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Battle | Clarisonic Mia 2 Facial Sonic Cleansing brush versus FOREO LUNA

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In September I reviewed the LUNA from FOREO, a new-generation face brush that deeply cleanses the skin with the help of sonic pulsations. So a bit like the Clarisonic, but with a different design. Many of you wondered how both cleansing tools would perform against each other, so I tested it for you. Today I’m letting the famous Clarisonic Mia 2 and the new FOREO LUNA compete against each other in a battle of the brushes. Let’s get rrrrready to rrrrrrrrumble!

Battle (Clarisonic Mia 2 Facial Sonic Cleansing brush vs FOREO LUNA) (1)

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FOREO LUNA for combination skin review experiences

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There are about five million blog posts on how to use a Clarisonic, so I am not going to repeat that here. And for a thorough review on the FOREO LUNA you can click here to go to my blog post from September. So no technical details today, but instead a comparison of both tools in the following four categories: design and use, comfort, hygiene and result. Five points can be earned in each category, and the cleansing brush that scores the most points out of twenty will be the winner of this brush battle. Let the battle begin!

Design and use

The Clarisonic feels nice in my hand, can be transported safely and easily in the sturdy travel case, and the smooth curvy design and baby pink color look super cute. The brush is also very easy to use and the bristles of the brush really manage to get in all the small folds and creases of my face. The only downside? The Clarisonic needs to be recharged after only 24 minutes, which approximately after 12 days.

Battle (Clarisonic Mia 2 Facial Sonic Cleansing brush vs FOREO LUNA) (2)

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The FOREO LUNA is less ergonomic than the Clarisonic and this makes it harder to keep the device in contact with my skin at all times, especially in the zone around my nose and nostrils. But the LUNA does last 450 cleansing sessions, which is a crazy long time. And I also love the fun and original design of the LUNA.

FOREO LUNA for combination skin review experiences

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Score: Clarisonic 4/5 versus FOREO LUNA 3/5


The Clarisonic feels a bit rougher than the LUNA. The bristles of the Clarisonic brush are definitely soft and they don’t hurt my skin at all, but in comparison to the smooth surface of the LUNA they are still rougher. On one hand I like that because I think it contributes to the efficiency of the Clarisonic, but on the other hand I wonder if the Clarisonic isn’t a bit too aggressive for my skin. So far my skin is still responding fine to the Clarisonic, though, so so far so good.

Battle (Clarisonic Mia 2 Facial Sonic Cleansing brush vs FOREO LUNA) (3)

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The FOREO LUNA has rounded silicon touch points instead of bristles, and that makes the LUNA a lot more gentle on the skin. All I feel are the pleasant pulsations of the device, and not the friction of a brush. So the LUNA definitely has a more relaxing effect than the Clarisonic. It also has anti-aging side and a lower-frequency setting that you can use to give yourself an anti-aging face massage, and boy, does that feel good!

FOREO LUNA for combination skin review experiences

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Score: Clarisonic 4/5 versus FOREO LUNA 5/5


There is no doubt about it: the Clarisonic is less hygienic than the LUNA. No matter how well you clean the brush, you will never get it perfectly clean and some dirt and bacteria are bound they stay behind. Unless you change the brush head of course.

Battle (Clarisonic Mia 2 Facial Sonic Cleansing brush vs FOREO LUNA) (4)

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The FOREO LUNA is perfectly hygienic thanks to its smooth silicon surface. You can just clean it, rinse it off and even disinfect it without having to worry about parts being skipped or bacteria staying behind. And you never have to replace any parts of the LUNA, so after a while that makes the LUNA a lot cheaper than the Clarisonic.

FOREO LUNA for combination skin review experiences

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Score: Clarisonic 2/5 versus FOREO LUNA 5/5


The battle lasted for a whole month. The first two weeks I used the Clarisonic twice a day, and then I used the LUNA for two weeks. Both tools cleansed my skin a lot better than a manual cleanse – the cotton pad & toner test afterwards proved that – but during the two weeks that I used the Clarisonic I had less impurities and my skin looked even better than when I was using the LUNA. So both tools really delivered, but the Clarisonic performed slightly better than the LUNA.

Score: Clarisonic 5/5 versus FOREO LUNA 3/5

Final score

The Clarisonic scored 15/20 and the LUNA got 16/20. So on paper the LUNA wins. And yet I have a slight preference for the Clarisonic as a cleansing brush. Because even though the LUNA has a nice design, lasts for ages and is perfectly hygienic, the Clarisonic cleanses my skin more thoroughly. And that’s what it is about in the end. But it depends on what you want. If you just want perfectly cleansed skin, then I think you should go for the Clarisonic. But if you also find the wellness aspect and the comfort important, then the LUNA may be better for you. Both tools definitely deliver, but where one of them does a better job at cleansing, the other one has better hygiene, comfort and durability. All in all I think that both tools are keepers and I’m a fan of both. How greedy of me… :-)

The Clarisonic Mia 2 Facial Sonic Cleansing brush is available exclusively at Marionnaud in four colors for 189 CHF. The FOREO LUNA is sold on the FOREO website for 199 dollar.

