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It probably comes as no surprise to you that my beauty stash is quite big. Enormous is probably a better word to describe it. Eyeshadow and foundation in particular are my weaknesses, and I just can’t stop buying more. And it doesn’t end there, because the same don’t-need-but-will-still-buy phenomenon takes place in my jewellery stash. I have boxes and boxes full of jewellery, but I just can’t stop adding new pieces to my already gigantic collection. So when the people from asked me if I wanted to review some jewellery from their online store, I happily said yes. KalkiFashion is an Indian web shop based in Mumbai that sells ethnic clothing and jewellery. I personally like jewellery that looks a bit different and exotic, so I was very excited to see what would end up in my mail box. And this is what I got:

Beauty meets fashion (Ethnic jewellery from KalkiFashion (1)

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Beauty meets fashion (Ethnic jewellery from KalkiFashion (2)

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I received two sets of gold-colored earrings: one very eye-catching pair with dangly chain links and beads, and one pair with cute pink roses.

Beauty meets fashion (Ethnic jewellery from KalkiFashion (3)

Beauty meets fashion (Ethnic jewellery from KalkiFashion (4)

The two sets are quite different from one another, but I like both. The rose earrings are really girly and pretty, and the big earrings are very glamorous and dramatic. The big earrings are also quite light by the way, which was a big relief because I have very sensitive ear lobes that can’t handle a lot of weight.

Bottom line? I am very happy with my new earrings, and you will definitely see me wearing them a lot in the future! Thank you, KalkiFashion!

Which of these two sets of earrings do you like best? What style of jewellery do you prefer?

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58 thoughts on “Beauty meets fashion | Ethnic jewellery from

  1. Loved the first one on you very much! Second one is simple for everyday wear! Indian jewelry is really very beautiful :) Well, i m indian .. so it is natural for me to like it :) he he! But it looks gorgeous on you Melissa!

  2. Whoa, that first pair is MEGA! I used to wear simpler clothes and bolder jewelry, but for the past few years it’s been simpler jewelry and bolder clothes. Unfortunately I can’t wear earrings too often. Despite the fact that I’ve had my piercings for about 14-15 years, sometimes they still swell up a little after a day of wearing earrings. No idea why (I only wear silver earrings as well. Can you even imagine what would happen if it’s NOT silver?)!

  3. Oooh, I love being asked an opinion. :) I adore the rose earrings, and would wear them often. Having said that, the gold chandelier earrings are stunning on you. You have such a beautiful bone structure and face, that you can carry off the size and drama of these earrings as well.

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