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Review | Ready for Christmas 2013 with the new Lush Christmas products

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How time flies! It seems like it was only yesterday that I was puffing and sweating in a 30°C heat wave, and now all of a sudden it’s November. November! That means that next month is December*! And December is all about Christmas and getting in the holiday spirit. Unfortunately I can’t take time off from work during the holidays this year, so I had to cancel my trip to Belgium. So no Christmas and New Year’s with friends and family for me this year :-( Sucks. A lot. But it is what it is and there is nothing I can do about it. I will just have to celebrate Christmas alone this year, and a great way to do that is with a bunch of Lush Christmas products. If there is one Christmas collection that I am always looking forward to, it’s the one from Lush. Bath bombs in the shape of a snow man or a Christmas gift, a Snow Fairy scented Christmas star on a stick, shower gel with tangerine and tequila,… Yep, Christmas 2012 at Lush really was great fun! And it won’t be any different this year. Check out the products I got from this year’s Lush Christmas collection!
* Awesome deductive skillz 

Lush Santa’s Lip Scrub & Lush Santa Baby Lip Tint

Review (Ready for Christmas 2013 with the new Lush Christmas products) (1)

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Review (Ready for Christmas 2013 with the new Lush Christmas products) (2)

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Review (Ready for Christmas 2013 with the new Lush Christmas products) (3)

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Move over Bubblegum lip scrub, because I think I’ve found a new favorite! Yep, the new Santa’s Lip Scrub is well on its way to becoming my new number one. Like all Lush lip scrubs the Santa’s Lip Scrub is made with natural sugar. It gently scrubs my lips and makes them nice and soft. And the cola candy flavor makes the scrub rrreally fun to use.

Review (Ready for Christmas 2013 with the new Lush Christmas products) (4)

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Review (Ready for Christmas 2013 with the new Lush Christmas products) (5)

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The Lush Santa Baby Lip Tint tastes like cola candy as well, but just a little less strongly. That’s fine though, because otherwise I’d just keep licking off the product. The color of the Lush Santa Baby Lip Tint is a pretty warm Christmas red – perfect for the holidays – with a lovely matte finish. The formula contains shea butter and on paper that should make the lip tint very nourishing, but I still find the texture quite hard and dry and therefore a bit difficult to apply. So I always apply a bit of transparent lip balm first and then put the Santa Baby Lip Tint over it.

Lush Christmas Bath Ballistics

An absolute must for those who don’t know Lush yet and want to explore the brand: a Lush bath bomb! I got four this year:

Review (Ready for Christmas 2013 with the new Lush Christmas products) (6)

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– the Shoot For The Stars Bath Ballistic, a pale blue bath bomb with a shooting star that smells of caramel and honey

Review (Ready for Christmas 2013 with the new Lush Christmas products) (8)

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–  the Father Christmas Bath Ballistic, a happy smiling Santa with the smell of tangerine and orange flower

Review (Ready for Christmas 2013 with the new Lush Christmas products) (7)

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– the Snowman Bath Ballistic with nourishing cacao butter and the smell of vanilla

Review (Ready for Christmas 2013 with the new Lush Christmas products) (9)

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– the Golden Wonder Bath Ballistic, a bath bomb shaped like a golden Christmas gift that smells like a fizzy champagne cocktail with orange, cognac and lime

I am going to save my new bath ballistics until next month – I’ll use them to comfort myself when the boyfriend is in Belgium with the family and I am left here all alone – but the amazing smell of the bath bombs already tells me that I am going to enjoy them a lot!

Lush Snow Fairy Sparkle Massage Bar

Review (Ready for Christmas 2013 with the new Lush Christmas products) (10)

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Oh. Em. Gee. A massage bar in the form of a Christmas angel with shea butter, murumuru butter and cupuaçu butter, AND with glitter, AND with the deliciously sweet smell of the Snow Fairy shower gel! I don’t think it can get any better than this. I love the super sweet candy scent of Snow Fairy, and anything that will intensely nourish and soften my skin gets a head start with me. I like to use the Snow Fairy Sparkle Massage Bar after showering to moisturize my skin. I don’t care much for the glitter in the massage bar, but meh, a little sparkle during the holiday season never hurt anyone I guess.

