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Review | Perfect skin with the Glominerals Face Primer & Camouflage Oil Free concealer

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The secret for perfect skin? Good genes and a big portion of luck. The secret for perfect-looking skin? A good primer and good concealer. So there is hope, even for those of us who weren’t naturally blessed with flawless skin! Let me show you which primer and concealer I have been using lately.

Glominerals Face Primer

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– ‘’Two scoops of foundation, please.’’
– ‘’With our without primer?’’
– ‘’With of course, how is that even a question!’’

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If doing your make-up would be like ordering ice cream it would go like this. Ice cream is good on its own, but it’s really the rainbow sprinkles that make it perfect. Same thing for foundation and primer: for me, there can’t be one without the other. Without primer my foundation is harder to apply, it doesn’t last as long and my skin gets shiny way faster. So before I apply foundation I aaaaaaalways put on primer. In the past few years many primers have come and gone, but the most memorable ones so far were the (sadly discontinued) Fusion Beauty Prime Results Acne Control Primer, the Too Faced Primer & Poreless Skin Smoothing Face Primer and the Smashbox Photo Finish Primer.

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My three favorite primers have all been cut open and squeezed completely empty though, so it’s time for a new primer to enter the scene: the new Glominerals Face Primer. Will I be able to add this primer to my list of most beloved primers soon? Well, let’s see if it does everything a good primer should do. It fills in large pores and creates a nice even canvas for my foundation. Check! It makes my foundation stay put all day. Check! It lets my skin breathe and doesn’t clog my pores or cause breakouts. Check! So far for the pros. But sadly there is also a con, because of all the primers I’ve tried the Glominerals Face primer offers the least shine control and after an hour or three I already need to reapply powder. Bummer. So the Glominerals Face Primer is not perfect. But even then it’s still a nice primer and I am sure people with dry and normal skin will have great experiences with it.

Glominerals Camouflage Oil Free concealer in Natural

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Concealer comes in many forms and textures, but I personally prefer liquid concealer or cream concealer. Powder concealer might work for some, but I need more than that. I also like using a concealer brush instead of my fingers to apply my concealer, again because that provides more coverage and therefore a more flawless result. I recently started using the Glominerals Camouflage Oil Free concealer with vitamin A, C and E and green tea extract in the color Natural, a neutral shade with slightly pink undertones. I used to apply my concealer before my foundation, but when I got to meet Will Malherbe from Smashbox and he told me that he does it the other way around, I decided to try it his way. So now apply foundation first and then use concealer. The idea is that that way you can let your foundation do most of the work and then see where you need to add a little extra camouflage. Makes sense, really.

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To apply my concealer I use the Glominerals Dual Foundation Camouflage Brush, a double-sided rounded synthetic foundation and concealer brush. The Glominerals Camouflage Oil Free concealer is quite solid, but it’s still easy to apply and blend with the help of my firm yet super soft Dual Foundation Camouflage Brush. The relatively solid texture of the concealer also contributes its high coverage: it easily covers up spots, scars and redness. And because Natural has a little bit of pink in it, it is also great for covering up dark circles under the eyes.

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There is also a but, though, because the Glominerals Camouflage Free concealer does struggle with my hyperpigmentation spots. But in its defense: so far no concealer has managed to hide my melasma. For some reason all concealers and foundations turn my hyperpigmentation marks gray. Very strange… But anyway, I am not going to give the Glominerals Camouflage Oil Free concealer a negative review just because it can’t cover up my melasma. It would have been nice – very nice even – if it could, but hey, you can’t have everything in life. The Glominerals Camouflage Oil Free concealer is a very decent concealer with a pleasant texture, a ton of good ingredients and great coverage. I’m happy with it!

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The Glominerals Face Primer and Camouflage Oil Free concealer are available at for respectively 43 and 45 CHF. The Dual Foundation Camouflage Brush costs 45 CHF.

Can you live without face primer and concealer? What is your secret for flawless skin?


  1. I can’t live without foundation, concealer and all my pretty powders, but I can live without primer. Haven’t used a primer for a year or so now, since all the primers I had contained silicones and my skin didn’t respond very well to those. Now I just use foundation right after my moisturizer, and haven’t had a problem with my foundation so far. Funny though, I also apply my foundation first and then my concealer. I always figured the concealer would be blended away or something if I applied it first. Silly me.

