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Friday’s blog post got a ton of positive replies and I think that my boyfriend’s contribution played a big part in that. So that’s why I decided to feature my man once again on the blog, this time in the boyfriend tag that most of you probably already know. Interested in reading my boyfriend’s answers to the questions and in seeing my replies? Then quickly continue reading!

She’s sitting in front of the TV. What is she watching?

Tom: The X-Factor UK on ITV.

Me: Yes, that’s pretty much the only show I’m watching right now. But I do watch it religiously. Luke Friend for the win!

Name one food she doesn’t like.

Tom: Olives.

Me: Ew yeah, yuck! I’m also not very keen on fennel and celeriac.

You go out to a bar. What kind of drink does she order?

Tom: A rum & coke, or a glass of cava.

Me: Yep, rum and coke is my favorite mixer, and I also love cava and prosecco. And if we go out for cocktails I usually have a mojito.

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I <3 cava! And my (not very flattering) expression here says it all :-)

What size shoes does she wear?

Tom: 40.

Me: Unfortunately that is correct.

Does she collect anything? If so, what? 

Tom: Pets in World of Warcraft.

Me: Total nerd alert, I know. But yes, I collect pets in World of Warcraft. I’ve collected hundreds so far!

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Click to enlarge | My World of Warcraft alter ego, with one of her in-game pets.

What is her favorite type of sandwich?

Tom: She doesn’t often eat sandwiches, except for maybe a veggie sandwich without mayo or something. I think she prefers regular bread, and dark bread in particular.

Me: He’s right, I definitely prefer a big thick slice of dark bread over a sandwich.

What would she eat everyday if she could?

Tom: Dark chocolate.

Me: Mmmmm yes! I actually eat a piece of dark chocolate every day. But I also love milk chocolate. Guylian sea shells for example, or a delicious chocolate moelleux. Oh yum, my mouth starts to water just thinking about it!

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Click to enlarge | I could eat this every day!

What is her favorite breakfast?

Tom: Probably something with dark bread.

Me: I usually have a big bowl of cereal with milk and a big portion of yogurt in the morning, sometimes with a banana.

What is her favorite music?

Tom: Urban?

Ik: Haha, loving the question mark…  I do like urban music, but I like a lot of other styles as well. I don’t really have one favorite music genre. I have a very wide taste in music and what I listen to usually depends on my mood.

What color are her eyes?

Tom: Brown.

Me: Correct. It’d be pretty bad if he didn’t get that one right!

Who is her best friend?

Tom: Her mom.

Me: Awww, yeah I guess that’s true. But I also have a great friend in the US and a BFF in Belgium that I’ve known for 26 years. I don’t often see either of them, but the friendship that I have with both of them is quite strong.

What is something you do that she wishes you wouldn’t?

Tom: Touching her with my cold hands and feet in bed.

Me: Aaaargh yeah, it’s so annoying when he does that! Whenever I’m finally about to fall asleep, he all of a sudden gropes me with his ice cold claws! Sigh. And right before he does it he always says: ‘You know what’s cold?’

Where was she born?

Tom: Herentals.

Me: Indeed.

You bake her a cake for her birthday. What kind of cake is it?

Tom: A chocolatey one.

Me: Yep, the more chocolate that’s in there the better!

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Click to enlarge | The perfect cake. It’s called Death By Chocolate. How appropriate.

What sports has she played?

Tom: Ballet. Skiing. Dancing.

Me: Yep. But I don’t dance anymore. I just ski now.

What could she spend hours doing?

Tom: Writing for her blog. And skiing.

Me: True. I spend a lot of time working for the blog, but I absolutely love it. And skiing, yeah, that’s a true passion of mine. If I could I’d go skiing every week! And now that we live in Switzerland I guess that in theory I really could!

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Doing what I love most, with the person I love most!

What is one unique talent she has?

Tom: She has amazing linguistic skills.

Me: Aw, that is really sweet. Am I supposed to thank you in five languages now? ;-)

Thanks for answering all the questions, my sweetest Tom! *mwah!*

Have you done the boyfriend tag yet? Do you recognize yourself in some of the answers?

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93 thoughts on “Tag | The boyfriend tag

  1. Dit blijft echt een hele leuke tag! Ik ben ook gek op rum met cola en speel ook wow :) Moet zeggen dat mijn vriend meer pets verzamelt heeft tot nu toe dan ik haha, hij is ook echt gek op die pet battles :)

  2. Dit is zo’n leuke tag! Ik heb hem ook al gedaan, en dan kom je er meteen achter welke dingen hij écht niet weet haha ;) wat leuk dat je ook pets verzamelt, ik heb toen ik WoW speelde ook megaveel pets gespaard :D

  3. Thanks for all the food info about you ;) we can guess what to cook for you if you come for dinner now lol. Yes, CAVA, I love cava and am happy to be living in Barcelona where cava is from and there is plenty!
    So sweet your boyfriend :)

  4. Heel erg leuk om te lezen en ook om te zien dat hij echt zoveel goed heeft! De Guylian zeevruchten zijn ook inderdaad zo lekker. Ik heb zelf de boyfriend tag nog niet gedaan, maar dat gaat ook een beetje moeilijk zonder vriend haha.

  5. :D I do that to my bf and he hates it – touching him with my cold feet.:D I’m sorry but it’s really fun seeing him squirm.:) And you used to do ballet?? That’s really admirable, babe… Great post, very fun to read!!!;)

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