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My bath and shower products are holy to me, and my boyfriend knows that. So he never touches my products and he always stays on his side of the bathroom cupboard. Good boy! I know this sounds really mean of me, but seriously, for some reason men tend to use seven times as much shampoo or shower gel as they should – which is just grrreat if you use expensive salon shampoo – and it’s also a bit strange when your boyfriend smells like a bouquet of roses or cinnamon-infused apricot pie… So that’s why the products that I buy are usually off limits to my boyfriend. But today they’re not, because I recently got three new shower gels from Le Petit Marseillais, and one of them is for men. Two for me, one for him, I’d say that’s a pretty good deal! Let’s have a closer look at my (sorry, I mean our) three new shower gels from the Le Petit Marseillais.

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Le Petit Marseillais Verveine & Citron shower gel

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The new Verveine & Citron shower gel from Le Petit Marseillais is a shower cream with verveine and lemon that gently cleanses, nourishes and hydrates the skin. The scent is refreshing and fruity and it instantly gives you extra energy and a happy boost. I don’t know about you, but my mood is very much influenced by the weather, so in autumn and winter I can definitely use a little mood booster like this shower gel. And because I really love citrusy scents I immediately fell in love with this Verveine & Citron shower gel from Le Petit Marseillais.

Le Petit Marseillais Lait d’Acacia shower gel

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Like I said, I love citrus, but I can also appreciate the softer more delicate smell of flowers, and that is exactly what you get from the Le Petit Marseillais Lait d’Acacia shower gel. It has a lovely floral scent, contains milk from acacia blossoms and is very gentle and super moisturizing. The Le Petit Marseillais Lait d’Acacia shower gel is the perfect shower gel for a relaxing little zen moment: you can just close your eyes and dream about the Provence while you get soaped up, so relaxing!

Le Petit Marseillais Bois de Cade & Fougère shower gel For Men

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This last Le Petit Marseillais shower gel is one for men. So no girls aloud this time. I am trusting 100% on what my boyfriend had to say about this black, cool, manly, with testosterone-bursting shower gel. The Bois de Cade & Fougère shower gel contains juniper wood and fern and has a sexy masculine woody smell. It promises to nourish the skin and to stimulate your senses. This is what my boyfriend had to say about it: ‘The shower gel smells kind of subtle and the smell is not too overwhelming. It’s nice and foamy and I get the impression that it makes my skin feel softer than usual.’*
* I really had to work hard to get this out of him. His first answer was: ‘Good shower gel.’ Men…

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The Le Petit Marseillais shower gels with Verveine & Citron, Lait d’Acacia and Bois de Cade & Fougère are available at the supermarket – here in Switzerland you can find them at Coop – for approximately 3.95 CHF.

Do you and your boyfriend or husband share bath and shower products? Do you have a favorite shower gel fragrance?

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  1. LOL what did you expect? It’s a guy. We should be happy about the fact that he knows how to use a shower gel, and that’s about it! Dr. D ONLY uses Le Petit Marseillais. I let him sniff and pick out a scent he likes. Sometimes I use it too, but sometimes I try something else. He refuses to use anything “fancy,” like if I have a bottle of L’Occitane shower gel, he’d stick to Le Petit Marseillais! I should be happy though. Nobody steals my precious shower oils ;)

  2. This is funny because I actually am very different, and the reason is that my boyfriend’s hair is longer than mine (and mine are quite long I’d say!). So everytime we are together, at his house or mine, I always lend him my products because I am more careful than him about using good products for my hair, so I WANT him to use mine, that will do good things for his hair! hahaha Oh and concerning shower gels, I am actually not really interested in which one I use, it just has to smell good and then I dont care, so sometimes I also use men shower gels xD kisses <3


  3. Ha ha! So much to love here! I literally cracked up about one’s boyfriend smelling like “cinnamon-infused apricot pie”! Love the sound of the citrusy one; I’m a big citrus fan. My fiance and I have separate bathrooms so he doesn’t tussle with my shower goodies, but we have shared a bathroom before and he LOVED my shower products! Sometimes when I really love something, I’ll put it in his shower for him to try it. I never saw my bottle of John Frieda Root Awakening again, and I’ve been tasked with repurchasing it twice now – for him! :)

  4. amai nog niet dat mijn humeur door het weer beinvloed wordt.. geef me ook maar zo’n douchegel want als ik ‘s ochtends moet opstaan op een donkere regenachtige dag, dan kunnen er doden vallen :D

  5. Haha, wat grappig dat jouw vriend ook zo lekker kortaf is ;) maar fijn dat hij van jouw spullen afblijft! Mannen gebruiken inderdaad veel te veel shampoo en douchegel! Vooral de acacia douchemelk lijkt me heel lekker..

