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Battle | The Real Beauty Blender Versus Cheap(er) Foundation Sponge

When it comes to the application of liquid foundation there are a ton of different techniques and tools to choose from, but for more than two years now I’ve been loyal to my trusted little pink egg: the original Beauty Blender. The Beauty Blender is an egg-shaped make-up sponge that you dampen and then use to bounce or ‘stipple’ on your liquid foundation. The coverage and the finish that I get with the Beauty Blender are truly unmatched, and no brush can give me the even yet lightweight result that my beloved egg gives me. The only downside? The price. Costing 15 to 20 euro, the Beauty Blender isn’t cheap, especially considering that you have to replace it after a while. Because of that I have always wondered about the cheaper alternatives on the market, but my skepticism always prevented me from trying them. Until now, that is, because I recently ordered a budget-friendly Beauty Blender alternative for less than 3 USD from the Born Pretty web shop**: the Pro Powder Puff Water-Drop Sponge Make-up Flawless Foundation Make-up**. Yeah… so the name is kind of crazy, but whatever. Let’s have a look at how this inexpensive beauty blender performs against the real original Beauty Blender. Time for a battle!


✿ Original Beauty Blender (left) & cheap alternative (right) ✿

Shape & Ease Of Use 

The real Beauty Blender and the inexpensive Pro Powder Puff Water-Drop Sponge from Born Pretty both have the same perfect egg shape, with the latter being a bit smaller in size. The cheap alternative also expands less when it absorbs water, which makes the final difference in size between the two  even bigger. But does size matter? Meh, not really. The real Beauty Blender and the cheaper Born Pretty version are both comfortable to hold and easy to use, but because the Beauty Blender is bigger in size it does allow me to finish my foundation application faster. At the same time the Pro Powder Puff Water-Drop Sponge is easier to use on those hard-to-reach areas around my nose, my temples and under my eyes, so it seems that with different sizes come different advantages.

Beauty Blender versus Pro Powder Puff Water-Drop Sponge: 1 – 1

Material & Texture


✿ Original Beauty Blender (left) & cheap alternative (right) ✿

The Beauty Blender is very soft and supple, and feels really bouncy and flexible when I squeeze it. The Born Pretty Pro Powder Puff Water-Drop Sponge however is less supple and more resistant when I press it, and as a result it doesn’t have that seamless contact with my skin that the Beauty Blender has. With my Beauty Blender I can walk around bouncing away without even looking in the mirror, but with the Pro Powder Puff Water-Drop Sponge I need to stay more focused. Also important: while the real Beauty Blender has a soft, smooth and perfectly even texture,  the surface of the Pro Powder Puff Water-Drop Sponge is slightly more irregular and a bit harder, which again forces me to work just a little bit harder and pay just a little bit more attention.

Beauty Blender versus Pro Powder Puff Water-Drop Sponge: 1 – 0

Result & Finish

The real Beauty Blender and the budget version from Born Pretty both make it really easy to build my foundation’s coverage, and both foundation sponges give me a really nice natural-looking result. The only difference is that with the Pro Powder Puff Water-Drop Sponge, because of the different material and the texture,  I need to work a little harder for that pretty finish.


✿ Original Beauty Blender ✿

Beauty Blender versus Pro Powder Puff Water-Drop Sponge: 1 – 1

Price & Durability

A real Beauty Blender** will set you back about 20 USD while the Pro Powder Puff Water-Drop Sponge from is just 2.30 USD. So if we’re just looking at the price the Pro Powder Puff Water-Drop Sponge clearly wins. Then again, the Beauty Blender does last a lot longer than the Pro Powder Puff Water-Drop Sponge. It stays smooth and supple for weeks and even months on end, while the budget version begins to show minor yet visible wear and tear after just a few weeks. My guess? In the end buying (and regularly replacing) a cheap foundation  sponge is probably just as expensive as investing in a real Beauty Blender.



✿ Cheap Beauty Blender alternative ✿

Beauty Blender versus Pro Powder Puff Water-Drop Sponge: 1 – 1

End score: 4 – 3

The original Beauty Blender wins! It was a close battle though, and both sponges have their pros and cons. What both foundation sponges have in common is that they give my foundation a nice natural-looking finish and that they make it really easy to build coverage. But the real Beauty Blender does have better material and superior durability. So which of the two would I personally pick? In the end I think I still prefer the real deal, but it’s nice to know that there are budget-proof alternatives out there.

How do you apply your foundation? Which of these two foundation sponges would you choose?



