don’t know when’s the last time I used a perfume because I’ve been using only cologne. And since college I somehow stopped using because it won’t do any good due to the pollution the city brings.

    How I wish I could actually smell that perfume by rubbing the photo or putting my nose over it. Haha. Silly. I’m curious how that smell.

  10. Ooh I like the sound of this one! I’ve never changed scents with the season – I find one fragrance and love the hell out of it for years – but lately I’m starting to branch out. :) This one will def go on my to-smell-list the next time I’m at Sephora! Lovely fall photos, btw!

  11. Deze klinkt heerlijk! Ik ben al jaren fan van de klassieke DKNY, wat ik nu wel mijn signature fragrance mag noemen.. maar je hebt me nu ook heel benieuwd gemaakt naar deze.. ik hoop dat ik hem hier in de winkels kan vinden want dan ga ik hem zeker besnuffelen.

  12. I love this perfume! The picture of Fall is gorgeous. For fall I’ll be wearing…not sure at the moment, but I do have a tendency to wear something sweat and spicy, so Organza Indecence most likely.

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