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Review | MAC Huggable Lipcolour in Love Beam & Commotion

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At the beginning of this month MAC Cosmetics Switzerland launched the Huggable Lipcolour collection, a brand new line of glossy lipsticks that promise to stay put for up to 6 hours. Today I’m reviewing two of the twelve available shades from the collection, and I’m so excited because MAC is one of my favorite make-up brands! MAC campaigns are always a bit edgy and different and MAC make-up artists are not afraid to think outside the box, and I love that about the brand. In my beauty stash you can find a small fortune worth of MAC eyeshadow and my MAC make-up brushes are at the top of my priority list together with oxygen, water and chocolate*. MAC lipsticks were still unexplored territory for me though – I know, shocking – but last week that finally changed. Let’s find out if the MAC Huggable Lipcolour lipsticks are new potential bank balance wreckers! And just to be clear, when it comes to make-up that’s a good thing! :-)
* things I would simply die without

MAC Huggable (1)

Color & finish

The new MAC Huggable Lipcolour collection consists of twelve shades of which I received two: Love Beam and Commotion. Love Beam is a medium warm pink with a hint of coral, and Commotion is a deep cool berry shade. I have to be honest, I’m not crazy about Commotion. Cool burgundy shades and me, it just doesn’t work. But Love Beam? That one was love at first sight! I swear I almost saw a beam of light descend from the sky and heard an angel choir sing when I first twisted Love Beam out of the tube. What! A! Beauty! My apologies for the slight overenthusiasm, but that is just the effect coral pink has on me, I can’t help it.

MAC huggable (2)1 Love Beam (left) & Commotion (right)

The finish of both Love Beam and Commotion is nice and glossy, without shimmer or glitter. Love Beam is a little sheerer than Commotion, but both shades apply smoothly and evenly. Nice!

MAC Huggable (3)

Love Beam (left) & Commotion (right)

Texture & formula

All lipsticks from the MAC Huggable Lipcolour collection have a cream texture, and that definitely contributes to the smooth application and the comfortable wear. Love Beam and Commotion both glide on my lips like butter and they continue to feel nice and creamy. And there’s more, because all lipsticks from the Huggable Lipcolour line have a gel formula with collagen that according to MAC provides long-lasting hydration and plumpness*. I’m not sure about the effect of the collagen in the formula – there’s not much plumping happening for as far as I can tell – but MAC is definitely right about the hydrating effect. I can wear both Love Beam and Commotion without lip balm underneath, and both shades keep my lips perfectly nourished. Great!
* Is that a word? If not, then from now on it is. Plumpness. Yeah, definitely a word.

MAC Huggable (4)Love Beam (left) & Commotion (right)


MAC claims that the Huggable Lipcolour lipstick stay vibrant for up to six hours. That’s probably true if you don’t eat and if you drink very carefully during those six hours. But I’m the kind of person who likes to snack on something every two hours or so and I’m constantly sipping on my water bottle, so on me Love Beam and Commotion last two to three hours before I have to touch them up. So I don’t get a full six hours of wear out of them, but I personally think that’s fine because I really don’t mind quickly touching up my lipstick throughout the day.
Mac Huggable (6)Love Beam, one layer (blotting and applying a second layer will increase the color intensity)

Mac Huggable (5)1 Commotion, one layer (blotting and applying a second layer will increase the color intensity)

End verdict

This was my first experience with MAC lipstick and I already want more! The new Huggable Lipcolour lipsticks are deliciously creamy, a dream to apply and they feel very comfortable on the lips. And the colors? Well, if you like dark berry shades and are into bolder, darker colors, then you’ll probably like Commotion. And if you’re more like me and are obsessed with coral pinks, then you will absolutely adore Love Beam. I already rocket launched that last one straight to the top of my current favorites list!

The MAC Huggable Lipcolour lipsticks have been available since January in all MAC stores as well as in the MAC online store for 32 CHF each.

Do you have a lipstick from the new MAC Huggable Lipcolour collection yet? What do you think of Commotion and Love Beam?


  1. Ik was hier al benieuwd naar dus leuk om er een goede review over te lezen! Ik had wel verwacht dat ze iets dieper van kleur waren (en iets minder sheer) maar ik mag niet klagen. Ik kijk er naar uit om ze zelf te testen in de winkel ^_^

  2. Wat een prachtige kleuren, vooral Love Beam zou ik ook wel heel graag gaan proberen! Vind het zo’n mooie, zachte kleur :)

  3. Ik heb het heel weekend staan twijfelen om er eentje te bestellen :) Love Beam was jammer genoeg al meteen uitverkocht, vond deze ook de mooiste!

