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Klik hier voor de Nederlandse versie. No matter where I go, I never leave the house without my loose translucent powder. I have quite oily skin, so every day it’s just a matter of time until my skin goes from nice and matte and then fresh and dewey to eventually horribly shiny… Depending on the weather and how active I am that can sometimes happen in less than two hours. So reapplying powder several times a day has become a habit for me, and that’s why I always have mattifying powder with me. Recently I’ve been using the Professional Specific Finishing Powder** from the Asian brand XinYiZhui. Time for a review!

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I got my new XinYiZhui Professional Specific Finishing Powder from Born Pretty**, an online shop from Singapore. Asian beauty products and the Asian beauty culture in general have always intrigued me, so I was very excited about this product. But since I don’t speak Chinese (shocking!) I didn’t get much information from the description on the box and I didn’t really have an idea what to expect. What an adventure! ;-)

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The XinYiZhui Professional Specific Finishing Powder comes in a beautiful big 40 gram jar and you really get quite a lot of product. This amount of powder will definitely last you a long time, even if you have to reapply powder at least once a day like me. The jar is simple, sleek and modern and I really like the design of it. And the big fluffy powder puff that comes with it looks really adorable.

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The color of the powder is white. Those who have never worn translucent powder before might feel a little intimidated by that, but don’t worry: the powder turns translucent on the skin and leaves a thin and almost invisible layer. So it doesn’t turn your skin white. The texture of the powder is feathery light and fine, and that results in a lightweight, soft and natural-looking finish.

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I use the powder in the morning as a final step after putting on my face make-up, and then again whenever my skin needs mattifying throughout the day. I just shake the jar, dip the powder puff in the product, lightly sweep it over my face, and ta daaaaa, bringing back the matteness like a boss! As far as longevity goes, the XinYiZhui Professional Specific Finishing Powder is very similar to the other two mattifying powders that frequently I use (the MAC Pro translucent setting powder and the Catrice Prime & Fine translucent powder) and it keeps my skin matte just as long as the other two. I don’t understand the ingredient list so I am not sure what exactly is in the powder, but my skin reacts fine to it and that is what matters.

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And the price? No complaints there. For just 5.90 USD you get a big 40 gram jar, so that’s definitely good value for money. I’m a fan!

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The XinYiZhui Professional Specific Finishing Powder** is available worldwide in the Born Pretty web shop**. If you want to give the product a try yourself or if something else in the Born Pretty web shop has caught your attention, you can use discount code MVG10 for a 10% discount on your order!


How do you keep your skin looking shine-free and fresh all day long? Is there a beauty product that you never leave the house without?

86 thoughts on “Review | XinYiZhui Professional Specific Finishing Powder from

  1. I’ve got the same problem with looking greasy after a couple of hours. As I’m too lazy to carry around face powder all the time, I use blotting paper. The effect is not as strong as appling a new layer of powder would be, but for just sitting at work it’s enough.

  2. Oh my God this powder looks SO good on you! I see the mattifying part, but it’s not so matte that it dulls your complexion. I have one mattifying finishing powder from Tarte, but that one eats my blush! That’s why I don’t use it all over my face anymore.

  3. Ziet er goed uit voor dat prijsje. Ik gebruik zelf het matterende poeder van Essence en hier ben ik best tevreden over. Toch begint mijn huid vaak zeer snel te glimmen dus bijpoederen is ook bij mij een must.

  4. Jeetje, wat een klein prijsje! Ik poeder mijn vloeibare foundation wel af, maar merk niet echt verschil. Mijn huid gaat wel van mat naar dewy maar niet naar ultra-shine-bowlingbal dus daar ben ik echt blij mee ;)

  5. Oh another website where to order. That seems like sillica powder like the other ones you mentionned or maybe a rice powder, without the ingredients that’s hard to tell.

  6. It looks really good, but I have to add… You glow, my darling. Whether or not this is supposed to mattify you – it definitely makes you glow. Which is perfect to me too :D I have never used a powder like this before, but I will have a go at it eventually.

  7. I am always getting suggestions from you! First was Catrice powder, then the nano blur with foundation and now this one! I like powders, but as I recently bought two, that are a bit similar to this one, I have to pass it. It was the Bobbi Brown translucent one and L’Oreal (same thing, translucent). Bobbi B is loose, what I prefer. I had a story to tell you about your review on Nano Blur and foundation. I did try that way, and it looked like chewing gum on skin, the way you showed! I had to laugh! Loved your pictures, you are so beautiful and the eye make up is amazing! denisesplanet com

  8. Nice price;) Ik ken het merk, als in wel eens vaker iets van gezien. Ze hebben geloof ik ook hele goede couperose cremes. Ik zou deze zeker eens willen proberen. Mijn gezicht heeft ook regelmatig dagen dat hij snel vet word. Helaas.. Ik heb nog geen geschikte poeder ervoor gevonden.

  9. Ziet er heel erg mooi uit! Ik doe eigenlijk niet zo heel veel bijzonders om mijn huid de hele dag mat en fris te houden. Ik gebruik vaak alleen een matterende poeder van Essence en ik hoop dan maar dat die lang genoeg blijft zitten om de dag door te komen haha.

  10. Your skin always looks so flawless!! My T-zone is so greasy every couple hours, I can collect all that oil and use it to fry a chicken. I normally just dash to the washroom and take some paper towels to blot my face. Sometimes I use Makeup forever Hd powder for bigger events, or stick to Maybelline Dream Matte Powder which isn’t the best, but does the trick!

  11. I’m just like you, I use translucent powder as my skin can get very shiny. I’ve stuck to Chanel for many years as the jars lasts forever, I think it’s worth the price, but of course, it doesn’t mean they’re much better than cheaper options.
    Mafalda ❤

  12. I have the exact opposite problem, my skin is as dry as a 95-year-old grandpa’s elbow. I never put on any powder, I always put lots of moisturizer on and than foundation and that’s it. I have to wait a couple of hours for my skin to get a bit oil and stops looking flaky.:)

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