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Review | Vichy Dermablend Foundation, Compact Cream, Compact Stick & Total Body Corrective Foundation

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Vichy Switzerland recently expanded its Dermablend range with three brand new products that, according to the brand, can conceal just about anything. From acne and redness to severe skin discolorations and even tattoos, the new Dermablend products promise to make it all invisible. Need proof? Just take a look at this:

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If the Dermablend products can transform Zombie Boy into a ‘normal’ ink-free guy, then I’m sure they can hide my acne and hyperpigmentation as well. Today I’m reviewing all four products from the Vichy Dermablend line in terms of color, texture, coverage and wear, and I’m showing you how well they did at covering up my tattoo*. Let’s have a closer look together.

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* upper leg + waterproof eyeliner = DIY tattoo

Vichy Dermablend Foundation SPF 35 in 25 Nude

In short: The Vichy Dermablend Foundation has been available for a while now and was the first product in the Dermablend range.

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Color: I received the Vichy Dermablend Foundation in 25 Nude, a light beige shade with neutral undertones. My own skin tone is warmer and darker than Nude, though, so the second lightest color from the range was unfortunately not a good match for me.

Texture: The Vichy Dermablend Foundation is quite runny and is easy to apply and blend. It also feels quite light on the skin, despite the high coverage it gives.

Coverage: Of all four Dermablend products the Vichy Dermablend Foundation provides the least coverage, but that doesn’t mean that the coverage is bad. On the contrary even, because the foundation’s medium to high coverage is very buildable and is more than enough for skin with normal everyday imperfections. And not unimportant: the finish looks quite natural. Good!

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Tattoo test: It took quite a bit of layering and putting this much foundation on your face is not realistic of course, but the Vichy Dermablend Foundation did manage to completely hide the ‘I’ in my tattoo.

Vichy Dermablend Compact Cream SPF 30 in 35 Sand

In short: The new Vichy Dermablend Compact Cream is the compact cream version of the Vichy Dermablend Foundation.

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Color: I received the Vichy Dermablend Compact Cream in 35 Sand, the middle shade from the five that are available in Switzerland. Sand is a medium shade and is therefore a better match for me than Nude, but because of the rather pink undertones it’s still not a perfect fit.

Texture: The Vichy Dermablend Compact Cream is clearly thicker and creamier than the liquid foundation, and this definitely contributes to the extra coverage that the product provides. Unfortunately I don’t like the way you have to apply compact cream foundation. The texture is – for me at least – very thick, and that means a little more rubbing than I would like. Poor skin…

Coverage: Where the liquid foundation sometimes needs a second layer, the Vichy Dermablend Compact Cream easily hides all redness, scars and impurities with just one thin layer. Nice!

Wear: Just like the liquid foundation, the Vichy Dermablend Compact Cream ensures virtually perfect wear from AM to PM, and it doesn’t seem to be affected at all by humidity or sweat.

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Tattoo test: One layer – dabbed on instead of rubbed on – was enough to almost completely conceal the heart in my tattoo. As you can see the discoloration still came through just a little bit, but to be fair, the cream foundation did have to deal with the trickiest part of the whole tattoo, which was that big solid black heart.

Vichy Compact Stick SPF 30 in 25 Nude

In short: The Vichy Dermablend Compact Stick is the stick version of the Compact Cream.

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Color: I received the Vichy Dermablend Compact Stick in 25 Nude. Oddly, the Compact Stick in 25 Nude is slighty darker and warmer than the liquid foundation in 25 Nude, but that’s fine because it makes it a better and almost perfect match for me. Woop woop!

Texture: The Vichy Dermablend Compact Stick has a texture that can be compared to that of the Compact Cream, but just slightly creamier and therefore easier to apply and blend. Love it!

Coverage: The stick easily covers redness and acne and it also does a great job of hiding dark circles. And it seems to be waterproof as well. Great!

Wear: I’m starting to sound like a broken record here, but the wear of the Compact Stick deserves nothing but praise!

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Tattoo test: By firmly dabbing on the Vichy Compact Stick, my three x’s completely disappeared, great!

Vichy Dermablend Total Body Corrective Foundation SPF 15 in Medium

In short: The new Vichy Dermablend Total Body Corrective Foundation is a liquid body foundation that covers up anything from varicose veins and bruises to scars and tattoos.

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Color: I received the Vichy Dermablend Total Body Corrective Foundation in Medium, the darkest of the two available colors. The color blends well, so it’s quite forgiving and easy to match to a range of skin tones. But it still would have been nice if there had been more shades available.

Texture: The texture of the body foundation is pretty much the same as that of the face foundation. That means liquid, light-weight and – in my opinion – very pleasant to wear.

Coverage: Just like its three Dermablend buddies the Total Body Corrective Foundation provides brilliant coverage. To completely hide very severe skin discolorations like tattoos or heavy scars you will need to build the coverage a bit, but for standard flaws like broken veins and bruises one layer does the job. Awesome!

