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My current skin care routine with Unique Cosmetics of Switzerland

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I don’t think that there are many beauty bloggers and beauty addicts out there that stick to the same solid skin care routine for months and months. I sure don’t. I always use a mix of different brands and products in my routine and I frequently change things up a bit. Before I review a skin care product I usually use it for a few weeks, and then depending on how well it performed on my Scale of Awesome (1 for pretty decent and 10 for total complete absolute holy grail) I usually continue to use the product for another couple of weeks or even months. But with the exception of a few all-time keepers, most products eventually get replaced.

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The fate that most of my skin care products face at some point

I also rarely use skin care products from one line or brand only. But that changed when two weeks ago I found a package from the Swiss skin care brand Unique in my mail box with five gorgeous skin care products. I felt so drawn to the classy packaging and to the style and elegance that the products oozed that I immediately changed my whole skin care routine (yet again) and started using just those five Unique products. Today I’d like to share my new current skin care routine with you, as well as a little review of the five products that are featured in it. Have a look!

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Unique Cleansing Cream

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I start my morning skin care routine with the Unique Cleansing Cream, a gentle soap-free cleansing cream for sensitive skin with white horehound extract and pine extract and with vitamin E and B. Starting my day with this Cleansing Cream is suuuuuch a treat, oh boy oh boy oh boy! The cream is so much creamier and so much more luxurious than my usual cleansing milk, and the subtle 100% natural scent is absolutely divine. I use the cream on damp skin and gently massage it around for about 30 seconds. Then I just rinse it all off with warm water.

Unique Eye Cream

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No matter what eye cream I use, I always use Estée Lauder’s Advanced Night Repair Eye Serum Infusion first. Right now that’s the only non-Unique product in my morning skin care routine. The Unique Eye Cream contains macadamia nut oil, shea butter and elderberry extract to nourish the skin around the eyes and to slow down skin aging. I use about half a pump of product and gently dab it onto the area around my eyes. The lightweight cream-colored formula feels really smooth on my skin and gets absorbed very fast. Great!

Unique Anti-Age Serum

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Next up is the Unique Anti-Age Serum, a rejuvenating serum that is packed with natural antioxidants and vitamins to keep the skin healthy, firm and supple and to boost the skin’s collagen production. In other words: it does exactly what a good serum is supposed to do. Awesome! The serum has a light texture and it smoothly glides onto my skin. I use one pump for my whole face, and I always try to give the product some time – just a minute or so – to completely absorb before putting on moisturizer.

Unique 24-Hour Age-Defying Cream

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Then it’s time for moisturizer. And I don’t care what the (so-called) professionals say, but using an anti-aging moisturizer at the age of 26 is perfectly fine. Not everyone seems to agree though, because a couple of weeks ago I asked for a firming anti-aging moisturizer at the Clinique counter, and the girl looked at me as if I was asking for a bottle of baby eyeballs soaked in puppy blood… Seriously, is it that weird that I’d rather prevent skin aging at the age of 26 than start treating wrinkles when it’s actually already too late? Either way, the Clinique girl kept on saying that the cream that I wanted was only for women in their forties, so I walked out empty handed. I thought my problem was solved when I received the 24-Hour Age-Defying Cream from Unique, but alas. The ‘Age-Defying’ in the name kind of implies that it’s an anti-aging product, but it actually isn’t. The product contains for example olive oil and green tea extract and star flower oil to give the skin a major moisture boost, but that’s it. The ingredients that make a good anti-aging cream (like collagen, vitamin C, hyaluronic acid, retinol,…) are nowhere to be found on the ingredient list, and that – for me at least – is a shame. So the Unique 24-Hour Age-Defying Cream is more of an intensely hydrating moisturizer. Which is fine of course, and it really does a good job at keeping my skin hydrated. But it’s just not what I’m personally looking for.

Unique Renewing Mask

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According to the instructions you can use the Unique Renewing Mask daily by applying it and leaving it on for ten to fifteen minutes after cleansing and before putting on moisturizer. But seriously, who has time for that every day? Not me, so I use the Unique Renewing Mask just once a week, usually on a Saturday or a Sunday. The mask is full of natural plant extracts, antioxidants and vitamins that keep the skin healthy, hydrated and supple and boost the skin’s collagen production. The texture of the mask is a bit similar to that of the Cleansing Cream and it doesn’t dry up. I usually use heavy, thick clay masks, but this mask is more like a light yoghurt mask. So it doesn’t purify the skin, but it does leave my skin feeling peachy soft and makes it look more plump and supple. And that definitely deserves two thumbs up!

