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NOTD | Tomb of Djer Treasure nail art in gold and silver

Klik hier voor de Nederlandse versie.

The Tomb of Djer Treasure top coat and I, we go back quite a while. We first met in June, and it was love at first sight. We are five months, one giveaway and about half a bottle of Tomb of Djer Treasure top coat in now, and I am still in love. But I also feel like it’s time for something new. Don’t get me wrong, I haven’t grown tired of my 23-carat gold top coat, not at all, but you know how it goes: after a while you need start working on your relationship more to keep things fresh. So that’s why I decided to have a threesome today. The original golden Tomb of Djer Treasure top coat, the new silver version and me, all together in one nail art. Just to spice things up and try something new, you know. And you get to watch all the action!

What The Flock nail polish Tomb of Djer Treasure Top Coat review swatches

My one true love, the Tomb of Djer Treasure top coat (15 ml)

Nail polish spotlight (Tomb of Djer Silver Treasure nail art in silver and gold) (3)

The new Tomb of Djer Silver Treasure top coat (3,5 ml)

The original Tomb of Djer Treasure top coat, a 23-carat gold flock top coat, now has a silver-flocked twin, the Tomb of Djer Silver Treasure top coat. The new Tomb of Djer Silver Treasure top coat is a transparent top coat with real silver flocks. It seems to have the exact same formula, texture and application as the original Tomb of Djer Treasure top coat, but just with silver instead of gold. One thing that has changed, though, is the bottle. My golden top coat came in a pretty, big 15 ml bottle, but the new Tomb of Djer Silver Treasure top coat comes in a very non-descript miniature-sized 3.5 ml bottle. I felt kind of bummed out by that, because I like pretty packaging and I predict that this bottle will be empty very soon if I am going to use it as much as I’ve been using my golden top coat.

Nail polish spotlight (Tomb of Djer Silver Treasure nail art in silver and gold) (4)

Click to enlarge

Nail polish spotlight (Tomb of Djer Silver Treasure nail art in silver and gold) (5)

Click to enlarge

Anyway, enough with the technical details. Let’s get this party started and begin our threesome! I used black nail polish as a base color, and then I put the new Tomb of Djer Silver Treasure top coat on all but two nails. On those two I used the golden Tomb of Djer Treasure top coat. And the result is this:

Nail polish spotlight (Tomb of Djer Silver Treasure nail art in silver and gold) (2)

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Nail polish spotlight (Tomb of Djer Silver Treasure nail art in silver and gold) (1)

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I normally use the same color or pattern on all my nails, but this time I used an accent nail and I quite like the result. The color combination of the black with the gold and silver really works. This definitely won’t be my last threesome!

The original Tomb of Djer Treasure top coat and the new Tomb of Djer Silver Treasure top coat are both available in the What The Flock? web shop. For a 3.5 ml bottle of Tomb of Djer Silver Treasure top coat you pay 3.50 euro, but you can also buy different combination sets.

Do you like this gold and silver nail art? Are you into top coats like this one?


  1. I love the sparkle so much, pretty!

  2. These are so luxurious! It’s strange how the silver version comes in a very different-looking bottle though!

  3. Heel mooi gedaan! Ik vind dat accent ook heel leuk :)

  4. Oeh pretty! Nu wil ik deze ook :-)

  5. Wauw! Dit kende ik nog niet, wat leuk!!

  6. Ah-mazing. Ik had het niet verwacht, maar zo mogelijk vind ik de zilveren nóg mooier dan de gouden. Superpretty!

  7. Wauw, dit is echt fantastisch!

  8. mademoiselle mode

    October 26, 2013 at 11:14 am

    Perfect manucure <3


  9. Wauw echt knap! Super voor een feestje :)

  10. Wow, ziet er prachtig uit!

  11. Wow! Super mooi! c: Deze topcoat heeft echt een
    classy gehalte zeg! Xx

  12. I love that Silver Treasure top coat! I really like topcoats like this, although I do find them hard to take off sometimes.

  13. Wauw, echt onwijs mooi!

  14. Wauw dat ziet er mooi uit!

  15. Love the effect, either with gold and silver!:) Plus, is perfect for this time of the year. Kisses! xo

  16. Oh ziet er zo mooi uit zeg! Inderdaad vreemd dat het twee verschillende soorten flesjes zijn… Maar het resultaat mag er zeker zijn !

  17. Hoe spannend =] Wat een schattig flesjes formaat en wauw echt goud en zilver-nog wat champagne en chocolade en je hebt een romantische avond.