  2. ik ben niet de meest primer-minded person moet ik zeggen, maar de concealer looks good! ik heb sowieso niet heel erg veel te bedekken dus voor mij zou hij wel eens prima kunnen werken

  3. Thanks for leaving such a darling comment on my blog!
    Your skin simply looks perfect in these pictures!

    Have a great day,

  4. Ik heb nog geen primer gevonden die ik echt fijn vind. In de meeste zit te veel siliconen en ik hou niet van dat gevoel.

  5. Perfect review, a lot of useful information and really great product. I have to use primer, foundation and concealer my skin is now flawless,
    Thank you for lovely comment on my blog

  6. Ze klinken erg goed! Ik heb zelf nog geen geschikte primer gevonden, misschien moet ik deze maar eens gaan uittesten ^^

  7. The concealer looks really dark in the pot but very fair on your skin.
    i totally like the shape of the brush bristles, but i hate dual-ended brushes.

  8. Beide klinken goed, jammer dat je bij de primer toch na 3 uur moet bijpoederen. Ik gebruik momenteel geen primer maar wil er wel eentje aanschaffen binnenkort. De laatste die ik had was van L’oreal maar niet geschikt voor mijn huid:(

  9. Jammer dat je vrij snel moet bijpoederen. Ik gebruik zelf geen primer, maar het klinkt wel goed. Daarnaast gebruik ik altijd een concealer en die klinkt heel goed! Je hebt me benieuwd gemaakt. x

  10. lang leve de conselealer…
    Ik houd er van…

  11. Coucou miss
    Je ne connais pas cette marque mais elle à l’air top comme tous les produits que tu nous montre à chaque fois ^^

  12. De concealer vind ik er heel goed uitzien! :D Primer gebruik ik eigenlijk nooit

  13. Ik gebruik afwisselend een primer van Catrice en één van Pürminerals :) Ben over beide erg tevreden :) Concealer gebruik ik bijna nooit!

  14. Helaas mis ik écht dat portie geluk waar je het in het begin van je post over hebt.. :( Gelukkig zijn er de concealers en primers dus wel voor mij! :D Xx

  15. I love the ice-cream analogy! Eigenlijk gebruik ik geen primer voor mijn gezicht, maar het glimmen van mijn gezicht is ook niet ideaal. Misschien eens een tester proberen.

  16. idk if you get Dermablend where you live, but it’s the best for covering

  17. the first product seems to be good!

  18. Gah your skin looks SO gorgeous and glowy! How do you do that in fall!

  19. goede concealer precies!

  20. That’s too bad about the concealer, and the primer did not have shine control. Oh well….great review anyhow:) Very honest.

  21. I never wear a primer I guess I’m too lazy but I love a good concealer and this one looks interesting, might give it a go when my Laura Mercier is done.

  22. Die concealer ziet er heel goed uit!

  23. Wow! Die zien er goed uit, heel erf verleid nu om het ook eens te gaan uitproberen

  24. mademoiselle mode

    October 28, 2013 at 5:13 pm

    You have got a perfect skin ^^


  25. Oh deze lijken me ontzettend fijn!

  26. Ik ben grote fan van mijn primer van Giorgio Armani (de Fluid Master Primer), maar ik kan ook best zonder hoor… Hangt af van dag tot dag!

  27. I usually forget to use face primer but concealer is always a must!


  28. hey
    just saw your comment on my blog. wow so great that I won :) thank you so much. but I haven’t received the e-mail.

  29. What a nice finish, your skin looks great!! :-)

  30. thank you so much for your nice comment :)
    you are such a beautiful girl :)

  31. What do you think of Smashbox Photo Finish Light Primer? Thats what I use. Some of the others I have tried didnt work as well.

  32. Great review! I certainly couldn’t live without foundation or concealer, but I could pass on primer. I use primers only if I want some illuminating effect.
    I never noticed you had melasma and i still don’t see it! I just see your gorgeous brown eyes.
    I have a pretty bad melasma I was born with. But I got used to it and I never tried to get rid of it, I do put some concealer on it, though, to soften it a little.
    Also, I put correctors on the under eye area before foundation and then concealer here and there. How does such a light concealer (pinkish) work for blemishes in your opinion?

    • Aw, thanks Nati. I do feel very self-conscious about it, especially in summer. It is WAY better now though. I was born with it as well. So where is your melasma?

      • It’s on my left cheek and goes down stopping right before my lip, it’s pretty visible! Does yours also get fairer in winter? mine does. And have you seen the new Lancôme Dreamtone? It is supposed to diminish melasma.