Lush Rose Jam shower gel

Review (Ready for Christmas 2013 with the new Lush Christmas products) (11)

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Last but not least I got the Rose Jam shower gel. Just like last year it’s available in limited edition only, so make sure to get yourself a bottle before it’s too late! The Rose Jam shower gel smells like roses and vanilla and contains goji berry juice and argan oil. The scent is very sweet, just the way I like it. It really is a pleasure to use, as is the case with all Lush shower gels.

Not that I’m surprised, but I am very happy with this year’s Lush Christmas products. I’m pretty sure that between now and December 25 more Lush Christmas products are going to find their way to my bathroom!

The Lush Santa’s Lip Scrub and Santa Baby Lip Tint (both 14 CHF), the Lush Bath Ballistics (from 6.80 to 8.90 CHF), the Lush Snow Fairy Sparkle Massage Bar (14 CHF) and the Lush Rose Jam shower gel (25 CHF for 250 ml) are all available at Lush.

Did you get anything from Lush’s 2013 Christmas collection yet? What is your favorite Lush Christmas product?


  1. Melissa Are you on Facebook?

  2. They look delicious!

  3. Golden wonder is zo leuk! Ik heb hem laatst gezien en wil hem ook! Nu alleen nog een bad haha

  4. Mooie producten! Ik ben grote fan van lush!

  5. De Lush producten zien er altijd zo leuk uit!

  6. de lipscrub vond ik meteen ook echt heerlijk!

  7. De scrub is hier ook grote favoriet !

  8. Zo jammer dat je helemaal alleen zal zijn met de feestdagen… Gelukkig heb je de Lush producten nog ;-) De Rose Jam douchegel en Snow Fairy massage bar lijken mij het fijnst!

  9. I love Lush so much, I definitely must check out some of these products, my fav is the the Snowman Bath :)

  10. De kerstproducten van Lush zijn geweldig! Ik heb zelf het zeepje Angels Delight!

  11. Ik vind lush super….
    Jammer genoeg geen lush in de buurt…
    Die liptint heb ik ook, zo fijn spul…

  12. Die Lush Santa Baby Lip Tint is supermooi!

  13. Die producten zijn echt supergoed en je artikel weer zo interessant en boeiend!

  14. wow! Scrub looks tremendously delicious!!!!

  15. So sorry to read that u won’t be able to take some time off for the holidays.:( But yay to Lush Christmas Collection:) I’ve always been a big fan of the company, but haven’t gotten anything there lately. Will see if I can score some of these bath bombs.

  16. Zoveel leuke spullen! Helaas heb ik geen bad. De Lush Santa Baby Lip Tint moet ik echt hebben, wat schattig!! En misschien rare opmerking, maar je laat die scrub wel heel sexy lijken zo met je lippen haha.

  17. Thats a very impressive colour for a lip tint!! Though I dont see the point of putting a balm underneath (sorry, its just me being lazy :) ) xx

  18. De Snow Fairy massage bar lijkt me heerlijk!

  19. J’adore cette marque, j’ai déjà essayer les boules effervescente de bain ( à la rose) et j’adore ca! Et aussi le beurre à cuticule. Le gel douche confiture de rose me plais bien, autant je me laisse tenter! Courage pour les vacances de Noël, moi aussi je n’en ai pas cette année.
    Bisous ma belle à bientôt.

  20. Aww I’m so sorry to hear you won’t get any days off! That sucks :(

    I honestly didn’t expect the lip tint to be so pigmented, but whoa doesn’t that thing pack a lot of pigment! The bath bombs are cute, but I don’t have a bathtub so I have to pass ;)

  21. Lush is zo zalig!
    Zeker die lip scrub ziet er fantastisch uit

  22. Mmmm I find Lush a bit expensive and the shop assistants extremely annoying, which is why I nearly never go into their shops. But I just love their bath bombs!