  18. Oh wauw, dit vind ik wel erg mooi! Hoewel ik eigenlijk niet zo van de topcoats ben, vind ik dit een geslaagde versie :)

  19. Oeh wauw wat ontzettend mooi!!

  20. Beautiful topcoats! I bet you are rocking this from Jan through Dec!

  21. Beide prachtig! :)

  22. Wauw! zorgt voor een leuke afwerking!

  23. Oh c’est magnifique !!!

  24. Oooh, that’s really fun! I love flakey top coats.

  25. Coucou ma belle
    J’adore ces 2 vernis !!!!! Ils sont top !

  26. Ik vind de gouden echt het aller leukste en mooiste :D

  27. Oh my. That is a bit daring for me. I just purchased my first bottle of blue polish by OPI!

  28. love the result!♥ so pretty!:)

  29. They look super pretty <3

  30. I love the effect! Gorgeous!

  31. Gorgeous topcoats <3 Especially love the gold one ^^

  32. Heb je heel erg leuk gedaan! Ik vind de combinatie van goud en zilver over de zwarte basislaag heel erg mooi.

  33. “This definitely won’t be my last threesome!” – you are such a nut! I love it! That gold top coat…NEED.

  34. Wat een mooi effect geven deze lakjes op een zwarte lak. Ik heb zelf een klein flesje met bladgoud, ik moet hem echt eens over een zwarte topcoat uitproberen.

  35. Wauww, pretty!

  36. ooh me likey! ik vind het goud en zilver inderdaad verbazingwekkend leuk staan bij elkaar

  37. The bottle might not look that good but the effect is beautiful. I haven’t tried a top coat like that yet but I will :D

    Check out my new JEWELLERY GIVEAWAY!

    xx Mira

  38. Really pretty nail polish :)

  39. Wauw geeft een heel mooi effect!

  40. Omg it’s only 3.50 Euro!! Woah. I wish I could fly to europe again but I guess it won’t be soon soon. Sigh.

  41. Now this if I can find something similar here I would consider and I love the idea of the accent nail. :)

  42. Les photos sont magnifiques, vraiment !!! Et l’association noir/argent/or : sublime !!!

  43. Wowww, love it!

    x Krizia

  44. Great review Melissa and I really like your mani, Black silver and gold!
    Truly, those are the colours that have been appealing to me lately. I’m preparing some gold and silver makeup looks suggestions for Holiday and these topcoats look like the perfect nail match :)

  45. I definitely like to add a bit of glitter on some nail polish colours, so I like this top coat (especially the name ‘What the flock’) :)
    Mafalda ❤

  46. It looks perfect!! I wish I had enough patience to do my nails myself…

  47. Now, I see, you are in Belgium! I love your mani, so cute, and you did a great job. Plus your photos are so well done. I should take a lesson :)

  48. Ohhh that’s pretty, that’s a nice change to traditional glitters. I’m also a fan of a very subtle accent nail. Very pretty.

  49. These glittery top coats are amazing, I have some on my own but I haven’t worn them since a loong time!

  50. I love this type of coats and your mani is super nice :D

  51. Schoon ze, héél feestelijk!

  52. Prachtig! En zo goedkoop ook!

  53. Super leuk! What The Flock herinner ik me nog wel. :)

  54. I’ve never heard of this brand before but I love this glitter effect!
    Laura. xx

  55. Moooii <3 Mooie foto's heb je gemaakt ook! <3 Ik hou hier wel echt van vind het alleen zo jammer dat t zo lastig te verwijderen is (of valt dat bij deze topcoats wel mee?)Xx

  56. Beautifully written post, thank you for sharing! I just became your newest follower :) Hope you can check out my blog and follow back if you want. XOXO

    PS. I’m also doing an Urban Decay Vice 2 palette giveaway if you’re interested!

  57. Dat ziet er heel mooi uit! Ik hou van glittertjes, zeker in nagellak. :)

  58. These are such pretty nails! I really love the gold sparkles!

  59. Oh wauw, schitterende nagellak! Oh my gooood, ik houd ervan! Sowieso vind ik flakes en gouden vlokken amazing.. zo kerstachtig. Ik kan niet wachten!

  60. So pretty!!! You did a great job!

  61. Love this! It looks like real glitter but is to much easier to apply

  62. Ziet er mooi uit! Vooral die gouden topcoat <3

  63. Mooi accent! Wel super jammer dat het flesje zo klein is..

  64. Mooi! Ik ben echt fan van top coats, het geeft net dat ietsje extra!

  65. They are really pretty, I’m too lazy to use things like that, but the effect is so pretty that you have me tempted ;)

  66. Prachtig! Wat een mooie foto’s ook:)

  67. They’re soooo pretty.
    Oh my goodness, I love me an accent nail, makes every mani cooler ; )

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