  1. ik blijf toch bij mijn beautyblender, hij is zo heerlijk zacht, love it! naar het schijnt is de spons van real techniques ook wel heel erg goed

  2. These are the sweetest applicators I have ever seen.

  3. Leuke battle met verrassend resultaat vind ik :)!

  4. Ik heb ook zo’n fake beautyblender en ik vind deze eigenlijk niet zo fijn, ik vind hem heel hard om foundation of bb cream aan te brengen. Hij is wel handig om concealer te blenden. x

  5. beautybyhappiness

    November 19, 2013 at 9:49 am

    Ik gebruik tegenwoordig vaak een foundation kwast. Ik heb enkel eens zo’n sponsje van de h&m geprobeerd, maar dat trok op niks!

  6. hier kan ik op de een of andere manier niet mee overweg, lijkt met een koe vol vlekken.. Ik houd het wel bij mijn handjes of kwast..

  7. Leuke review! Ik had eigenlijk niet verwacht dat het een gelijke score zou zijn. Bij beautyproducten kijk ik meestal niet echt naar de prijs, het gaat tenslotte toch wel over je huid en die moet je goed verzorgen! ;) Dus ik denk dat ik voor de beautyblender zou gaan :)

  8. I use my RT Brush to apply my make-up, but every once in a while I use my Beauty Blender Dupe from Ebelin (2,50€) ;-)

  9. Ik vind ze er beide prima uitzien!

  10. Amazingly done comparison! Great job! I only have a fake Beauty Blender that I got on eBay, but I love it to death. It replaced all my Simga, Real Techniques and EcoTools foundation brushes :)

  11. I think if you are used to the “real” one and it is easier to use.. then keep on doing, so, because the result is perfection, what for amazing pictures and looks! Although it’s nice to try new products and to share with us the result! I normally don’t like foundations very much, but lately I am wearing because of sun protection (you know some come with that). In the past, I used to apply it with fingers, then went to a brush, now back to fingers again :) I think I like both ways, but would like to try the sponge!

  12. I would try the cheaper puff… as long as it gives me a flawless finish ;-)

  13. Super leuke battle, ze zien er beide zeer goed uit :).

  14. It’s a good thing you posted pics of you applying some product with the sponges otherwise I wouldn’t know with which end you actually do that – yes I’m that clueless.:D I always apply my foundation with fingers. Is that bad? Does the method of application make a huge difference? I should try that out actually… So I’d choose the cheaper sponge, to see how it goes.:)

  15. Ik gebruikte die nog nooit dus ben er eigenlijk wel benieuwd naar…zal ik maar eens moeten aanschaffen dan!

  16. Hey Melissa, thanks for the comparison! I use a foundation brush and I’ve never ever tried the sponge method, but I keep hearing good things about the beauty blender so I might want to give it a whirl some day!

  17. My favorite foundation application method remains the simple wedge sponge. CVS drugstore sells a pack of 12 jumbo wedges infused with Vitamin E for less than $5 USD and I just love them! They were the first tool I ever used to apply foundation when I was still in high school. I’ve tried brushes and round sponges alike, and I always go back to my roots with the wedges! :)

  18. Ik gebruik eigenlijk nooit een spons, omdat ik het zonde vind dat er zo veel product verloren gaat!

  19. I do have the original one and love it, although these days, I prefer to use a foundation brush. Anyhoo, great review:) It’s good to know that the cheaper version works well too!

  20. Ik gebruik ook regelmatig een fake beauty blender en ben er heel tevreden over:p ps: jouw oogschaduw is gorgeous!

  21. Ik gebruik eigenlijk geen sponsje, maar deze battle klinken de beide wel goed! Al zou ik eerder ook kiezen voor de real deal denk ik zo

  22. What a great product battle! I actually bought a beauty blender ‘dupe’ to do a comparison post on as well! It’s a different sponge though. I use my beauty blender to apply foundation & I love it! In my opinion it can’t be matched. :)

  23. Great post! I actually purchased a beauty blender ‘dupe’ a couple of months ago to do a comparison blog post! :) but I still love the beauty blender the most. It can’t be beaten in my opinion. :)

  24. I could not see a difference. Your makeup looked flawless in both pictures.

  25. Heel erg leuk en handig zo’n vergelijking! Ik zou zelf nog heel graag eens de beauty blender willen kopen, maar ik vind de Water-Drop Sponge ook eigenlijk wel erg goed klinken. Qua prijs scheelt het ook wel erg veel.

  26. Zo je tekst te hebben gelezen, dan zou ik zeker voor de goedkopere variant gaan.. en als die minder lang mee gaat, dan is dat ook minder erg vanwege de “kleine” prijs. Je haar ziet er trouwens prachtig uit! So shiny.