  23. Ik ben altijd een fan van Lush producten! De lipscrub ziet er goed uit, dat wil ik wel een keer proberen :). x

  24. Lush is echt een leuk en mooi merk! Jammer genoeg vind ik het altijd heel prijzig. Leuk artikel!

  25. Leuke producten. Spijtig dat je kerst alleen gaat moeten vieren dan, maar super dat je ouders daar met oudejaarsavond zullen zijn!

  26. Het zien er weer heerlijke producten uit :)

  27. De producten van Lush zijn zo geweldig. Ik heb zelf de bubblegum lipscrub en die is ook zo fijn! x

  28. Ik vind de kerstcollecties van Lush altijd zo geweldig!

  29. très sympa ton blog!j’aimé

  30. I think I need to pay a visit my local Lush store soon. Their bath bombs smell heavenly and the X-mas editions look great! I use them to scent my drawers sometimes ;)


  31. Ohh the lip scrub and the bath bomb are calling my name, Especially the latter, I’m a sucker for anything honey scented.

  32. The bath bombs look so cute!

  33. I’m just like you! In November the 1st and already thinkig of Christmas!

  34. Heerlijke producten! De scrub heb ik onder andere ook, vind die ontzettend fijn.

  35. Oooh, cola candy flavored lip scrub? Count me in! And that lip tint is beautiful – way more pigmented than I thought!

  36. Lijken me erg fijne producten, vooral de lip scrub en lip tint!

  37. Aah wat jammer dat je geen een keer vrij bent tijdens de feestdagen. Niet leuk! Heerlijk die lush producten ik zou alles op willen eten haha. X

  38. Ohhh goed dat je het zegt over die Rose Jam
    douchegel, ik ga volgende week halen!!
    Leuke Lush aankoopjes overigens, die lip
    scrub klinkt goed, al ben ik bang dat ik eerder
    de suiker aan het aflicken ben :P Xx

  39. Wat een mooie producten! :-) Ik heb helaas geen bad & er zit geen Lush bij mij in de buurt :-( Wat fijn dat je te horen hebt gekregen dat je ouders met oud & nieuw komen! Jammer van de kerstdagen…

  40. Oooh heerlijke producten vind ik dit! Mijn favoriet van dit moment is het Rudolph masker!

  41. They are going to be a good part of my Xmas list !

  42. Coucou miss
    J’adore Lush et le gommage pour les lèvres doit être trop top ^^

  43. Mooie items!! The Golden Wonder had ik vorig jaar en vond ém heerlijk, zonde dat ik ém laatst niet heb meegenomen. Mooie kleur op je lippen.. echt een sexy Mrs X-mas kleur ;-)

  44. Superleuke items allemaal<3

  45. Echt jammer dat je de feestdagen niet in België kunt vieren, maar alsnog er het allerbeste van maken. Wat een kleur komt er van de lip tint en cacoa met vanille, yumm!

  46. Die lipscrub en lipbalm zien echt super uit! x Jana

  47. Aaaah ik houd van de Lush Wintercollectie. De producten zien er zo leuk uit en die lipbalsem staat je heel mooi, wat een kleur komt daar nog vanaf!

  48. Ik vind die bruisballen er allemaal zo leuk uitzien en ook de Santa’s Lip Scrub zou ik zeker wel eens willen proberen als die naar cola smaakt. Ik vind het ook wel heel rot voor je dat je met de kerst helemaal alleen zal zitten, maar ik hoop dat je met oud en nieuw wel hele fijne dagen hebt met je ouders samen.

  49. Aw that sucks that you have to work over Christmas :( I love your picks though! I may just have to pick a couple up :)

  50. Lijken me fijne producten

  51. Amazing! Those bath bombs look especially amazing. I’d love to have some.

  52. ohhh wat een prachtige producten <3 die snow fairy bar en WAUW wat een kleur komt er van die lip tint af! ik heb nog niks van deze collectie (überhaupt nog niks van lush, shame on me!) maar daar moet maar eens verandering in komen…. ;)

  53. Wauw, mooie producten!

  54. And there is Lush!!! My niece is convincing me step by step to try some Lush products and now you go too :)

  55. Ooh die lip scrub ga ik sowieso kopen, wat leuk!

  56. Too bad you can#t be home for Christmas!

    Have a great day,

  57. Maar met oudjaar gaan we dit inhalen hoor!

  58. I’ve never tried Lush products, although there is a store nearby. Actually the reason I haven’t tried the stuff is because I used to live very near that store, and the smell was so so intense to smell all the time like that. But now that I’ve moved I think I’ll have to go and try some out, because you’ve made these products sound very nice indeed.