  4. Ik vind ze eigenlijk allebei heel erg mooi!

  5. Ik vind ze allebei echt ontzettend mooi zeg, wauw! Vooral Love Beam ziet er ook perfect uit

  6. Schitterende kleuren! ;-)

  7. Mooie kleurtjes! Ik vind ze allebei prachtig maar mijn voorkeur gaat naarLove Beam. x

  8. Magnifiques couleurs, je suis fan de MAC ! Ma préférence va au plus foncé, très joli !

  9. Ik vind beide kleuren erg mooi! Ook dat ze iets glossier en shearer zijn, vind ik wel een mooie afwisseling van de iets zwaardere normale lipsticks (met de bulletverpakking).
    xoxo Anine

  10. Both colors look gorgeous on you. I love Commotion.

  11. Oh eee I’m digging BOTH of them! I’ve been thinking I need something like Commotion, ie something that looks really dark in the tube but applies in a much more friendly way (like Dior Black Tie, Clinique Black Honey, and so on)! Definitely love both of them on you :)

  12. Wauw ik vind ze allebei heel erg mooi. Ik neig niet gauw naar Mac maar dit vind ik wel iets voor mij. De roze kleur lijkt me perfect voor de lente/zomer. Maar de berrie kleur is ook prachtig. Hoezo staat jou dat niet? Ik vind het super bij je staan;) x

  13. I like the looks of both! I’ve been wondering about these new lipsticks! I think I’ll have to try one for sure now! So pretty on you!

  14. Both of them are gorgeous! I slightly prefer Conmotion, I don’t think I have a similar shade. When I saw the colours in the tube I thought they were going to be super pigmented, so these are more like a longlasting coloured balm?

    • Well, I only applied one layer. I’m sure that if you’d apply, blot and reapply a second layer the color would be more pigmented. I like the finish like this though. I definitely would not call them tinted lip balms, not at all.

  15. Both look great, I am more into the coral look for my coloring… lovely <3

  16. Wat een prachtige kleuren, de formule lijkt me trouwens ook erg fijn!

  17. Ooee die commotion! Ik heb onlangs ook voor de eerste keer 2 lipsticks van Mac gekocht :) En ook helemaal hooked!

  18. Love love love the colors! With love ♥ S.

  19. Wauwie wat mooi zeg :D Mijn voorkeur zou uit gaan naar Love Beam

  20. you missed out something by not owning a MAC Lipstick. They are awesome. my favourite formula ist Pro Longwear. lasts and lasts without drying out your lips.

    i own commotion too, but i didnt check out love beam. what a shame, its such a lovely shade.

  21. They’re both very pretty but I like Commotion better. Not too interested in this line because I prefer more pigmented and less glossy lipsticks though =P

  22. Love beam ziet er echt prachtig uit ! Misschien toch nog eens een bezoekje brengen aan MAC :)

  23. Commotion is een super mooie kleur, maar ik sta beter met zachte kleuren. Dus love beam it is for me! MAC here I come! ;)

  24. Oh, I am sorry about the last time! But did you see, when I write denisesplanet and then com I don’t even put a dot between them – it’s not to advertise the blog, definitely not, it’s just that sometimes bloggers didn’t know my address through gmail or wordpress and I start doing that for them to know who commented. But anyway, I see here you do have the URL, so I won’t write it anymore!
    Now, I agree with you about oxygen, water and chocolate!!!!! Totally agree! And I loved the MAC colors, but I really thought they would be darker on the lips. But maybe it’s good this way, cause when I try something darker, I end up taking the “excess”, cause I feel a bit strange :) Great review! I only have a gloss by MAC. Maybe I should buy more of their products! Everybody says they are excellent!

  25. I don’t have anything from this collection, but the lipstick colours look good! I’ve always liked MAC lipsticks.:)

  26. Vind de kleuren eigenlijk nog best dicht bij elkaar liggen, maar dit komt misschien door de lage pigmentatie. wel een prachtige glans overigens!



    • Misschien had ik moeten blotten en een tweede laagje moeten aanbrengen om te tonen hoe fel de kleuren kunnen zijn, want de intensiteit is echt oke, hoor. Maar zelf breng ik altijd maar 1 laagje aan. Ik hou niet van té fel.