Wear: I only have one word to describe the wear of this body foundation: wow! Frantic rubbing is obviously a bit too much for the product to handle, but normal touching and movement won’t make  the foundation come off at all. And it doesn’t seem to be affected by humidity or even water either, as long as you don’t start rubbing your skin like a madman. I’m impressed!

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Tattoo test: I used the Vichy Dermablend Total Body Corrective Foundation on the word ‘Vichy’ and then also on the rest of the already concealed parts of my tattoo. And hoooooly cow! My leg looked perfectly even again! I bet that no one would expect to find an eyeliner tattoo hidden under there. It’s pretty obvious: the Vichy Dermablend Total Body Corrective Foundation is the absolute star product from the Dermablend line!


The Vichy Dermablend Foundation is perfect for you if you’re looking for a liquid foundation with buildable medium to high coverage that will last all day and will cover up acne, redness and other everyday imperfections.

If you want to get the highest coverage possible, then I advise you to look into the Vichy Dermablend Compact Cream. Especially people with dry skin will love the thicker, richer texture of this compact foundation.

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Click to enlarge | From left to right: Vichy Dermablend Foundation, Compact Cream, Compact Stick & Total Body Foundation

The Vichy Dermablend Compact Stick is great for targeted concealing of smaller areas and it is the perfect concealer to take with you on-the-go.

The Vichy Dermablend Total Body Corrective Foundation does an incredible job of evening out large surfaces like legs, arms and the cleavage area. It’s perfect for when you need to look picture perfect from literally head to toe for a photo shoot or a special occasion, or just for when you want to bare your legs and show off a pair of perfect pins.

The Vichy Dermablend Foundation, Compact Cream, Compact Stick and Total Body Corrective Foundation are all dermatologically tested and are sold for approximately 29.90, 34.90, 22.90 and 39.90 CHF here in Switzerland. For more info you can visit

Have you tried any of the Vichy Dermablend products yet? Which of these four masters of camouflage would you choose?


  1. Mooie tattoo heb je! ^^ ik had al eens de video gezien, erg leuk om te zien! Die stick lijkt mij wel fijn!

  2. Im very interested in the stick. Could need some partial coverage for my always red nose. (No, im not an alcoholic, hahaha)

  3. Hele fijne review, wat bijzonder dat hij zo goed dekt!

  4. Ik heb de compact cream maar heb nog geen goede manier gevonden om hem aan te brengen zonder een pancake effect. Ik blijf proberen :)

  5. Wat een goed artikel :-) Fijn om te zien dat je er de tijd voor hebt genomen: het maken van foto’s en het schrijven van een uitgebreide review. Kwaliteit!! Mijn complimenten :-) Wat geweldig dat deze producten zo’n goede dekking geven.

    • Dankjewel, dat is leuk om te horen! Als ik iets doe, dan ga ik all the way :-) Ik vind het zelf vreselijk als een review amper nuttige informatie bevat, dus zelf probeer ik mijn producten altijd zo volledig mogelijk te reviewen.

  6. I tried the liquid foundation in the color 25. gotta admit I was pretty impressed! You can also get a lighter coverage by applying it with a beautyblender. The coverage reminded me of the cover girl 3-in-1 stay fabulous foundation, but the vichy one provides a longer good looking skin! Xoxo

  7. Die stick lijkt me super! Ik heb de foundation hiervan gehad en hij is idd heel goed. Je moet wel echt de goede kleur kiezen en een blush aanbrengen, ik had een iets te lichte kleur en leek zonder poeder of blush net een spook:S Maar ach, geen rode huid meer te zien!

  8. Wauw het laatste product is inderdaad het meest indrukwekkend, je zou echt niet verwachten dat die een ” diy ” tattoo zou kunnen verbergen :o

  9. Wat een goed artikel! Ik heb zelf de foundation en daar ben ik erg tevreden over.

  10. Leuke test gedaan! :) Ik heb het filmpje ook gezien, echt wooow!

  11. OMG that coverage! Whoa! I’ve seen Lisa Eldridge perform magic with Vichy Dermablend. While I personally stick to something lighter, I really appreciate the fact that a foundation like this is available at a reasonable price!

  12. I once tried the older version of their foundation and everything was veryyyy yellow, but they seam to have more believable colors now, and the coverage is amazing!

  13. Oh wow, the product surely seems to cover everything up! It would be great for people who have to cover up their tattoos (for example for etc)!

  14. I’ve tried the concealer a long time ago, and did love it, but that compact cream sounds right up my alley. I’ve always like the Vichy brand:)
    Another great review.