      • Never noticed it either on you :-) Yes, my marks get lighter as soon as summer is over. I haven’t tried that new Lancome treatment yet. So far no lightening treatments have worked for me, so I am hesitant to try a new one…

  33. Altijd als ik primer gebruik heb ik het idee dat het onzin is. Mijn huid wordt er wel zacht van maar daar is dan ook alles mee gezegd.

  34. I also love photo finish or anything very silicony for that mather. And I agree with you with creamy dryer concealers it’s best to apply underneath.

  35. You have such a gorgeous and flawless skin dear, very bright and flawless. Both products inspire me, especially the concealer. Have a lovely week, kisses! xo

  36. Beide producten lijken mij erg fijn! Ik heb om eerlijk te zijn nog nooit een gezichtsprimer gebruikt, maar zonder een concealer zou ik niet kunnen. Dat is toch wel één van de producten die ik het meeste gebruik.

  37. It’s a bummer the primer doesn’t help more with oil control I need that! Have you ever tried the Deslick spray? It does a great job controlling oil when spray on before makeup.

  38. That last shot of you is BALLIN’! You look so beautiful! I’m terrible. I have several really good primers but do I remember to use them? Rarely! I need to put them in with my foundations so I make the connection because a great primer really does so many great things! I think the TF Primed & Poreless is my top fave, but I need to do a tete-a-tete with my other long-time love MAC Prep + Prime to see who’s #1! :)

  39. Your makeup is always just gorgeous! I really must try using a primer like you! This one looks amazing!


  40. De concealer lijkt me wel heel fijn! Een primer gebruik ik alleen als ik erg lange dagen maak, maar ik ben er tot nu toe nog niet zo gek op, omdat ik het idee heb dat ik puistjes er van krijg doordat er siliconen inzitten.

  41. Prachtig resultaat!!

  42. You look gorgeous in the pics, pity the primer doesn’t have great oil control as I can’t live without my primer, or concealer for that matter!

  43. To tell you the truth I have never used a primer before. If they are that good I should probably check them out. Don’t think we have that brand over here though. Not so fond of ordering cosmetics online :D

    xx Mira

  44. I have the worst skin ever so it’s nice to discover new products!

    x Krizia

  45. Ik gebruik een primer van Gosh en daar ben ik wel tevreden mee. Concealer gebruik ik niet meer.
    En: je huid ziet er altijd wel flawless uit, zeg! Wauw! Wou dat ik dat ook kon bereiken. ;-)

  46. Wat een mooie ogen heb jij, zeg!

    Keep on bloggin’,

  47. Nu ben ik wel benieuwd wat wel je favoriete primer is.

  48. I’m one of those lucky-genes-girl so I don’t wear make-up every day…only to go out at night or to big events…

  49. Thank you so much for sharing !

    Hope you can come visit my blog sometime :)


  50. I’m on always on the hunt for great primers and concealers so I may have to give these a try. Thanks for the great review!

  51. Your skin looks flawless!!!

  52. I can’t live without concealer, but without primer I still can. Although I sometimes use some, and I must agree, they make the skin really like velvet! You look amazingly beautiful! Hope you still remember me :) I am back from my “hiatus” – was organizing my trip back to the UK and had some lack of inspiration as well! denisesplanet com

  53. Zien er goed uit. Wat zie je er trouwens mooi uit op de laatste foto!

  54. Die concealer ziet er goed uit!

  55. Wat ziet je huid er goed uit! Lijken me goede producten ! x Jana

  56. great info! the makeup looks beautiful on you

    Kiki Simone

  57. Wow! You looks so pretty :) Yes, I also agree with you. The secret for perfect-looking skin is a good primer and good concealer. I am actually using BB cream concealer.

  58. De producten geven een mooi en natuurlijk resultaat.

  59. Ziet er goed uit! Ik gebruik eigenlijk nooit primer… shame on me!

  60. I must say, I never use primer. They always feel to smooth and cakey. The most of them are with silicones. But you look very nice with the primer & foundation :)
    To your hyperpigmentation: If you don’t take the exactly color of your Melasma, which should be very dark in comparison to your other skintone, you will always see them. If you have a light wall with darker dots on it and you paint it in the light color you will see the darker dots through :)

  61. I prefer mineral primers, even if they tend not to work that good as a highly silicone based one.

  62. Dein Finish sieht echt suuuper aus! Ich verzichte konsequent auf Silikone. LG

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