SOS party make-up, I need your help!

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I can barely wait for the weekend to begin, because on Friday I’m going to – if the rumors are true – a legendary party! It’s the first Christmas party of the year for me, and from what I’ve been told it’s also THE party of year. I already picked out an outfit, but I haven’t decided on what make-up I’m going to wear yet. I have two looks in mind but since I really don’t know which one to choose, I’ve decided to leave it all up to you and to pick the look that gets the most votes here on the blog! Let’s have a look at the two make-up looks I came up with:

Look 1: Smokey eyes in khaki green and dark brown, with a soft pink highlighter blush and neutral lipstick.Choose Your Look (SOS party make-up) (1) Choose Your Look (SOS party make-up) (2)

Look 2: Smokey eyes in shimmery dirty pink and plum, with a peach-colored blush and raspberry pink lips.

Choose Your Look (SOS party make-up) (4)

Choose Your Look (SOS party make-up) (3)

Look 1 or 2, which of the two should I wear?

Thanks for voting!

Do you often have trouble deciding on a party look? When is your first Christmas party planned?

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92 thoughts on “SOS party make-up, I need your help!

  1. Beiden zijn prachtig! Al vind ik nummer net een tikkeltje mooier staan bij de kleur van je ogen. Ik stem op nummer 2. Ik ben erg nieuwsgierig welke look het gaat worden :-)

  2. I love parties! Have fun :)
    I personally like my party looks with a little shimmer, maybe a touch of glitter in the tear dot area, or a lipgloss with tiny shimmer, or a blusher with a subtle shimmer, NOT all of the three! not a total disco-ball stuff! no, no! But either one or the other.
    But you’re so gorgeous, you don’t need any of those!

  3. Mooie looks!! Ik heb gestemd op 1 maar dat is omdat ik moest kiezen ;-) beide looks zijn gorgeous. Nu heb je me wel erg benieuwd gemaakt naar het feestje. Krijgen we hier nog een verslag van? Ik ben ook benieuwd naar hoe het met je gaat bij je nieuwe baan.. misschien binnenkort eens een personal update? Ik zou het in ieder geval leuk vinden.

  4. I love them both, though I guess sometimes I do try to keep in mind what I’m wearing – like if I’m wearing bright colors, I might tone down my lips. But girl, you’ll look gorgeous no matter what!

  5. Hey Melissa! I just wanted to put in my 2 cents! Although I love no 2 more I voted no 1! Reason? Well, I don’t know what kind of party it is but if it’s a classy glitzy kind of affair, in my book no 1 is the better choice but if it’s more on the “younger” sice iykwim then definitely no 2! :)

  6. Ahhh… I wish I can see the outfit that you will be wearing to make a better judgment. But, if solely base on the makeup look, I vote for 2!!

  7. Ik heb heeel erg lang getwijfeld, maar ik ga voor look nummer 1. Ik vind de tweede look je iets te jong maken, en het groene van look 1 staat prachtig bij je ogen. :D veel plezier!

  8. For me look number 2 – I voted and saw many more did the same and chose number 2 as well! I prefer makeup with more color, like number 2! But anyway, you look gorgeous with both looks! And I hope you have a greeeeat party!

  9. Damn, ik heb voor look 2 gestemd, omdat de lippen mij het meest aanspreken. Helemaal in combinatie met de gorgeous gorgeous ooglook. Het is gewoon het contrast wat het hem doet! Hopelijk was de party de place to be. :D Haaave fun!

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