  27. Handig die vergelijking! Ik gebruik er zelf een van Make-up Studio die ik erg fijn vind xoxo

  28. Haha wie had gedacht dat het zou uitlopen op een gelijke score! Interessant om te lezen vind ik :)

  29. Great to see how expensive isn’t always better and going cheap can be the smarter choice ;)

  30. Coucou
    J’ai beaucoup entendu parler de ces fameuse éponge…perso sa ne m’intéresse pas trop…
    J’ai changer de blog aufaite j’espère qu’il te plaira ^^


  31. Wat een leuke review! Ik wil ook nog zoiets halen. Lijkt mij heel fijn!

  32. The result is fantastic! It’s an amazing item! I learn a lot with your posts! kisses

  33. Ik kan niet klikken voor de Nederlandse versie! Maar goed, ik kan ook wel Engels. Wat grappig dat je ze vergelijkt en dat ze eigenlijk hetzelfde scoren. Ik zou dan sowieso voor de goedkopere variant gaan. Ik gebruik zelf eigenlijk geen sponsje, ik gebruik gewoon een kwast. x

  34. Yeah go cheap alternatief c: bedankt voor
    de review c; Xx

  35. Het resultaat is perfect,en je straalt weer!

  36. Ik heb er een van essence of zo… Weet ‘t al niet eens meer en werkt prima! haha


  37. Ow wow wat een verrassend eindresultaat! Mooi eindresultaat!

  38. Ik zou voor de goedkope gaan! Leuke battle en leuk om te lezen. Ik heb deze makeup tool echt nog nooit gebruikt.

  39. Wat een superleuk artikel!

  40. I haven’t tried the Beauty Blender because of the price. This one from Born Pretty looks like a great alternative. The result is really great!

  41. I tried also some beauty blender knock-offs and they are never as smooth and bouncy as the original. But I agree with you, the end result is similar, it’s the ride that’s not as smooth.

  42. I’m such a dork! I was going to say, “I don’t want to be wrong but did you use beauty blender on the right?” And then I realized you were holding the sponges for us! Haha!

  43. Je crois que je m’y mettre car je suis très curieuse d’essayer ce genre d’éponge.

  44. Klinkt goed! Moet gauw maar eens de beautyblender weer gaan gebruiken

  45. I had no idea about thta beautiful pink egg. Will def try it out!!


  46. Leuke battle! Als ik niet om het geld zou geven zou ik voor de beauty blender gaan denk ik, geen idee waarom! Maar om het uit te proberen misschien juist weer de goedkoper ;)

  47. Wow, prachtige make-up draag je op de foto`s zeg!

  48. Ik heb zo’n sponsje van Essence liggen, maar heb het tot nu toe nog niet uitgetest… I’ll keep you posted :-).

  49. Wat een handig artikel!!

  50. I don’t use foundation, but I could use these sponges for decorating my girls’ room, they’re so cute!
    Mafalda ❤

  51. Great review and good to see both give a great result, I just got one from Etude House off EBay so I’m looking forward to trying it!

  52. Wow, nice to hear that the affordable option works just as well! Thanks for the helpful review :)

  53. leuk om te weten dat er een goedkoper alternatief is dat even goed werkt!
    Laatst zag ik op een make-up tasje dat me aan jouw deed denken dus ik plaats de link hier even bij :D x Jana

  54. Goede battle! Altijd handig zo’n kritische vergelijking.

  55. Wauw wat een enorm mooie ooglook heb je hier op zeg!

  56. Goede review heb je gegeven! Had nooit gedacht dat ze beiden zo goed zouden zijn. En je ooglook is echt prachtig!

  57. Zo verassend dat het eindigt met gelijkstand! Nooit gedacht :)

  58. Haha I just did a post on the Beauty Blender! I have never really liked the cheaper versions I’ve tried, but it seems like I’m in the minority on that. They take a lot more work for me.

  59. I have never used the Beauty Blender before but it sounds like something that I would love to own! Looks like it makes a beautiful smooth finish!


  60. Nice comparison! I’ve never owned a Beauty blender, but I have several sponges of this sort. Not as small as the BPS one. I don’t use sponges every day though, I prefer brushes.
    I absolutely adore your eye makeup, so pretty!

  61. I never use this… but you look sooo beautiful :)

  62. Great review and I love your eye makeup!

  63. I’ve heard great things about the Beauty Blender sponge but I’ve never tried it. This Water Drop Sponge sounds like it’s a great budget friendly way to try a foundation sponge.


  64. I usually use a brush, but this sounds great!

  65. Hmm. I may have to try one of these.

  66. Just saw that BeautyBay has its own brand of products now and one product is a beauty blender, thinking about trying it. It costs 7.70 CHF.

  67. Ik heb vandaag mijn beautyblender binnen gekregen en ik ben HEEL erg benieuwd. Morgenochtend zal ik het gebruiken, maak je de blender ook wat nat voor gebruik?

  68. Leuk die vergelijking! Alleen heb ik het probleem dat ik echt niet met zo’n ding overweg kan!
    Heb je misschien een blog hierover of misschien kan je er eentje maken? Bedankt!

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