  6. Haha leuk geschreven! Idd waarom gebruiken ze liters shampoo terwijl her haar gemilimeterd is? Bij die van mij dan.. Mijn vriend mag al mijn douche spullen gebruiken, tenzij het een duur product is dan zie ik het nut niet zo. ;)

  7. I love love love Le Petit Marseillais. De Acacia versie wil ik zeker eens proberen! Mijn (student)broer woont bij me in en ik gaf hem laatst 5 supermarkt-shampoo’s en douchegels cadeau…nu kan hij zoveel ervan gebruiken zoals hij wil :-), zonder mijn spullen een kort leven te geven :-)

  8. Ik ben dol op LPM! Helaas is het niet te koop in NL… for no %%^^$%$%$$ ** good reason at all!! dus ik roof vaak het schap leeg bij de Carrefour wanneer we in Frankrijk op vakantie zijn. Leuk dat LPM ook douchegels voor mannen heeft, die had ik nog nooit gezien.

  9. LOL…your bf was quite good with his review:D No…I never share with my husband, but it’s cox he doesn’t want to.
    That one with Verveine and Citron sounds really good.

  10. Mijn vriend gebruikt mijn douche producten maar dat vind ik niet erg, ik heb meestal genoeg :) Al koop ik nu wel een aparte douchegel voor hem, omdat hij anders juist veel te weinig product gebruikt (omdat hij niet zoet/lief wil ruiken haha) :)

  11. Wat een fijne review weer! Ik ben juist echt iemand die alles met haar vriend wil delen, dus als ik mijn douchegel superfijn vind, raad ik hem die altijd aan om ook te gebruiken als hij geen zin heeft in zijn eigen spul. Nu moet ik zeggen dat ik ook vrij veel heb, dus misschien doe ik er daarom zo makkelijk over.

  12. Men love the way we smell so its no wonder why they reach for our products. I have my hubby and two sons to contend with. However I am thankful that my sons use soap :)

  13. Sometimes we share and sometimes not. We used to have separate ones, but lately it’s been the same, just because it’s less stuff to buy and less stuff cluttering up the shower!

  14. Ik woon nog thuis en soms merk ik dat mijn broertje
    nogal ‘fruitig en bloemig’ ruikt. Heeftie gewoon mijn
    Bodyshop showergel gebruikt! Not cool.
    Maar die Verveine en Citroen lijk me heerlijk joh!

  15. Ik vind ze er wat mannelijk uitzien qua verpakking, maar verder klinkt het wel goed. Mijn vriend en ik kunnen best douche gel of shampoo delen als het een unisex geur heeft, maar ik wil niet mannelijk ruiken en hij niet vrouwelijk. Dus het hangt er net vanaf wat er in de douche staat.

  16. Nobody touches my products, he uses his own and is very happy with the selection and he’s quite like me as well, he doesn’t like to share. Only Dettol soap is meant for sharing :D

  17. These sound lovely. My husband actually uses a minuscule amount of shower gel but 3 times as much shampoo as I do. And I do get him his own products :)


  18. I do sometimes take my boyfriends shower gel to be honest, but he doesn’t take anything from mine (at least he’s not admitting it).

    Have a great day,

    P.S.: Thanks for commenting on my last post – I highly appreciate it!

  19. Ze klinken erg goed en ook de geuren lijken mij erg lekker. Ik heb eigenlijk nooit gehad dat ik in een relatie producten deelde met mijn vriend. De meeste mannen die ik ken zijn ook meer van dat zijn producten voor vrouwen, dus daar blijf ik bij uit de buurt haha. Alleen wie weet dat ik bij een volgende vriend mijn producten wel in de gaten moet houden dat hij ze continu wil gebruiken haha.

  20. I love Le Petit Marseillais!!! Especially the shower gel. Do you know where I can get it in Germany? Verveine & Citron seems to be my favorite. And my boyfriend always takes my shampoo and sometimes also my showergel because his is empty. That drives me crazy!!! I mean not the smell of him after using my stuff, no just that I am knowing it and recognizing that the products are always empty.

  21. Love the sound of it.. the shower gels looks nice.. and that pic in the end.. <3 <3
    Fortunately my husband doesnt share my bat products.. else we would had a fight every single day.. ;) .. I like fres fruity fragarnce in my shower products.. :)

  22. Haha. It’s so true men do use wayyy more product than they should. The only time I offer to share is if I get a product and then end up not loving it haha.

  23. I like citrus fragrances too!! But you wouldn’t want your boyfriend to smell like a cinnamon apple pie? Why not??:D I really couldn’t care less actually and I share everything, but I do hate the fact that he uses so many of the frigging product – he has basically no hair, much less than me, for Pete’s sake!!!:)

  24. ” I really had to work hard to get this out of him. His first answer was: ‘Good shower gel.’ Men…” OMG I DIED. That is CLASSIC!!! Also I know you speak a few languages but you really nail down humour with English! ;D

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