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In the past few weeks several readers have asked me for a personal update, and because customer is king (or in this case reader is queen) I have a personal post ready for you today. And it’s a BIG one, because today I’m sharing no less than 25 random facts about myself! Are you ready to get to know me a little better?

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1. I’ve been working for Ladurée for almost three months now, and though some days are really long (being on your feet for 11 hours straight = hell) I’m really happy with my job. My favorite macaroons? Chocolat noir (dark chocolate), praliné and framboise (raspberry)!

2. I like Christmas, but I hate shopping for Christmas presents. I would be totally okay with a gift-free Christmas.

3. I can easily eat a whole box of chocolates in one go.

4. I dream of one day living in California.


Click to enlarge | Death Valley, California

5. I eat at least four pieces of fruit every day. Because I really like fruit, but also to make sure that I get enough vitamins.

6. I always wake up a few minutes before my alarm clock goes off. And yes, that sucks.

7. I once won a fashion designing contest on TMF.

8. I love dogs, especially the ones that look like big fluffy cuddly teddy bears.

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Click to enlarge | What a cutie!

9. I often eat a whole can of beans in tomato sauce as a snack or a small meal. I just heat it up and munch away. Omnomnom!

10. I hate the smell of cheese fondue. And that’s a bit of a problem, because I live in Switzerland…

12. I always follow the same morning and evening routine to get ready. Having structure in my life helps me to relax.

13. I’m a born planner. I love organizing and I’ll make a list for pretty much anything.

14. I’m pretty OCD when it comes to hygiene. I don’t like shaking a stranger’s hand, and on the bus I always hope that someone else will press the stop button so that I won’t have to.

15. I drink a lot and I drink fast. I can down a glass of water in three gulps. And the same goes for a cocktail, woops…

16. I’m a total chocoholic.

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Click to enlarge | A delicious ‘Mohr im Hemd’

17. I have lens implants. My eye sight was so bad that laser wasn’t an option anymore, so the doctors implanted new lenses into my eyes.

18. I’m a morning person. I always jump straight out of bed in the morning. I’m not much of a night owl though.

19. I’ve been skiing for 22 years now, and I’ve never broken anything. Let’s hope it stays that way!

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Click to enlarge | Chamonix, France

20. When I can’t sleep I like to think about the things I’d do if I won the lottery. Or about cute pet names. Not that I have any pets…

21. I’ve played all Tomb Raider games. The last one was totally kick ass!

Click to enlarge | Dressing up as my heroine… (this was YEARS ago, so don’t laugh!)

22. I get nervous when I don’t have internet access.

23. I worry a lot, often about really futile things. That constant worrying often makes me feel nervous and uneasy. Annoying!

24. I’m a people pleaser. I want everyone to be happy with me, and the hate the idea of letting people down or upsetting people.

25. I regularly ask my boyfriend, who is an aerospace engineer, to quiz me on random facts about the stars, the planets and the universe. Gotta keep that brain sharp!

If you’ve made it till here: congratulations! :-) Now you know a little more about the person behind Kiss & Make-up! I hope you enjoyed it.

Do you recognize yourself in some of these facts?

83 thoughts on “Personal | 25 random facts about me

  1. Ha wat leuk allemaal om te lezen! En interessant dat je lensimplantaten hebt, is dat in België gedaan destijds?
    Die foto’s zijn ook geweldig, die hond is zo cute. Ken je de Labradoodle? Dat is een kruising tussen een labrador en een poedel, echt die zijn geweldig lief! Moet je maar ff googlen ;)
    En heel fijn om te horen dat het goed gaat met je werk, ik weet nog dat je hopeloos naar werk aan het zoeken was, en nu heb je toch echt iets leuks om handen!

  2. I think this was one of the most interesting random facts post I’ve read! =) I can definitely relate with nr.9 :D And 18, I rarely stay up late at night and I’m much more productive in the morning, I don’t have problems getting up in the morning I just jump up when the alarm goes off :) And you are a total badass cutie dressed up as Tomb Raider ^_^ Happy Holidays!

  3. Hahaha we’re similar in a way! I am compulsively neat and organized, although I’m fine shaking hands and pressing buttons (the first thing I do when I get home is washing my hands with soap tho)!

  4. Wat ontzettend leuk om je via deze weg wat beter te leren kennen. Je maakt lange dagen, maar fijn dat je het er zo naar je zin hebt! Grappig om te lezen als je niet kunt slapen wat je zou doen als je de loterij wint.