  27. Heel erg mooi! Ik heb nog niet van deze soort lipsticks van MAC. De donkere kleur pakt minder donker uit dan hij lijkt in de verpakking. Mooi! :D

  28. Really pretty and I love the name!

  29. Wauw mooie kleuren! Love Beam vind ik je erg mooi staan :)

  30. love beam looks perfect for daytime and commotion for night time but I love Commotion more since I am more into berries, plums, wines etc <3

  31. You can just tell by reading and all the * that you really love these, I definitely felt your enthusiasm.:D And you can just see the collagen in the lipstick, your lips look so well hydrated and plumpalicious. Hey, if you get to invent words, so do I!;)

  32. These sound great! I love a good hydrating lipstick, and I love MAC lipsticks (they are kind of my favorite). These colors look amazing on you! Im so glad you tried MAC lipsticks :)

  33. I dont think anyone could create a formula, that isnt toxic, that would last six hours. Im shocked at how light the darker shade is. I thought it would be much deeper.

  34. inspiredbylifee

    January 14, 2014 at 6:47 pm

    wat een mooie kleuren! Liefs inspiiredbylife

  35. I think I like the pink one better, but that’s my personal taste, I’m not too keen on dark lipstick colours. But both colours look really good on you!
    Mafalda ❤

  36. Allebei erg mooie kleurtjes :D!!

  37. Mooi, mooi! Vooral Love Beam is echt prachtig!

  38. Actually, I really like both of them on your skintone! :-D

    Also, can I just say that I love your multilingual blog? I’ve been wanting to do that with mine (in German) for a while now, but haven’t scraped together the courage!

  39. De kleur van commotion vind ik echt prachtig.xx

  40. That love beam lipstick is such a gorgeous shade!

  41. In de huls lijkt love beam me het mooist maar als ik ze dan op je lippen zie is commotion toch echt wel mijn favoriet van deze 2! :)

  42. Ik vind ze echt wel mooi :)

  43. Both look so fabulous! I loved your photos!

  44. Dat staat je allebei schitterend maar jij hebt daar de perfecte lippen voor!

  45. Prachtige kleuren zeg! Love Beam is mijn favoriet.

  46. Ik vind die donkere prachtig! X

  47. Oh, ik vind Love Beam supermooi. Jammer genoeg mag ik van mezelf even geen lipsticks meer kopen. Ben zaterdag nog op shopping spree geweest naar MAC ;-).

  48. Love Beam looks gorgeous!

  49. Love the 2nd color! it looks really good

  50. Coucou ma belle
    Ces rouge à lèvre sont juste trop beaux ils me les faut !!!! :)

  51. Wauw, wat een mooie lipsticks, ik heb van MAC al een hoop! Commotion vind ik juist degene die eruit springt, haha:)

  52. They’re both beautiful colors on you!

  53. I love MAC lippies but I don’t own any huggables yet. Commotion looks super pretty though

  54. Nice review, I love both of it, and gonna get it over the weekend :))

  55. Love Beam does look fabulous on you! Can’t wait to see you pair it with your signature smoky eye for a vampy winter look! I’m very intrigued by these lipsticks! :D

  56. Mooie kleuren! Vooral Love Beam is prachtig!

  57. Ik vind Love Beam echt heel erg mooi en zeker in twee keer.

  58. Leuke kleuren, vooral fan van de donkere kleur :)
    Liefs, Annelies

  59. beautiful colours! love the peachy shade


  60. Die donkere is heel mooi!

  61. mademoiselle mode

    January 15, 2014 at 8:56 pm

    2 perfect color ^^^^


  62. Beautiful shades!! I love them both! :)


  63. Hele mooie lipsticks! Vooral Love Beam is wel mijn favoriet. Ik heb zelf niks van deze collectie, maar ik heb ook eigenlijk helemaal geen MAC producten haha.

  64. Those are great colors!

  65. Ah, I’ve always wanted to try MAC lipsticks…I might soon! ;)

  66. Love that dark colored lipstick!


  67. Commotion looks amazing! I always find it a hit and miss with MAC lipsticks, some of them wear really drying on me, but I’m glad that these are hydrating, can’t wait to try these!!

  68. Those look really great! I have one to be tested so I’m getting curious now!

  69. I don’t have any of these yet but I really like the shades you got! Love beam is so gorgeous on your lips! :)

  70. Ik wil nog heel graag een Mac lipstick in mijn collectie. Ik vidn ze heel mooi.

  71. Zo’n mooie kleuren! En dat nog maar na één laag!

  72. Mooie kleuren en geweldige foto’s! Het zijn allebei kleuren die ik zelf ook zou dragen.

  73. Heel anders dan ik had verwacht maar mooie kleuren!


  74. Great review! Thanks for suggesting I read it, I definitely need to get my hands on the Huggable Lipstick Collection! Hopefully some of the colors will be back in stock soon :) !

  75. Wow! I saw Commotion in Japan and wanted it, but it was too expensive. You’re making me regret that decision now. Haha.

  76. Love those two lip colours!!! We love the huggable line from MAC xx

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