  15. Again, I must say that I love, love, love your reviews! You have the most original way of presenting and demonstrating your conclusions! Amazing! :)

  16. Toch weer speciaal dat zoiets bestaat!

  17. Ik heb zelf nog geen van deze producten geprobeerd van Vichy, maar wat zien ze er allemaal goed en fijn uit! Vooral de Total Body Corrective en de Compact Cream zou ik zeker wel eens willen proberen. Je hebt ook een erg fijne review geschreven over de producten.

  18. Ik vind het er zo gek uitzien! Maar wel supercool dat het mogelijk is :)

  19. Wauw! Wat er resultaat. Ik vind de stick en body foundation wel de moeite. Leuk gedaan met jou zelfgemaakte ‘tattoo’ :)

  20. Wow, klinkt echt super goed!

  21. Wow now that’s coverage! Although I don’t think I’d need that much it’s good to know it’s out there. I wonder how Zombie Boy will feel with all that ink in 20 years? That’s major, just major!

    • I know, it’s pretty crazy what he did! I do think it looks kinda cool, but you’re right, how is he going to feel about his body art in 20 years? But at least he knows there’s a way to cover it all up :-)

  22. Wow die laatste had ik eigenlijk niet zo sterk verwacht! :D Heel leuke review, ik leer weer bij :)

  23. Gek wat deze foundation kan zeg! x

  24. Kiss and Make up, this make up looks amazing, it would be able to hide those small imperfections we are always trying to hide :)

  25. I am definitely going to check the new products out! Great review!

  26. WOW! Total full coverage! I need to try this out!

  27. Oh wow, poor Zombie boy, I hope those were drawn on tattoos. Anyways, this is a really cool little experiment! I’m not completely impressed by the first two, bc you can still see the discoloration, but the cream stick and body cover (esp the body cover) – wow!

  28. Lijken me echt goede producten!

  29. Coucou miss
    Je connais bien ce fond de teint puisque je l’utilise depuis presque 5 ans ^^
    Pas tout les jours,surtout pour les occasions et puis plus pour les cernes ;)

  30. I’ve always wondered about these! They look like remarkable coverage.

  31. I used to use a product simply called Dermablend in high school to conceal acne scars. I Wonder if it’s the same company?

  32. wauwww de Dermablend Total Body Corrective Foundation :O wat een kwaliteit! De rest ziet er ook super uit, maar deze springt er uit!

  33. hoho dit lijkt me wel heavy, idd wel geschikt voor tattoo’s en wijnvlekken enzo denk ik

  34. Goed artikel en wat een mooi product!


  35. seems like an amazing product :)

  36. WAUW dat ziet er echt fantastisch uit zeg! Ben alleen bang dat het bij mij een plamuurlaag wordt.

  37. OMG those 2 pictures are amazing, and the best way to show a product works! Great review!
    Mafalda ❤

  38. Sign me up for Compact Stick or the Total Body Foundation. Pretty sexy tattoo there and such an awesome photoresult of tattoo boy!

  39. hallo dekking :D ik zou er geen neen tegen zeggen om die foundatino eens te proberen :p

  40. Had die video al eens eerder gezien! Die foundation lijkt me echt goed ! x Jana

  41. Haha die DIY tattoo :P Maar wat ‘n goede, uitgebreide review zeg!! Ik heb nog nooit iets van dermablend geprobeerd, maar ben diep onder de indruk! :)

  42. Wow, I’m seriously impressed by this – great for uneven skin tones, for sure!


  43. Ziet er goed uit. Ik ben wel benieuwd hoelang dit in het dagelijkse leven erop zou blijven zitten. Vind Rick Genest toch leuker mét zijn tattoos ^^

  44. To me the last product seems like a great one – if I find it anywhere here in Switzerland, I’m for sure going to buy that one.

  45. wow this looks awesome! I might need this one of these days to cover up a tattoo on my thigh <3

  46. Lisa Eldridge is always promoting this foundation too and I always wanted to test it on my legs for some scars but then I gave up since I need several shades in order to match it up with my skin tone depending on my tan. I found an easier solution for me: the Sally Hansen airbrush spray :)


  47. Wauw geweldige review en ziet er een geweldig product uit!

  48. Ik heb zelf geen ervaring met de producten van Vichy, maar wauwwwww, wat een resultaat heeft de Dermablend Total Body Corrective Foundation.

  49. I always like Vichy products because they actually do manage to keep my dry skin healthy…

  50. THanks for the lovely lovely comment on my blog honey! I LOVE vichy, their dermablend foundation is actually my concealer.. it has amazing coverage!! <3

  51. Leuk gedaan zeg! Heel duidelijk met je nieuwe “ink” en fijn dat je de verschillen ook goed uitlegt. :)

  52. jaaa, die zombie man…
    Vind hem met tattoo’s trouwens ook best okay maar daar kwam best een leuke jongen achter vandaan…
    Ben niet van plan mijn tattoo’s weg te make-uppen maar het idee dat het kan vind ik wel okay…

  53. Great review. I have not tried many products from this brand but I think I will now.

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