Make-up tutorial | Get the perfect black smokey eyes in 5 easy steps

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A lot of people seem to think that they don’t have the right skills to create a nice smokey look, and the black version in particular seems to intimidate many people. But getting those perfect smokey eyes actually isn’t that difficult. You don’t have to combine different eyeshadow shades or worry about blending colors together, and it’s actually a good thing for smokey eyes to look a bit messy and grungy. I honestly believe that with a little practice and by following five quick and easy steps anyone can create the perfect black smokey eyes. There are different ways to get the look of course, but today I’m showing you how I do my black smokey eyes. Ready? Here we go!

Step 1: Outline your eyes with black kôhl eyeliner

Apply black kôhl pencil on your lower and upper waterline. Make sure to really get the kôhl in between your lashes until you can’t see any bare skin anymore. I personally like to use a waterproof eye pencil so that I don’t have to worry about touch-ups during the day.

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Product tip: Smashbox Limitless Waterproof Eye Liner in Onyx

Step 2: Use a base for your eyeshadow

The darker your eyeshadow is, the less forgiving it is. Black eyeshadow will show any unevenness and even the smallest line or crease will be visible, so preparing your eyelid before applying your eyeshadow is absolutely essential. Your eyeshadow really needs something to stick to in a dark smokey look, so always apply a good base first. You can use black kôhl pencil, but black cream eyeshadow, a MAC paint pot or a high quality eyeshadow primer will also do the job.

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Product tip: Too Faced Shadow Insurance eyeshadow primer

Step 3: Apply your eyeshadow

Apply black powder eyeshadow on your whole eyelid and make sure that it looks nicely even and opaque. This isn’t the time to get stingy with your eyeshadow, so go all out and don’t be afraid to pile on the powder! I personally like to use matte eyeshadow, but feel free to use a shimmery or glittery one if you like a little sparkle.

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Product tip: MAC eyeshadow in Carbon

Step 4: Blend, blend, blend!

Blend away all the hard lines and edges in your crease, on your lower lash line and in the outer corner of your eye using a good blending brush, and work your way sideways and up a bit for that sexy cat-like smokey effect.

Make-up tutorial (Get the perfect black smokey eyes in 5 easy steps) (5)

Product tip: MAC 217 blending brush

Step 5: Finish your look

Finish your eye look with deep black mascara, but keep the rest of your make-up subtle and clean. Use a sheer gloss or go for nude lipstick, and brighten up your look a bit by applying highlighter on your cheekbones, in the inner corner of your eyes and on your eyebrow bone.

Make-up tutorial (Get the perfect black smokey eyes in 5 easy steps) (2)

Make-up tutorial (Get the perfect black smokey eyes in 5 easy steps) (1)

Product tip: Sisley L’Orchidée Rose Highlighter Blush

And that’s it! Pretty doable, right? And now it’s up to you. Good luck!

Do you like wearing black smokey eyes? What technique do you use to get that perfect smokey look?

121 thoughts on “Make-up tutorial | Get the perfect black smokey eyes in 5 easy steps

  1. Hi Melissa, you look like a bomb! I bet you could raise the turnover at Ladurée if would show up like this at work every day:-) Besides this look and smoky eyes in general is my favourite make-up of all times.

  2. Handige tutorial!
    Ik draag wel graag smokey eyes voor een feestje. Ik werk meestal met grijze oogschaduw op het ooglid en dan vanaf de crease gebruik ik zwart. :)

  3. Hey Melissa, wow, thanks for the tutorial! You make this look so easy LOL I haven’t attempted a black smokey eye in AGES. I don’t use black eyeshadow at all to be honest. I’m pretty sure there’s something I’m not doing right, but I have to be SO careful about dosing black so that it doesn’t close my eyes instead! You did such a great job here!

  4. Ziet er top uit! Staat je heel goed en idd een goede tip om de rest van je make-up rustig te houden. Anders word je al gauw een clowntje;) Ik ben er zelf nog steeds niet goed in, op de een of andere manier krijg ik altijd het gevoel dat het te donker word en ik voor een gothic door kan gaan.. Maar bruintinten gaan wel goed.

  5. Wauw; heel mooi, zeker met je donkere ogen! Wanneer ik veel zwarte liner gebruik onder mijn oog, lijkt het net alsof ik scheel kijk :p Ik ga dus altijd voor meer naturelle looks met een cat eye! Ik wou dat ik er ook zo goed mee stond!

  6. Staat je mooi!
    Ik maak ook graag smokey eyes als ik naar een feestje ga.
    Maar aangezien ik kleine ogen heb doe ik geen khol op de waterlijnen, enkel wat in de buitenste hoekjes en tot halverwege de onderste lijn en that’s it.

  7. Prachtige look en prachtige foto’s! Ik heb het misschien al wel 100 keer geprobeerd maar het lukt mij helaas niet om het écht mooi te laten worden :(!

    Liefs Rosie

  8. Mooi! Ik maak niet vaak een smokey eye met alleen zwart (laatste keer dat ik het deed was voor halloween ^_^) maar het geeft wel prachtige resultaten! Ook de primer van too faced ziet er goed uit!! Love the look !

  9. Wat een prachtige look! Ik merk dat bij mij de eyeliner vaak het minst goed wil lukken, waardoor mijn look vaak subtieler word dan ik zou willen. Denk dat ik gewoon vaker eyeliner moet gaan gebruiken, dan word ik er vast wel beter in :)

    • Hi Diana, just a little tip. Don’t add a hyperlink to your website in your comment. It makes all your comments end up in my spam folder, and I end up removing website links from comments anyway. even if they get through. Thanks :-)

  10. You have beautiful eyes, great tutorial! I love the black smokey eye! I usually like to apply kohl liner to the lids and blend for a smokey look :)

  11. So pretty! I can’t wear straight up black without looking very, very strange T_T Maybe I’ll give it another shot again, but I don’t have high hopes, lol!

  12. Jeetje, wat schitterend. Oh my god, wat simpel bij jou zeg.. Whut! Ik ben echt even blown away, want sowieso vind ik jouw smokey eyes altijd helemaal het einde, maar dat je het zo doet. Nooit verwacht joh! :) Lovely!

  13. Great tutorial! Black smokey looks gorgeous on you, I wish I could wear it, but for me is a beauty ban. I have deep set eyes partially hooded… I can’t put black on my mobile lid, but I can put it on the crease and extend it toward the brow bone though.

  14. Per your recommendation, I got the Too Faced Shadow Insurance. The long hunt (6 years) for the perfect shadow primer is over. 5 stars and hugs and kisses for this product. It’s invisible. It does nothing but make the shadows stay. Inglot + Too Faced Shadow Insurance = my perfect eye. I will never go anywhere else.

  15. You definitely make a black smoky eye seem doable and far less scary! I’m sure it’s just a matter of patience and practice. And getting used to seeing yourself with black eyeshadow! That would be the hardest point for me since I don’t even wear black eyeliner, much less black powder shadow. But this tutorial has me thinking of giving it a whirl – love the way it looks on you!
    kristen @ glambunctious recently posted…Best of 2014! | EYES

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