Make-up look | MAC Metallic Nude look with the Amorous Alloy Extra Dimension Eyeshadow & Our Secret Fluidline

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You know what they say: you either put the focus on your lips and go for bold lipstick, or you concentrate on your eye make-up and draw attention to your eyes. I already wrote a piece on lips earlier this week in my review on the new MAC Huggable Lipcolour lipsticks, so today it’s time to focus on the eyes. At the beginning of January MAC Cosmetics launched its new Metallic Nude collection here in Switzerland, and I got my hands on two products from that collection: the MAC Extra Dimension Eyeshadow in Amorous Alloy, and the MAC Fluidline in Our Secret. I’ve been experimenting all week with my new two MAC goodies, and today I’m showing you my favorite look, based on the MAC Metallic Nude campaign picture. That means smokey eyes with a metallic twist, and nude skin and lips!

MAC Magnetic Nude (1)

Make-up look (MAC Magnetic Nude) (1) MAC Metallic Nude campaign

MAC Extra Dimension Eyeshadow in Amorous Alloy

Make-up look (MAC Magnetic Nude) (4)

Amorous Alloy is a warm brownish copper shade with a metallic finish. The color looks mouthwateringly gorgeous in the pan – I mean, just look at it! – and since most of my MAC eyeshadow is Pro refill eyeshadow it’s nice to finally have a MAC eyeshadow with a pretty print. Amorous Alloy is easy to apply and has minimal fall-out, and the coverage is nice and even. With a good eyeshadow primer underneath the color stays perfectly put from AM to PM.

MAC Fluidline in Our Secret

Make-up look (MAC Magnetic Nude) (5)

Our Secret is a lovely warm chocolaty brown shade with a metallic finish. Like all MAC Fluidlines, Our Secret is waterproof, very long-lasting and easy to apply in one smooth movement. For my Magnetic Nude look I used Our Secret on my lower and upper lash line, but you can also use it as an eyeshadow base and maybe even as eyeshadow on its own, kind of like a MAC paint pot.

Make-up look (MAC Magnetic Nude) (6)

Amorous Alloy (left) & Our Secret (right)

Alright, enough talk, let’s check out the look!

Make-up look (MAC Magnetic Nude) (2)

Make-up look (MAC Magnetic Nude) (3)

Pretty cute, right*? I personally really love a smokey eye + nude lip combo, so this is a look I’ll definitely wear again in the future!
* I initially wanted to copy the model’s pose from the campaign shot, but that didn’t turn out very well… giant nostrils + an about-to-sneeze look = not very attractive

The MAC Magnetic Nude collection has been available since January in all MAC stores as well as in the MAC online store. The MAC Extra Dimension Eyeshadow in Amorous Alloy and the MAC Fluidline in Our Secret will set you back 32 and 26 CHF.

Have you spotted the new MAC Magnetic Nude collection yet? What do you think of my Magnetic Nude look?

93 thoughts on “Make-up look | MAC Metallic Nude look with the Amorous Alloy Extra Dimension Eyeshadow & Our Secret Fluidline

  1. Pretty cute yesss! I never thought dark eyes would go with that colour but you did a great job :D and how pretty is that?! <3 I need to start replacing some of my pretties because I abuse this word 0_o

  2. Wat een mooie producten en je look.. gorgeous. Ik vind jou nog mooier dan het model hihi. Ik meen het echt!! Ik vind je haar kleur ook super mooi. You rock girl!

  3. Oh my word!!! This look is gorgeous on you! That eye shadow is so lovely, I might give it a try oven a primer since I don’t do too well with MAC, even the fluidline doesn’t stay on my eyes. I wish I had non deep set, non droppy eye lids like yours!!! :(

  4. The model has no tiny facial hair or pores. She’s been airbrushed like crazy. I’m betting her big horsey nostrils were photoshopped together, so I wouldn’t feel bad that your own pic didn’t turn out the way you wanted.

  5. omg, ik ben verliefd. wat prachtig! ik had deze ook al zien liggen, maar tja.. weer een bruine kleur dacht ik. Nu ik het zo zie… WIL IK HET!!! wat doe je me aan :P echt gorgeous!

  6. I love MAC products and in particular their eye shadows. This new line sounds great. Seems like it blends well. Much like the model in the picture I have very deep set eyes, and this makes putting on shadow a bit tricky. Because they are so deep, there is always this spot that gets missed right below the brow bone and no end of blending helps the shadow just does’t go there. I think with a creamier shadow it may help with this. But you did a stupendous job!

    Allie of ALLIE NYC

  7. Where do they come up with names for these? They always sound so enticing and just make you wanna buy a shit load of the product. I always wanna do the looking down the camera pose too, I think it looks really cool – when the models do it. Then I try it and it’s just horrible.:D Why is that?? I’m sure they photoshop the shit out of the picture.

  8. I’m not really the one who goes for the eye-makeups, but yours does look great! I’d love to try out more MAC products, but I can’t find them anywhere in St.Gallen + the’re so expensive :(

  9. Mooie post! Is de oogschaduwkleur vergelijkbaar met Woodwinked? Die oogschaduwkleur is namelijk de rood voor mij en doet me er erg moe uitzien. Is dat met Amorous Alloy ook zo? De kleur lijkt wel koeler van tint dan Woodwinked.

    xoxo Anine

  10. I should not have seen this. Now I want the eyeshadow!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that’s exactly the kind of colors I LOVE!
    Btw, I went to the Estée Lauder presentation in Bern today (I have to work next Monday so I couldn’t go at the pres in Lausanne) and Regina told me about you. Too bad you can’t go ;_;

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