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Click to enlarge | from left to right: Unique Cleansing Cream, Anti-Age Serum, 24-Hour Age-Defying Cream, Renewing Mask & Eye Cream

So now the most important question of all: how do the Unique products do on my Scale of Awesome? Well, the products all look beautiful and classy, they are very pleasant to use and they are packed with natural high-quality ingredients. I’m definitely keeping the Cleansing Cream, the Eye Cream, the Anti-Aging Serum and the Renewing Mask in my routine because I really like them a lot. The Cleansing Cream in particular has become a big favorite. The only product that I don’t intend to keep in my routine is the 24-Hour Age-Defying Cream, just because it’s not what I’m personally looking for in a moisturizer. But hey, four out of five, that’s not bad. So overall my first experience with Unique has been wonderful!

All Unique products are clinically, dermatologically and ophthalmologically tested. They are free from parabens and animal testing. The Unique Cleansing Cream, Eye Cream, Anti-Aging Serum, 24-Hour Age-Defying Cream and Renewing Mask are respectively available for 24 CHF, 68 CHF, 70 CHF, 68 CHF and 68 CHF.

How often do you change your skin care routine? What is your first impression of Unique?


  1. I would love to try Unique Renewing Mask ! your skin care routine looks perfect !

  2. Klinkt echt heel fijn, de flacons zijn heel mooi! Ik verander mijn skin routine eigenlijk nooit haha.

  3. I never switch my entire routine in one go! I already have some staples that I keep going back to, and occasionally I introduce one new product. If it doesn’t perform quite as well though, I’ll just go back to the stuff that works for me! I’m boring like that I guess.

  4. ik verander mijn routine ook nooit helemaal.. hier en daar heel voorzichtig vervangen en hopen dat ik niet opnieuw verander in een 16 jarige puber

  5. Je change régulièrement de routine à la recherche du soin miracle ;) Là, avec la fatigue j’aurais bien besoin d’un soin en profondeur ^^

  6. “bottle of baby eyeballs soaked in puppy blood” Hahaha! I shouldn’t read stuff like this on my break at work I lowled alone like a moron. Good review I don’t think we can really stop the wrinkles from coming but it can’t hurt, right? That seams like a good moisturizing brand, but I also hate those fake claims.

  7. Wow, super classy! Dat spreekt meteen aan en goed om te lezen dat het qua inhoud ook de moeite waard is :)

  8. wow so awesome! i can relate to this, i can never seem to post a skincare routine post because I keep changing products all the time :) I am obsessed with anti-aging ones

  9. Lijken me fijne producten! Ik veranderd niet zo heel vaak mijn routine :).

  10. Wat een fijne producten lijken me dit! Ik heb nog nooit van Unique gehoord, maar de 24-Hour Age-Defying Cream lijkt me op zich wel fijn, ook al helpt hij niet tegen huidveroudering. Vind het trouwens belachelijk dat je bij Clinique werd weggestuurd omdat je zogenaamd te jong was voor anti-age, want ik denk dat ik vanaf mijn 25ste echt wel preventief ermee bezig ga. Geloof ook dat sommige experts op het gebied van huidveroudering zelfs zeggen dat het dan al begint. Voor nu (ik ben 21) vind ik het genoeg om mijn huid goed te verzorgen en vooral goed te hydrateren.

  11. It’s true, so hard to stick to the same when you can try out something new now and then :) Without any relation, the cat meme of the post reminded me of the Purrina commercial for lightweight kitty litter. I won’t link it up because wp will put me in your spam folder, but check out “A guide for cats: How to take care of your human” ahaha it is so cute! :D:D

  12. Ik verander nauwelijks mijn skin routine, het is altijd grondig
    gezich wassen met een reiniger, dan afspoelen met (koud)
    water, dan nacht/dag creme erop, soms oog creme en klaar!
    Het enige wat ik verander is potjes creme ofzo c: Xx

  13. Ik vind de verpakkingen van de producten er heel classy uitzien :) Zoals de meeste hier, verander ik ook niet zo snel mijn skin routine (het is voor iets een ‘routine’ he ;) )

  14. iliveformydreams

    November 29, 2013 at 3:01 pm

    Klinkt heel fijn. En dat plaatje van die kat, hihi

  15. ik heb niet eens een routine, of een echt favoriet product…
    Dit ziet erg wel heel stijlvol uit, WOW

  16. Dit merk ken ik nog niet,maar het lijken me hele fijne producten. Ik ben wel nieuwsgierig naar de ingrediënten geworden.