  5. Very interesting, thank you for sharing :-) I also hate go shopping for christmas presents :-) Wish you a merry christmas and some joyful christmas days. Lg Jules

  6. Leuke feitjes over jezelf en leuk om te lezen en je zo wat beter te leren kennen. Wat apart dat je lens implantaten hebt, wist niet eens dat dat kon. Ik ben ook een fruitmens maar chocolade, daar ben ik niet zo dol op.

  7. Zucht…Ik wou dat ik een ochtendmens was…;) Leuk om meer over jou te weten te komen. Veel feitjes zijn best herkenbaar voor me. Ik pieker ook veel te veel en ben een lijstjes freak. Zonder structuur word ik nog chaotischer en zelfs een beetje chagrijnig hihi. Mooie foto’s ook, looking good chick!

  8. So nice of you to share all those facts with us! We do have a few things in common, like no. 13, 22, 23 and 24, but I’m definitely NOT a morning person. I hate waking up early in the morning, and I’m definitely a night owl.

  9. Leuke feitjes en leuk om te lezen allemaal!
    Ik wist niet dat je ‘lens implants’ had joh :o
    en Tombraider vond ik vroeger ook een
    leuk spel! Lara Croft is ook zo,n stoer
    wijfie :P Xx

  10. Leuk om te lezen en je ziet er uit als een erg geloofwaardige Lara Croft. Het is ook een tof spelletje die ik vroeger ook speelde, heb zeker niet alles gespeeld haha. Dan ben ik toch meer een Sims-meisje. Waarom zou je in California willen wonen? Ennne… Leuke opmerking over het veel kunnen drinken xD Ik zou ook meer fruit moeten eten :O.x

  11. Wat een leuke facts en update!! Ik was erg benieuwd naar hoe je nieuwe job bevalt en krijg deze facts er kado bij. Fijn dat alles goed gaat op je nieuwe job!! Ik ben ook echt een ochtend persoon en ik ben soms ook een echte tobber.. vooral ‘s nachts en dan kan ik dus niet slapen :-( ik ga ook eens proberen te denken aan dat ik de loterij heb gewonnen. Eens kijken of dat me lukt. En super goed dat je zoveel fruit eet! Dat zou ik ook moeten doen!

  12. I can see some points we have in commo. Especially that one about the chocolate and the worrying about stuff.

    Thanks for sharing this with us.

  13. Hating the smell of cheese fondue and living in Switzerland really sucks! As for the bus, you should do like my mother-in-law, she wears gloves in public transports! As for lens implants, wow, I didn’t know that even existed!
    Mafalda ❤

  14. Oh we would get along great! Button pushing, hand shaking! Yuck! I’m not sure I’d eat a box of chocolate in one go but I’d sure love to try to keep up with you! That Pyrénéen dog! Too gorgeous for words! xx

  15. Wat leuk om op deze manier wat meer over je te weten te komen! Ik herken wel een aantal dingen, zoals dat veel en snel drinken, alleen heb ik mezelf aangeleerd dat ik dat bij alcoholische drankjes niet moet doen haha. De Tomb Raider games heb ik ook bijna allemaal gespeeld, ben wel echt gek op gamen :D

  16. Aerospace engineer????? That’s so cool! And I’m with you on the 15. fact.:D But that thing about you wanting to live in California really surprised me… I was there this summer, in Death Valley too, it’s a frigging hell hole.:)

    P.S.: Who’s the dog?!?! That’s a HUGE and oh so fluffy doggie. Whose is it??

  17. Oh wow! Laduree! I didn’t know that was where you worked! Amazing! I also dream of California living. Someday, right?! I wish I was a morning person by nature! I am SUCH a night owl and it’s really hard to try to change your natural inclinations. I say this as it’s 1:36 a.m. here and I’m just starting to get sleepy! Oops! Love you as Lara Croft, lol! Lots of love and Merry Christmas!

  18. Ooh, interesting facts! Thank you for your lovely comment by the way, I really appreciated it!
    I looove shopping for Christmas gifts though, because I write down other’s wishes all year, so I’m sure to find the right present and am totally thrilled to see the reaction when it gets opened :)
    And I’m a big organizer too! Though it doesn’t always work a hundred percent… :D
    Happy holidays to you as well!

  19. I love this tag, It’s so funny to try to find things about yourself…I posed ’25 random things about me’ on my blog as well; I didn’t think that I will be able to complete the 25 points, but at number 20 I realised that I need more than 25 to tell everything about me :)))

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