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Review | Revlon Lash Potion Mascara by Grow Luscious

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Abramascara*… poof! Long, full lashes that grow at the speed of light. Magic? Nope, not according to Revlon! The brand has added a new mascara to the existing Revlon Grow Luscious range, and they describe the new Lash Potion Mascara as a magic stick. And that is also how they chose to present it, because look:

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* forget abracadabra, this is how a beauty addict does magic

This is how Revlon sent me their new Lash Potion Mascara. Original. And pretty! I immediately thought that the whole concept and the look of the Lash Potion Mascara were spot on. But what about all those reality defying promises? Let’s have a look at the magical things that the new Revlon Lash Potion mascara claims to do:

1. it coats the lashes with nourishing and strengthening proteins, peptides and vitamins for healthier, stronger, fuller and faster-growing lashes

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2. the light semi-liquid formula gives a perfectly natural result without clumps, even after applying several coats of mascara

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3. one coat has a subtle effect, but a second coat immediately adds ‘supernatural length’ and ‘ spellbinding volume’

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4. the short bristles of the special wand give extra volume, while the longer bristles neatly separate the lashes and add length

So are these facts, or are these claims just an illusion? It all sounds a little too good to be true, don’t you think? Well, I have good news, because the new Revlon Lash Potion Mascara totally delivers! The special wand really gives my lashes more volume and length – usually you have to choose between the two, but not in this case – and the formula is indeed very light. One coat already adds quite a bit of volume and length, and with a second coat the effect is truly spectacular. And yet my lashes still feel soft and look quite natural, just as promised. Nice!

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The one thing that I’m not sure about is the growth boost that the mascara claims to give. My lashes are in pretty good condition anyway, so I find it difficult to judge the nourishing aspect of the mascara. But hey, it never hurts to give your lashes some extra TLC, right, so if the Revlon Lash Potion Mascara indeed cares for my lashes, then great! Bottom line? I am very much under the spell of my new magical mascara!

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The new Revlon Lash Potion Mascara is available in three colors (Blackest Black, Waterproof Black and Black-Brown) for approximately 20.90 CHF.

Do you believe in the magic of the new Revlon Lash Potion Mascara? What is your favorite mascara?


  1. ooh looking good! Ik heb eens een oude versie van de grow luscious gehad maar daar was ik niet zo van onder de indruk

  2. Wauw, hele mooi! Echt een magisch effect :D

  3. Wow, I really love the effect! I love when it combines both volume and length because it’s not very common to find. It would be so amazing if it could actually makes your lashes grow, but I guess it’s kinda impossible… Such a pity!


  4. This looks amazing on you but then again, your eyes are beautiful so they would make anything look good!

  5. Oh woooow look at those lashes! They really look pretty good! My favorite mascara is Dior Iconic Overcurl. Out of all the mascaras I have tried, it is the one that separates the best and doesn’t weigh my lashes down even when I pile it on ;) Definitely can’t afford to repurchase every 3 months tho! That’s a pity!

  6. Ik vind de verpakking echt mooi en de naam is ook zo leuk bedacht :)

  7. Ziet er goed uit! Ik heb zelf ook lange wimpers, maar als ik een revita lash achtig effect zou kunnen krijgen voor een kleinere prijs zou ik niet klagen :p

  8. Moet ik proberen, ben altijd opzoek naar (nog) betere mascara’s :-)

  9. It looks really impressive!

  10. Mooi resultaat en klinkt als een mascara die ik wel eens zou willen proberen…

  11. Another great review:) I want your lashes! Mine are straight and sparse, even with all the curling:P Anyhoo, my fave mascara right now is this cheap one from Essence, but Chanel ones have been my Holy Grail mascaras.

  12. I love Revlon mascara… your eyes look great :-)

  13. Het ziet er goed uit en wat heeft het een mooie verpakking zeg :)

  14. I use this mascara and I like it for volume and length but I’m unconvinced as to the lash growth claims.


  15. Hij ziet er goed uit, alleen al voor de verpakking zou je het doen;) hihi..Maar ik houd het voorlopig bij mijn huidige mascara, bevalt me ook goed en much cheaper. Ik gebruik nu de Lash Vegas mascara van Barry M. Damn, jouw wenkbrauwen zien er zo perfect uit op die foto, dat wil ik ook!

  16. Wauw, het effect is heel mooi! Komt volgens mij ook door je ooglook ;-) Die trouwens ook heel mooi is, haha!

  17. Looks really really good, I’m a fan ;)

  18. WauW ja! Mijne favoriet is covergirl!

  19. Hij geeft zo te zien wel een erg mooi resultaat ! Ik gebruik meestal mascara van Max Factor

  20. Ive noticed that my lashes have thinned out over the years. Im going to try this.

  21. It looks amazing on you! I must try it!

  22. It looks like a great mascara!

  23. Wow! You just reminded me that I bought this months ago and haven’t used it more than once or twice lol! I really need to find it now and try it out.

  24. That looks much better than the rest of the grow luscious range which is really not good!

  25. I don’t think your lashes need any help, girl! They’re always fabulous!

  26. Omgsh I really love reading your blog. I always get to know about new beauty and makeup products. This mascara looks fantastic. Its difficult to find a mascara which gives both length and volume to lashes. Totally impressed !

  27. It looks great! You have gorgeous lashes girl!

  28. oehh i like it! wat een leuke foto’s trouwens :)

  29. ziet er echt heel goed uit! ik vind je make-up ook heel mooi bij u staan.

  30. Wauw wat staat hij je goed bij je! Ziet er een fijne mascara uit!

  31. Mooie resultaat en als het ook nog eens verzorgend is, is het helemaal fijn. De verpakking vind ik overigens erg leuk!

  32. Ziet er een heel goed product uit!
    Je ogen zien er althans prachtig uit :)

  33. Looks so incredible. I love how it gives the effect of both volume and length. That is also the prettiest mascara bottle I have ever seen.

  34. Yikes look at those lashes of yours!!! Those claims are interesting but I’m still quite interested by the results you got. I just might have to try it! :)

  35. Oh wauw, dat ziet er goed uit!

    Keep on bloggin’,

  36. Wow, what a nice mascara! Let me know if it works, because I need it ;)
    Also the design looks great. My mascara faves are: max factor fusion (purple one- makes thick lashes), estée lauder double wear no smudge and the one from clinique – lash power, that lasts and lasts the whole day & night.
    Have a lovely weekend! Mimi ;)

  37. Looks very good indeed! This might be a good budget one to follow my Rimmel when that’s finished!

  38. Waw, het ziet er echt super mooi uit! Heel natuurlijk ook en zo zacht. Super dat de mascara zijn beloften nakomt!

  39. Wow, it looks really gorgeous!
    Mafalda ❤

  40. Il a l’air top ce mascara mais cela ne m’étonne pas de Revlon !

  41. The packaging looks so fun! I’ll keep this in mind when I’m in the market for new mascara!

  42. Wow! I’m always on the hunt for the perfect mascara. This one looks great.

  43. This is amazing!
    Laura. xx

  44. Het resultaat ziet er mooi uit, mijn wimpers zouden wel wat extra kunnen gebruiken :p

  45. I love revlon products. I m getting it for must

  46. This looks beautiful on you – almost like false lashes! I think I am the only person who had the weird thing with this one where it was turning down the ends of my lashes and looking cray-cray!

  47. this looks really nice!

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