The Clarisonic Mia 2 or the FOREO LUNA, which one would you choose?


  1. Who knew that there would be so little difference between them! I’m surprised actually. I had expected the Luna to be better since it came later and could basically take Clarisonic’s design and improve it. Seems as though they did, but didn’t manage to take Clarisonic’s cleansing power. Thanks for the battle review! If I ever end up buying one, I’ll know which one to pick!

  2. Wat tof dat je een battle hebt gedaan. Ik heb het nog nooit geprobeerd, maar het lijkt mij persoonlijk heel fijn!

  3. What a great product battle!! This may just be my favourite post by you :) I am so interested in how they compare. I personally just use a skinsonic which is a cheaper version of the clarisonic. I may still buy a clarisonic though, because the skinsonic is a little flimsy. I dropped it and now the bottom pops off sometimes so I have to hold it on :(

  4. Wat een toffe battle! :D Goed artikel ik zou voor de Clarasonic gaan! X

  5. Really interesting, thanks so much for this! I’ve not come across the Luna before but it looks really interesting


  6. Leuk artikel! Ik zou gaan voor de Clarisonic :-)

  7. Ik zou ook voor de Clarasonic gaan, omdat ik van een wat intensievere reiniging houd!

  8. Leuke review, alle aspecten zijn onderzocht en ik zou ook voor de Clarisonic gaan :)

  9. I have it!!! :) and I Love it!!!! :)


  10. ik heb dezelfde clarisonic, love that thing

  11. Wat leuk dat je er een battle van hebt gemaakt! Mij lijkt de clarisonic wel wat!

  12. What a fantastic comparison review! Thank you Melissa :)
    I wonder if you considered the hormonal aspect in your comparison. For me there’s 2 weeks in a month that I have more impurities on the face than the other two weeks without changing my routine, usually because of hormones. Also, would you think sensitive and dry skin people would prefer the Foreo, and combination to oily skin would prefer clarisonic?

    • Hmm, I didn’t consider hormones, Nati, it’s good that you brought that up. And yes, I do think that people with very sensitive skin would be better off with the FOREO LUNA, especially because there is a version for very sensitive skin. And yes, the Clarisonic’s deep cleansing effect will definitely appeal to oily skinned girls.

  13. Ik ben niet zo van het gezichtsreinigen met een apparaat :c
    hands down for me! Maar ik zou denk ik toch voor de
    Foreo Luna gaan, vanwege formaat c: Xx

  14. Hm, beide klinken wel erg veelbelovend, maar ik weet nog niet helemaal wat ik moet vinden van zo’n apparaat dat ik dan gebruik om mijn gezicht te reinigen. Ik vraag me echt af of het niet te “hard” is voor mijn erg gevoelige huid?!

  15. Good to know! Ik zou ook voor de luna gaan:) Vooral omdat ik denk dat deze geschikter is voor mijn huid, snel last van acne enz. Wel jammer dat hij niet goed op bepaalde plekken komt. Ik overweeg absoluut om eens zo’n apparaat aan te schaffen.

  16. Hey Melissa, thanks so much for the comparison! I haven’t tried Foreo Luna, but I enjoy my Clarisonic sporadically. Can’t use it more than twice/three times a week because it could break me out, but it does make my skin very clean and soft when I use it with a low frequency!

  17. i would love to try it too :))

  18. I didn’t know about the Luna, it’s the first time I see it and it looks pretty good! The Clarisonic is a no go for me since I might end up with more broken caps but the Luna with it’s massage effect, mmm that would be nice. :)

  19. I’m probably the only person on earth without a cleansing brush. I’ve been dying to buy a Clarisonic one. The Foreo sounds good too, but I don’t think I’ve seen it anywhere in Canada.

  20. Heel erg leuk zo’n battle! Ik vind het toch wel erg moeilijk om te zeggen welke mijn voorkeur heeft, want de van de Clarisonic vind ik het fijn dat je minder last hebt van onzuiverheden, maar van de LUNA vind ik het weer fijner dat die hygiënischer is en je geen onderdelen hoeft te vervangen.

  21. Well I didn’t expect this outcome. Thought that whilst reading that the LUNA would so kick Clarisonic’s mechanical ass but surprise winner in the last category, I think that I would take the LUNA becasue of the energy bill connected to the Clarisonic.

  22. Wat een fijne battle! Ik vind denk ik de Clarisonic iets fijner klinken, ik denk dat mijn huid helemaal kriebelig word bij de aanraking van de LUNA, al is die wel iets hygiënischer. Ik had deze uitslag trouwens niet verwacht haha!