  59. I love this santa’s lip scrub! Looks great! Also I have a question: what kind of camera do you use?

  60. Oh I love Lush products!! The Lip scrub sounds great, will take a close look to it. Thanks for showing :-)

  61. LOL Cola scented Santa? Coincidence that Coka Cola “created” the image of Santa? Love the idea! Erm Rose & Vanilla? I think I’ll need to get it since I only have about 15 shower gels atm and might run out soon! :)

  62. iliveformydreams

    November 2, 2013 at 4:11 pm

    Oh balen zeg dat ze niet met de feestdagen kunnen komen… Ik wens je alsnog wel fijne dagen toe!!!

    Die lip scrub lijkt me erg apart en linkt goed!

  63. Die Lip Tint en Lip Scrub zien er lekker en mooi uit!

  64. I truly love Lush stuff but I don’t have their store near me :( but this Christmas stuff looks amazing!

  65. Je lippen zien er echt goed uit na gebruik van deze lipscrub. Hier ben ik zeer benieuwd naar.

  66. Oh I love Lush! ☺️ I really need to check out the lip scrub. Sounds amazing ☺️

  67. I still haven’t tried much from Lush, but I’ve never met a lip scrub I didn’t love. The red lip looks lovely on you as well

  68. That lip tint is gorgeous!

  69. I need a new lip scrub! That one will be in my shopping bag soon :)

  70. I need this lip scrub:)

  71. Oh anew lip srub. My favorit so far was (of course) the bubblegum scrup. So delicious. ;) nut cola is also interesting. Maybe i would prefer one with cinnamon or something like that for christmas. Would be interesting, you dont think so?

  72. The Santa Baby Lip Tint is such a stunning colour! What a beautiful red :) Rose Jam sounds lovely – I smelled it in the store but I think it was a bit too strong/sweet for me. But the ingredients make it sound very nourishing.

  73. Vooral de bruisballen van Lush vind ik echt fantastisch!

  74. Love this one :) I have pop-corn & i like it! Santa lip scrub looks great too! Do you have any other lip scrubs u like Melissa? xoxo

  75. Citron and Guavaberry

    November 4, 2013 at 3:29 am

    I didn’t know they had a snowman bath bomb/ballistic out! I’ll definitely check that out when I’m there. LOVE the scent of Father Christmas. Ahhhh, these products are getting me excited for Christmas! :D

  76. Oh boooo! I am so sorry to hear about you having to cancel your trip home for Christmas, Melissa! I hope you will be able to take a trip another time to celebrate, but that really blows. : Life is so unfair when we’re adults, isn’t it?! Anywho, that aside, I pretty much want one of everything showcased here! And there’s a penguin-shaped bath bomb that I don’t even care how much it costs, I’m getting one! That lip scrub, btw – NEED. I’m about to run out of Bubblegum so the timing is perfecto!

  77. Aw, so sorry to hear that you can’t go to Belgium for Christmas. :(

    That LUSH lip tint looks so fun, and I’m a big fan of the Golden Wonder! Hope there will be lots of goodies on the way to help occupy you this season. :D

  78. Hoera voor Lush! Ik hou echt van alles :) De lip tint is geweldig he? Ik vind hem echt prachtig, al is hij inderdaad redelijk hard. Even tussen je handen opwarmen helpt wel goed :)

  79. Haha amai! een hele hoop!
    Zo fijn om in de kerst mood te komen! :D

  80. Ik ben zo’n fan van de lipproducten!


  81. Ohh cola geur lijkt me zalig. Ik probeer me in te houden tot de actie na kerst =d hopelijk gaat alles er weer aan 50% uit x

  82. Do you know how long the Christmas collection will be out for? I won’t be able to get my hands on it until later in December, perhaps after Christmas. Will the products still be available at the end of December and maybe even early January?

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