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The day has come. I’m officially living with an older man now. My boyfriend celebrated his 30th birthday yesterday and said goodbye to his twenties! A big birthday like that deserves a little extra attention of course, so I decided to feature my boyfriend on the blog today in a tag. In December Tom and I already did the boyfriend tag together, and when Esmée mentioned in the comments that she and her boyfriend had done it the other way around as well, I immediately wanted to do the same thing with Tom. So in honor of Tom’s birthday we’re reversing the roles today and I’m answering questions about him instead of vice versa!

He’s sitting in front of the TV. What is he watching?

Me: A documentary. Definitely something educational and informative :-)

Tom: That, or Formula 1.

Name one food he doesn’t like.

Me: Mushrooms. And meat that has a lot of fat.

Tom: Yeah. And I also don’t like asparagus.

You go out to a bar. What kind of drink does he order?

Me: If possible a Belgian beer. And if not he’ll have a Desperados or a Corona.

Tom: Yep.


What size shoes does he wear?

Me: 42,5.

Tom: That’s correct.

Does he collect anything? If so, what? 

Me: Games, and if possible the collector’s editions. He also used to keep all his PC Game Play magazines. He had piles and piles and piles of them stacked in his bedroom. It was almost like a scene from Extreme Hoarding, I swear!

Tom: Yep, haha.

What is his favorite type of sandwich?

Me: A tuna sandwich.

Tom: Actually a martino sandwich, but you can’t get that around here.

What would he eat everyday if he could?

Me: Fries from the frituur with curryworst speciaal. Or a Bicky burger. But unfortunately for Tom you can’t get either of those here in Switzerland.

Tom: Oh yes!

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What is his favorite breakfast?

Me: He usually doesn’t have breakfast, but when he does he eats a chocolate bun or a cinnamon roll or something.

Tom: Indeed.

What is his favorite music?

Me: He’s been listening a lot to Daft Punk and Savant lately. He’s mostly into electronic music.

Tom: That’s right.

What color are his eyes?

Me: Blueish gray.

Tom: Yep.

Who is his best friend?

Me: Lieven.

Tom: Indeed. And you.

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What is something you do that he wishes you wouldn’t?

Me: Start yappering to him when he has his headphones on. And make a lot of noise in the kitchen while he’s still in bed. Woops…

Tom: Uh huh…

Where was he born?

Me: In Herentals, just like me.

Tom: Yep.

You bake his a cake for his birthday. What kind of cake is it?

Me: The one with vanilla pudding in the center and chopped nuts on top.

Tom: Yeah, that one! But I forgot the name of that cake…

What sports has he played?

Me: He used to play rugby and do athletics training. And now he runs, does power training and skis.

Tom: Indeed.

What could he spend hours doing?

Me: Oh, he could game for hours! It’s a good thing we’re both gamers :-)

Tom: Yep, haha.

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An oldie from 2006!

What is one unique talent he has?

Me: His intelligence. He remembers literally everything he reads or learns, it’s crazy! He’s like a walking encyclopedia. If there’s anything you need to know about the stars or the universe, ask Tom.

Tom: (silence, just a little grin)

Again, happy birthday, Tom! I am so proud that of the 30 years you’ve spent on this rock I got to spend almost 13 with you. Onto the next 30!


Have you done the boyfriend tag yet? What did you think of our girlfriend edition?

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68 thoughts on “Tag | The girlfriend tag (or in other words: the boyfriend tag reversed)

  1. WAIT: you guys have been together for almost 13 years??? WOW! That’s like half a lifetime! Happy birthday, Tom! This is a fun tag and you seem like a smart guy (that’s always good in my book)!

  2. Nog gefeliciteerd met Tom’s verjaardag!! :) Leuk ook dat je de tag hebt omgedraaid! Vind het grappig dat jullie allebei gamers zijn, dat zijn mijn vriend en ik ook :)

  3. Congratulations to your man! Welcome to the club, haha. I enjoy reading this kind of posts. I wonder if it would be that interesting to do one with my man, I bet it would be fun (for us, at least)
    Bisous, xxx

  4. Leuk om te lezen en ocharme voor uwwe vriend dat hij zijn lievelingsbroodje en frituurhappen niet kan eten. Des te lekker als je dan eens in België bent waarschijnlijk :)

  5. of this is so cute, a really nice tag and I liked how the answers was so compatible. My bf is a hardcore gamer (which im not but it doesnt bother me that he is) so the tshirts made me giggle. Steph x

  6. You have a cool boyfriend! I’m sure you already know that, but now I know it too. He drinks Desperados?! I’m the only person I know who drinks that.:) And he called you his best friend, that’s really considerate, I don’t think most guys would remember that. AND he knows how to pee.:D

    P.S.: I googled martino sandwich – that has to be heaven!!!

  7. Happy Birthday Tom! This is so lovely!
    I’m the same when it comes to yelling and nagging at my husband when he has his earphones on! Wait until you have kids and you’ll want to poke his eyes out :)
    Mafalda ❤

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