  23. Wow, so now I’m really really intrigued by this Foreo product… I never heard of it before your post! I used the Clarisonic for exfoliating for years but got out of the habit the past year or so… buying all those replacement brush heads adds up

  24. Heel leuke battle! Ik denk dat ikzelf voor de Clarisonic zou gaan, want ik hou echt van dat ‘cleane’ gevoel en mijn huid heeft dit ook nodig. Hoewel ik het massage effect van de LUNA reiniger mij ook enorm aanspreekt. x

  25. Ik zou dan toch voor de clarisonic gaan, maar ik vind m zo duur :(

  26. Wat een leuk artikel! Ik ben wel benieuwd geworden naar de FOREO LUNA.

  27. I need one of these! I’ve been having the strangest skin problems lately. thanks for the great review! xx. gigi

  28. Merci pour cet article ;-)

  29. I’ve heard so much about the Clarisonic, maybe I’ll try it out.
    Thanks for the article, it has given me so much useful information about it!

    x Krizia

  30. Héél toffe invalshoek. En ook al scoort de andere beter op papier, ik heb toch ook de Clarisonic op mijn wishlist gezet…

  31. Leuke battle alleen jammer dat ze zo duur zijn :(

  32. mademoiselle mode

    October 30, 2013 at 8:11 pm

    So cool ^^
    Perfect beauty products :)


  33. Great review! I love my clarisonic!

  34. Great review! It’s more useful this information you share and more interesting than technical information! :) kisses

  35. Wow I really want to try them! X Anna

  36. Leuk om te lezen!

    P.s. ik volg je op bloglovin, volg je terug?

  37. Ik heb er eentje van Philips maar ik ben wel benieuwd naar de Luna.

  38. Fijne review! Ze klinken allebei goed, maar ik zou persoonlijk de Clarisonic kopen!

  39. I’ve always wanted to try Clarisonic but actually I never did. Maybe now is the time ;)

  40. I really would like to try a automatic cleaning brush, but the price… mmh, but I am still thinking of it :-)

  41. I didn’t know much about this before. Thanks for sharing.

  42. Based on your review I would definitely choose the foreo luna, it also looks much gentle on my super thin skin. But the price of both of those is quite steep!

  43. This is an awesome post! Both of these products sound really cool and beneficial to the skin.

  44. Wow! I didn’t know that there would be such a difference between these two products. I heard a lot about the mia, but the foreo luna is sounding like a better choice for me!

  45. Hm…interesting. I also find Clarisonic a bit rough, and don’t use it as much. I don’t really understand the hype around it, I prefer a gentle scrub. Have to give Luna a try too.

  46. Leuke battle! Die blauwe vind ik wel heel erg mooi
    Maar ik zou zelf ook het idee hebben dat de roze beter schoonmaakt
    Omdat ik toch wel heel benieuwd ben naar de blauwe, zou ik deze willen gebruiken ;P

  47. Hi Melissa! Thank you very much for this thorough review. I never thought that these brush cleansers have tons of difference! I’ve been using the original MIA for the last three years and I was thinking about getting the MIA 2 this Holiday season. This side by side review makes me want to try FOREO LUNA so bad! I’m just wondering how it will manage to deep clean hard to reach areas like the nose, undereyes area and chin.

  48. I never tried something like that before. Loved your review. I think I prefer the Luna. My skin is rather sensitive. But both sound great :D

    xx Mira

  49. Goede review! De Clarisonic klinkt goed.

  50. ik geloof wel dat dit goed werkt, vind ze alleen best wel een beetje duur….

  51. very interesting comparison!

  52. I would choose Foreo Luna. My skin is very sensitive and I like the funky design. But almost 200 bugs…that is a lot!
    Greetings from Berlin.

  53. De Clarisonic lijkt me inderdaad net iets fijner, hoewel de Luna me ook wel heel fijn lijkt!

  54. Ik hoor veel goede verhalen over de Clarisonic. ik ben best benieuwd :)
    leuk dat je zo’n vergelijkings artikel hebt gemaakt!

  55. I haven’t tried any of these out myself, but I really want to. It seems that that’s the ultimate face cleaning experience.:) But they’re so frigging expensive…:( Or maybe I’m just weird and I don’t want to spent that much money on myself, I don’t know… Anyhow, great review, babe, I love how honest and detailed you always are!!

  56. Love your review, I woud really love to try it!
    Mafalda ❤

  57. oe ik ben heel benieuwd naar de Clarisonic

  58. the luna looks very cool! i had never heard of it before.

  59. Ik denk dat ik eerder voor de clarisonic ben, maar ze liggen dicht bij elkaar :)

  60. Je crois que je vais craquer pour la Clarisonic, elle me tente depuis un petit moment déjà…

  61. I have recently got such a brush from Olaz, and I kinda like it. It’s definitely better than the manual thing and I think I truly need to buy some others so I can compare which is the best! Thanks for sharing :)

  62. I really like my Mia but the LUNA sounds interesting :)

  63. Great comparisons! I’d pick the clarisonic as I’ve heard its great for blackheads!

  64. Hele fijne review, lijkt me een heel goed product!

  65. I’ve been so curious about the Foreo Luna after seeing it on Phyrra’s site. I have a Clairsonic Mia and it’s really changed my skin for the better! No more cystic acne breakouts! Which for me is HUGE. I’m glad it’s the stronger cleanser of these two since I already own it, lol! YAY!

  66. Thank you for this post. i couldn’t decide what product to choose. I think im gonna go with the Luna. however, i hear you can’t use any clay-based, silicone-based, or grainy cleansers, exfoliators, or scrubs, or any cleansers with acid or it will harm the Luna’s touch points. Can you recommend what cleansers I can use with the Luna?

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