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Discovering new perfumes is always fun, so when I got the chance to try the brand new Valeur Absolue perfumes I didn’t hesitate to say yes. The Swiss-based brand Valeur Absolue describes itself as an innovative and unique perfume brand that does more than just target women’s sense of smell. Under the motto ‘more than perfume’ Valeur Absolue also aims to soothe the mind and to create a sense of well-being with their fragrances. I tried a sample of each of the brand’s new perfumes, and after discovering the effects on my nose and on my mind I picked a favorite. Let’s have a look and a sniff together!

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Valeur Absolue Sensualité

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The Sensualité perfume has a top note that is composed of bergamot and white pepper, a heart note containing Rose de Mai and jasmine, and a base note that reveals cedar wood, amber and musk. Together these ingredients create a fragrance that is floral but at the same time woody and musky. So Sensualité is not your typical frivolous floral smell. It’s a very complex, mysterious and hypnotizing scent that oozes sensuality. If you like feminine and seductive fragrances you’ll definitely appreciate Sensualité.

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The Valeur Absolue Sensualité perfume also contains two essential oils and minerals that promise to restore inner balance and serenity, plus a natural plant extract that is believed to boost the release of beta-endorphins*. And the bottom of the bottle is covered in mother of pearl to emphasize the feminine character of the perfume. But do all these special additions actually do something? I don’t know. I’m pretty down to earth with stuff like this, and I think that things like aromatherapy mainly work as a placebo. But that’s just how I feel, and I definitely think that adding the mother of pearl was a great move because for me that unique touch really adds to the overall look and appeal of the perfume.
*they will make you feel like a happy panda

Valeur Absolue Harmonie

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The Valeur Absolue Harmonie perfume has a top note composed of bergamot, orange peel, cardamom and nutmeg. In the heart of the perfume are neroli blossom, jasmine and earl grey tea. And the base note is composed of vanilla, musk and Gaiac wood. Harmonie is definitely softer and more subtle than Sensualité, and it’s a very well-balanced scent that I think will appeal to many women. If I had to describe Harmonie in three words, I’d say that it’s delicate, warm and soothing.

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Just like the Sensualité perfume the Harmonie perfume contains essential oils and minerals that promise to soothe the mind and restore the inner balance, as well as a plant extract that supposedly stimulates the release of feel-good hormones. And in the bottle are amethyst stones that symbolize harmony. Pretty!

Valeur Absolue Joie-Eclat

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The Joie-Eclat perfume has a top note composed of grapefruit, mandarin and cardamom. The heart of the perfume consists of tuberose, white jasmine and cypress leaf. And the base of the fragrance reveals vetiver and white wood. Of all three Valeur Absolue perfumes Joie-Eclat is definitely the most citrusy and refreshing one. It’s a very happy and fresh scent, and when I first tried it I spontaneously went mmmmm. And just to be clear: that’s a good thing.

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Just like its two companions Joie-Eclat is enriched with two essential oils and minerals as well as an endorphin booster, and at the bottom of the bottle is encapsulated gold powder that symbolizes the sparkly nature of the perfume. Now that is lux!

In conclusion

Though they’re all very different, I like all three Valeur Absolue perfumes. Sensualité is definitely the strongest and most dominant one of the three, and that makes it the perfect fragrance for special occasions. Harmonie on the other hand is a lot more delicate. It’s a very versatile fragrance that can be worn throughout the whole year and for any occasion. And Joie-Eclat finally smells really bubbly and young. Do I feel more sensual, more harmonized or more joyful when wearing these fragrances? Meh, not really. Maybe the special ingredients have more effect on someone who is more open to that kind of stuff, but for me they’re just cute little extras. I do love that they added mother of pearl, amethyst and gold powder in the bottles though. It’s really pretty and original, and it turns the bottles into real stunners to look at. And my favorite one? That’s this one:

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Joie-Eclat has a delicious smell that I think is really well-balanced. It smells fresh because of the citrusy ingredients in the formula, but at the same time you also have a lot of warmth coming from the floral and woody accents in the fragrance. Of all Valeur Absolue perfumes Joie-Eclat is probably the most summery one though, so I guess it’s not really the best choice for this time of the year. But whatever, I’m a child of summer and I will wear what I want, go ahead and sue me! ;-)

The new Valeur Absolue perfumes are available for 75 euro each at specialized retailers and on

Which of these three Valeur Absolue perfumes would you pick? Do you believe that a scent can influence the mind and how you feel?

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60 thoughts on “Review | Valeur Absolue Sensualité, Harmonie & Joie-Eclat parfum

  1. Ik vind het wel interessant. De flessen zijn niet bijzonder mooi, maar ik vind het vernieuwend dat ze parels, e.d. in het flesje hebben gedaan. Toch even wat anders. Sensualité klinkt wel goed. :) Van mij mag het wel wat sterker en minder bloemerig.

  2. Ik ben wel heel benieuwd hoe deze parfums in het echt ruiken, maar voor zover ik nu kan oordelen lijkt Harmonie mij het lekkerst. Sensualité lijkt me wat te sterk voor mij; ik ben niet zo van de hele sterke parfums, maar de bloemige noten vind ik dan wel weer heel lekker.

  3. Ja ik denk wel dat het kan, maar meer in de zin van geuren die je aan iets herinneren. En op die manier je gevoel beinvloeden. Niet zozeer n parfum dus;) wel bijzonder deze flesjes. Leuk die kleine extra details! Ik denk dat ik ook voor de laatste geur zou kiezen, of de 2e. Zware parfums passen niet zo goed bij mij..

  4. Ze lijken mij alle drie wel heel erg lekker, maar ik denk dat ik het snelste voor de Sensualité zou kiezen. De geurnoten spreken mij daar namelijk heel erg van aan. Ik geloof er ook zeker wel in dat een geur je humeur kan beïnvloeden. Ik vind aromatherapie ook altijd wel heel interessant met wat bepaalde geuren voor je kunnen doen en zoals bij lavendel merk ik ook vaak dat het voor mij ook echt een rustgevende geur is.

  5. I never heard of this brand before, and I so much love cedar wood and musk! You always brings novelties to the blog, I love this! By the way, I must confess, because it’s imply getting harder and harder to get friends to photograph my outfits, I thought of posting makeup. But honestly, I don’t know how you do – always beautiful and detailed makeup! I took some selfies and though I had different lipstick colors, I always look the same! :) Must think of something else then! denisesplanet com

    • Aw, thanks Denise! Just experiment a bit and really try to look at the end result with a critical eye. That way you can try out new things and improve. If I compare my earlier photos to the ones that I take now, oh boy, what a difference. And there is always room for more improvement.

  6. I love the pearl in the package and the grapfruit one sounds very nice!! I personally do think that scents can influence the mind! If things smell good, I feel happier =)

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