  17. That anti-age serum does sound good and what I need:D I tend to change my skin care routine a lot, but my benzoyl peroxide cream is pretty consistent though.

  18. Ik verander zelf ongeveer twee keer per jaar van huidroutine, maar mocht ik zo’n prachtige flesjes in mijn postbus vinden, zou ik ook geen seconde twijfelen. Het zien er echt fijne producten uit. x

  19. De eerste indruk is alvast goed! Vooral die cleansing cream lijkt mij wel heel goed. Ik gebruik momenteel een moisturizing day creme van Melvita en een tube van sublimist (ik mocht het eens testen, daarom dat ik het nu momenteel ook gebruik) ;) m’n serum is momenteel op, dus ik moet dringend een nieuwe gaan halen. En oh ja de awesome-ste zin ever was wel ‘and the girl looked at me as if I was asking for a bottle of baby eyeballs soaked in puppy blood’ :D


  20. I didn’t know this label but it seams to me great!

  21. I have never heard of this brand but looks very nice. Love the packaging.

  22. The design of the packaging looks lovely. I don’t think I’ve heard of the brand before, but I do like the name.

  23. Cette gamme à l’air top ! ^^

  24. Fijn dat de producten geen parabenen bevatten ! Ik ben een paar nieuwe producten aan het testen en heb plots weer last van mijn allergie ( 2 pijnlijk rode ogen). Het leven van een beautyblogger is niet zonder gevaar :)

  25. Ik vind de verpakkingen er goed uit zien! Ik verander zelf liever niet te vaak mijn routine omdat ik echt merk dat mijn huid het vervelend vind. Wanneer ik producten aan het testen ben voor mijn eigen site merk ik ook de 1ste week dat het veel invloed heeft!

  26. Ik veranderd zelf ook heel erg vaak van gezichtsroutine en dan vooral ook omdat ik toch een zeer gevoelige huid heb en telkens naar producten zoek die toch nog beter zijn voor mijn huid. Ik heb namelijk wel fijne producten gevonden, maar nog niet het product waarbij ik niet meer zonder zou kunnen en perfect is voor mijn huid. Deze producten van Unique klinken erg fijn en ik vind de verpakkingen er ook echt prachtig uitzien.

  27. I am finding that my forty something skin has become acne prone rather than with wrinkles and fine lines. For me, it seems like the less products I use the better. They sound awesome.

  28. Klinken als zeer fijne producten! Vind de verpakking ook erg mooi; heel luxe!

  29. Die verpakkingen zijn echt mooi, ze stralen echt luxe uit!

  30. Wat een mooie producten zijn dat!


  31. The packaging really is sleek and classy!! Not like the one you review that had that spiritual instructions on it.:) Whenever I read these posts of yours they always make me wanna get this or that and try the product out for myself because you make it sound so good! Except for that Age-Defying cream – what’s up with the name if it does nothing to “battle” age??

  32. Except for cleansers I pretty much stick to the same old basics that work for me, a little boring but why mess with a good thing. I don’t think this brand is available here but it sure sounds nice. :)

  33. mademoiselle mode

    November 30, 2013 at 10:28 pm

    I don’t know this brand ^^
    I think it’s perfect :)


  34. I like the packaging and the products sound great!

  35. Great post! Love that you added that lolcat! ^^

  36. Ha ha! I love your “Scale of Awesome”! I change things up every so often if I find my skin is looking dull. Recently, I noticed I had a plethora of blackheads on my cheeks, nose, and between my brows, so I took to Sephora in search of a good AHA/BHA product. I left with a 14-day supply of the Dr. Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Peel kit. Much to my surprise, I’m already seeing a difference after only 4 days! If it gets rid of all of my blackheads in 2 weeks, I will buy the full size product FO SHO! :)

  37. Die producten zien er zalig uit!

  38. I’ve never heard of this brand!

  39. I just purchased this item to give it a try… question is. Should it be applied in small amounts rubbed onto the face like the meaningful beauty products?

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